One fine morning, the faithful lackey, who has hitherto identified completely with his master, leaps on his oppressor and slits his throat. RV

Monday 31 January 2011

Stone Mountain, Atlanta, US - Mother, son and two other teenagers rob Wells Fargo Bank

30 Jan 2011 - Around 9 a.m. Friday, a 35 year old woman of Stone Mountain and two teenagers held up a Wells Fargo Bank in the 5500 block of Lawrenceville Highway in Lilburn while the third teen waited in the car, police said.
According to Lilburn Police spokesman, the woman picked up her son, 17, and the two other boys, at Stephenson High School in Stone Mountain. But school police reported that only Brice came to the school and he decided to leave because the other two had skipped. DeKalb school officials later said none of the teenagers came to school Friday.
All versions of the story agreed that the mother had the handgun used in the robbery.
Lilburn police began chase within minutes after a witness described the getaway car as a red Toyota Corolla, with two cruisers chasing the the Corolla at speeds up to 90 mph down U.S. Highway 78 onto southbound I-285. The Toyota exited at East Ponce de Leon Avenue near Clarkston and tried to turn right without slowing. The Corolla ran into an embankment and then into railroad tracks.
Police arrested Simmons and her son, along with Glenn Broom, 18, and David Rawlins, 17, both of Lithonia. All four are charged with armed robbery.

Egypt - Thousands of prisoners escape


30/01/2011 - Guards missing, prisoners killed or escaped and soldiers looking for them: favoured by the Egyptian revolt, prisons on Sunday have known massacres or were emptied of their inmates.
In the district of Maadi, near the notorious Tora prison in southern Cairo, soldiers set up roadblocks and searched cars in search of fugitives.
In the Tora prison, known to hold numerous Islamic militants, gunfire could be heard coming from inside the walls on Sunday as soldiers, bayonets fixed, surrounded the building. A tank fired into the air in bursts to scare people away.
In the district of Abu Zaabal, on the outskirts of Cairo, corpses were lined up in a mosque. According Amgad, a member of the "popular committees" set up to stop looting, of the 14 bodies, two were policemen and the rest were escaped prisoners.
According to eyewitnesses in the area, the previous night prisoners seized the weapons from their guards and used them to escape.
Sunday morning a handful of prisoners who had only weeks to do remained in the cell, refused to escape for fear of being picked up and convicted again.
Eight members of the Palestinian Hamas escaped from Abu Zaabal and at least two according to a Palestinian official in Gaza, managed to return to Gaza through smuggling tunnels.
And 34 Muslim Brotherhood, the leaders Islamist group officially banned in Egypt, managed to leave the prison of Wadi Natron, north of Cairo, after the guards deserted their posts, "said one of their lawyers.
A source within the security services told AFP that in the night from Saturday to Sunday, thousands of prisoners overcame their guards in Wadi Natron and were scattered in nearby towns and villages.
The official news agency MENA said that many prisoners had seized weapons from their guards.
The Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Mursi said on Al-Jazeera that the Islamist prisoners had not escaped. "We did not flee. It is the people who opened our doors," he said. "We are doing very well." He said the Brotherhood leaders Essam el-Erian and Saad el-Katatni were among those who had been released.
Also dozens of detainees in Fayum, south of Cairo, fled after clashes with police had killed one person among the police.
Prisoners have also fled smaller prisons in other Egyptian provinces, but no figures were available Sunday evening. These escapes occurred when waves of rioting and looting spread throughout the country, despite the deployment of the army to try to maintain order.
Several areas were still in chaos Sunday after the police had disappeared from the streets and boulevards. In an attempt to cope, people have organized into groups of self-defense, mostly armed with sticks and clubs and took up positions in the streets. A curfew was imposed in Cairo, Alexandria and Suez and the army deployed in the streets, capturing escaped prisoners and looters.

Berlin - 3000 people at the solidarity demonstration for the Liebig14 – massive attacks on the cops


29 of January 2011 - Violent confrontation occurred during a demonstration against the eviction of the houseproject Liebig 14. Autonomen threw cobblestones causing several injuries in the police lines.
Masked up demonstrators first destroyed the windows of a shop located in the front of the house which is due to be evicted, afterwards they attacked the police with a rain of stones.
A lot of fireworks were exploded against the police lines, also from the roof of the houses in the Liebig and Rigaerstr., from where some paintbombs were also thrown.
The police speak of several injured in their lines, two journalists were also injured.
About two dozen demonstrators were arrested.
Such an explosion of violence has not been seen in Berlin since the riots on 1st of May 2009.

The demonstration began around 3.30pm at Kottbusser Tor in Kreuzberg with about 1000 people. The banners read „Defend the Liebig 14 – We stay all“ or „Stop rising rents“.
The first bottles and fireworks have been thrown once arrived at the Liegenschaftsforum.
This place is hated by the scene as an institution which paves the way for gentrification, since it is responsible for selling empty buildings which are property of the city.
From this moment on the atmosphere got hot.
Violent autonomen mixed up with the rest of the demonstrators, they joined the demonstration later on in order to avoid the police controls.
The police speak of 2000 demonstrators, the scene of over 3000.
The police were present with 700 policemen until Bersarin Platz, where they stepped back - a move which some witnesses described as a tactical mistake.
The violent ones were able to gather in „their“ district on the corner Liebig/Rigaer and started to smash up one shop which is owned by the same landlord of the Liebig 14.
The violence ended after half an hour, as the police attacked they were also pointed at with some lasers, a forbidden weapon which can potentially blind people.
Police car attacked with stones – Cars burned
Berlin, 29 of January 2011 - Unknown people attacked a police car with stones around 2am in the Köpenickerstr. The car was damaged, the police did not suffer any injuries.
Unknown persons also set an „Audi A6“ on fire, a „Fiat Ducato“ parked nearby was also damaged by the flames.
Source: Morgenpost
Militant demonstration in solidarity for the Liebig 14
Stones against banks, Kaiser supermarket and DHL packet station – a Porsche on flames
Berlin, h29 of January 2011
we received the following claim:
„on the night of the 28 of January we attacked with stones the Sparkasse banks in the Muskauerstr., in the Heinrich-Heine.Str./Annenstr. as also the Kaisers supermarket located in the front of the latter and a DHL packet station, as also we set fire to a Porsche parked in the Annenstr.
We left these flyers on the spot:
„At daggers drawn with state and capital as also with its guards and representants. Let us destroy the world of goods in order to make a life in freedom be possible.
Attack the police congress – Defend Liebig 14
Autonomous groups“
Leipzig, the 28 of January 2011

A demonstration in solidarity with the Liebig 14 took place on Friday evening in Leipzig (Connewitz).
About 70-80 people moved under the motto „No eviction without us! - Defend left radical freespaces“, accompanied by a lot of fireworks.
In the sleepy Connewitz one chanted „Berlin, Berlin – we will travel to Berlin“ in order to attention about the upcoming eviction there. The neighbors showed support for the demonstration.
Some people began to get rid of some annoying cameras and smashed the office for the citizens of the city Leipzig.
The damage should amount to 18.000€, according to the press.

Offices of the bailiff and lawyers attacked with stones and paint
Berlin, 28 January 2011
Evict the bailiff!
„On Thursday one payed a visit to the office of the bailiff who is going to be responsible for the eviction of the Liebig 14.
The office was smashed and made nicer with paint. We also left a small message to him.
We won`t take the upcoming eviction of the Liebig 14.
In case that it will take place we will make as expensive as possible.
Let us hit the responsible ones there where we can!
Let us excalate the situation during the next days, one which Berlin has not yet witnessed.
Let us make feel the gentrifiers that they made their plans without us – because Berlin is and remains a risk for capital!“
From the press:
Supporters of a house in the Liebigstr. which is due to be evicted threw stones and paintbombs against two buildings in the district of Rümmerlsburg.
Around 11.45 a passerby saw four people dressed in black throw several paintbombs against the facade of a house in the Kernhoferstr, they also smashed six windows on the ground floor and spraypainted „Defend L14“.
Also in the Lauenburgerstr. in Steglitz paintbombs were thrown against the offices of the lawyer which represents the interests of the owner of the Liebig 14, graffitis have been left behind.
Source: Berliner Umschau/Bild
part of claim
(for the Liebig 14 – Edwin Thöne, one of the owners of the Liebig 14, is the president of the association which has been targeted)

In the night from the 27 to 28 of January a solidarity action for the houseproject Liebig 14 in Berlin, which is under eviction, has been undertaken.
The offices of the League for the protection of the children, which had a technical problem with its windows, surely did not managed to get warm despite the heating system put at the top level.
Another window havs been covered with the graffiti „To Edwin Thöne: no eviction of the Liebig 14 in Berlin!“.
Attacks against the city council, the senate and one estate agency
Berlin, 24 of January 2011
we received the following claim:
„in the night to monday we threw four paintbombs with green-yellow colour against the city council.
On Tuesday of the past week we also attacked the senate office for the city development with two paintbombs and on Friday of the previous week an estate agency with an hammer.
The neoliberal city development leads to displacement and exclusion.
The ruling politic supports this development.
The upcoming eviction of the Liebig 14 is a part of this strategy.
We are against the way of organizing of the housing market which obeys the interests of capitalism.
State.Capital.Housing Market.Attack!

The defence of the Liebig 14 can only be the first step within a struggle against the capitalist attack on our housing situation.
Liebig 14 stays
Action group.
City“„Since one made known the upcoming eviction of the alternative houseproject Liebig 14 several facades have been rendered nice with color.
Among others, the office for the order in Neukölln as also the offices of the SPD in the same district, the Liegenschaftsfonds (note: it sells all empty city properties of the town) in the Wahrschauerstr. and also some lofts in Treptow and Friedrichshain.
All these actions have been made in clear solidarity with the Liebig 14, but they never found their way to the police report, nor the press.
The actions are an enraged answer to the upcoming eviction of the Liebig 14, the daily displacement through gentrification and unsocial city politic, which we are not the only ones who have to suffer from it.
Defend the Liebig 14!
Stop rising rents!
For a free choice of your own living place!

note: “Liebig 14 is one of Berlin longest running autonomous housing projects, serving as a space for collective living as well as community and political organising for over 20 years. After a 4 year legal process the owners of the building have finally been given legal permission to evict the house. Squatted shortly after the fall of the wall in what was a derelict area of east Berlin, Liebig 14's attempted eviction is just one sympton of a rampaging processes of gentrification which is rapidly forcing poorer residents out of the city centre and tearing apart the city’s radical infrastructure.

THE people's uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt herald the start of a new era for the whole world.


That's the view of Syria-based Arab anarchist Mazen Kamalmaz,
He says: One thing that is very important about these demonstrations and rebellions is that they were totally spontaneous and initiated by the masses.
"It is true that different political parties joined later, but the whole struggle was to a great extent a manifestation of the autonomous action of the masses.
"That is true also for the Islamist political groups. Maybe these groups think now that any election could bring them to power, but with revolting masses in the streets this is difficult, I think that the masses will actively refuse to submit again to any repressive power, but even if this could happen, people will not accept this time to be just subjects, most of all with fresh euphoric memories of the peak of freedom they won by their own struggle.
"No power could that easily force them to submit again to any kind of repressive regime.
"Egypt is the biggest country in the Middle East and its strategic role is very important.
"It is one of the main pillars of the US Middle East policy. Even if the old regime could survive for some time or even if the new regime would be pro-American, the pressure of the masses will be always there from now on.
"In a word, the US, the main supporter of the current regime, will suffer badly due to the revolt of the Egyptian masses.
"This is the start of a new era, the masses are rising, and their freedom is at stake, the tyrannies are shaken, it is for sure the start of a new world."

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Sunday 30 January 2011

Russia – Two dozers torched at forest construction site


“In the midnight of Jan 27th, a group of ELF activists set out to the construction yard, situated in the forest in the southern suburbs of Moscow. Despite the site being brightly lit by numerous light masts, we managed to crawl right up to the vehicles (Caterpillar bulldozer and another unidentified one) with 10liters of gasoline and some rags. Guards were either drunk or asleep in their special sentry car, so up in flames the dozers went. Our scout reported fire to be blazing brightly 5 minutes after we left the site (and still no alarm), so we hope the engines will burn good tonight.

P.S. The company attacked is the same one that’s responsible for destroying Khimki forest due north of Moscow (more about the problem can be found at


Beautiful like the smile of the insurgents

Leaflet published in Bruxelles Indymedia
30 January 2001

There is nothing as beautiful as the faces of insurgents. Nothing in this world is so attractive, is so full of hope. No journalist, no politician, no religious leader or other will ever be able to erase the beauty of rebellion or bury it in words devoid of joy and desire.
It is primarily this beauty that strikes us when we learn of revolts taking place in North Africa. From Tunisia to Yemen, Egypt to Algeria, despite the dozens of dead and thousands injured and arrested, fear is giving way to courage, sadness is overcome by hope, the misery of being reduced to survival turns into the scream of life.
One might question the economic conditions in these countries, the rising food prices, unemployment, the authoritarian regimes and their police. One might ask why, given such conditions, revolt always takes so long to break out; how do our contemporaries manage to suffer poverty and oppression for years and years without taking up arms and shooting the politicians, the bankers and the bosses. Furthermore, we could demonstrate how also here in Belgium, more and more people are thrown overboard, condemned to languish in detention centres and prisons, and exploited in ever harsher conditions, putting up daily with authority in all its forms. One might ask ...
But it is time to stop complaining. Many of us, here and elsewhere, find ourselves stuck in this world where only money counts, where our homes resemble slums more and more, where industrial pollution is poisoning us slowly. Now it is clear to everyone that they (that is, those at the top of society) will push their exploitation and domination even further, they are talking about "economic crisis "and calling on us all to accept the harshening of life at every level. But them, they are not in crisis, on the contrary, their profits are just getting higher. And who is being called upon to pay the price, here as elsewhere?
Obviously there are differences between here and there, even if the rule of money knows no borders, even if a regime, all regimes, whether democratic or authoritarian, will always mean oppression, confinement and exploitation. But the revolt, in all its beauty, explodes the differences. Burning a bank in Tunisia and Egypt calls for a bank burned in Brussels; just as the release of prisoners by the insurgents in Tunisia calls for razing the prison walls here; just as men and women, side by side behind the barricade, call to put an end to submission and patriarchy.
What fuels the revolt are not only, and it looks almost not that much, sweatshop conditions. No, the oxygen of the fire of revolt in all languages, is a beginning of freedom, this stranger who is so absent in this world, but who rises proudly in the act of rebelling. And then, everything can start to change.
Let's leave aside any analysis of political scientists, journalists knights-of-the-democracy, or those who are already preparing to take the place of the Ben Ali and Mubaraks of this world. We are simply alongside those who, in Tunisia and Egypt and elsewhere know that freedom is neither the law nor the sharia, who want neither boss nor government, who want to try to live as free people, because, during the rebellion, they have already tasted it's possible - and it's sweet.
Love and courage to insurgents around the world.
Let's set fire to the powder keg, us too.
Some insurgents from here..

Egypt - More than 100 people have been killed. 60% of country's police stations torched


CAIRO Jan 29 (Reuters) - More than 100 people have been killed during anti-government protests that have swept Egypt, according to a Reuters tally of reports from medical sources, hospitals and witnesses.
There was no official figure, and the real figure may be very different, given the confusion on the streets.
On Saturday in Beni Suef, south of Cairo, police shot dead 17 people trying to attack two police stations and eight people were killed during protests. Eight others were killed in clashes when prisoners tried to escape from Abu Zaabal prison in Cairo.
Some 68 deaths were reported killed in Cairo, Suez and Alexandria during Friday's protests.
Before then, security sources had said at least six people, including a police officer, had been killed since the protests started on Tuesday.
On Saturday, medical sources told Reuters around 2,000 people had been wounded throughout the country, however with more protests erupting, that number was almost certain to rise.

le telegramme

..Twelve people were killed in an attack on a police station at Beni Soueif, south of Cairo, three other in Cairo, three in Rafah (north) and five Ismailiya. In the latter two cities, located on the Suez Canal, the seats of the State Security were attacked by tens of thousands of protesters, while in Alexandria (north), several police stations were in flames. According to security services, 60% of the country's police stations were torched, including 17in Cairo. In affluent neighbourhoods of Cairo, an object of plunder, fearing for their safety expatriates started to leave, seeking refuge in large well-protected hotels, or to the airport. In addition, mobile phone services, cut like the Internet to thwart the demonstrations, were partially restored. But the Internet does not always seem accessible.

Friday 28 January 2011

Tunis - Police move against protest camp


28 Jan 2011 - TUNIS - Tunisian police stormed a protest camp on Friday, to disperse demonstrators who have held a round-the-clock sit-in for five days demanding the resignation of the interim government, witnesses said.

Protesters threw stones at police, who fired tear gas to disperse the crowds, witnesses said.
Bombarded with stones, police responded with a hail of tear gas and moved towards the square, contat AFP. The soldiers on the ground were content to observe, grounded arms.
On the esplanade, flown by a helicopter, soldiers dismantled the tents used by demonstrators, installed since January 23. Then the police have placed barriers around the square to prevent protesters from returning. By early evening, the highway departments were busy cleaning the place littered with debris.

Cairo, Egypt - protesters seize the streets of the capital, battling police with stones and firebombs


28 Jan 2011 - CAIRO – Chaos engulfed Egypt Friday as protesters seized the streets of the capital, battling police with stones and firebombs, burning down the ruling party headquarters, and defying a night curfew enforced by a military deployment. It was the peak of unrest posing the most dire threat to President Hosni Mubarak in his three decades of authoritarian rule.
The government's attempts to suppress demonstrations appeared to be swiftly eroding support from the U.S. — suddenly forced to choose between its most important Arab ally and a democratic uprising demanding his ouster. Washington threatened to reduce a $1.5 billion program of foreign aid if Mubarak escalated the use of force.
The protesters were sure to be emboldened by their success in bringing tens of thousands to the streets in defiance of a ban, a large police force, countless canisters of tear gas, and even a nighttime curfew enforced by the first military deployment of the crisis.
Flames rose in cities across Egypt as police cars burned and protesters set the ruling party headquarters in Cairo ablaze. Hundreds of young men tore televisions, fans and stereo equipment from other buildings of the National Democratic Party neighboring the Egyptian Museum, home of King Tutankhamun's treasures and one of the country's most popular tourist attractions.
Young men could be seen forming a human barricade in front of the museum to protect it.
Others around the city looted banks, smashed cars, tore down street signs and pelted armored riot police vehicles with paving stones torn from roadways.
"We are the ones who will bring change," said 21-year-old Ahmed Sharif. "If we do nothing, things will get worse. Change must come!" he screamed through a surgical mask he wore to ward off the tear gas.

Hualien County, Taiwan - 200 Amis Aborigines clash with police in protest against stolen Aboriginal tribal land


28 jan 2011 - Nearly 200 Amis Aborigines, representing a dozen Amis Aboriginal communities nationwide, and their supporters clashed with police last night as they tried to move toward the Presidential Office during a protest about the government’s takeover of their tribal land.
The overnight demonstration, held in front of the Presidential Office, was organized by Amis Aborigines from Hualien and Taitung counties, as well as Aboriginal rights activists, and demanded that the government apologize to them and return their land.
“A lot of Amis people are now living in cities because they’ve lost the land that their ancestors passed down to them at the hands of the government,” said Anaw Looh Pacida, an Amis from Hualien County. “Because of this situation, many of our younger generations that were born and raised in cities, away from Amis villages, are no longer able to speak the Amis language or know our culture.”
Anaw said the government’s move not only takes their tribal land, but it also leads to a crisis for Amis culture and language.
Anaw said his own village, Karowa, is one of Hualien County’s “disappeared” Aboriginal communities.
Decades ago, the land on which the village was located was taken by Taiwan Sugar Co to be used to plant sugarcane for sugar production at a large-scale sugar mill in the county’s Guagnfu Township (光復).
Later, when the sugarcane plantation closed, “the Forestry Bureau then took the land and now plans to build a recreational park on it,” Anaw said.
“As so many of us are gathered here — young and old from everywhere — we want to demand that the government give back our lands,” Anaw said, as the crowd responded with applause and cheers.
Kacaw Sabon, chieftain of Bariyalau — an Amis village located in Shoufeng Township (壽豐), Hualien County — was upset about the Veteran Affairs Commission’s takeover of their tribal lands in the 1950s after the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) government moved to Taiwan.
“The KMT needed land, but they didn’t bring their own from China. Instead, they robbed the lands from us after they were [defeated] in China,” Kacaw said. “It’s ridiculous that now we have to pay rent to the commission to farm on our own tribal lands — the KMT is more communist than the [Chinese] Communist Party that defeated them.”

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba - Guantanamo prisoners protest their imprisonment


Jan. 27, 2011 - SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Dozens of Guantanamo inmates are protesting their imprisonment with a sit-in and signs to mark the ninth anniversary of the prison camp's opening.
The Center for Constitutional Rights says the prisoners are refusing to
return to their cells for the required nightly lockdown and that they are
sleeping in the recreational yard and other areas.
The defendants' attorneys say their clients at the prison on the U.S. Navy
base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba have not received due process.
The center said in a statement Thursday that the peaceful protest at Camps
5 and 6 began nearly two weeks ago. A spokeswoman did not return calls
seeking comment.
Guantanamo once held nearly 800 detainees..
About 170 remain.

Thursday 27 January 2011

Athens, Greece - Riot police encircle the Law School occupied by 300 migrant hunger strikers


At this moment (17.45 GMT+2) heavy riot police forces have encircled the Law School building in Athens, immediately after the decision by the 300 migrants in hunger strike to stay in the building. The migrants’ assembly decided they would stay despite the demand by university authorities and the government that they move out. The assembly justified the decision based on the fact that the building used by the migrants is unused by the university (under construction) and that the building proposed for the transfer does not meet basic hygenic conditions and also it would be guarded by police forces that wouldn’t let people in solidarity to help the hunger strikers!
It is very likely that the riot police will now attempt to violate the academic asylum and raid the Law School.
constant updates:

Paris, France - A letter from Olivier, on remand since January 14

Prison La Santé

We are not in jail for graffiti

We were arrested in the street, in the Belleville district, by the BAC (brigade against criminality). Two patrols were going around, knowing what they were looking for. In a bag, the cops found a spray and our fingers were a bit too dark for their taste. Our passage to the police station was not long, just enough for the cops to get out all their outfit of old tricks, less to force us to talk than to put pressur on us.
In the afternoon of the 13th, those of the SAT-Criminal Brigade (anti-terrorist section of the criminal brigade) pick us up, smiling. Therefore it is quite clear that the graffiti will be only an insignificant detail, a pretext to bring us down.
"Too bad, you'd stopped, we were finished with all that, but now you've started everything up again." Some attempts at auditions, for the form. Before that, houses searches to update their publications archives, to make a a bit of a mess. In offices, notes pinned up inform us of complaints by the Red Cross. We are soon fixed. Already in the police station of the twentieth district the cops were talking about a special meeting among themselves after a call from 36 Quai des Orfevres about the degradation of several Red Cross premises in Paris, the night of January 11 to 12. Other graffiti targeted the house of Justice and Law, in the tenth district. Anti-Terrorist Section showing their teeth for graffiti? There's something wrong there. The night of our arrest, graffiti was sprayed with messages of solidarity with the revolt these recents weeks in Tunisia, Algeria, against the state, whether democratic or dictatorial. So they questioned us about this, but also graffiti the night before, claiming that the subject was the same (it's true that very few people show their hostility to the state ...) and that expressions like "death to the State" have been found in both cases
Beyond these specific facts, they blame us for the continuation of our activities, our participation in struggles, and thus links of complicity and friendship forged during these struggles. In this context, prison to punish a violation of judicial control which forbade, for two of us, to see and communicate is clearly intended to destroy all forms of struggle and organization, beyond the informal democratic framework and its social control.
Criminal association, even if it's not formally mentioned in our case, remains the obsession of those who seize on any fact, even as "trivial" as graffiti, smoke bombs, posters to fit them into the mould "anarcho-autonomous" A very practical construction, to forcibly separate some, terrorize others, possibly identify the "leaders" of the "supporters", "theorists" and "billposters" "preparers" and "performers" in short according to the authoritarian and hierarchical model of the society we're struggling against, and that disgusts us in every way. This kind of pressure surges, at a time where some struggles against detention centers and all forms of confinement, for example, seems to be marking time, act as a "precautionary principle" to nip in the bud any attempt at conflict against what dominates us. The regular complaints from the Red Cross participate fully in this cops's offensive, never losing an opportunity to collaborate with them. Hand in hand for the management of prisons, hand in hand in the suppression of anti-authoritarian struggles. A little paint for these humanitarian with red hands, it's not a heavy price to pay ...
Beyond the particular practices and means used in the struggle (since both fires, targeted destruction, simple damage, collectives squats...) it's the struggle itself and what it is in terms of desires and perspectives (a world without exploitation, without money, without prisons, without a state) that power wants to stifle. This is anything but the consequence of a state, or "emergency laws". Freedom and democracy have nothing to do with each other. You have to be quite a liar to say the opposite. What pisses them off is that our rage, our revolt and our struggles have nothing to claim, nothing to concede, nothing to deny and nothing to beg for. We are happy to leave all that to the professionals and opportunists of politics. Likewise, our friendships, our affinities are not negotiable. The freedom we want is unconditional.
A slogan of the revolt in Kabylia said:
"You can't kill us, we're already dead."
The State may also fuck us in jail, but existing social relations already imprison us.
One thing that we do not forget: we have only one life.
Summarized: "No freedom for the enemies of power," they tell us.
We say "no peace for the enemies of freedom."

A communique about the arrests in France and the solidarity to the revolt in Maghreb- a definition of Liberty among different revolts. CLIK TO READ....


DAVOS, Switzerland - small explosion and heating sabotaged at a hotel during the Davos world economic forum (WEF)


Swiss police have launched an investigation after a small explosion in a hotel store room during the Davos world economic forum (WEF).
The blast shattered two windows but caused no injuries at the Post Hotel Morosani shortly after 0900 (0800 GMT), police told the Associated Press.
Police could not say immediately what was the source of the explosion.
According to Swiss media, anti-WEF activists say they attacked the hotel with a firework device.
The Post Hotel Morosani is just over 1.5km (one mile) from the annual forum's venue.
With 2,500 political and business leaders attending the summit, security in the small Swiss resort has been tight.
A WEF-related lunch focusing on organised crime, called "Criminals Without Borders" was scheduled at the hotel at noon, with speakers including Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and Robert Wainwright, director of Europol, AP notes.
'Feel the chill'
Swiss news website received an e-mail from "anti-WEF activists" claiming the attack on the Post Hotel Morosani.
The Post Hotel, the site reports, is being used by Swiss bankers during the forum, correcting an earlier report that the Swiss government was using the hotel.
The e-mail says that fireworks were timed to go off in the hotel at 0600 (0500 GMT), when no staff would be around, but it appears that they went off three hours late.
According to the statement received by, heating oil in the hotel was also sabotaged by having sugar added "so that [Swiss] federal officials and bankers get to feel the mountain chill too".
Anonymous anti-capitalist flyers circulated at a demonstration last week in the north-eastern Swiss town of St Gallen urged activists to "Smash [the] WEF".
"Let us fight together against the unbearable propaganda of capitalism," the flyers read.

Egypt - Police post in Suez torched over killing of protestors. Government building set on fire.


27 Jan 2011 - SUEZ, Egypt (Reuters) - Egyptians torched a police post in the eastern city of Suez early on Thursday morning over the killing of protesters in anti-government demonstrations earlier in the week, a Reuters witness said.
Protesters in Suez had on Wednesday set a government building and another police post on fire, as well as trying to burn down a local office of Egypt's ruling party. Those fires were all put out before they engulfed the buildings.
The Reuters witness said police fled the post that was burned on Thursday before the protesters hurled petrol bombs.
Dozens more protesters gathered in front of the second police post later on Thursday morning demanding the release of their relatives who were detained in protests.
Demonstrations demanding the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, in power since 1981, have raged since Tuesday across several cities, including Cairo and Suez. Officials say hundreds of people have been arrested.
All three protesters killed in demonstrations to date were in Suez. A policeman was killed in Cairo.


Hundreds of protesters gathered outside a police station in the eastern Egyptian city of Suez and threw Molotov cocktails on Thursday, demanding the release of detained protesters.
Riot police faced down hundred protesters in Suez with teargas, rubber bullets and water cannons. A fire station was set ablaze, according to an AFP photographer.
Demonstrators had gathered at the police station to demand the release of about 75 people detained since anti-government demonstrations started in Egypt on Tuesday.
Protesters also gathered in Ismailya, about 50 kilometres to the north.
Seven people have died -- five protesters and two policemen -- and 60 more injured. At least 1,000 people have been detained.

Wednesday 26 January 2011

Paris, France - Graffiti- Three´terrorists´ arrested


23 Jan 2011 - On January 12th, three people were arrested in Belleville, Paris. They are accused of graffiti in solidarity for the revolt in Maghreb: “Algérie – Tunisie / Insurrection“, “Vive l’anarchie“.
First under arrest in the local police station, the special anti-terrorist brigade of the well known 36 Quai des Orfevres took over that case, and has transferred them to their offices. The next Friday, they were put in prison.
One person was released on January 19th though she’s still under judicial control, whereas the two other still await their trial inside.

Bruno arrested

On December 20th, Bruno was arrested in Paris during a so common identity check in the metro, used to separate those who have papers and the “others”.
He´s under anti-terrorist investigation in the “fumigenes” (home made torches) case since January 2008, and accused of “transportation and detention of explosive or incendiary material” (the torches); torches prepared for a demonstration in front of the Vincennes Detention Center for migrants.
At the beginning of 2008, he was imprisoned for 4 and a half months. In July, he decided to refuse his judicial control, and was on the run since then. Following this decision, he was wanted by police.
Though the investigation was supposed to be closed on January 2011, he was caught on December 20th and imprisoned in Fresnes.

France - A communique about the arrests in France and the solidarity to the revolt in Maghreb


These last weeks, in Algeria and Tunisia, thousands and thousands of individuals went to shout their rage and their revolt against the living conditions that have been imposed on them, provoking dozens of dead people among the insurgents.
Now that democracy is supposed to have won in Tunis, the same murderer cops are supposed to defend this “liberty”, which has been gained at great cost with Ben Ali's departure.
But was this really the meaning of the Return to Normality, under the aegis of more democratic chiefs? The meaning of this “Liberty” shouted by thousands of rebels?
Liberty, it’s about having fought for it, and having affixed on walls “Algerie-Tunisie, Vive l’Insurrection!”, “Vive l’Anarchie” (complete freedom, absence of authority) that Camille, Dan and Olivier have been arrested, and then imprisoned on January 14th. The dream they hold in their heart is for sure too big for those who rule this world of pigs. Camille finally got out on January 19th, and is now under house arrest.
On Friday 21st, Francois has also been incarcerated, accused of having put a lot of himself in the struggle for solidarity with some undocumented people; people accused of the arson of the Detention Center of Vincennes, prison for ‘foreigners’. It was burnt down in June 2008, and has returned to the state which should be each prison’s- the state of ashes. One of the slogans for this struggle was: Liberty for all, with or without papers!
Indeed, it’s not because we are not imprisoned in a jail or a retention center that we are free: from our daily grind that forces us to live through our incarcerating habitation; from cops who prevent us from living, to the shrinks who want us to fit their mould; from teachers who train and humiliate the kids, to all polluted relations governing our lives- no, we aren’t free. Even outside.
We could live free, from Paris to Tunis, from Tijuana to Seoul. To grab our own life, without nobody to judge us, to mortify us,to arrest us, to list us, to raise us, to eliminate us.
And if repression hits hard, on different levels, from both sides of the Mediterranean (jail or real bullets), it should not prevent us from exclaiming:
Liberty for all! All over the world! With or without papers!

Find the PDf flyer on

Athens, Greece - Updates on the trial of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire 24 and 25 January


On Monday, January 24, the second day of the trial of the accused in the case of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, the court rejected both claims of the accused: to have the minutes of the proceedings recorded ("Due to high costs" said the tribunal bozos!) and for the identity papers of those entering the courtroom not to be withheld. ...The defendants left the court, revoked their defence lawyers and stated that they will abstain from prison food and go on hunger strike if the court appointed lawyers (which it did).
Critique of the attitudes of the journalists The statement of the six accused prisoners, agreed by the three comrades* on bail, was read by George Karagiannidis and said: "We are adamant about the retaining of our comrades' particulars. "
.G. Karagiannidis spoke of the repressive nature of the measure said the defendants want to take their voices beyond the walls of the prison.
The statement made reference to the journalists, who "misleadingly report directly from the counter-terrorist cops They have reported on our personal lives and those of our families, so they too are exposed."
When the accused left the prison/court dozens of comrades shouted slogans and many of them raised their fists shouting "Tough, tough, be proud and strong."
The three comrades Vogiatzakis, Rallis and Giospas who are free on bail claimed that they have nothing to fear, but said that under these circumstances they cannot attend and do not want to go to trial with lawyers whom they do not know.

25 January 2011 - The trial of those accused of involvement in the organization "Conspiracy of Cells of Fire" was stopped this morning and will resume on Thursday. The court proceeded to appoint new defence lawyers, but of the 18 lawyers appointed, only four came forward and stated that they refuse to accept the appointment. As said by the lawyers who refused to take their defence, the case is too serious and the defendants themselves do not wish to be represented. Finally, the court was suspended until Thursday with the appointment of two new lawyers per defendant.

Freedom to H.Hadjimihelakis, P. Argirou, G.Tsakalos who have taken the political responsibility for the "Conspiracy Cells of Fire" and P.Massouras, K.Karakatsani, A.Mitrousias, G.Karagiannidis who are imprisoned for the same case.

Solidarity to all imprisoned anarchists and revolutionaries.


Egypt - Hackers attack government websites

26 January 2011 - Monsters and Critics reports that hackers have taken down Egyptian government websites. This came after reports that social media websites Twitter and Facebook had been blocked in Egypt, and the "Anonymous" Facebook page "Operation Egypt" issued the following warning:
To the Egyptian Govt : Anonymous challenges all those who are involved in censorship. Anonymous wants you to offer free access to uncensored media in your entire country. When you ignore this message, not only will we attack your govt websites, we will also make sure that the international media see the horrid reality you impose on your people!

After Blocking Twitter, Egypt Reportedly Starts Restricting Access To Facebook

Similar to the protests in Tunisia, the Egyptian demonstrations were partly organized on Facebook and Twitter. And yesterday, Twitter was blocked in Egypt.
If Facebook has in fact been blocked, this isn't particularly surprising. Facebook itself has also been actively used to organize the demonstrations in Egypt. For instance, one Facebook Group called We Are All Khaled Said, features up-to-the-minute updates on the protests and photos from the scene. Khaled Said was "a young man brutally tortured and killed by police in Alexandria," explains Blake Hounshell on the Foreign Policy blog, and his death has become a rallying point for the demonstrations which fall on "Police Day," a national holiday in Egypt.

Tunis - 11,000 prisoners escaped from Tunisian jails since ousting of Ben Ali


26 January 2011 - TUNIS -- About 11,000 prisoners escaped from Tunisian prisons in the disorder that followed the ousting of former president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali earlier this month, the justice minister said on Wednesday.

Speaking at a news conference, Lazhar Karoui Chebbi did not immediately give more details on the prisoners, but the number is far higher than previously believed.

Chebbi also said 2,460 prisoners had been released since Ben Ali fell in a popular revolt. It was not clear how many of them were in jail for political crimes.

Great Harwood, UK - Thieves steal lead from police station


15th January 2011 - ‘ARROGANT’ metal thieves climbed on to the roof of a town centre police station to steal lead.
The raid at Great Harwood station led to a changing room being damaged when rainwater poured through the ceiling during a storm.
Police said the thieves took the lead from a flat-roof section of the building in Hesketh Street, which officers moved into in 2009.
The police station is used as a base 24 hours a day by response and neighbourhood officers, although it is only open to the public from 8am to 8pm.
Chief Inspector Damien Darcy said it was thought the theft happened when officers were on patrol and no one was in the building.
Graham Jones, Hyndburn MP, said metal thieves were blighting the area but said the police station crime was the ‘most audacious yet’.
He said: “To target a police station in this way shows just how arrogant they are becoming. I call on members of the public to be vigilant and to report anything suspicious straight away.
“These thieves are driving flat bed trucks around and are quite unconcerned about being challenged.
"If residents stop them, thieves simply say they are repairing something, or that they thought the metal was to be thrown away."
It is not known exactly when the theft took place at the former Job Centre building.
A problem was first noticed when heavy rain this week caused a leak in the roof of the locker rooms, which are located in an annexe at the back of the police station.
RIPPED: Above, the damaged roof where the thieves struck at Great Harwood police station

Tuesday 25 January 2011

Chasing the Egyptian riot police

Riot at Anuradhapura prison, Sri Lanka: one killed, 23 injured

25 January 2011 01:33 - Unconfirmed report says three more bodies inside
One person was killed and at least 23 were injured following a major clash between the Prisons authorities and the prisoners at the Anuradhapura Prison last evening, Prisons Commissioner General Major General V.R. De Silva said. Fourteen prisoners and nine Prisons officers have been admitted to hospital. However, according to reports coming in from the area, there were three more bodies lying inside the prison complex.
At least 50 remand prisoners from the Anuradhapura Prison had been staging a satyagraha since Sunday on the roof of the prison, demanding that officials provide them with the basic living facilities – something which the authorities had failed to do for years, Prisons officials said.
The protest had turned violent after a clash erupted between the inmates and the Prisons officers. The prisoners had assaulted several Prisons officers and thrown stones at them -- after which shots had been fired by Prisons officers, Anuradhapura Senior DIG (Division IV) Jayantha Gamage said.
“They also set fire to a library in the prison and it had to be doused by the fire brigade with the assistance of the police. The army and several police teams have now been deployed around the prison to prevent any attempt by the inmates to escape from prison,” he added.
“The prisoners were asked to go to back their cells by the Prisons officers as they are not allowed to stay outside the cells. They refused and agitated and started to clash with the officers.We are going to call the Magistrate today,” DIG Gamage said.

Llallagua, Bolivia - massive march of over 7,000 people in Llallagua in protest against food prices leads to looting stores


24 Jan 2011 - A massive march of over 7,000 people in Llallagua (Northern Potosi) to protest the rise in basic food prices has lead to the looting of over 30 food stores by angry protestors. Thousands of rural farmers belonging to the Chullpa and Sicoya indigenous groups looted LLallagua´s largest food stores on Linares street. The police were far outnumbered and did not intervene. Journalists report rock throwing, broken glass and twisted metal doors in the streets. Several injuries have been reported including a person beaten by the protestors and several others injured for trying to film and photograph the protestors. Neighbors and locals asked for government intervention, ¨Please, we want president Morales to come and solve this problem, they supposedly called for a peaceful march but there´s been vandalism,¨ said a neighbor. Another shop owner wept and said that the police refused to come help her, ¨My store is empty, we´ve lost all of our capital, they took TVs, computers, what are we going to do? They won´t return anything.¨ By 11AM things appeared to have returned to calm but the ayllus and various criminals infiltrating them returned and sticks and rocks to continue looting what remained in the stores. Small business owners tried to defend their stores but were defeated by the protestors. The business owners are calling for the police and military t intervene.

Ghent, Belgium - Two police cars set on fire

suie e cendres

25.1.2011 - GHENT - Two police cars were torched. They were parked on a parking lot of a VW garage, which has a contract with the police of Ghent to repair their cars and vans. Also two other cars parked on the terrain got damaged. The author(s)had to climb into the area to get to the cars.
Two years ago, in 2008, on exactly the same spot, also two police cars got torched.
Justice is investigating the arson. Police doubts that there exists any link between this arson and some other arsons against cars in Ghent this latest weeks.

Egypt - Thousands of Egyptians demand an end to Mubarak's 30-year rule inspired by the revolt in Tunisia


25 January 2011 - "Down, down, Hosni Mubarak," chanted protesters in Cairo, where police fired teargas and used water cannon, and protesters hurled bottles and rocks at them.
Two protesters in the city of Suez, east of Cairo, died as a result of rubber bullets, security and medical sources said. State television said one security officer died in central Cairo because of a blow to the head from a stone that was thrown.
Some protesters were beaten hard by police with sticks. Others, in a rare show of nerve against a huge national security operation, chased police down side streets. Reuters TV footage showed one policeman joining the demonstrators.
In Alexandria protesters flipped over a police vehicle and tore down a picture of Mubarak, 82, and one of his son, Gamal, who many Egyptians believe is being groomed for office when his father stands down. Both deny this.
Protesters in Cairo who responded to calls by web activists for action cried: "Gamal, tell your father Egyptians hate you."
Analyst Nabil Abdel-Fattah said: "What is happening today is a major warning to the system. It is both an extension of pent-up frustrations and continued protests. What is also new is that there are new generations who are using new tools."
The protest could gather momentum unless the state swiftly addressed the demand for reform, he said.
Sites such as Facebook and Twitter have been key tools for activists in galvanizing protesters. Harvard University's Herdict web monitoring service reported that Egyptians said the Twitter website was blocked on all Internet Service Providers.
Egyptians have the same complaints that drove Tunisians onto the streets: surging food prices, poverty, unemployment and authoritarian rule that smothers public protests quickly and often brutally. "Tunisia, Tunisia," protesters shouted.

Monday 24 January 2011

Tunis - police use teargas to try to disperse protestors


24 Jan 2011 - Tunisian police today used teargas to try to disperse protesters who gathered at the prime minister's office as part of a campaign to remove a government linked to ousted president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali.
The protesters, most of whom came to the capital from marginalised rural areas, surged into the office compound and broke several windows in the finance ministry building, according to witnesses interviewed by Reuters.
More than a week after the prime minister, Mohamed Ghannouchi, assumed the helm of an interim coalition following the overthrow of Ben Ali, he and other former loyalists of the feared ruling party face mounting pressure to step down.
But the shape that any eventual popular leadership might take is unclear. Formal opposition parties exist, but are not well known after decades of oppression. A hitherto banned Islamist party has called for early elections and may find support.
The foreign minister, Kamel Morjane, who served under Ben Ali, said he would not step down yet.
"As for my post as a minister, I see it as a way to help my country at a difficult moment. I am not insisting on staying in the government," he told France's Le Figaro newspaper.
Morjane said his main concern was that the country might "descend into chaos".
Protesters have gathered at the prime minister's office, limited in numbers but tolerated by police anxious for their own futures after Ben Ali's departure. The demonstrators enjoy wide support among a population unused to free political expression.
Since Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia earlier this month, police have only fired teargas once against protesters, who had gathered on the central Habib Bourguiba Boulevard.
On Sunday, hundreds of people who had been driven to the capital in a "freedom caravan" surrounded Ghannouchi's office building in central Tunis.
Many were from Sidi Bouzid, a city in central Tunisia where the "Jasmine revolution" over poverty, corruption and political repression was prompted a month ago by the suicide of a young man.

Hania, Crete, Greece - Responsibility Claim for armoured vehicle arson


23/1/11 - “Doubt. Refusal. Attack. I dispute and despise the code of values of this society. I refuse to compromise. I attack fiercely everything that limits us, underestimates us, enslaves us. The choice of Revolution, permanent and inalterable Now and Always.”
Haris Hadjimihelakis

Historically the state is the evolution of a gang of people, that with as a tool laws, fear, repression with as a pretext safety they aim to achieve the militarisation of their interests, theirs and the bosses.
Thus, with the use of violence, physical or not, they try to impose the social conditions of subjugation and solidify social peace. Especially now that the reliability of the political system is decomposing and the capitalistic “bubbles” of “growth” and “prosperity” have burst, the distress of sovereignty for its perpetuation becomes even more evident. It is therefore upgrading its arsenal in order to face the internal enemy. It votes terror laws, it harasses, it represses.
At this moment in the cells of “democracy” there are dozens of anarchists that chose to move into the path of fire and resistance, aiming at the destruction of the state and its mechanisms, until individual and social liberation.
The objective of the state, apart from physical extermination, is also their social isolation. Thus, it does not hesitate to criminalize political, social, even friendly relations. The examples are many with most recent that of Fee Mayer.
“Isolate them!”. We have heard it many times from them but also from the parrots of Mass Media taming, commonly journalists. However, they are not only addressed to the imprisoned television viewers, but also to those parts of society that resist. Placing dilemmas and separating the tactics of struggle they seek its division and self-amputation. The fight against the state and the bosses is multiform, multidimensional and multilevelled, however the aim is one: the destruction of the rotten existent for individual and social liberation.
In the frames of this struggle we choose not to leave any fighter alone. We stand in solidarity to those that have clearly chosen what side they are on. That of resistance, revolutionary conscience, rage.
Thus, we as well, the dawn of 21-1-11 chose to deliver to flames 2 security vehicles for money transfers of Brinks company by sending our own flaming signal. The target was far from accidental since the security companies come to cover the gap left by the governmental dogs of the “safety” forces. They have been assigned to guard many public buildings and services as well as the transport of the wealth, ensuring the smooth flow of money. They protect the bosses and their properties, those that they defend with so much passion. It's the very companies that the “democratic” regimes in Europe and America have assigned to manufacture and operate private prisons and the creation of private armies.
We dedicate this action to anarchist revolutionaries Gerasimos Tsakalos - Panagiotis Argirou – Haris Hadjimihelakis, members of the Revolutionary Organization Conspiracy Cells of Fire as well as Panagiotis Masouras - Konstantina Karakatsani - Alexandros Mitrousias - Giorgos Karagiannidis that are persecuted for same case.

PS1. We do not forget the unrepentant revolutionary urban guerillas N.Maziotis – P.Roupa - K.Gournas members of the armed organization Revolutionary Struggle as well as the anarchist fighters that are persecuted for the same case.
Honour for ever to Lambros Foundas member of R.S.
PS2. Freedom to the anarchist comrades that are confined in the hell-holes of “democracy”.
PS3. We stand in solidarity to every prisoner that fights consciously, with dignity, against the rotten institution of prisons.
Night time Troublemakers

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Ghent, Belgium - Windows smashed at Commerce Federation Unizo

suie e cendres

GHENT – For almost three weeks now, the employees of the offices of UNIZO in Ghent, don’t see the daylight anymore. All the windows and the entrance of the offices were smashed on New Years Eve. Since then, the offices are blinded with wood. The responsible of the office says that “there is no clue that the vandals targeted UNIZO on purpose” and that “the repairing will take another month.”
UNIZO is the federation of small commerce and shops. They lately called attention upon themselves after a robber was killed by a jeweller in Tubize. UNIZO published a statement of solidarity with the killer, asking for more security measures against robberies and for a more strict punishment policy on shoplifting.

Ghent, Belgium - Anarchist in court for attacks against police stations

suie e cendres

This Wednesday 26 of January, an anarchist comrade from Ghent will be on trail for attacks against police stations which took place in the night of 9 to 10 of May 2010.
That night was a night of modest, but passionate acts of resistance: the windows of the police station of Gentbrugge smashed, tags left on the police station, on the building of the socialist syndicate, on banks and a incendiary attack against another policestation in Meulestede. That night, 30 min after the facts, a comrade was arrested by a police patrol. She was taken to the police station and interrogated, but she refused to answer any question. Next day, police did two house searches and took anarchist pamphlets and books, posters and her computer. A few hours later, our comrade was released.
This Wednesday will take place her proces. She is incriminated for the tags and the smashing of the windows of the police station.
To read the communiqué by comrades from Ghent in French, see:

Athens, Thessaloniki, Greece - Actions against fare rises and control in public transport

"payment refusal now!
this machine has been sabotaged"


21 Jan 2011 - Lately, apart from the significant cuts in wages and the monstrous laws that the government and the IMF pass, there are tremendous increases in the prices of products and services. Of course the government wouldn’t let public transport fares out.
Apart from the increases of rail fares in National Railways (double prices), the suspension of many train/bus/ship routes and the privatizations that will follow, it has been announced that from early February there will be a 20-50-% raise in fare prices of public transport and also stronger control measures (more security, CCTV, special gates, etc.). In many routes the price increase reaches 180%!
During the last month, in Athens and Thessaloniki, neighborhood assemblies, collectives, squats and students organized actions against fares raise and control in public transports, proposing free transportation for all.
On December 10th, in Athens, a coordinated action by many groups of people took place in subway stations, bus and trolley lines, sabotaging ticket-cancelling machines, distributing thousands of texts, posters, stickers and leaflets.
On December 23rd, a similar coordinated action took place in several subway and bus stations and depots, while metro workers had covered the ticket-cancelling machines during their actions against the new work measures.undefined
On January 11th, the third coordinated action took place in several stations by groups of people with text distribution, flags, ticket-cancelling machines sabotage etc.
In Thessaloniki, similar actions against fares raise took place on January 8th and 15th, with symbolic occupations of buses, texts distribution, ticket-cancelling machine sabotage etc.
Also, actions take place in smaller cities like Kozani and Heraclion where students and residents went on assemblies and symbolic occupations of buses and the city hall.
More actions are organized in a larger scale by various initiatives in Athens and Thessaloniki.
Waiting for all these new measures, more and more people have become indignant and response positively to actions for free transportation like the above, although many are still numb..
Ticket controllers will have troubles during next months.

Brussels - Blackout at opening day of Motor Show

suie e cendres

17.1.2011 0 BRUSSELS – On the opening day of the Salon of the Car, a huge fair taking place every year to promote cars, a blackout disrupted the commercial festivities a bit. The electricity blackout plunged not only the whole fair in darkness, but also all the other buildings on the Heizel (of which the Atomium monument, the big cinema complex, several commercial centres, etc.) for more than a hour. The origin of the blackout is a an “incident in a electricity cabin” nearby, some newspapers spoke of a fire.

Sunday 23 January 2011

Hania, Crete - Arson attack on two armoured security vehicles


21/1/11 - Two armoured security vehicles were torched in Hania, in the area of Chrisopigi outside the city. Two incendiary devices made of gas cannisters were used. The vehilcles were parked a few metres away from their offices and despite two fire trucks arriving fast, the fire spread.

Athens, Greece - Responsibility claim for two-day arson barrage Monday, January 17, 2011


Saturday night 15/1 and Sunday 16/1 we torched:
- bank of Proton Bank in Vironas area
- Local organization of PASOK (ruling party) in Moshato,
- Two vehicles of a security company in Gizi,
- Personal motorbike of a cop who lives in Exarchia (Asimaki Fotila street).

We dedicate these actions to our imprisoned comrades accused in the case of the “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” and on trial as of today in the political court marshal in Koridallos prison. Three of those have taken political responsibility for the organization, while the others deny their participation, but keep intact their rebelliousness and dignity. We pledge that we will not leave any imprisoned revolutionary alone. These violent acts of resistance are not only fair, but are also the duty of every person who puts themselves against a world where exploitation and injustice reign and money is in charge. Individual agreements and disagreements are to be discussed; what is non-negotiable is: solidarity between individuals and groups who are fighting for freedom in every way and with any means.
Also, towards the new treaty that criminalizes social, political and personal relationships (like in the case of the notorious “safehouse” of Halandri, but recently the case of the four comrades wanted for arson in Thessaloniki), we are responding with even more rage and anger, more litres of petrol and butane bottles. Of course, we do not forget the famously disgusting minions of the system, the journalists, who for a salary and a career, mock and step on the freedom and the dignity of our comrades, repeating the lies of the police and presenting various scenarios of their imagination; to try, condemn and destroy lives and reputations, before “civil justice” does it officially. They should know that on this side of the war, memory and honour is in excess, and sooner or later they will pay for the dirty role they have chosen in life.
Finally, we want to say that we chose to act on this theoretically “tough” weekend before the beginning of the trial, when the police have unleashed their obvious and also hidden running dogs, in fear of a new armed attack, to break in this way the terror and fear that the State attempts to impose on society and on people who are fighting. As long as the State is unable to mend the holes of a system that’s collapsing, the noose will tighten and the measures will intensify. We must stand strong and act with all our power, until the Revolution and Liberation, social and individual.

Freedom to H.Hadjimihelakis, P. Argirou, G.Tsakalos who have taken political responsibility for the “Conspiracy Cells of Fire” and P.Massouras, K.Karakatsani, A.Mitrousias, G.Karagiannidis who are imprisoned for the same case.
Solidarity to all imprisoned anarchists and revolutionaries.
Struggle by any means – Revolution First and Always.

Wolves of Solidarity
* boubourAStranslateactforfreedomnow!

France – Fire devastates research organisation


* - translation of anonymous communique (photos: Le Progrè

January 21, 2011 – France - “One night, our team of 6, 2 lookouts, 4 actors, placed 2 incendiary devices (gas canisters) in the administration building at BIOMATECH (vivisectors).
5 stakeouts were necessary for this action in honor of Costa, Billy and Silvia.
BIOMATECH, based in France, kill thousands of dogs, rabbits, sheep, pigs, ponies…
We will not let them commit their crimes or allow the proposed expansion of this torture center.
“Une nuit, notre team de 6, 2 sentinelles, 4 exécutants, a placé 2 dispositifs incendiaries (bouteilles de gaz) dans le department exécutif de BIOMATECH (vivisecteurs).
5 repérages furent nécessaries pour cette action en honneur à Costa, Billy et Silvia.
BIOMATECH, basé en France, massacre des milliers de chiens, lapins, moutons, cochons, poneys…
Nous n’allons pas les laisser perpétrer leurs crimes et laisser faire le projet d’extension de ce centre de torture.
The newspaper Le Progrès reported that the fire, which occurred early on December 12, destroyed two floors of the administration building. Biomatech’s administration building is separate from the laboratory facility.

Biomatech is partially owned by NAMSA (North American Science Associates). In the U.S., NAMSA reported using over 17,000 guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, dogs, sheep and pigs in research and testing in 2009.

Saturday 22 January 2011

Trento, Italy - ENI petrol pumps sabotaged


TRENTO - We learn from local newspapers that during the night presumably between January 18 and 19 a brand new ENI petrol station which had yet come into operation was damaged, 5 pumps were damaged by the blows of a sledgehammer, destroying the display. 10 thousand euro damage. Written on the windows of the content, "ENI-AGIP dispensors of misery from Tunisia to Nigeria. "

Riots in Albania


21 January 2011 - TIRANA, Albania – Thousands of people held an anti-government demonstration in Albania's capital on Friday, and at least three people were killed and scores wounded as police using tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons clashed with the protesters.
At least 15 police vehicles were overturned and burned by the more than 20,000 people who took part in the largest and most violent protest that Tirana had seen in years.
"Get Out! Get Out!" the demonstrators shouted as they battled the riot police outside Conservative Prime Minister Sali Berisha's office in the capital. Other protesters carried red-and-black Albanian flags.
Berisha accused the opposition Socialists, who called the protest, of trying to overthrow the government with a "Tunisian-style" demonstration — referring to the rioting that just toppled Tunisia's government.
Berisha, who said he was at his office when the protest erupted, rejected opposition demands for early elections. He also alleged that the demonstrators included "gangs of criminals, bandits, traffickers and terrorists."
Hundreds of riot police and national guard officers swept through the center of the capital, beating protesters with batons and detaining dozens of youths. By Friday night, most of the demonstrators had left the city's main boulevard.
Health officials said at least three people were shot and killed, and authorities said more than 130 police and demonstrators were injured.
Tensions have been mounting for months between Albania's government and the Socialists, and they rose sharply this week when the country's deputy prime minister, Ilir Meta, resigned amid an alleged corruption scandal.

Friday 21 January 2011

Teramo, Italy - Cisl head office attacked


indymedia abruzzo, from the newspapers - Action against the Cisl (Italian Confederation of Trade Unions)in piazza Verdi, Roseto, province of Teramo. On one of the windows was written "SERVI" (SERVANTS),while the other two were broken, in spite of the fact that one of them was unbreakable it was drilled from side to side, so much so that the glass ended up on the floor of the next room.

Bologna, Italy - Incendiary attack against Unindustria


"Il Resto del Carlino"
BOLOGNA, January 20, 2011 - The State Attorney is investigating the fire that occurred last night in the courtyard of the headquarters of Unindustria* in via Serlio in Bologna, where two cars were set on fire (and a third was partially involved). An investigation has been initiated against the crime of damage as a result of fire.
For the moment, the attention of investigators has turned to the slogan "hard struggle no to blackmail" and that was found in the courtyard in which the cars were set on fire (near the car was found plastic bottle with traces of flammable liquid). The investigators' priority is to find out whether or not it was written last night.
To understand this, the public prosecutor has ordered a series of extensive tests on the writing a piece of plaster has been removed from the wall and sent for analysis, and the writing has been covered with cellophane to prevent it from spoiling. "It 's essential to understand if the event is in some way related to the evocative message, or if the message is pre-existing, in which case the two can not be united," says the prosecutor.

*Unindustria Bologna with over 2,000 member companies is one of the largest enterprise associations in Italy.

Switzerland - Anarchist comrade Marco Camenisch transferred yet again

indymedia svizzera

During the course of a night operation Marco Camenisch has had to change prisons yet again. This time he has been deported to Lenzburg in the Argovia canton!
Inside and outside one struggle!!
Free all prisoners!

Open letter by Fee Marie Meyer on her recent arrest by the anti-terrorist unit (Greece Athens)

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[Translator's note] Fee Marie Meyer was arrested in the afternoon of Friday, January 14th by men of the anti-terrorist unit outside her home in Athens. The police have officially confirmed the only piece of “evidence” against her is her personal friendship with Christos Politis, another anarchist currently in prison for his alleged participation in an urban guerrilla group the police won't even bother to name.
Soon after Fee's arrest, police “leaked” to the media an astonishing, catchy and – as was soon to be proven – fabricated story: Fee was supposedly the daughter of former RAF member Barbara Meyer and her father was supposed to have been killed in a shoot-out with the police in Vienna, Austria. “Meyer” is an extremely common surname in German; the Barbara Meyer who had joined RAF had nothing to do with Fee's mother whatsoever. An unimportant detail for mainstream media in Greece, which were quick to reproduce the police propaganda. Onward to Fee's own words...
[Greek original]
Now that the lights of the show have switched off and the stage curtains have been shut, the time has come for me to talk. In the way that I want. About what happened, what kind of games I believe have been played on my own back but also beyond myself; to talk about all the things that should concern any thinking individual in the Greek territory.
Regarding my “case”: by now I am fairly certain that from the moment when my personal details were passed on to the well-known brainiacs of the anti-terrorist unit (which was completely justified of course – I had a drink, you see, with the wrong people) the game was all set. Let alone when they google'd my surname (as common as Papadopoulos in Greece [or Smith in UK/US – trans.]) and –imagine their joy – they discovered my rich “family” background. My father's different name was a minor detail (after all, “their lot sleep with everyone else”) as was my mother's different date of birth.
From the moment when reality didn't work for them, it had to be adjusted. I had to fit the role they had prepared for me. They abducted me on Friday [January 14] at 3pm, at the moment when I was leaving my home to go to the language school where I teach. At least ten people with balaclavas, after wearing one to me too, took me to the 12th floor of the Police HQ in Athens without saying a single word. There, after been interrogated by six people, I was shown a photograph depicting myself and my friend and comrade Christos Politis. They asked me if I knew him and after responding positively, saying that he is one more person they have sent to prison unjustly, their commander ordered boldly to “go ahead with the usual procedure”. They stripped me off my clothes, logged all my details, stole my shirt and my socks – obviously without telling me what I am accused of and of course without paying any attention to my demand to see a lawyer.
The time is important since from 5pm already the whole story of my supposed parents had broken out. This explains perfectly why while I was resisting them photographing me, they would photograph me with their mobile phones, to steal a picture. Otherwise their hot topic wouldn't sell as much...
For years now we know how these mechanisms operate, rotten to the bone; we know that the informants-journalists (with a handful yet important exceptions) switch between reproducing police lies or handing orders to them. Ready to shred any life that is thrown at their sharp teeth, ready to eat up truths and spit out lies. Vile creatures...
What I had not imagined, at least personally, is the completely shameless way in which this happens, here and now.
When the fiasco had started to become clear, and while I personally did not yet know any of filth that had come to light, some officer responsible for “international terrorism” invited me to his office. He started to engage in “friendly talk” about when exactly my father was killed in a shoot-out! In all truth, my jaw must have hit the floor at that moment, especially when he told me with a smiler that “well, I am more interested in your mother's international arrest warrant” … The only thing he didn't do was to charge me with covering up a criminal, since I didn't state my parents' names from the upstart...
But then again, I did a lot of things. As the attorney general said, “they confiscated a lot, unusually lots” of things in my house... brushes, clothes, tooth-brushes, pillow-cases and... printed material. Material that proves beyond any doubt that I am an anarchist, something that I hadn't thought for a moment to hide and so, - as this educated woman, the attorney general, so eloquently put- I am a terrorist and so allowing a possibility even for my freedom to be denied until the judge committee decides on my case!
If she wants to imprison me for this [for being an anarchist] yes I am guilty and I will always be. I will always stand on the side of the exploited, not the exploiters, for ever, until there is no longer any authority of human over any other human and of the humans over animals and nature. But I publicly and seriously demand that the charges against me change. That they write the real charges, so no-one can beat around the bush: They should turn the charge into “she is an anarchist and she reads. She has relationships with many people who still struggle and of this, she is proud”.
Charge, aim and shoot us at the wall of Kesariani [a reference to the wall where Nazi soldiers would execute partisans in Athens – trans].
I read somewhere that the face of a political regime is shown by the way in which it treats its political opponents. The glory of Greece! [popular expression used to emphasise the arbitrariness of state power in Greece, untranslatable – trans].
The times we live in are fluid, strange, constantly changing. In times of institutional and financial crises authority will always play with the carrot and the stick, fear and security. They want no-one to react to anything, not to speak, not to look around them, not to think differently, or if possible not to think at all. Lobotomise us at birth, then, to get done with it!
They try to enforce everywhere their frightening and absolute homogeneity; their absolutely and thoroughly studied inhumanity.
In the Greek territories at this moment there are approximately 40 people held for political reasons. Most of these have not even stood trial and yet they are held in maximum security prisons; others are not tried in public or open trials; others are held without the tiniest bit of evidence against them, only based on their belief, on their solidarity-based life stance they take in their personal relationships.
Ever-conservatively and in an ever more fascist way, they want to impose isolation, loneliness, the logic of “each for their own”; they want us to only watch trash TV, to consume life substances, lies, spectacle. Not to talk to acquaintances, not to go or invite people to our homes, not to meet anyone or to ask them to inform us of the information police hold on them in advance, better not, we might get in trouble.
They want us to stop feeling, to act based on the lowest instincts of survival and self-preservation, based on sadism of the “spy-hole”, to snoop other peoples' lives, losing our own in the process.
They want us to hate, to condemn anything that is different, people from other places, co-workers from other sectors, anyone who thinks or lives differently.
All of them are dangerous [we are told] and we must hate them, since hatred breeds fear and vice-versa.
This is the fear that they step on in order to impose their mortal security, the dying sounds of a society denouncing the very last of the links that define it as such.
Only three words are enough, I believe, in order for the human element in humans to be defined. Dignity-Freedom-Solidarity. None can exist without the other two, none of them falls from the sky. They take virtue and dare. But these are the difficult meanings that give substance to the Human, which turn survival into life.
They can only control us, shred us into bits and isolate us for as long as we stand on our knees with our back bended over by the lash, chasing whatever carrot comes by.
Let's resist! When we raise our head and look ourselves in the eyes again, their shaky structure will collapse like a paper tower. Because the catastrophe at this moment might have fallen upon your neighbour's house, but tomorrow it will be at yours.
Let's resist! Because everywhere in the world there are people who dare to raise their heads. Everywhere and at all times, at every single tiny moment when someone raises their gaze to the sky and the limitless horizon they had forgotten from their childhood, the human element in the Human is reborn.
Enough, we have tolerated them for too long! Struggle for the entire earth and for freedom, struggle for our lives and our dignity.
The state and the Media are the only terrorists.
Solidarity to everyone who struggles is not just our weapon, it is a given.

Slightly altering the well-known poem [by Martin Niemoller – trans.]:
First they came for my neighbour,
and I didn't speak out because he was a foreigner.
When they came for the next one he was a Roma,
and I didn't speak out again.
Then they took the poor one, the tramp, the anarchist, the Leftist.
In the end they came for me.
… and it was only then I realised there was no-one left to react...
Fee Marie Meyer

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