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Saturday 4 December 2010

Rapa Nui - Chilean police brutes use rubber bullets and teargas against islanders demanding the return of ancestral land

Witnesses say police fired pellets as they tried to evict several indigenous inhabitants from buildings they occupied earlier this year.
The Rapa Nui group say the buildings were illegally taken from their ancestors several generations ago.
Easter Island, which was annexed by Chile in 1888, is a Unesco World Heritage Site.
Chilean security forces began their operation in the early hours of the morning, says reports.
When the group refused to leave and others gathered at the scene, they opened fire with pellet guns.
Officials said 17 police officers and eight civilians had been injured. But the Rapa Nui put the number of injured locals at 19, and denied that any police had been hurt.
A statement on the Save Rapa Nui website said several people had been shot at close range. It said police had used rubber bullets and tear gas.
"They injured at least 23 of our brothers and sisters, three of them seriously," Edi Tuki, a relative of one of those injured, told the Efe news agency.
"One was shot in the eye with a buckshot pellet from just a metre away."'Shooting to kill'
Maka Atan, a Rapa Nui lawyer, told the Associated Press police had been "shooting to kill". He said he was shot in the back by pellets.
"It seems like this is going to end with them killing the Rapa Nui," he said.
Rapa Nui is the official name for the remote Easter Island, which lies more than 3,200 km (2,000 miles) off the west coast of Chile.
The tiny island has a population of about 4,000 but is best known for its ancient giant carved stone heads, known as Moais.

The indigenous Rapa Nui people have been protesting for the past three months about what say are plans to develop the island, as immigration and tourism increase.
They are demanding the return of ancestral land they say was unlawfully seized from their grandparents.
"The land on this island has always been Rapa Nui. That's why we're asking for our land to be returned," Mr Maka told AP.

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    December 29, 2010

    Today, December 29th just before 7 PM, an contingency of 200 armed police began violently dislodging the Rapanui Parliament from their headquarters in the
    enter of the town of Hanga Roa, Rapa Nui. The police have beaten dozens of Rapa Nui with clubs, including children and women. They have arrested at least
    two dozen people.

    This action was a unilateral decision made by the Regional Indendent, Raul Celis. The operation was directed by the Police Commander,
    Oscar Salazar who confirmed, "Celis gave the order."

    Lola Tuki, who was there said that it was "unbelievable to see the degree of violence and inhuman treatment and prejudice. The police were
    cursing at the women calling them, "Goddamn indian bitches", and grabbing them violently.

    Many of the people taken from the Tuki and HIto clan were defending the President of the Rapa Nui Parliament, Leviante Araki.

    This is a developing story.


    Lola Tuki 011 569 62144264
    Santi Hitorangi 845 596 5402