One fine morning, the faithful lackey, who has hitherto identified completely with his master, leaps on his oppressor and slits his throat. RV

Sunday 31 October 2010

Chile - Words of Monica Caballero in solidarity with anti-authoritarian prisoners of the world


31/10/2010 - Political prison is a daily act for the Chilean State as for any other, in that, as the comrades living in the lands dominated by the State of Ecuador expressed well, "insensitivity to distance is also the product of the dominant culture that has drawn imaginary lines on maps, making us feel distant and different."
We must recognise solidarity as a weapon against all States and capital, we cannot, as anti-authoritarians, fight only the authority that interferes in the place where we live, because then the enemy would win another battle.
In the world anyone who dares question the sacrosanct social peace so loved and enjoyed by citizens, is locked up. All the strange, the sick, the abnormal, the misfits already have a place reserved between huge walls where the good workers won't see them and many cameras will observe their movements. For the inhabitants of these structures of punishment they can expect the justice of capital, supported by the universal religion of devotion to democracy and the rule of law.
Anti-authoritarian solidarity must be a constant exercise, which at times does not neglect the offensive.
Greetings to fellow prisoners for the Animal and Earth Liberation in Mexico, vegans: Abraham, Socorro, Adrián and Braulio.
A big insurgent hug to the people of the territory dominated by the Greek State; to Kostas and Nikos, currently on hunger strike. And to all those who have taken a position in the war against all forms of domination, any place on the planet.
And to the libertarian, anarchist and punk comrades, inhabitants of the territory baptised by the Power as Ecuador: your lines and great gestures came to the ears of this prisoner. I thank you from my heart!!
* To destroy all cages! *
* Prisoners in War free / e *
* * Mónica Caballero, Vegan Anarchist Prisoner
Centre Penitenciario Femenina, Sección Especial de Alta Seguridad, Stgo, Chile.
End of October 2010

Trento, Italy - Antiwar blitz at the Faculty of Sociology of Trento

informa-azione /culmine
Antiwar blitz at the Faculty of Sociology of Trento, where a conference was being held on peace missions in the presence of two officers of the Carabinieri in Rome: no one was hurt, as it seemed at first, but one person was arrested after a scuffle.
A group of five hooded young people entered the college throwing red paint and smoke bombs against the speakers at what was taking place in the Kessler lecture theatre. To be smeared with paint were the speakers of the meeting, organized by the European association Elsa: Professor Roberto Toniatti, professor of the Faculty of Law of the Trentino faculty and two officers of the police. The same Toniatti was then taken to the hospital, along with captain Pierpaolo Sinconi of the general command of the Carabinieri in Rome for controls.
Precisely one of two officers who were at the speakers' table, Giuseppe Zirone, was the first to react and managed to block one of the assailants, while the others fled, shouting "murderers" at the speakers. The arrested is a young Roveretan, whose name has not yet been disclosed.
In the Kessler hall a note was thrown against one of the military officers invited to the conference: "Murderer, you are one of those directly responsible for the war," it said in the flyer. The assault was led by five young men, one of whom was then stopped thanks to the closed circuit television surveillance of the University of Trento and the readiness of the same Zirone that stopped him. Police and carabinieri arrived on the spot. (press of Trentino, 28.10.10)
A little paint against these murderers is the least we can do...
October 28, at the Sociology faculty, a conference was being conducted on security and the role of Italy in "peacekeeping missions", that is in the twenty-one theatres of war in which - from the Middle East to Africa - Italian troops are currently engaged.
The meeting was attended by law professors and some army officers.
The presence of lawyers and leaders of the armed forces was not random. Since 1991, the Italian government has been constantly engaged in military operations despite the provision in the constitution prohibiting it: is there some lawyer who can resolve this contradiction of the State? At Sociology professionals of war were discussing with university professors on how to better serve Italian imperialism ...
In the general silence, a group of antimilitarists challenged the conference throwing smoke bombs and red paint against the speakers and leaving leaflets in which the military were called what they are "killers."
One of our friends and comrades has been arrested: he is now in prison in Bolzano. We offer him our solidarity.
War needs a wide complicity of weapons factories, military bases, research centres (also universities, including Povo), lies in the mass media, conferences of propaganda.
We do not want to be complicit with the massacres of democracy. That's all.
We will not leave those who live in war in peace.
Luca free!
Troops out of Afghanistan!
Prevented the construction of the Matarello military base!
No to the opening of Finmeccanica centre (The biggest Italian manufacturer of weapons) former tobacco factory in Rovereto!

Paris starts to block traffic

cette semaine

Indy Paris - Tonight, Thursday, October 28, 2010, at the end of demo ... around 20:00, Place St. Augustine, many demonstrators caught in the grip of the cops who arrive from all over ... more than 50 trucks gather around the Square in minutes ... the white bus arrives and many comrades boarded ... in a circle of 2 to 300 CRS and other ... support group chanting "Free our comrades" and the cops surveying the group are quite annoyed ... which will eventually rebel against the fate of our comrades ... A small protest starts backing into a small street leading to St Lazare ... pursued by the robots ... bins on fire; barricades of building site material; slogans ... the Robots go away ... protesters reach St Lazare and thirty decide to block a busy street outside the station, very crowded ... then a second road alongside ... the block lasts half an hour, causing a huge traffic jam ... 100 meters away, a convoy of riot police park outside the station, they don't move ... reach the first car of plain clothes cops, and others ... a total of 50 of plain clothes and uniform, somewhat edgy, descend to end the block, some gassing some demonstrators who were putting back the objects on the road that had just been taken off by the cops ... The plainclothes start zealously clearing the pavements with " disperse" in the crowd guessing some blockers were stashed in the crowd ... Paris is starting to block! It was high time ... The Province has been blocking every day for quite some time. Will this evening'sinitiative be followed by others?

Athens - Text from Nikos Malapanis concerning his call by the special appeals interrogator


30 /10/10 - And now solidarity is being persecuted...
On Monday 1st of November I am called to present myself before the special appeals interrogator K.Baltas, as one accused for “the punishable action of integration in a terrorist organisation called Revolutionary Struggle”.
Lately many individuals of the anarchist/antiauthoritarian movement from the wider friendship and comrade circle of those arrested, have been called as witnesses for the same case.
Since six fighters were arrested on the 10th of April, three of whom deny participation in Revolutionary Struggle, a repressive attack has begun that, based on silence, is unfolding more and more.
The fact that at this moment I'm in the forefront shows, once again and more indirectly, how arbitrarily and in no way accidentally the repressive mechanisms move. In the forefront is an entire movement including those who fight or express their solidarity.
For 15 years I have belonged to the part of those that fight against the intensifying oppression and terrorizing of society. What we named the “coming treaty of totalitarianism” is seediness as a form of everyday routine and fear as a form of existence. It is what in the middle of a crisis (I.M.F., austerity measures, new antiterrorist law) they are now trying to apply to me and my comrades. I am known to the persecutory authorities, having been arrested for my political action in the past. Part of this action was always solidarity to imprisoned fighters, because of which I have also been portrayed and targeted in the case of those arrested for Revolutionary Struggle.
The message is clear. The comrades that deny the charges are in underground cells with the only evidence their political action and comradely relations, which they have never denied, with Pola Roupa, Nikos Maziotis and Kostas Gournas as well as with Lambros Foundas. The experiment is considered successful so is now being applied to more people. My prosecution, therefore, is clearly political and vengeful. It is for the awareness and conformity of those who still choose to fight, those who are ready to take the decision to fight.
Today they are clearly persecuting solidarity, comradeship, dignity. And the mechanisms smile at us ironically. With as my only weapon dignity, resistance and solidarity I walk and I will walk. Finally, I express my solidarity to my bridesmaid and friend, mother of two children Maria Beracha, who is persecuted along with me. Also, my friendship and solidarity to Kostas Gournas and Nikos Maziotis, on hunger strike from the 9th of October in order to break the regime of isolation so that Kostas Gournas can be near his family.
In the face of these prosecutions we will come out stronger.
Nikos Malapanis
boubourAs translation acforfreedomnow!

Athens, Greece - hunger strikers Kostas Gournas and Nikos Maziotis refuse to be examined by doctors


October 29 2010 - Solidarity gathering today at hospital cancelled. The gathering today at the “Laiko” hospital that was called in solidarity with the two hunger strikers Kostas Gournas and Nikos Maziotis, who together with Pola Roupa have taken the political responsibility for Revolutionary Struggle, has been cancelled. The two comrades, who were transferred to the hospital because of the seriousness of their situation, demanded that the examinations take place without the antiterrorist cops inside the hospital room. The head of the hospital as well as the doctors of the pathology department of Laiko hospital refused to exam the two comrades without the cops inside the room (!!!) resulting in the two fighters refusing to do the examinations and being returned to Koridallos prisons.

Discussion about the above tonight at 19.00 at the Polytechnic (gini) building.

Thursday 28 October 2010

Pas de Calais, France - Sabotage of optic fibres and digital cable of France 3 Nord Pas de Calais disrupts broadcasts

cette semaine

Nord Eclair - 23/10/2010 - : Dunkirk - Broadcasting of programs of France 3 Nord Pas-de-Calais disrupted on Thursday due to vandalism.
A true upheaval in the corridors of France 3 Lille. For the fourth time in five months, the antenna de France 3 Nord Pas-de-Calais was an indirect victim of vandalism - the cutting of a bundle of fibre optics in the Lille region.
Awaiting repair of these fibres, the diffusion of the programmes of France 3 Nord Pas-de-Calais, including the mid-day edition, have been suspended. The disruption of the programmes has nothing to do with the strike on Thursday. A return to normal is expected later in the afternoon

Paris: the Ministry of Economy plunged into darkness

cette semaine

AFP - October 28, 2010 - Power outage at Bercy, a complaint made for "malicious act" .
Ministries of Economy and Budget at the site of Bercy had an interruption of electricity for an hour. They will sue for a "malicious act", a spokesman told AFP, noting the coincidence with the new day of strikes.
"This morning the electricity went off for an hour, from 7:15 to 8:15 throughout the site, causing disruption of the functioning of departments," the source said, in the entourage of Christine Lagarde. According to the spokesman, an "internal investigation" suggests "that it is a malicious act" performed by "experienced people", "and this, the same day as there is a call out for a strike against pension reform. "

SHAC activists convicted and imprisoned (UK)

On 25th October six British SHAC campaigners were convicted on charges related to their role in the campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences. Alfie Fitzpatrick was given a 12 month sentence suspended for 2 years. Sarah Whitehead received 6 years. Nicole Vosper received 3 and a half years. Thomas Harris received 4 years. Nicola Tapping received 15 months. Jason Mullen received 3 years.
Please send urgent letters of support to:

Sarah Whitehead VM7684
HMP Bronzefield
Woodthorpe Road
TW15 3JZ

Nicole Vosper VM9385
HMP Bronzefield
Woodthorpe Road
TW15 3JZ

Thomas Harris
HMP Winchester
Romsey Road
SO22 5DF

Nicola Tapping
HMP Bronzefield
Woodthorpe Road
TW15 3JZ

Jason Mullen
HMP Winchester
Romsey Road
SO22 5DF

Greece - Solidarity to Kostas Gournas, member of Revolutionary Struggle on hunger strike since 9 October

from act for freedom now!
15 10 2010
Kostas Gournas, member of Revolutionary Struggle and on remand in Trikala Prison, began a hunger strike on 9 October with the 'outrageous' claim be transferred to Korydallos prison in order to see his 22-month-old twin children. The vindictiveness of the State against both the defendants in the Revolutionary Struggle case and more generally those who challenge and resist bourgeois legitimacy is a given (with many examples over the years). The State also makes a point of punishing the children of fighters more. Finally, we are aware that the "legal culture" only affects those who move within the boundaries of bourgeois legality, e.g. Christoforakos of the Siemens case, etc.
From the first time the State has opted for the six comrades of the Revolutionary Struggle case to be dispersed in various jails of the country with the clear objective of making it difficult for them to have contact with their lawyers about their case, and to isolate them from their families and co-defendants.
We express our full solidarity with the hunger striker Kostas Gournas, claiming that risking one's life is the most obvious right of any detained person in order to be close to home so as to facilitate contact with his family.
As Action for Freedom we demand that all prisoners in the case be transferred to the prison of Korydallos in order to facilitate contact with their families and with their lawyers in order to prepare for trial.
Abolish the system of quarantine imposed on Nikos Maziotis and Sarantos Nikitopoulos in the underground F Wing of Korydallos Prison
Solidarity is our weapon

Tuesday 26 October 2010

Lyon, France - Dangerous face-to-face, fascists against anarchists and 'scarlas'

cette semaine

Progress, 23.10.2010 - Lyon still bathed in a surreal atmosphere throughout the day yesterday. To the sound of sirens, screams of the crowd. To the rythm of police vans, the running of disparate groups dispersed across the centre, many around Place Bellecour. All under the hum of the helicopter installed in the Lyon sky like an ominous bird. Just follow its flight to understand where the problems are. Yesterday, concerns took a new turn. A bad turn, with a nauseating stench. Groups, crystallized into two blocs sought confrontation.
On the one hand, an assembly of young people who seem clearly anchored on the side of the far right. Without openly claiming it. "Our city is not there to be dismantled, we belong to the people of Lyon, we do not want thugs (casseurs)," said a young man, black scarf around his neck, equipped with padded gloves. Displayed no movement, but a dull will to fight. This block had a rendezvous mid-afternoon, at quai Rambaud, on the banks of the Saone. Approximately 140 young people, immediately surrounded for an identity check. Without prior notification, without authorization, they incur a "crime of unlawful assembly." They have been warned. This does not deter them from moving towards Place Bellecour. There, another camp, about two hundred people, have filled the square. It mixes the youth of the estates, children of immigrants and anarchist activists. For the police, the strategy is to contain these groups, isolate, separate them, to avoid potentially worrisome clashes.
This ceaseless game of cat and mouse causes a striking scene, around 17 hours. This is not place Bellecour, nor Guillotière Bridge. This time, instead in place Ampere in the Ainay district, which is completely cut off from the world, surrounded by tight police cordon. In the middle, about 150 young people waving a tricolor [French] flag, chanting slogans of a somewhat equivocal tendency. Style: "Scum, you're fucked, the people of Lyon are in the street." Or again, in an allusion diverted from the founder of SOS Racism slogan: "Don't touch my city." Some songs are accompanied by gestures similar to those of football fans. In Rue Victor-Hugo a window openscurtains drawn, a man brandishing a Lyonnais flag shouts: "Go home." All around the square, small groups rotate, appear to be seeking trouble, reply:" This is our home". The two sides shout at each other, provoke each other.
Fascists against anarchists: this is not the traditional folklore of the campus. Groups are giving a new dimension to the social crisis, seeking a fight, against a backdrop of conflicting ideologies that are not really declared. And with new guests, young people from the banlieux without political affiliation. A worrying cocktail. Four brass knuckles, a knife, a screwdriver, were discovered in a sewer near the site Ampere.
In the afternoon, eight youths armed with iron bars, considered as "anarcho-libertarian" by the police, were arrested around Perrache. By early evening, suspected young rightist extremists leave Square Ampere, in buses. Direction, Central Police station. Reason: unlawful assembly. Bloc against bloc, the war did not occur. Police and gendarmes, exhausted by a week of tensions, played peacekeepers.

Saint-Etienne du Rouvray, France - supermarket completely destroyed by fire

cette semaine

October 24, 2010 - Saint-Etienne du Rouvray (Rouen): A supermarket destroyed by fire
A fire, which did not cause victims, has totally destroyed a supermarket and shopping mall - employing a total of 50 persons - in the night from Saturday to Sunday at Saint-Etienne du Rouvray, near Rouen, it was learned Sunday from firefighters. Alerted at 2:20 for a fire in a skip, upon their arrival at the scene firefighters found themselves facing a "building fully engulfed," said the same source.
Some 70 firefighters and 15 vehicles were dispatched to the site where the fire ravaged the Intermarche store with a surface of 3,000 m2, according to reports.
The fire caused no victims, but fifty people find themselves temporarily unemployed, the source said. A police investigation is underway to determine the cause of the fire.
October 24, 2010 - Saint-Maurice-de-Beynost (Ain): Fire at supermarket
Located in the town centre near the D 1084, the Dia supermarket was the victim of a fire in the night from Friday to Saturday.
It was 02.30 when the siren sounded. The firefighters extinguished the fire caused by burning pallets stored outside, behind the store. The pallets were next to the dustbins which the fire spread to, reaching the electric metres.
As a result, the supermarket will be closed all weekend and ten employees have been laid off.

Belgium - Fire to the prisons

suie e cendres

Bruges - Arson in isolation unit of the prison
BRUGES - While the guards were on strike, a prisoner set fire to his cell in the isolation unit of the prison. This unit was constructed two years ago to isolate the most rebellious prisoners and was already once destroyed during a uprising about a year ago. Police intervened to evacuate twenty prisoners, one of them inhaled smoke but is now all right. The cell is completely destroyed, the other cells of the isolation unit are also damaged and it seems that the isolation unit is again closed. 20.10.2010
Mons - Escape with explosives and fire at the prison
MONS - Thursday evening, during the walk, unknown persons threw explosives over the prison wall. Three prisoners used the explosives to blast open the gate, but the explosion was not strong enough. Several other prisoners were also waiting to run away...Friday, the guards went on strike to protest against this escape. In response, prisoners started to break down things and tried to put fire to a building, which failed.17/10/2010
Tournai - Bomb threat, riots and arson in the prison
TOURNAI - The prison guards of Tournai went on wild strike a few days ago. The strike still continues, which means for the prisoners that they have neither activities, neither visits, nor walks,... The prison is now under the control of the police.
In the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, a bomb threat was made against the prison.
On Wednesday, tens of prisoners started to break down the cells and the infrastructure of the prison. According to the prison director, damage is extensive.
In the night of Wednessday, prisoners put fire to paper and blankets. The firemen had to intervene with big water hoses to put out the fire.
The guards declared they are continuing their strike. 13.10.2010

Ireland - Bus torched in Newtownabbey riot


Tuesday, 26 October 2010 - A bus was set alight as serious disorder broke out on the streets of Newtownabbey last night.
A car was also hijacked as a mob of around 100 people gathered close to the O’Neill Road area of the town. Three other vehicles were later seized nearby.
Police went to the scene, where they attempted to restore order. Youths threw stones at the approaching police vehicles.
Motorists were warned to stay away from the area while officers dealt with the trouble. Road closures were eventually removed shortly after midnight.
It is the latest outbreak of trouble in east Antrim following serious disorder in Carrickfergus and Ballyclare two weeks ago.
..the trouble may be linked to police activity in the area earlier this month.
Two weeks ago, loyalist paramilitaries orchestrated a night of violence in the area which left two officers injured. A female officer was hurt in Carrickfergus when her vehicle was attacked by a gang of up to 25 men wielding bats.
There was also trouble in Eden where youths blocked the road.

Madrid - attack in solidarity with Chilean anarchists

cette semaine

Madrid, 21/10/2010 - Yesterday October 20, the windows of a Santander bank in the south of Madrid were pelted with stones, and a tag was left: "Solidarity with the anarchists of Chile".
This bank was chosen for its connection with the Chilean State and bourgeoisie, being present over a large part of Chilean territory, and involved in the exploitation of its inhabitants.
Let's come out into the Streets! May the rage spread!
To our Chilean brothers! To those who fight!
We do not want to deal with this misery, but to destroy it!

Dordogne, France: power cuts and electrical damage

cette semaine

October 23, 2010 - The right is outraged. But agents of the ERDF [French national electricity company - France is the main country to use electricity of nuclear origin as the dominant method of production, 78% in 2007. Research by journalists have revealed that 13% of the nuclear waste of the 58 French nuclear power plants was secretly exported from Le Havre to Russia in the last years and deposed in Seversk], have again symbolically carried out targeted blackouts, such as the transport company Fauvel Bergerac, whose boss is none other than the regional President of the MEDEF [Mouvement des Entreprises de France, largest union of employers in France]. Similar activities were conducted Thursday in the town halls managed by the Presidential Majority, to which reacted strongly Philippe Cornet, spokesman for the UMP [Union for a Popular Movement, right-wing political party led by Sarkozy]. Three municipalities have complained about damage due to electrical installations Thiviers Champniers-Reilhac and Busserolles.

Tarnos (Landes) France: Fire at the City Hall

cette semaine

October 24, 2010 3- Last night at around 23 o'clock, a fire struck the town hall of Tarnos in the Landes. The fire would seem to be of criminal origin, since individuals also burned a municipal utility vehicle parked in front of the City Hall. The flames gradually gained the west wall of the building.
The firefighters of the BAB helped to circumscribe the damage. Two rooms are damaged. Service to citizens should be more or less undisturbed.
An investigation is underway to determine more precisely the cause of the accident.

Dhaka, Bangladesh - thousands attack army camp at Rupganj, structures burned, troops evacuated


Sat Oct 23, 2010, DHAKA (Reuters) – Bangladeshi police used rubber bullets and teargas Saturday to disperse thousands of people protesting against plans to acquire land for army housing, officials and witnesses said.
Private television channels said at least 50 people were injured in the clashes near Dhaka.
Police said at least 60 troops were evacuated by helicopter after a crowd, some carrying sticks and machetes, attacked their camp at Rupganj, about 16 km (10 miles) east of the capital.
Protesters set fire to two army vehicles and damaged several others, and ransacked an army field office, according to witnesses.
Four helicopters made several sorties to evacuate the troops from the camp. Dozens of others were evacuated by river boat, they said.
"We have evacuated the troops to avoid confrontations with the public,;" a Defense Ministry official said.
The violence erupted after police used batons to try to clear a street of demonstrators protesting against the planned acquisition of about 1,000 acres of land for a housing project for members of the army.
Residents complained that they had been offered inadequate compensation.

Monday 25 October 2010

Barcelona: actions in solidarity with fellow Russian and Belarusian comrades

cette semaine

October 23, 2010(Excerpt): The night of Monday, October 18, we wanted to make a small gesture of solidarity with anarchist comrades of Khimki (Russia) and Minsk (Belarus), imprisoned by their respective States in August 2010.
The gesture consisted of moving in three locations linked to the Russian State and its commercial interests.
Profiting our friend darkness, we went to the Russian consulate, to the headquarters of the Russian airlines the Centre for Culture and Russian language in Barcelona.
We threw paint-filled eggs against these dumps and sprayed slogans in solidarity with the comrades.(...)
Death to all patria, border states, capitalism and every form of authority.

Thessaloniki - anarchist comrade Elias Nikolaou released from prison


25th october 2010 - Today comrade Ilias, after the hearing on Thursday 21/10/10, of his application for release until the appeals court, was RELEASED with the condition that he pays bail of 15.000 euro.

Letter from Ilias Nikolau 16 November 2009 - Some have surrendered and other have felt satisfaction in hearing the declarations of the powerful concerning the uprooting of illegal violence.
Others still felt relief in knowing that immigrants will be persecuted and locked up: it is as if the misery and
However, the worst is that this society in order to prolong its slow death has been vaccinated with the phrase "I just live my personal life" and with apathy.
Prey of their bosses, victims of leaders of every kind, they are humiliated, put down their heads for nothing and always lose the sense of their own potential and dignity even sacrificing the last moments of freedom. In this world where resignation and obedience reign, there are proud eyes and traces of dignity that are not afraid to pay the ultimate price and put their lives in their own hands.
All the impassioned worshipers of Negation are struggling along the paths of freedom. Passersby in a path that leads to individual and collective freedom, the warriors against injustice always show their presence wherever they are.
Now it is our turn and we, from the dark cells of democracy, are hurling out a signal: unconditional solidarity towards those who firmly look life in the eye and lay claim to the obvious: Absolute freedom, without succumbing to the chains of imprisonment, without taking even one step backwards.
Ilias Nikolau
prison of Amfissa

Update of addresses of ecologist anarchists held in Switzerland


Following the hunger strike undertaken by Silvia, Costa, Billy and Mark three of them have been transferred. We do not know if these transfers are to be understood as a retaliation of the Swiss repressive apparatus in the face of the proud stance of these comrades, or if they concern the mechanical and bureaucratic management of those deprived of their freedom. However, the transfer of Mark to the maximum security prison in Orbe, without notice, is quite obviously a cowardly act of revenge.
Here are the current addresses of ecologists anarchist prisoners held in Switzerland.

Marco Camenisch
Penitencier de Bochuz
Case Postale 150
1350 Orbe

Luca Bernasconi
c/oRegionalgefängnis Bern
Genfergasse 22
3001 Bern

Costantino Ragusa
c/oRegionalgefängnis Thun
Allmendstr. 34
3600 Thun

Silvia Guerini
c/oRegionalgefängnis Biel
Spitalstrasse 20
2502 Biel/Bienne

As always, we invite comrades and others in solidarity to show their warmth and closeness to them.

Friday 22 October 2010

Jerusalem - the new intifada is composed of boys of ten years

le figaro

For several months, incidents are increasing in Silwan that don't just involve adults or teenagers, but children. Often as young as ten years, these urchins stone vehicles in the steep streets of the neighbourhood. This guerrilla child of a new kind poses a unique problem to the Israeli police.
This intifada of children takes place in one of the most volatile sectors of East Jerusalem.
Silwan is a narrow gorge, wedged between the walls of the Old City and the Mount of Olives. In this jumble of houses clinging to the slopes of the valley, every day 60,000 Palestinians face a few hundred Israeli settlers holed up in buildings they occupy in the middle of the neighbourhood. The Elad settler organization, headed by David Beeri, conducts highly political searches to exhume the remains of the Jerusalem of David, and an active policy of colonization of Palestinian homes by acquiring them and installing Jewish families. The clashes between Palestinian residents and the security guards who protect these settlers regularly result in injuries, sometimes even death, as earlier this month. The Elad project, supported by the Jerusalem Municipality, aims to extend the tourist site of the City of David by transforming the bottom of the valley into an archaeological park, destroying Palestinian homes.
"We are inhabitants of Jerusalem, we pay our taxes, but the municipality does not deal with us," said one Palestinian father. "Our money is used for the settlers, who have all the utilities, garbage collection, all water-borne sewerage. We, we have nothing, "he says. "Our children have nowhere to go, they'll play football in the bottom of the valley, and there's an incident. I cannot keep my son home. "
The children have taken over from fathers and older brothers. Without leaders or political agenda, the intifada is a game for them, more dangerous than others.
According to Palestinian residents of Silwan, the police come almost every night to visit houses. They break down the door and arrest children. "I remain fully dressed each night to be ready in case they come," continued the father of Iyad. "I've been arrested, when I was 17. I was terrified. But these little ones are not like us, they are not afraid. " "They act on their own. No father would send a small child to throw stones. They come home from school, face the police, and that's it. "

Thursday 21 October 2010

A communication from Alfredo Bonanno and Christos Stratigopoulos concerning their trial, due to be held in Larissa, Greece on 22 November 2010

We thank all the comrades everywhere for the solidarity that they have shown us until now, but are asking them to please not participate in our trial that is due to take place in Larissa on November 22, 2010.
Alfredo and Christos

Liège, Belgium - Fire during 'Securipol' security event

suie e cendres

LIEGE - Fire erupted, police still investigating if it was arson, just after the closure of 'Securipol', a security event where companies and police presented their security material. A big part of the huge event hall burned down, 15 persons were still inside of the huge building and were slightly intoxicated.18.10.2010

Douglas Valley, Scotland - Sabotage against Scottish Coals ripping apart the valley for profit

325 nostate

Mainshill Open Cast attacked with paint and locked shut (UK)
18 October 2010 - “In the early hours of Monday morning, to mark the first day of Scottish Coals consultation on its three new open cast mines in the Douglas Valley, people took action at the newest mine in the area, Mainshill.
The gate onto the A70 was d-locked shut, the Works Traffic sign was painted with Stop Coal Chaos! and the security building was paint bombed.”
Sabotage at Broken Cross Mine (UK)
17 October 2010 - “Last night four earth movers, two dump trucks and an explosives handling truck were sabotaged beyond use at Broken Cross Open Cast Mine in South Lanarkshire. The mine is one of three active mines in the Douglas valley owned by Scottish Coal. Scottish Coal is attempting to open three more open cast mines in the valley, totally engulfing the communties in mines and infrastructure, destroying their way of life and their health.
It’s time to stand up to these bullies and hit them where it hurts. We won’t stop until they leave the Douglas Valley, and leave the coal in the ground. Fuck Scottish Coal!”
Coal trucks locked out at Mainshill Open Cast Site (UK)
13 October 2010 - “This morning people locked the haulage gate of Mainshill Open Cast Site on the B7078 with a d-lock preventing coal trucks entering the site and transporting coal to the Ravenstruther Rail Head.
This action was taken in solidarity with The Happendon Wood Action Camp and the people living in the Douglas Valley who are facing an onslaught of coal mines from Scottish Coal. Our actions will not stop until Scottish Coal stops ripping apart the Douglas Valley for profit. “

Wednesday 20 October 2010

Nottingham, UK - Bailiff Offices attacked

325 nostate

19 October 2010 - “A violent tool of the state and capitalism, bailiffs are a tool on the poor and as such deserve to be treated with fury and contempt. And last night they were.
M.A Julius and Co. of New Basford, Nottingham were paid a visit last night. Their windows were smashed and messages were left, “Fuck the Rich”, “Leave our homes alone” and “Fuck Bailiffs” were painted on the walls of their offices.
This was in solidarity with all of those, including ourselves who have had the indignity from being evicted from homes because the system we live in rewards the selfish greed of the privileged few and punishes the excluded and marginalized. As the cuts come more and more people will struggle to cope, and more and more will be put into debt, and more and more will have their doors broken down by agents of the capitalism. This action is a sign that there will be retaliation, that the controllers of capital and their stooges will not have it all their own way.
Smash the rich and fuck capital. Hammer and Paint”

France - In one week, 1,423 people arrested - half of them under 18


20/10/2010 - Paris - Motorways and airports were blockaded Wednesday and nearly a third of France's petrol stations were dry as protests against President Nicolas Sarkozy's pension reforms threatened to cripple the country.
Demonstrators blocked access to the airports at Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes and Clermont-Ferrand while lorry drivers obstructed traffic on more than a dozen motorways throughout the country, French media reported.
At the same time, more than 4,000 petrol stations, out of a total of 12,500, had run dry because of a strike by oil refinery workers and barricades set up at numerous oil depots.
The actions came a day after some 3.5 million people, according to union figures, demonstrated against the pension reform. The interior ministry put the number of protesters at 1.1 million.
Sarkozy remained defiant in face of the protests, saying in a statement Wednesday that he had ordered the unblocking of every oil depot in the country.
'The disorder provoked by the blockades have produced numerous injustices,' the president said. 'If they do not end rapidly, these perturbations which aim to paralyse the country could have consequences for employment by harming the normal conduct of economic activity.'
Sarkozy also said he would persist in pressing the reform 'to its conclusion.'
However, a poll published Wednesday in the daily Les Echos suggested that a majority of the French supported a continuation of the protests. In the survey, 59 per cent of the respondents said they wanted unions to pursue the protests ands strikes even after the reform becomes law.
The measure, which gradually raises the retirement age from 60 to 62 by the year 2018, has already passed the National Assembly and is scheduled to be voted on in the Senate by Sunday, at the latest.
Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux said Wednesday at a press conference in Paris that the government would crack down on violent demonstrators who had clashed with police during street protests, primarily by school students.
In one week, 1,423 people - half of them under 18 - had been arrested after protests turned violent in several cities, and 62 police officers were injured in the skirmishes, the interior minister said.

Lyon, France - Youths transform the genteel city of Lyon into a flashpoint of violence over pension reform


20/10/2010 - Youths who pillaged stores, torched cars and fought street battles with police have transformed the genteel French city of Lyon into a flashpoint of violence over an unpopular pension reform.
One of France's wealthiest cities and more commonly associated with fine-dining than riots, Lyon has seen the worst violence of this week's street protests as clashes injured two dozen people and scores more were arrested.
On Wednesday, police in the southeastern city tear-gassed about 300 youths in groups around the central Bellecour square after calling in 800 extra officers to put down what one local official called "urban guerrilla warfare."
Youths booed and insulted Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux who visited the city to back up police trying to contain the violence that first erupted last Thursday.
Disturbances in the Paris suburb of Nanterre have also marred otherwise peaceful street protests against President Nicolas Sarkozy's plan to raise the ages for minimum and full retirement to 62 and 67 respectively, something he says is vital to rein in a soaring pension shortfall.
"France does not belong to hooligans, to pillagers and hoodlums. It belongs to honest people who want to work peacefully," Hortefeux said in Lyon.
The flare-ups underscore France's long-simmering problem of city suburbs full of frustrated youths, many of them unemployed immigrants, who use demonstrations as a pretext to go on a rampage.
On Tuesday, some 75 people were arrested after stone-throwing rioters charged police, smashed shop windows with chairs from cafe terraces and burned scores of cars, prompting the local head of urban security, Albert Doutre, to describe the scenes as "a real case of urban guerrilla warfare."
Authorities in Lyon said they believed about half of those arrested this week are minors from the city's suburbs and many may not attend school.
The youngsters use text messages and the social networking website Facebook to organize their movements, a government official in Lyon told reporters on Tuesday.

County Hall attacked in Nottinghamshire (UK)

325 nostate

13 October 2010 - “The Nottinghamshire County Hall was attacked last night with hammers and graffiti. Messages of “Fight the Cuts” and “Fuck Austerity” were left on the walls of the entrance facing the trent, whilst several windows were smashed.
This was a small gesture, it exists alongside all other gestures large and small, which refuse to accept “the way things are”.
We are members of the insubordinate masses, we won’t attend your marches or listen to your speeches. We know the government will keep cutting in order to pay for the banks mistake. We know that capitalism is the crisis, and that it will continue to be.
We will continue to attack wherever we see possibilities. We will continue to attack in solidarity with all those who are abused by governments and banks in the name of capitalism. We will continue to attack in solidarity with anyone who has fought back before us and with anyone who will fight back after us.
The system is killing us and we must fight back.”Delinquents

Thursday 14 October 2010

Trento, Italy, raid on Benetton in solidarity with the Mapuche people


Source: Stampa trentina, 13:10:10 Yesterday morning, when they arrived to start work shortly before nine the shop attendants of Benetton in via Oriola found two surprises: the first, written and drawn with black paint "Mapuche free" on the window and the other, the lock 'blocked with "Attak", the quick-setting glue. Unable to open the shop, the store manager of the great Venetian textile group called for the intervention of the Fire Brigade who had to work hard to unlock the gate.
Also black writing on the window of Sisley who is almost opposite. A few yards away, in Via Del Simonino the same scene. Four girls set to work with a lot of turpentine and large pieces of "Scottex "to clean, not without difficulty, the large showcase of the other Benetton store 0-12, that of children's clothes. Here, too, writings in praise of freedom for these people far away, the Mapuche.
The reason for the damage? Apparently to draw attention to the indigenous people who live in Patagonia and have lost part of land aquired by a company of the Benetton to raise sheep for wool. A story that has become the symbol of the struggle of indigenous people against corporations or other large industrial groups in the West.



During the night of the 13th october, in the city center of Bern, Switzerland, the icelandic embassy has been attacked.The lock was glued and “free rvk9″ was spraypainted on the maindoor of the building.

Tuesday 12 October 2010

Lisbon - Solidarity action with the comrades in Belgium


12/10/2010 - Lisbon cathedral woke up in the 12th of October with paintbombs and spraypainted. "The S.E.F and the church go hand in hand. That both go up in flames!" (S.E.F. is the Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras) "Solidarity with comrades in Belgium. Fire to the detention centres!"

Greece - Letter of Kostas Gournas, now on hunger strike


I begin a HUNGER STRIKE from Saturday 9th October and until a written approval of my demand for transfer to the prisons of koridalos is given to me.

Six months after my arrest, the torturing in g.a.d.a. (police headquarters of athens) and my very obvious vengeful detention in Trikala prison, while I am a father of twin children 22 months old, I find myself in the 6th wing of Koridallos prisons temporarily transferred here for the attribution of additional charges for the case of the revolutionary organization Revolutionary Struggle. For 5 months now I wait for the answer of the Ministry of Justice to the application that I have put in, to be transferred to Koridallos prisons near where my family lives. The intentional delay in answering my application is included in the frames of tactics of psychological war that the ministry conducts against me and my comrades Roupa and Maziotis, since we have claimed the political responsibility for our participation in the R.O. Revolutionary Struggle and we have been defended its actions. Moreover, we have fought and we have achieved the two comrades to have a visit a week with their newborn son and this is a regular defeat for the ministry. This development, as well as the fact that I did not collaborate with the authorities despite my torturing (a thing that would be considered an enormous success by the regime) are the only reasons that they extend my detention in Trikala, since, in reality they avenge my own children.
Because however war needs always two, to my politicians opponents I notify the following:

I begin a HUNGER STRIKE from Saturday 9th October and until a written approval of my demand for transfer to the prisons of Koridalos is given to me. As a revolutionary, reliable fighter and a father I will not allow anyone to revenge my children and put them at risk, forcing them to drive 12 hours in one day, once a month in order to achieve their elementary need, even for only 30 minutes, the presence of both of their parents in their life. And because winter is coming…
my patience ends here.
Political detainee Costas Gournas
Member of R.S.
6th Koridallos

As of 9/10 Kostas Gournas is on hunger strike. Comrades from various prisons have stopped accepting food in solidarity:

As of 9/10 we are not accepting the prison food of the prisons we are in, in solidarity to anarchist comrade Kostas Gournas who is on hunger strike.
We stand even in this symbolic way next to the comrade's struggle to remain in Koridallos prisons, abolish the isolation situation for his family and political environment that is essentially being imposed with his imprisonment in Trikala prisons.
Michalis Traikapis
Alexandros Kosivas
Aris Sirinidis
Christos Stratigopoulos
Giannis Dimitrakis
p.s. Comrade Alfredo Bonnano, expresses his solidarity to comrade Kostas Gournas, but cannot participate in the action because of his severe health situation.

Monday 11/10 at the Polytechnic, Gini building 19.00, regular meeting for solidarity to imprisoned and persecuted fighters.
Matters to discuss:
-Solidarity actions to the accused of the Revolutionary Struggle case. On the 14th they have been called by the appeals court which will decide to continue their imprisonment or not. In the meeting that happened for this reason, it was decided to do a demo at Koridallos prisons on the 19th of october, a day when our 6 comrades will be held there.
-Information and solidarity actions for comrade Simos Seisidis. The comrade refuses to be transferred in steel cages, resulting in jeopardizing his visits to the rehabilitation clinic. Also on the 24th of October is the first of the courts he will have to face.

Greece - Cop killer of Alexandros Grigoropoulos receives life sentence plus 15 months

cops pigs murderers

History has, time and time again, shown us that people suffer from lack of memory. History repeats its self tragically and I am sure that history it self is sick of repeating. We stand by incapable of relieving it of its martyrdom .
Now more than ever, we must lift it from its miserable stagnancy. It is impossible to forget. We cannot forget. We have no right to forget. We have a duty to move here, there, anywhere but not return to our couches as mere viewers of the fate of the above-mentioned “lady” (history). We can show history round the world we trust. A world devoid of inequality. A world where our sweat will at last matter. A world where our life will not depend on meaningless conflict and negotiations nor of course depend on any sort of ostracism or any metaphysical phenomenon.
So, I am afraid we’ll forget and we’ll go back home to the warmth that freezes our conscience. I fear we’ll end up watching the news once again without our action in it. We‘ve started something which we have a duty to bring to a conclusion not to an end. It’s time to awaken history and even on crutches. Lead it under our banner to the country, so much talked-about, the country to which we suddenly got tickets for. Let’s make the journey and let’s leave our entire luggage behind. Let us create everything from a beginning whose thread will look stable and inelastic. What we need is within us. It would be pathetic to let it remain within. It would be to egoistical to digest it. It would be destructive not to share it.
Repeating doesn’t make it perfect, it destroys evolution. I entreat you then not to forget to go out in the streets. History has always slept in the streets anyway.
As it has just been announced: Korkoneas, the murderer of Alexandros Grigoropoulos, has received a life sentence for the murder, plus 15 months for illegal weapon possession. His co-defendant and accomplice to the murder, Saraliotis, has received 10 years. Saraliotis has asked for his sentence to be suspended until the court of appeals; his demand is being considered now (14.30 GMT+2) by the court – this caused a reaction by Alexandros’ grandmother and the atmosphere in the courtroom is now tense.

Bristol, UK - Attacks against police targets

325 nostate

8 & 9 October 2010“Anti-police actions on the nights of the 8th and 9th October.
1. Avonmouth police garage was a soft target with 30 rocks thrown over the fence at vehicles.
2. CID regional HQ, Kenneth Steele House, Feeder rd. Plainclothes vehicles, including one sports car, smashed with rocks.
3. Fishing line strung up at 9ft for the mounted police of Bower Ashton mounted police and dog section.
Pick your moment, your terrain. Ambush.
Some angry people are not content to stagnate in silence. We recognise our brains as weapons. Wouldn’t it be nice if more people broke away from the British tradition of sitting back and taking shit from cops in the U.K and actually fought back for a change?
Solidarity with all those inside and outside the prison who fight the system.
This is for all those beaten, abused and murdered by police.”

South Lanarkshire, UK - machine sabotaged against destruction of Happendon Wood

325 nostate

3 October 2010 - “Extensive damage has been caused to a mining machine at the Broken Cross open cast coal mine in South Lanarkshire. This action, taken during the night of third of October, was carried out anonymously by those acting in solidarity with The Happendon Wood Action Camp (THWAC), and in support of the residents of the Douglas Valley.
The sabotage was carried out as an act of opposition to Scottish Coal’s recently submitted proposals to extend the Broken Cross mine and to begin work at two new sites in the area, at Townhead and Auldton Hights. “

Providence - Statue of Christopher Columbus attacked with red paint

October 11, 2010 - Portions of a statue of Christopher Columbus in Providence were covered in red paint, police said.
The statue stands at the fork at Elmwood and Reservoir Avenues.
A sign that read “murderer” was also put around the statue’s waist.
Police received a call about the statue early Monday morning.
Police said they are investigating the case as a crime of vandalism. They said they don’t have any suspects.
Before the statue was cleaned later Monday, the vandalism drew the attention of drivers passing by. It also garnered strong reaction from people who live nearby.
“I don’t think it’s proper to deface city property. They should have stood here and handed out pamphlets on the true history of Columbus,” said Barry O’Connor of Providence.
The statue is a sign of the controversy that surrounded Columbus and his place in our nation’s history. But even those people, who said they feel he’s a figure who should not be celebrated, didn’t agree with what was done.
“I think that’s disrespectful. I don’t agree that should be like that. But on the other hand, it does make this conversation possible. So I can’t say it’s totally wrong,” said Francisco Gonzalez of Providence.
But others said it is wrong and believe it sets a bad example, especially for the children who see it.
“Unfortunately they don’t take pride in the community. They have to vandalize something that’s history, and the kids made a comment so they wanted to talk to you and say what they felt,” said Brian Gomes of Providence.

Sardinia - airport closed for three hours Monday after imigrants being detained there riot


11/10/2010 - An airport in Sardinia was closed for three hours Monday after illegal migrants being detained there staged a riot and some managed to flee onto the airstrip, police said.
The escapees were quickly apprehended, the Elmas airport resumed operations normally and the situation returned to calm, said Giuseppe Giardina, head of the Cagliari police commissioner’s staff.
One of the would-be escapees broke his leg jumping down from a fence, he said.
There have been a handful of riots at the Elmas holding centre in recent weeks, with detainees burning mattresses and breaking closed-circuit televisions, news reports said. The detainees are mostly Algerian migrants who arrived in Sardinia by boat and are awaiting asylum procedures.
In all, about 50 migrants took part in Monday’s riot, Giardina said. Of them, 14 managed to escape from the holding centre through a hole in the fence. Of them, four managed to reach the airstrip before being arrested, he said.
The migrants were being held in a barracks on the military side of the Elmas airport; the civilian side of the airport was closed during the fracas but reopened about three hours later, Giardina said.

Switzerland - Anarchist prisoner Marco Camenisch has been transferred

325 nostate

October 11th, 2010 - Dear comrades,
Marco Camenisch has been transferred from Zurich to a high security prison in Orbe, without even giving him the time to get ready or tell anyone! This happens after 8 years in Zurich, out of the blue and without any warning!
We don’t know the reasons for this, but can make our own conclusions. We think this is due to his recent hunger strike together with Silvia, Billy and Costa; to the international mobilisations around long-term revolutionary prisoners; to his long-term commitment and his contacts with the international movement. Once again the system is trying to isolate him, by transferring him to a high security prison far away.
Solidarity is our weapon: let’s use this weapon by sending cards and greetings to Marco.
Marco Camenisch
Penitencier de Bochuz
Case Postale 1501350
Source: International Red Aid

Brussels - Despite everything - To the rebels over here and over there

More information in english can be found on the website

Despite everything
To the rebels over here and over there

It’s not easy to catch reality into words, as feelings and desires always go beyond what is offered by vocabulary. It is however a vital thing to speak, trying to give expression to our thoughts and feelings. Certainly at times when the terror of the state and her troops of order try to silence everything.
For years we’ve been saying that we need space and time to enable us to think and speak freely. This space and time will never be given to us, we can only conquer them ourselves, eradicate them from the reality of thou shall and thou must. That’s why we’ve been speaking and we speak about revolt, about deeds which create space to live, to express our desires for freedom which no longer accept the sickening misery and ugliness of this world.
During the past week, the State chose to fill up all potential space with uniforms, riot vans, undercover police, detention and abuse. The state barely tolerates anarchists that encourage revolt by words and deeds, but during this week it was put all on all to prevent all encounters between the different rebellions which are heating up the social conflictuality in Brussels. And authority expressed itself by its easiest language: terror, that is to say, systematic and indiscriminate violence.
The manifestation announced for the 1st of October against all closed centres, prisons, borders and against the state was not allowed to take place, no matter what. A prohibition to gather was declared in four of Brussels districts, while an imposing force of order arrested everyone who gathered around the meeting point. At the same time, other squadrons were controlling the neighbourhoods and metro stations with an iron grip. Both the prisons of Saint-Gilles and Forest were hermetically closed off by a squadron of riot police, while in the heart of rebellious Anderlecht the police were patrolling with balaclavas on their faces and machine guns in their hands. Hundreds of people were preventively arrested, tens of them were humiliated, abused and beaten at the police stations.
Lets be clear: the state is not afraid of a handful of anarchists, but fears the potential social infection which revolutionaries try to effect day by day. Since long Brussels seems to be a social powder barrel in which the social tensions are tried to be suppressed by more police and more wounded and dead persons on the side of those who try to confront in one way or another. The social tensions however continue to express themselves in a radical way: ranging from frequently recurring riots in the neighbourhoods to revolts in the closed centres and prisons, from well aimed attacks against the structures of state and capital to a spreading hostility against everything wearing a repressive uniform. The manifestation announced for the 1st of October was probably about to become one of the possibilities for encounter between the different rebelliousness and anti-authoritarian ideas - and this encounter got squashed.
Despite the militarised pacification of those last days, we will continue to focus on this social powder barrel, knowing that each opportunity can set fire to the powder. The proposal for demonstrating was blocked by many obstacles almost impossible to overcome, but other activities will make their way.
Despite the police walls trying to keep us separated, we continue to consider the encounter between different rebelliousness’s as a desirable and necessary possibility. No repressive state blackmail can soften our enthusiasm for this.
Despite the fact that our initiative got snatched from our hands, we are determined, in our hearts and heads, to snatch it back. Despite all, we continue. Nothing is over… the possibilities are still there to be grabbed.
For the moment, four comrades are still behind the bars of the prison of Forest, charged with complicity to the attack on a police station in Brussels on the night of the 1st of October. Let’s make them feel our affection and solidarity.
Anarchists who won’t leave anything behind
Brussels, October 5th 2010

Saturday 9 October 2010

Chile : Attack on Chilean Military Police

this is our job

From Culmine (October 4, 2010) via Libertad a lxs 14A (October 3, 2010):


Claim for Attack on Chilean Military Police

During the week, we heard the news of the arbitrary transfer to Santiago 1 of the comrades imprisoned in the Bombs Case, as well as their hunger strike and subsequent one-month sentence. Added to that was the beating given to our brother Abuelo (Camilo). Therefore, we decided to arm ourselves with household items in order to take revenge.

“In this joint, the cops are in charge,” declared the aggressor gendarme. Today we answer him: “In the joint and on the streets, anyone can be in charge. It’s just a question of will and conviction.”

Sir Gendarmes, wretched jailers: HANDS OFF THE ANARCHIST POLITICAL PRISONERS. Know full well that we will not stand for even one more outrage against the abducted comrades, their visitors, or their communications.

And you, sir prosecutor Alejandro Peña, should stop bullshitting. You must know that anarchists DON’T HAVE LEADERS. Therefore, ILLICIT ASSOCIATION IS IMPOSSIBLE.




(We take this opportunity to send greetings to those showing internationalist solidarity in England, Spain, Mexico, Greece, Argentina, Canada, and elsewhere, as well as the Mapuche prisoners in Angol who are maintaining their struggle.)

CARACAS, Venezuela - Thousands of prisoners across Venezuela end hunger strike

CARACAS, Venezuela — Thousands of prisoners across Venezuela have ended a hunger strike after authorities agreed to some of their demands, a watchdog group said Thursday.
Inmates at multiple prisons began the protest Monday following clashes last week in Tocoron prison that left at least 16 dead and dozens wounded, said Humberto Prado of the Venezuelan Prisons Observatory. He said the protest grew to an estimated 18,000 inmates at 11 facilities before ending Wednesday night.
They were demanding a withdrawal of troops sent to guard Tocoron and a resumption of family visits suspended after the riot, Prado said.
Nenci Villalobos, the public ombudsman in north-central Aragua state, told the state-run Venezuelan News Agency that officials agreed Wednesday to allow family visits again and to set up provisional courts in the prison, to try to ease a case backlog that has caused many to be imprisoned for long periods without trial.
The 5,000 inmates at Tocoron then halted their hunger strike, as did most prisoners elsewhere who were protesting in solidarity.
Prado said a hunger strike was continuing at one prison in the southeastern city of Ciudad Bolivar, where prisoners are pressing for different demands including the removal of the warden, improved conditions and attention to their own delayed court cases.
Venezuelan prisons are often crowded and violent. Last year, 366 prisoners were reported killed nationwide.

Lagos - standstill at Chevron Nigeria Limited due to the protest of Ilaje Women

Lagos — For the second day running, business activities at the Chevron Nigeria Limited headquarters in Lagos were paralysed due to the protest of Ilaje Women in Ondo State.

The aggrieved women who again stormed the premises of the multinational oil company in the early hours of yesterday demanded for a better treatment from the company, including employment of their indigenes, good roads, potable water etc. The women also vowed to take this protest to the latter in order to ensure that their demands are met. The development forced the staff of the multinational oil company in Lagos to stay off work yesterday.

A staff of the company, who claimed anonymity, told our correspondent that he did not come to work yesterday as they were told to stay off by the management. Zonal chairman of Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria,PENGASSAN,Reverend Folorunso Oginni told our correspondent on phone that the fear of the women’s protest degenerating into crisis made the management of the company to order that they should stay off duty pending when the issue is resolved. He explained that the issue has nothing to do with workers conditions or problem therein.

But the company’s General Manager, Government and Public Affairs Femi Odumabo, said the issue of the protesting women has been resolved.It has become history, he added.

Hari Nagar - women prisoners' protest


October 08, 2010 Armed with a written petition and incensed at the long-term pendancy of their cases in various courts, more than 40 inmates of the central Jail’s cell number six located in Hari Nagar that houses its entire female population have been on strike since Wednesday afternoon. “It was a mixed population consisting of both Indian and foreign prisoners led by female inmates of African descent. Most of them are serving time under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act,” said a senior Tihar Jail official. Sources said that the inmates, who were allowed to exit cell number six for a routine manual labour drill at 1 p.m., requested to communicate with the prison authorities after they came out instead of proceeding to the work area like usual. Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram had visited the facility on September 23.
“When refused their request, they went to the lawns opposite the cell block and squatted on it. The inmates stayed there for hours, refusing to eat or drink. Some of them under medical treatment even refused to take their medication,” sources said. According to prison authorities, the demonstration that had been organized by just 4 per cent of the prison’s entire inmate population of an estimated 12,000 people lasted for about 24 hours and was a peaceful one. “Refusing food and water, the inmates sat quietly on the lawn — unmoved by jeers from their male counterparts and requests of returning to ‘normalcy’ from prison staff. Anyone trying to reason with them was given the same answer — ‘we just want to chat with the boss for five minutes’,” the source said.Their wish was finally granted on Thursday afternoon. “We received a written petition from the inmates. They are despondent because their cases are yet to be resolved and keep getting transferred from one court to the other,” said Sunil Gupta, Legal Officer, Tihar Jail. He said a senior advocate from the Supreme Court had been engaged to look into their individual complaints.

Brussels - Cathedral and churches damaged with slogans

suie e cendres

4/10/2010, BRUSSELS – Several churches all over Brussels were targeted. Unknown persons put huge slogans against all religion on the biggest cathedral of Brussels, on religious statues and on several smaller churches. The slogans: “No gods, no churches.” “Against God and Allah”,… According to a spokesperson of the church, the damage is very big and it will be expensive to clean the historical buildings of the slogans. He also said this gives a bad image to Brussels.

A small movie can be seen on

Brussels - Anarchists launch fireworks at the prison

suie e cendres

4/10/2010 - About ten anarchists threw fireworks to the prison of Forest, where four people are still detained, accused of complicity in the attack against a police station in the night of the 1st of October.
Police immediately searched the neighborhood with the help of a civilian living next to the prison. Two comrades were arrested in the streets surrounding the prison, but released a few hours later.

Lantin, Belgium - Big riots in the prison

suie e cendres

4/10/2010 LANTIN – About 150 prisoners of the prison of Lantin rose up after that the direction cancelled the visits. At 17h, they refused to go back to their cells. The prisoners still inside the blocks, started to break down whatever they could, destroyed windows, hallways and turning concrete into projectiles. The police intervened with about 100 men to get the prisoners back to their cells. The prisoners opposed themselves and finally 5 prisoners got injured. Only around 1h in the night, prisoners were back in their cell. The costs of the uprising are, according the police commander and the prison directon Françis DEJON, outrageous.
In the media, the message was spread that the uprising was “pacific”, which was definitely not the case. We recall also that the isolation unit, newly constructed in Lantin almost two years ago and destroyed during a riot half a year ago, is still out of use. Also this riot was silenced by the media.

Small movie of the media on:

Thursday 7 October 2010

Attack on Marolles police station in Brussels, one of five arrested has been freed


Sun October 3, 12:44 - The investigating magistrate in Brussels decided on Sunday to release one of five people arrested Friday night after the actions of vandalism that hit the police station located near Marolles in Brussels. The other four are currently behind bars. A decision will be made next week regarding the possible extension of their detention, said Sunday the court in Brussels.
Friday night 22h a group of fifty demonstrators attacked the said police station. Two police officers were injured in the clashes, the facade of the building was damaged and several cars damaged. Shortly afterwards, police arrested five persons in the immediate vicinity of the place of the incident: one Belgian, one Spanish, one French and two Italians.

Wednesday 6 October 2010

Athens - many anarchists show solidarity to 'Revolutionary Struggle' case comrades. Fighting starts when riot cops attack


Wednesday, October 6, 2010 - ''I refuse to accept the invitation of the Appeals prosecutors who called me to give an additional testimony concerning the case of the revolutionary organisation that I belong to with the name ''REVOLUTIONARY STRUGGLE''. I do not accept the call because there is nothing for me to apologise for. Revolutionaries do not apologise to the criminals of the State.'' NIKOS MAZIOTIS
Today 6 October outside the Appeal Court the tension and passion of many comrades screaming and shouting strong slogans when the comrades of the "Revolutionary Struggle case'' were taken away was a very emotional moment. Fighting started with the riot cops who were attacking comrades.
Anyway, the next Appeal court case is fixed for 14 and 20 October.
Tomorrow's court has been cancelled because our comrades have refused to be there.

Moscow anarchists blocked the Minsk highway in solidarity with the Belarusian friends


Monday, October 04, 2010 - (A slightly edited machine translation) - Moscow anarchists blocked the Minsk highway in solidarity with the Belarusian friends.
We, a group of Moscow anarchists in the early morning on October 1 blocked with burning tires Minsk highway between Odintsovo and Krasnoznamensk in protest against the persecution of fighters for freedom and justice of the fascist regime of Lukashenko. With a symbolic act on the road linking Moscow and Minsk, we want to draw attention to the Russian public on the important issue, which is covered.
Right now the capital of the Republic of Belarus good and honest people are languishing in prison - Niikolay Dzyadok Alexander Frantskevich and IgorTruhanovich. All of them - anarchists - fighters for freedom, equality and justice and against dictatorships in Belarus and worldwide.
They are accused of burning police stations and the Russian embassy (which was set on fire on August 30 in solidarity with the defenders of Khimki Moscow region forests, are now exposed to predatory harvesting, with the consent of the authorities). This radical challenge to the Belarusian and Russian oppressors served as a pretext for mass arrests, threats and beatings of social activists. In fact - the main reason for the arrest of our comrades from Minsk are their beliefs and active lifestyle - now they face major prison time. In total, through the hands of the KGB and the police took dozens of people - one of the detainees, Tatiana Seminischevu, the scoundrels in uniform drove up to the fact that she cut her veins - it was a miracle that this did not result in serious harm. People just get released after several days in a prison cell without charges, since there may not be any evidence against an innocent person, "result" did not have. A similar fate awaited many others - in this moment in the dungeons are only three guys whose names are mentioned above - they Lukashenka and his henchmen, apparently set out to avenge all his impotent and vile anger.
We call upon all honest and caring people in Russia and around the world: Help people in distress! Use feasible means of protest to the Belarusian authorities and their representatives in Russia: the embassies, consulates, Belarus bank, do not buy Belarusian goods, talk about the situation to family and friends - do not let the people rot in jail in silence - act in any manner for which you have enough imagination ! Make a contribution. You can also write and send a letter of support to those arrested: now, more than ever, we need kind words, a sense of shoulder solidarity.
Video from the action:

Orleans, France: Police under fire in the district of the Argonne

translated from cette semaine

October 4, 2010 - Outbreak of violence at Argonne, September 27, 2010
Cars ram the police station and city hall during Friday and Saturday night, then hit a police car the next. A gang puts the district under pressure.
Saturday night, individuals first cut off street lighting in the Argonne district so as to act with impunity, hoping to render the video surveillance cameras useless.
At the same time, a stolen Ford Fiesta blocks Mozart square. The driver takes over a part of the pavement in the hope of projecting the vehicle against the area police station, vacant as police officers are off duty that day.
A metal barrier resists the attempted assault and thwarts the project. The Fiesta is then burned just yards from the police station which receives several jets of Molotov cocktails.
Coordinated attacks
Meanwhile, a few hundred yards from the roundabout in the Avenue des Droits-de-l’Homme, plastic blocks were burned at the exact spot where the road becomes a bottleneck because of works. The fire is "strategic" to try to delay the intervention of firefighters and police vehicles.
At the same time, a stolen Ford Mondeo nearby is thrown against the window of the local town hall before being burned, triggering alarms allowing rapid response.
Although the city refused the reinforcement of CRS riot police in order to avoid an escalation safe the night from Saturday to Sunday was not quiet. Two vehicles were burned, rue du Petit Pont, and a dozen masked youths tried to burn the EDF transformer at Clos-Gautier.
Two Ford Fiestas also tried to intimidate the police vehicles on patrol. If one of the Fiesta drove very close to the forces of order, the other bumped right into the rear of the car of the municipal police without causing major damage. No injuries were reported.
These last three weeks, police had made several arrests related to drug cases with violence and fraud.

Oaxaca - riots of "anarcho-punks" during march commemorating the events at Tlatelolco 1968


Oaxaca, October 2, 2010 - At least five arrests is the preliminary balance in this city for rioting young "anarcho-punks" during the march commemorating the events at Tlatelolco on October 2, 1968.
The march went off around 16:00 hours from Eduardo Vasconcelos Boulevard, located northwest of the capital of Oaxaca, remembering the events in Mexico City 42 years ago. With their faces covered with bandannas and ski masks, about fifty demonstrators carried a number of attacks to houses, shops and vehicles. The mobilization of elements of the State Police led to the attempt by a group of the young people to rob a paint store. The hooded youths then started a fight with the forces of order, which resulted in the arrest of at least five of the protesters. After several minutes of tension, the military gained control of the situation. This march was made just hours after teachers of Section 22 of the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE) conduct its march commemorating the events of the Plaza de las Tres Culturas in Tlatelolco. So far, state officials have not reported any injured by these events. Moreover, in the city of Queretaro, members of the Labor Party (PT) carried out a brief "performance" at the monument of the magistrate, in the Central zone, commemorating the 1968 student movement.

Southern Sweden - 17,000 minks run free

The Local

4/10/2010 - 17,000 minks escaped from a farm in Skillingaryd in southern Sweden on Monday after a lock on the animals' cage was bust open. The minks are reported to be worth eight million kronor ($1.2 million).

Chile - the Mapuche of Angol do not accept the terms of the government and continue hunger strike

translated from informa-azione

Radio Bio-Bio, 02:10:10 - The spokesman of the 9 Mapuche on hunger strike in Angol prison met with the Minister Larroulet Cristián to deliver their response to the government's agreement, not accepting it and announcing that the hunger strike remains in force. The Minister Larroulet said that the priority is people's lives and that they will insist that they stop with the hunger strike. However, there was no agreement reached with the 9 Mapuche who continue a hunger strike in Angol prison. The Mapuche spokesman said they were in a phase of reflection, so there are dates being set for new negotiations.
14 Mapuche political prisoners on hunger strike
from culmine, 5 October 2010
An update on the hunger strike by political prisoners Mapuche (PPM).
Following the agreement of October 1, Concepción, accepted by 24 MPP detained in the prisons of Concepción, Temuco and Lebu, some MPP decided to continue the struggle initiated on July 12, considering the conditions of the agreement to be insufficient. 14 MPPs have decided to continue with the hunger strike, to the end.
- 3 are still in the jail of Angol
- 7 from Angola prison are hospitalised in Victoria
- Three are being held in prison in Temuco, note that the three began the strike in September
- 1 in the juvenile prison of Chol Chol
They have already visited by the bishop of Temuco, although so far they do not have a MPP official mediator. To date there is no ongoing mediation and the health of the MPP is starting to give rise to concern.
Here is a list of the Mapuche Political Prisoners on hunger strike:
ANGOL prison:
1.- Víctor Llanquileo Pilquiman
2.- Fernando Millacheo Marin
3.- José Queipul Huaiquil
VICTORIA hospital:
4.- Víctor Hugo Queipul
5.- Felipe Huenchullan Cayul
6.- Camilo Tori Quiñinao
7.- Eduardo Osses Moreno
8.- Alex Curipan Levipan
9.- Carlos Huaiquillan Palacio
10.- *Waikilaf Cadin Calfunao
TEMUCO prison:
11.- Hugo Melinao
12.- Cristián Levinao
13.- Sergio Lican Levio
CHOL CHOL prison:
14.- Luis Marileo Carique

Brussels - 50 people attack police station


2 October 2010 - The Marolles police station in Brussels was vandalized on the sidelines of an unauthorized demonstration held near the Gare du Midi. Two policemen were injured: the five people who were put under arrest face up to ten years in prison. About 22 hours on Friday, the police station in the Rue de Hectolitre closed its doors . When the last police officer entered his car, fifty people started to storm the police station. "Dressed in black and wearing masks, carrying hatchets and hammers, they immediately threw stones at the police station. The inspector came out of his car, and received several stones in the back and head. He is unable to work for now. He took refuge in the police station, where he appealed to other inspectors who were still in the vicinity ", said Christian De Coninck, spokesman for the Brussels-Ixelles police.
The group then fled, but police were able to detain six persons. Among them was a minor who has been released on the orders of prosecutors in Namur. The other 5 are in their thirties and are under arrest. "What they are charged with for the time being is conspiracy because there was a coordinated group to attack the police. There is also assault and battery with intent against agents since the group arrived in an apparent attempt to do battle with the forces of order. There is also damage to property and vehicles were put out of use ", said the Deputy Public Prosecutor of the King of Namur, Sonia ISBI. A link to the event? Those arrested face up to 10 years in prison. The damage to the police is important: there are 66 hits on the windows of the building and cars were damaged. In addition, two policemen were wounded. Earlier in the evening, police had arrested 130 people administratively part in a demonstration near the Gare du Midi. This grouping had not been authorized, and it was to protest against the detention centres and the policy of deporting undocumented foreigners. Among those arrested, who were subsequently released, were 17 minors.

Saturday 2 October 2010

Amsterdam - Violent protests after Dutch government outlaws squatting

associated press

AMSTERDAM – More than 100 people protesting the outlawing of squatting at unused buildings in the Netherlands clashed with police in Amsterdam's historic center late Friday, throwing stones, setting fires and erecting barricades.
Police said early Saturday that 11 protestors were arrested, and two police, three police horses and an unknown number of demonstrators suffered minor injuries. Local television station AT5 broadcast footage of police with betons battling squatters in narrow streets and allies, with the protestors throwing rocks and setting off fireworks.
AT5 published a photo of one young woman with a mohawk haircut being escorted away by a police officer while bleeding from a head wound.
Squatting is the latest pillar of the country's liberal institutions — such as legal prostitution and cafes that openly sell marijuana — to be abolished or curtailed as the Dutch become more conservative and rethink the boundaries of their famed tolerance.
In Amsterdam, the epicenter of the movement known in Dutch as "kraken," or "breaking," several hundred squatters had demonstrated peacefully during the day against the new law that makes their way of life punishable by up to one year in prison.
By nightfall, some began throwing rocks at police and overturning cars. Police attempted to disperse large groups on two streets by carrying out charges.
By mid-evening an A P eyewitness saw squatters using metal fences and piles of bicycles to block one of the city's bridges amid a haze of tear gas. An AP photographer saw police using bulldozers and water cannons in an attempt to clear the streets lining the city's ancient canals of such barricades and to quench fires set in piles of rubbish.
"Of course we're going to resist: resisting is part of what we do," said a young English-speaking woman at a "squat," or occupied building, next to the Amstel River, ahead of Friday's protest. She identified herself only as Lilo.
Most squatters decline to give their full names both for philosophical reasons and to avoid trouble with police or immigration authorities.
A study published this year by Amsterdam's Free University estimated the number of squatters at roughly 1,500 in the Dutch capital, a city of 750,000. Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan says he plans to gradually empty the city's remaining 200 squats.

Stuttgart - German police break up railway protest with water cannon


STUTTGART, Germany, Sept 30 (Reuters) - German police used water cannon on Thursday to disperse a crowd of more than 1,000 people protesting against plans to knock down the city's landmark train station.
The spectre of a prolonged standoff over the demolition, and its underground replacement, could hurt Chancellor Angela Merkel in upcoming regional elections.
The protests initially focussed on the "Stuttgart 21" railway station project but have turned into a larger show of discontent against the government. Merkel has said the project will be a decisive factor in regional elections next year.
The demonstrations could have an impact on Merkel's hold on power at a time when her centre-right coalition is already struggling in the opinion polls.
Her Christian Democrats (CDU) have ruled Baden-Wuerttemberg state since 1953 but face an uphill battle to hold on in a March 2011 election -- partly due to disenchantment over the station which the CDU backs.
For months, thousands of people have tried, sometimes violently, to stop the project in the southwestern city, which critics say wastes taxpayer money and is not needed.
Protesters scuffled with police, some of them mounted on horses, in the Schlossgarten area next to the station, where about 100 trees are due to be felled by February to make space for the 4.1 billion euro ($5.57 billion) building project -- one of Germany's largest.
Demonstrators have occupied five of the trees.
Police said they also used pepper spray against protesters trying to climb onto cars that they used to block off the area and that some protesters threw stones at them.

Messina, Sicily - Twenty-five anarchists charged

translated from informa-azione

Police of Messina have concluded the investigation of the precarious school workers "Invade the Strait [of Messina]. A bridge for school," of Sept. 12. There are reports of 25 people belonging to anarchist and antagonist movements "who mixed in with the movement of temporary school workers with the principal purpose of creating problems for the train circulation" say police in relation to the blockade of the central rail station.
At the conclusion of investigation conducted by the Digos of Messina in collaboration with similar offices in other Sicilian police headquarters, this morning were deposited at the Public Prosecutor's "criminal acts relating to events occurring on the margins of the demonstration", which took place Sunday, September 12, 2010 in Messina, "Invade the Strait. A bridge to school", organized by the school's precarious workers. The police said that "during the event some troublemakers, infiltrated among the demonstrators, had occupied the tracks of the Central Station, leading to a partial blockade of rail traffic lasting about an hour."

Santiago, Chile - Office of the Gendarmerie in Ñuñoa attacked with petrol bombs

translated from culmine

Santiago - A petrol bomb attack took place on an office of the Gendarmerie (which has the function of prison guards in Chile) in the municipality of Ñuñoa, Metropolitan Region, at the intersection of Macul and Grecia, in front of the Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación (UMCE, Former teaching college).
According to preliminary information from the police, a group of about 20 youths tried to set fire to barricades in the street, while one of them launched several Molotov cocktails at the building.
The office is a centre for social rehabilitation of the eastern area of the capital, where people go to sign on when subject to restrictive measures, such as parole.
At the time of the attack there was only one guard on the spot. The Carabineros and anti-riot squad were called to enhance security of the place.
Leaflets were found supporting the cause of the Mapuche and those arrested for the "Caso Bombas."