One fine morning, the faithful lackey, who has hitherto identified completely with his master, leaps on his oppressor and slits his throat. RV

Sunday 31 July 2011

Lyon, France - Detention centre set on fire! Thousands of euro damage

cette semaine

29/07/2011 - Lyon Capital - After a fire destroyed part of the Administrative Detention Centre (ARC) from Lyon Saint-Exupéry, eight people caught red-handed at the scene were placed in custody. Hundreds of thousands of euros of property damage could be imputed to them.
According to preliminary investigation conducted by the Regional Directorate of the Police and air borders (PAF), the fire started in five different parts of the detention centre in Lyon, Thursday, July 28, shortly after 13h . Upon arrival of firefighters, eight people were caught red-handed at the scene of the fire started in the part reserved for men of the CRA. They were placed in custody in order to sort out their respective responsibilities. But after several hours' questioning, police have still failed to understand who on Friday had started the fire, and who was an accomplice. "There will certainly be prosecution in this case," a police source said Friday late afternoon. A judicial inquiry could be opened at the end of police custody Saturday night, before a criminal trial.
The damage has not yet been evaluated. A safety committee will spend the next few days to assess the damage. In the meantime, the centre is closed. Of the detained, 58 people were transferred to other detention centres, in Nimes and Toulouse.
..In Lyon, never had a fire forced the closure of the detention centre. A precedent in 2007 had not caused much damage. There is already talk of hundreds of thousands of euros' damage.

Rome, Italy - Riot at immigrant detention centre, eight cops injured


The riot broke out when four Algerian detainees were brought back to the centre after trying to escape the closely-guarded Ponte Galeria facility near Rome’s Fiumicino airport – essentially a holding centre for deportations.
The riot lasted around three hours and detainees trashed rooms and threw rocks, bottles and metal pipes at police. Firemen put out several blazes.
The protest follows similar scenes on Wednesday at a centre in Sicily in which 300 asylum-seekers — many of them African migrant workers from Libya – blocked a road and set off fires, asking to be granted refugee status.

Santiago, Chile: Two Citizen Safety guard posts torched

From Liberación Total (July 29, 2011) via mass media, translated by this is our job:

During the evening of Thursday, July 28, two Santiago Municipality Citizen Safety guard posts were attacked.

The first attack happened at around 10 p.m., when masked perpetrators threw Molotov cocktails at a guard post located at the intersection of Calle Erasmo Escala and Calle Maipú. The resulting fire partially damaged the exterior, and the municipal guard stationed there sustained minor injuries after cutting himself while exiting through the window.

The second attack took place 20 minutes later, just meters from the first, at another Citizen Safety guard post located at the intersection of Calle Martínez de Rosas and Calle Maturana. There, the masked perpetrators forcibly removed the municipal guard before dousing the guard post with gasoline and pelting it with Molotov cocktails. The resulting fire completely destroyed the guard post.

Carabineros and Investigative Police (PDI) “intelligence” agents arrived at the scene of both incidents to investigate in an attempt to determine the perpetrators’ identities. Prosecutor Humberto Vásquez is leading the investigation, and he used the press to call on citizens to collaborate with the authorities’ information gathering, especially if any video recordings of the attacks exist.

Also present was Santiago mayor Pablo Zalaquett. The extreme rightist classified the incidents as anarchist attacks, adding that “those responsible will rot in prison” as an example to anyone else who dares to subvert authority.

The following text was found on leaflets at the sites of both attacks:


We condemn and avenge the beating of an unnamed comrade by Citizen Safety during the June 23 march.

We have witnessed how Citizen Safety, in complicity with the Carabineros, harasses and persecutes street vendors.

These municipal functionaries have been transformed into Zalaquett’s police, and since they are police, we will attack them as such.

No aggression will go unanswered.

Saturday 30 July 2011

Grigny (Essonne), France: sabotage against electrical CCTV

cette semaine

28/07/2011 - Le Parisien 27/-7/2011 - Part of the private owners have been without public lighting from two to three weeks. The residents suspect an act of vandalism to the installation of surveillance cameras.
"There is not much to say. We are immersed in total darkness, it is appalling," says one resident wearily. Behind him, the towers of the giant block of flats Grigny 2 can only be seen by the lights still on in some apartments. It is 22h30, and at down below some of these 104 apartments, areas Surcouf, Lavoisier, Pasteur, and Vayssiere, not one lamp is working.
While experts are trying to determine where the failure comes from, it seems that acts of vandalism associated with the installation of video surveillance in the neighbourhood are at the origin. A vast field of 185 cameras funded by the state as part of urban renewal should indeed be officially delivered today. While the inhabitants themselves, are coping with the darkness at sunset." It is urgent. This raises real issues of security," says the Mayor of Grigny. Yesterday, the elected official has warned the provisional administrator of this estate under guardianship because of its debts and part of the lighting has been restored, especially in Surcouf.

Southwest China - Hundreds of people riot after disabled street vendor beaten to death by security forces

bankok post

This image was posted on Chinese website and shows Chinese police marching through Anshun, in southwest China's Guizhou province on July 26. Hundreds of people rioted in southwest China after security forces reportedly beat a disabled street vendor to death, according to government authorities and state media.The crowd gathered in Guizhou province's Anshun city Tuesday afternoon after the hawker died, the local government said, in an incident that bore a close similarity with riots last month in China's southern industrial heartland.A police spokesman said the one-legged man had argued with the "chengguan", the official Xinhua news agency said Wednesday, referring to a municipal security force charged with regulating street hawking and similar activities.

Comments posted by netizens said the "chengguan" -- two men and one woman -- beat the disabled vendor to death. The Xinhua report said an investigation was under way to find out how he died.

Hong Kong-based Cable TV broadcast images of the unrest, showing overturned cars, people throwing stones at shield-wielding police, and injured, bleeding protesters.

It said police used water cannons to disperse the crowd, and that shooting sounds were heard, believed to be the firing of tear gas.

The "chengguan" are widely disliked in China, where they have a reputation for using brute force against civilians -- in particular illegal street vendors.

Rumours that "chengguan" had beaten a street hawker to death and manhandled his pregnant wife in the southern province of Guangdong sparked violent rioting last month.

Television images at the time showed hundreds of police officers and armoured vehicles deployed on the streets, with people hurling bricks at local officials, vandalising ATMs and police posts.

These incidents are the latest in a recent bout of unrest in China sparked by perceived social injustices.

Earlier in June, hundreds of people battled police and destroyed cars in Guangdong after a factory worker was wounded in a knife attack over a wage row.

And in late May, thousands of ethnic Mongols protested in northern China for several days after the killing of a herder laid bare simmering tensions in the region.

Trento, Italy: sabotage of an ENI petrol station

informa-azione/cette semaine

25/07/2011 - From local newspapers, we learn that on the night of July 15 to 16, an ENI petrol station [Italian oil multinational]. Unknown persons threw red paint against the building, and injected polyurethane [that is to say, expanding foam] into pumps and self-service vending slots, making some of the pumps unusable for several days. The claim refers to Libya [that is to say against the NATO intervention] and those imprisoned in Bologna in April.

Val Susa, Italy - Sabotage against collaborator of the construction site and dissociation of the No Tav movement

informa-azione/cette semaine

25/07/2011 - From the local press - Last night around 4am, Italcoge, one of the companies working on the site of TAV, was attacked. Vandals set fire to five trucks parked outside the Susa headquarters. T
hey forced a gate to enter the courtyard. After putting "diavolina" on the tires [that is to say, fire starter, or ZIP Ndt], they then set them on fire: one truck was completely destroyed, another heavily damaged and three others slightly so. After the attacks against the construction site, this is the first raid against the Valsusine company. Some time ago, a founding partner of Italcoge, Ferdinando Lazzaro, was assaulted in the street by demonstrators who had sent him to the hospital with a fractured elbow.
The No Tav, on their official website, deny their involvement in the raid: "We believe that this gesture does not support the No Tav movement, but is an attack and a way of intervening in the struggle that we do not share. (...) This act goes in the opposite direction of the No Tav initiatives that make participation and mass resistance the central node of a battle that makes gifts to no one .. ".
Translated from the Italian from a local newspaper, reproduced on informa-azione, Monday, 25/07/2011 - 12:39
cette semaine, translator's note: Mass has been pronounced! May each one say what they think clearly about this sabotage and the reaction of all those involved in the website of the para-institutional No Tav
movement, who would continue to use it to send texts or translate theirs (especially in France without at least clarifying that this is a site of collaborators with power).
And enough about on this "mass", this "people" of the valley that would all be standing together ... First, there are pro-Tav people in the valley, and then some of those who are against it are not resisting it. Finally there is the question of why, especially for all those who resist. And finally, there is above all the question of why, for all those who are resisitng.
Why that can more or less lived according to taste, at least until some dissociate from others by pointing them out to the cops: according to these scales, the unknown authors of this successful and focused attack would be those who do not make the "masses" the alpha and omega of their ideas and practices, those who think that attacks of the few are not inconsistent with the rallies or demonstrations of the many. Follow their eyes ...
This practice of dissociation (or distancing oneself, as appropriate) and its consequences (indicating to power who to suppress in order to save one's own ass), is not an isolated case, it is more than common in all "popular" struggles, at least since the 70s. May each one draw the practical consequences against this garbage ( managers, since this release was signed directly by the site) and their friends: on the one hand those who defend it, on the other those who, in not breaking with them publicly and clearly, are socially contributing to their power to harm ...

Friday 29 July 2011

Moscow, Russia - Flames to a police station | culmine

28/07/2011 - On the night of July 6, 2011 a group of urban guerrillas set fire to the entrance of the police station located on ul.Sindacato, ecc. Bldg 130. 4. This station has several characteristics: it is located in a non-residential building, and is coated with an inflammable construction material which greatly facilitated the fire. In addition, it is a den of common bandits in grey uniform. The unrecorded rampant corruption of the police, because of their power and privileges - is well known. Nothing new about this - to any reasonable person the reasons for our actions are clear. Join the fight for freedom, justice and dignity! ACAB

Val Susa, Italy - Night raids after demonstrators launch lead balls, bolts and stones against police

la stampa

29/07/2011 - The Digos has made a series of raids in the night in Turin, Susa Valley and the Canavese. At the centre of the investigation some members of the anarchist, autonomous and also the No Tav movement. One of them was accompanied to police headquarters for legal clarifications. The operation, coordinated by the deputy director of Digos Tartone Cecilia, came two hours after the end of the clashes in the Chiomonette site between about two hundred hooded demonstrators and law enforcement.
Of the seven raids that have already occurred, two were on the delegation of the judicial authorities for threatening behaviour, while five are the initiative of Digos looking for weapons and explosives in relation to the attacks made against the police in recent days. At the moment - the police announced - some slingshots, firecrackers and gas masks were discovered and seized.
The same 'equipment' used last night, when the extremists launched lead balls, bolts and stone against police. The resultt is six wounded, one in serious condition with a leg injury: three policemen, two pcarabinieri and a finance guard. The attacks were unleashed from two sides: the archaeological area, which in recent days has already suffered serious damage, and the area under the motorway viaduct Clarea. Calm returned around 3.30, but the A32 was closed for 5 hours.
The police report that "protractedvehement attacks." The protesters tried to attack a metal cable to the network in an attempt to eradicate it, but the rope was cut off by the police. During the night, protesters also set fire to the wooded area opposite the Archaeological Museum, which was promptly extinguished. For the duration of the unrest on the Avana road, in the area of ​​Chiomonte power plant, a hundred inhabitants of the Susa Valley against the railway infrastructure, carried out a vigil of protest.
Antenna 3
Last night
a patrol of the Traffic Police, the ring road of the Val Susa near the exit of the A32 Turin-Bardonecchia, Turin arrested a 46 year old man, carrying 57 gas masks and 118 filters, a sporting sling and 96 balls of lead. The man who, according to police, belongs to the Committee for the popular struggle against the high-speed railway, has been charged with illegal possession of offensive objects. In the car in which he was traveling, the agents found a few boxes still packed with masks, worth about three thousand euros. According to the police station, in shops in Val Susa and around Turin, there has been an "extraordinary increase" in sales of construction material, such as helmets, padded gloves as well as gas masks
in recent day.

Thursday 28 July 2011

Trento, Italy - Vodafone antenna destroyed by fire in solidarity with Billy Costa and Silvia and the struggle against the TAV

culmine - Source: local press

28/07/2011 - A tongue of flame hundreds of feet high. So, on the night between Sunday and Monday, fire destroyed the Vodafone antenna on via Fersina, within walking distance of Dolomiti Energia and some houses. Arson, fed by a bottle of gasoline on the ground, among vines and corn, the claim: "The unpredictability of life will take you with fire." And then "No Tav", "No harmfulness" (already left as a signature on the wall of the railway construction site in Rovereto in the arson attack of ten days ago), and "against power and against control," and finally "freedom to Billy Costa and Silvia." A leaflet written by hand with a sharp-edged calligraphy reminiscent of the writings of the years of terrorism. Writing, above all, that makes it impossible to identify the handwriting. The investigations of the police are, as always in the early stages, 360 degrees, but the track is most likely anarchist. Also because in the past mobile phone repeaters were in the viewfinder. The alarm was launched around 2 am by a passerby who saw the antenna turned into a huge torch. Hence the intervention of firefighters and police. The first engaged in trying to minimize the damage, the latter in search of items that can help get identification of the authors of the fire. The chosen area is within walking distance from Dolomiti Energia but also a short distance from houses even though the antenna is immersed in a vineyard. According to a first hypothesis, those who started the fire left the car along the road and then walked into the country. With them, it seems, they had a plastic bottle which was found with a few drops of gasoline still inside. Then the fence that runs around the repeater,which was soaked in inflammable liquid, was cut. At this point it took a little flame to start the fire which quickly conquered the whole antenna. The heat burned the skirt that covered the wires thus making it useless to the repeater and causing thousands of euros damage. Yesterday, after an inspection of the engineers in charge carabinieri arrived to find a quick solution, but it seems that the intervention is not easy. Nevertheless, there was no major inconvenience to Vodafone mobile with regard to coverage. Concerning the arson it has been advised that the prosecution will now have to carry out a series of investigations to try to reconstruct what happened.

Kanaker, Syria - Dawn raid against solidarity results in 11 dead and 250 arrested


28/07/2011 - Syrian forces pursued a deadly crackdown on anti-regime dissents Wednesday, killing 11 people in a "vengeance" raid near Damascus and arresting hundreds outside the capital, activists said.
The latest violence came as about 200 Syrian youth activists opened a four-day meeting in Istanbul to discuss ways of improving coordination among groups seeking to topple President Bashar al-Assad.
The raid targeted Kanaker, a town of 250,000 people west of Damascus, Ammar Qorabi, head of the National Organization for Human Rights, told AFP in Nicosia.
"The security forces entered homes at dawn on Wednesday and during the operation 11 people were shot dead and more than 250 arrested," said Qorabi, providing AFP with the names of the victims.
"A bulldozer and army tanks" backed the operations, while 11 vehicles were used to whisk away those arrested, who are between 15 and 40 years old, he said, adding that electricity, water and Internet connections were cut.
Qorabi said the raid was an "act of vengeance" because Kanaker residents had provided supplies to the southern town of Daraa, the epicentre of more than four months of anti-regime protests.
In a statement emailed to AFP, the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Daraa has been under curfew since Saturday. The group provided the names of eight people it said were killed in the crackdown in Kanaker.
It said troops and security forces stormed Kanaker at dawn under heavy gunfire.
"Residents of Kanaker threw stones at the tanks" and set tires ablaze to block their approach.
According to the Syrian Observatory, 18 tanks were positioned at the entrances of Kanaker, but four had to withdraw under a barrage of stones from residents.
At least 1,486 civilians have been killed in the crackdown on the uprising that started in mid-March, while thousands have been arrested and thousands more fled the country, human-rights groups say.
Some groups say at least 12,000 people have been detained since the anti-regime protests erupted.

Santiago, Chile - Special Forces Carabineros use tear gas and water cannons to disperse hooded demonstrators from city centre


28/07/2011 - Carabineros of Special Forces used tear gas and water cannons to disperse hooded demonstrators blocking the road south of the Alameda Bernardo O'Higgins in front of Arturo Prat street in the heart of Santiago this Wednesday morning.
Some 30 subjects starred in the action at 07:00 AM hours causing traffic congestion in several blocks in the direction east of the main artery of the capital until the arrival of the police about 15 minutes later.
The incidents were recorded almost in front of the Central House of the University of Chile and a few metres from the National Institute, establishments that are still in the framework of conflict about education.
The group fled to the latter compound, according to Carabineros, the same left carrying the materials used in the barricades from the emblematic lyceum in the centre of Santiago.

From house arrest in Santiago, Chile - Mónika Caballero in solidarity with the comrades of the CCF and with Billy, Silvia and Costa


In anticipation of the start of the political-judicial-thriller media spectacle known as "caso bombas", I am breaking the silence of house arrest to send a fraternal greeting to the comrades the who yesterday saw the conclusion of their first trial. The exemplary vindictive measures of the powerful have shown themselves in the territory denominated the Greek State.

It may seem a poor strategy on the part of one risking a sentence of 20 years' prison (accused of participation in a non-existent illicit terrorist association and the placing of explosives) to show solidarity with people who declare themselves guilty, but I am not interested in entering the rationale of the oppressors and observing implacably as they imprison the warriors that collide with this society and who, attacking, passed to action with conviction. Solidarity to those who have passed to the offensive has always been criticized by the pseudo-revolutionaries who see anti-authoritarian practices as youth fashion, and when the war carries high costs they take a distance and become mere spectators of a battle which they have neither the ovaries nor the balls to continue, nor is it to make a group sacrifice or deliver oneself easily to the enemy.
But what would happen if you did not make acts of solidarity toward those who have been struck by capital? Is it less dangerous to support those that are legally innocent? I am an anarchist and I am not interested in the laws of society. Solidarity is not just a high-sounding word of communiques, it is material and concrete practice.

Wherever they are, an imprisoned anti-authoritarian cannot feel alone. Tomorrow could already be late…
For you prisoners of the "Halandri case":
I read your communiques and declarations, I have made many of your words my own and cherish them like a beautiful treasure, without ever having had the opportunity to exchange a word with you I call you comrades and I feel your heavy sentences in my bones.

The hegemony of power uses (will use) the same strategies, the trial that is being carried out in this part of the world is a bad copy of other trials, your trial will be a model to be followed for many governments, it will be "the great antiterrorist victory". But all this happens where there is the most beautiful disobedience. Ideas cannot be defeated, indeed they reinforce themselves in others that hold them carved in their chest. I imagine the pleasure on the faces of the guards at seeing the bodies of such worthy people behind bars, anger and disgust inebriate me at a mere attempt to be in their place. Prison, death and escape are in the DNA of the unyielding, they are the cost for having bitten the chains.

Walls and borders separate us, ideas unite us.
A tiny gesture… I hope it will give you a smile in these hard times.
I would like to take this opportunity to send a hug of solidarity to Silvia, Costa and Billy
I give you a poem by Sandra Trafilaf, political prisoner of Pinochet's military dictatorship, written around 1984.

"Fences and metal doors
surround this underworld
trying imprison our joy of living
and loving
the letters of my comrades
are fluttering
in this improvised writing desk
cries and voices from afar
mingle with their words
confused, dark memories
of murderous volleys
and all the same I
fill up again with struggles
and victories.
I am not alone."

Mónika Caballero
An anarchist awaiting trial
Ps: I would like to thank each individual and/or collective that spreads each release and makes possible interaction between comrades.

Wednesday 27 July 2011

Lugano, Switzerland - On the trial of Billy Costa and Silvia and the week of action


27/07/2011 - "The 3 were sentenced to 3 years and 6 months, 3 years and 8 months and 3 years and 4 months, exceeding the demands of the prosecutor. The judge accepted the argument maintaining all the accusatory charges (preparatory acts of arson, illegal transport and concealment of material) excluding the charge of illegal trade (importing) in explosives.
From 18 to 22 July the comrades were in solitary confinement in Lugano prison with new additional restrictions. Despite requests by lawyers, the trial, except for the testimony of two experts, was held in German. The lawyers had requested interviews with their clients after the verdict because they feared that not even the verdict by the presiding judge would be translated. But the three lawyers were stopped by anti-riot cops while the three were taken away in a hurry (under protection of a military helicopter). From the start, federal prosecutors and the judge revealed a willingness to come down relentlessly on the 3, as is obvious, the State will not tolerate anyone escaping its logic of delegation, submission and resignation, acting in first person to stop their project of dominion. "The militarization of the trial further emphasizes that it is politics that are directing this trial," said Marcel Bosonnet, one of the lawyers.
Comrades from Switzerland and beyond came together to express their solidarity, giving life to a series of initiatives during the entire week. In addition to the scheduled debates there were demonstrations outside the court and the prison in Lugano, information bookstalls, leaflets, a presence downtown and spontaneous demonstrations in Bellinzona and Lugano, and other initiatives.
The week was very eventful, solidarity broke the monotony of quiet days in Ticino, the trial has not gone unnoticed. Our presence in the city and initiatives enabled us to pass on our message, taking leading projects and responsibilities of IBM to the streets, repeating the need for opposition to the techno-industrial system.
Against progress and nanotechnology, a roar shakes apathy! "
Their addresses are still:

Silvia Guerini
Regionalgefängnis Biel
Spitalstrasse 20
2502 Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

Luca Bernasconi
Regionalgefängnis Thun
Allmendstr. 34
3600 Thun, Switzerland

Costantino Ragusa
Regionalgefängnis Bern
Genfergasse 22
3001 Bern, Switzerland

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Zurich, Switzerland - attacks in solidarity with Silvia, Billy and Costa, sentenced to 3.8, 3.4 and 3.2 years in prison


26/07/2011 -
The trial against Sylvia, Billy Costa who were sentenced yesterday to 3.8, 3.4 and 3.2 years in prison was held in Bellinzona on 19 - 22 July. To them our solidarity: our struggles certainly can not be put on trial!
In the night between 22 and 23 July we visited both AXPO and the court of Zurich. At the headquarters of AXPO, Zollstrasse 62, Zurich, broken windows and: Silvia Costa and Billy! sprayed.
The Axpo Holding AG (formerly NOK Nordostschweiz. Kraftwerke and CKW, Centralschweiz Kraftwerke) is a corporation owned by, among others, several northeastern Swiss cantons. Axpo produces, sells and distributes electricity throughout Europe. It is also one of the leading companies in Switzerland with an important role in the construction and operation of nuclear power plants. In 2007 it was the first, along with other energy companies, to lobby to get the mandate for the construction of three new nuclear power stations in Switzerland. That is why the substantial profits of the trade of electricity continue to remain in the hands of a few companies, including AXPO.
The court in Zurich, headquarters of bourgeois justice, judges and powerful capital. The place where the trial of revolutionary anarchist Marco Camenisch was held in 2004!
And another salute to Walter Wüthrich (Swiss Federal Criminal Court judge) and the federal prosecutor asshole Stadler:
Wüthrich, Stadler aus der Traum, bald liegt ihr im Kofferraum!
The struggle against this system will not be stopped by your repression!

Wednesday 20 July 2011

Xinjiang, China - 18 dead during attack on police station


20/07/2011 - BEIJING (Reuters) - China on Wednesday raised the death toll to 18 from a clash at a police station in the restive far western region of Xinjiang, saying that 14 rioters died along with two policemen and two hostages in the worst violence there in a year.
Government officials previously said at least four people were killed in what they described as a terrorist attack. But the Germany-based exile group World Uyghur Congress said it was an attack on unarmed protesters.
The clash marked the worst violence in about a year in the far western region, home to many Uighurs, a Turkic-speaking people native to the area, many of whom resent the growing presence of majority Han Chinese in Xinjiang.
Xinjiang is strategically vital to China and Beijing has shown no sign of loosening its grip on the territory, which accounts for one-sixth of China's land mass and holds rich deposits of oil and gas and borders Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Central Asia.
The exile group had said 20 Uighurs were killed -- 14 beaten to death and 6 shot dead -- and 70 arrested, when police opened fire on protesters, leading to fighting between the two sides.
The Xinjiang government's website ( said that police fatally shot the 14 rioters after giving "legal education and warnings," adding that 18 rioters had bought and made weapons and sneaked into the desert city of Hotan days before the clash on Monday.
The report said the rioters, armed with axes, knives, daggers, Molotov cocktails and explosive devices, "crazily beat, smashed and set on fire" the police station, and hung "flags of extreme religion" on the top of the station.
Two policemen and two hostages were also killed in the clash and four of the rioters were arrested, it added. "It was an organized, premeditated and severe violent terrorist attack to local politics-and-law departments," the report said.
The website also showed three pictures it said were taken on the scene of the incident, showing police with guns storming into a police station, which in one photo was on fire.

Huy, Belgium - Two guards taken hostage; two prisoners escape

suie e cendres

18/07/2011 - HUY - Two prisoners escaped after having taken hostage two guards with a cutter knife. They were working in the workshop of the prison, took the two guards hostage and forced the others to open all the gates. Outside the prison, they released one guard, taking the other one to his car. With him and his car, they drove away to Charleroi where they eventually released the guard. The escaped prisoners are 24 and 23 years old and were condemned to long sentences (13 years for armed robberies and theft with violence).
The guards went on 'minimum service' to protest against the violent escape, which means no prisoner gets visits, walks, showers or other activities.

Andenne - Guards taken hostage; failed attempt to escape prison

19/07/2011 - ANDENNE - In the early morning, a prisoner tried to escape. He took two guards hostage threatening them with a self-made bomb. The prisoner got to the front of the prison, but there police officers managed to arrest him. The incident caused further unrest in the prison.
Just as their collegeas from Huy where the day before two other prisoners escaped, the guards on their side decided to go on "minimum service", which means no showers, no walks, no visits, no activities for all the prisoners.

Bellinzona, Switzerland - Prosecutor asks for three to three and a half years sentence for Silvia, Billy and Costa


20/07/2011 - Source: - Corriere del Ticino
BELLINZONA - The federal prosecutor Hansjorg Stadler has asked prison sentences from three years to three and a half years for three suspected eco-terrorists on trial before the Federal Criminal Court in Bellinzona. The word now passes to the defence.
The three are accused of an attempted attack on the nanotechnology research centre of IBM in Rüschlikon, which was then still under construction. They must answer charges of intentional acts preparatory to a fire, concealment and transportation of explosive materials and unauthorized trade of explosives.

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Bellinzona, Switzerland - Mobilization for the Trial of Silvia, Costa & Billy

325 nostate

Freedom for Silvia, Costa & Billy – Solidarity with all the Revolutionary Prisoners

All meetings will be held in “Casa del Popolo” in Bellinzona, Switzerland, (in front of the train station). As well as the presence during the hearings there will be demos in the city throughout the week.

18 July – 6pm : Struggle against Nuclear Plants
Contributions of past and ongoing experiences. Debate about the possibilities of intervention. Updates on Marco Camenisch

20 July – 6pm : Nano & Biotechnologies
Presentation of information materials and discussion. Video projection of “RFID-la police totale”.

21 July – 6pm : Debate about the importance of solidarity for the revolutionary movement
Information about other trials, like the one that will be held on September 28-29-30 against a comrade of Aufbau and SRI

In April 2010 Silvia, Costantino and Billy were arrested close to Zurich and since then, accused of wanting to attack an IBM laboratory of nanotechnology research with explosive material, they are imprisoned in the Swiss jails. A little more than a year after our comrades are going to be processed (July 18-22) while IBM laboratory “Binning and Rhorer nanotechnology centre”, which opened last May, will be starting its horrible projects. IBM, American corporation pioneer in nanotechnology, through miniaturization of electronic components on nanometric scale would like to transform human beings, animals, natural environment and infrastructures into gears of a mega-machine for life’s absolute control.
What does it matter if economic efficiency kills, attacks, stresses, depresses and makes everything sick, if it plunders the ecosystem and undermines survival on the earth, if it subdues bodies and spirits to its speed, if it justifies itself just by itself and it feeds on itself, out of any sense. In the name of the “functional”, idealized value, the “perfect” machine is trying to take the place of human beings, imperfect, inconstant, fragile.
Our struggle, that of Billy, Costa and Silvia, united with that of every revolutionary and rebel in the world, has always been direct to fight the systems of exploitation and control. Our comrades have never concealed their hostility against those who are everyday exploiting, poisoning and terrorizing. In their eyes the enemy has always been visible, easy to find. It’s not difficult to recognize that the new technologies (nanotechnology, biotechnology and cybernetics) are some of the means of power, in the hands of a few people, to subject everything and everyone.
The progress of the techno-industrial system reinforces thanks to them, necessary fuel of a development model that needs the consent and the total social peace, but they will never get them. We will always fight those people who are turning the earth into a silicon land, made of cables and concrete and who are going to make our lives a virtual substitute of existence. We’ll also fight against the state and the capitalistic system that with their illogical theories turn men into slaves, animals into goods and the planet into a permanent reserve to sack. We need proper answers… we need fighters!

Athens, Greece - Conspiracy of Cells of Fire trial in Korydallos prison ends with some grotesquely vindictive sentences


19/07/2011 - Specifically, the court declared guilty:

-Haris Hatzimichelakis and Panagiotis Argirou on charges of setting up a terrorist organization, moral responsibility for explosions at the houses of Panagiotis Hinofotis and the couple Arseni-Katseli and the offices of the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrakis in thessalniki, as well as manufacturing and possessing explosives.Sentenced to 25 years in prison out of a total combined sentence of 77 years.

-Giorgos Karagiannidis, Sentenced to 20 years in prison out of a total combined sentence of 32 years, Panagiotis Massouras, sentenced to 11 years and 6 months in prison out of a total combined sentence of 19 years, Konstantina Karakatsani, sentenced to 11 years in prison out of a total combined sentence of 19 yearsAlexandros Mitrousias, sentenced to 11 years in prison out of a total combined sentence of 19 years, of being involved in the explosion at the Katselis house in Athens violation of the law on explosives and manufacture and possession of an explosive device placed in the home of the Arsenis-Katseli couple.

-Manolis Giospas for individual acts (robbery, theft, forgery) whose acquittal was requested by the prosecutor, three-year suspended sentence.
-The court found innocent because of lack of evidence (not proven) charges against Nikos Vogiatzakis and Errikos Rallis.

Bologna, Italy - Five of the six Furoiluogo anarchists released to house arrest


source: la Repubblica
The aggravating charge of conspiracy has been dropped, so the anarchists of Fuoriluogo can get house arrest. This was decided by the judge for preliminary investigations Andrea Scarpa concerning the five comrades of the Bologna anarchist place Fuoriluogo arrested on charges of criminal association.
Stefania Carolei, 55, Nicusor Roman, 31, Anna Maria Pistolesi, 36, Martino Trevisan, 25, Roberto Ferro, 25, will therefore come out of prison. They are accused of having promoted, organized and managed an organization that found itself at the centre 'Fuoriluogo'(whose premises have been put under sequestration) 'aimed at carrying out violence, injury, damage, non-authorised events'.
Magdalena Calore, remains in prison, living in Padua Ferrara, who had not made a request for the attenuation of the measure through her lawyer.

Monday 18 July 2011

Aberdour, Fife, Scotland - Police seize 30 litres of alcohol from schoolchildren celebrating the end of term on Scottish beach


14/07/2011 - The party turned to mayhem as youngsters got drunk on a Blue Flag beach in Fife.
Around 300 teenagers descended on Aberdour’s Silber Sands beach last Saturday to celebrate the end of the school year.
Some of the youngsters then raced cars around a nearby field, running off as the police arrived.
John Burrell, secretary of the community council, said only the alertness of police and their fast response prevented “far worse mayhem”.
“There were in excess of 300 youngsters there – that was what the police said – but some estimate it was more.”
Councillor Alice McGarry said it was “depressing” to learn that young teens were involved in the disturbances.
She said: “It gets a bit wild at the end of term and it was a general mess.”

Armazi, Georgia - 75-year-old woman arrested for single-handedly cutting off the internet in Georgia and Armenia


Hayastan Shakarian was arrested for single-handedly cutting off the Internet in Georgia and Armenia on March 28.
In a case that has attracted worldwide interest, pensioner Hayastan Shakarian is accused of forcing thousands of people in both countries offline for hours after hacking into a fibre-optic cable while digging for scrap metal.
But Shakarian, a Georgian of Armenian origin, told AFP that she was just a "poor old woman" who was not capable of committing such a crime.
"I did not cut this cable. Physically, I could not do it," she said, repeatedly bursting into tears as she spoke.
Ms Shakarian, who lives in the poverty-stricken Georgian village of Armazi, around 10 miles from the capital Tbilisi, said that she had only been collecting firewood.
"I have no idea what the internet is," she added.
The pensioner has been charged with damaging property and could face up to three years in prison if convicted.
"My mother is innocent. She is crying all the time. She is so scared," said her son, Sergo Shakarian.
The Georgian interior ministry said that despite her claims to innocence, Ms Shakarian had already confessed to cutting the fibre-optic cable.
The company that owns the fibre-optic cable, Georgian Railway Telecom, said that the damage was serious, causing 90 per cent of private and corporate internet users in neighbouring Armenia to lose access for nearly 12 hours while also hitting Georgian internet service providers.

The episode is a timely reminder that all it takes in our hi-tech world to shut down thousands of companies for a day is a determined old lady with a spade.
Research carried out in October 2010 by Avanti Communications offered a snapshot of just how fundamental the internet had become to businesses.The survey of companies worldwide suggested only 1% could function adequately without the internet.
More than a quarter (27%) of those surveyed said they could not function at all if the internet went down, and one in five said a week without being online would be the death of their company.
"In the past, network downtime might have prevented a batch of communication at the end of the day," says Chris Kimm, vice-president network field operations EMEA at Verizon Business.
"Today it could mean no phones, no e-mail, no customer database, no ordering systems, no supply chain visibility and effectively, no capability to conduct business."
Ian Finlay, group chief information officer at Claranet, says: "The key message is if you are going to avoid the worst you have plan for it and for each business the worst will be different."
Broken cable duct Fibre optic cables that lie on top of utility pipes are at risk whenever work is done near them

Some solutions on offer are quite straightforward. One network provider, Geo, runs all its cable through the Victorian sewers in London.
This solves one of the major problems that makes telecoms lines in many countries susceptible to being cut - they are laid on top of utility pipes.
Not only does this mean they are mere centimetres under the ground - but whenever repairs are done to utilities, the workmen have to get past the fibre optic wires first, meaning inevitable incidences of cuts.
Other technologies on offer to providers - which will in turn help their customer stay connected - are mind-boggling.
For example, a company called OptaSense offers to stop potential breaks in service by listening to any threats as they approach.
Using advanced sonar techniques, the company converts the fibre optic cable carrying the precious internet signal into an acoustic microphone.
It can then tell the network provider exactly what is getting too close for comfort - be it a vehicle, human footsteps, digging or drilling.

Gross Lüsewitz, nr Rostock, Germany - GM crop sites raided and destroyed


18/07/2011 - On the night of 9 July, half a dozen masked attackers overpowered the security guard watching over test fields in Gross Lüsewitz, near Rostock, reported Science Now.
They then destroyed a field of wheat resistant to fungal diseases and a field of potatoes engineered to produce cyanophycin, an amino acid polymer that could potentially be used to make plastics.
The fields were part of a trial funded by the German government to develop a more-efficient testing system for gm crops. Two nights later, a dozen attackers threatened guards with pepper spray and bats at a demonstration garden in Üplingen, in the state of Saxony-Anhalt.
They destroyed a field of potatoes and trampled wheat and maize. Police estimate the damages from the attacks at more than €250,000. No suspects have been arrested.

Manchester, UK - Two prisoners escape from jail van


18/07/2011 - Two prisoners have escaped from a jail van after it was ambushed by armed men on the outskirts of Manchester city centre.
..The pair were being transported to Liverpool Crown Court, where they were on trial.
The men, both from Liverpool, stand accused of conspiracy to possess firearms with intent to endanger life.
A spokesperson for security firm G4S said: "At around 0820 BST, one of our prisoner escorting vehicles was involved in an incident on the outskirts of Manchester.
"The vehicle, which was en-route to Liverpool Crown Court carrying two prisoners, was intercepted by several armed men wearing balaclavas.
"The men stopped the vehicle, assaulted the driver and forced him to open the vehicle and release the prisoners, who then escaped in another vehicle.
"Our crew immediately alerted police. The injured driver, who was struck on the head, has been taken to hospital where his condition is being assessed."

Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia - Night of attacks on army and police units. 14 year old boy killed by 'stray bullet'


18/07/2011 - TUNIS - A child was killed and at least two other people were seriously injured in violent disturbances that occurred in the night from Sunday to Monday in the town of Sidi Bouzid, a town in west-central Tunisia where the popular uprising sparked that brought down the regime of Ben Ali in January, reported Monday the official news agency TAP.
The 14-year-old victim was hit by a "stray bullet" in clashes between police and protesters..the police had earlier tried unsuccessfully to disperse the crowd of demonstrators.
According to TAP, demonstrators attacked local army units and police with throwing Molotov cocktails and stones around 22h00 Sunday, blocking the road and setting fire to tyres, which led the military to retaliate by carrying out warning shots.
Nine people were arrested.
Vandalism and clashes continued until dawn Monday. Military reinforcements were dispatched to the scene while a military helicopter scoured the skies above the city.
The TAP also reported the theft of motorcycles and six cars from the police and municipal depots and damage to vehicles that were there. Official documents were also destroyed. Protesters set fire to one of the stolen cars in the main street of the city and smashed shop fronts.
Calm seemed to return Monday morning in Sidi Bouzid, the agency notes, however, a tense situation in the city of Regueb, about thirty kilometers from Sidi Bouzid.
The Sidi Bouzid disorders occured in the wake of an outbreak of violence in several cities in northern and central Tunisia.
The most serious violence took place in Menzel-Burgundian, 70 km north of Tunis where, according to the Interior Ministry, four members of security forces were seriously injured.

Kreuzberg, Berlin - Remembering Carlo Giuliani. Police pelted with stones, bottles and fireworks


17/07/2011 - Police were pelted with stones, bottles and fireworks during a demo to remember the murder of Italian comrade Carlo Giuliani at the G8 summit in Genoa. 34 police were injured.

Berlin, Germany - Police station hit by firebombs

Act for freedom now!

July 14, 2011 - A police station in Berlin was hit yesterday by firebombs.
A slogan in remembrance of Carlo Giuliani was spraypainted on a wall of the police station.
The police station in a northern district of Berlin is from the Landeskriminalamt (LKA).
The two entrance doors have been hit by incendiary devices which destroyed the entrances.
On the wall of the police station was a slogan spraypainted for Carlo Giuliani.

Mapu Lafken - CAM claims incendiary attacks in Mapuche territory

culmine/war on society

15/07/2011 - To national and international public opinion:
We declare, in the light of the most recent acts of resistance occurring in the Mapu Lafken, in the province of Arauco, the following:
One: We claim responsibility for the total arson of a house belonging to a winka usurper in the Coihueco, lake Lleu-Lleu area.
We also claim the total arson of an encampment of the forestry brigade of Arauco Forest, Peleco area and the attack against four forestry trucks that are in the paid service of La Fortuna (Huentelolen) farm, Lanalhue area.
Two: With these actions we reaffirm our commitment of struggle and resistance against investments in forestry, mining, landowning and energy, national and transnational, in our ancestral Mapuche territory.
Three: We demand the immediate freedom of all our Mapuche Political Prisoners and the immediate restitution of our ancestral Mapuche territory.
With our heroes Leftraru, Lemun, Catrileo, Collío and others, with the dignity of our prisoners and persecuted, we advance toward Mapuche National Liberation.
Organ of Lafkenche Territorial Resistance.
Arauco Malleco Mapuche Coordinator.

London, UK - Swiss Embassy in London attacked in May solidarity with Silvia, Billy and Costa

actforfreedomnow/silvia, billy costa liberi

On the night of Monday 30th May 2011 the Swiss Embassy in London was attacked – Locks were glued and bricks were thrown at the windows.
May the damaged locks and broken glass represent our solidarity with Silvia, Billy and Costa.
Freedom for all!

Wednesday 13 July 2011

Ouled Djellal (Biskra), Algeria - Sonelgaz headquarters and nine service vehicles set fire to by protestors furious because of power shortages


12/07/2011 - "On the night of Monday to Sunday at 22:30, the people of Ouled Djellal, exasperated by repeated power cuts and other outages, went into action.
They set fire to the headquarters of Sonelgaz after wounding two security guards who tried to protect the institution; they were hospitalized. We also deplore the burning of no less than nine service vehicles and two cars parked in the parking Sonelgaz. Administrative furniture, desks, computers, documents and other records were thrown into the street and burned by rioters. Even the store that housed supplies and electrical parts has not escaped the devastating fury of the protesters. Initially it was, it seems, that cuts and load shedding made Sunday by the department management of the power transmission network (GRTE) based in Setif, were to avoid the blackout in many parts of the east, which are the source of the ire of the citizens of Ziban.
Some say that the culprit is Chakib Khelil, the former energy minister, who would not agree in the 2000's to power plants paramount to the "economic development" gargled by power, for plants running on natural gas demanded and required by all the people of Ziban, local authorities in the lead. His answer was this: "I cannot give power to Ziban, if not all other wilayas will ask the same thing. But I assure you, we are building half a dozen stations on the coast to export electricity to Europe. ""

Bandung, Indonesia - Cells of International Conspiracy for Revenge claim responsibility for ATM fiebombings

325 nostate

325 receives and transmits:
July 6th, 2011 - Bandung, Indonesia – Cells of International Conspiracy for Revenge, a few days ago, have claimed responsibility by spreading leaflets surrounding the ATM BNI firebombings. The leaflet is almost the same tone as in Makassar and Manado:
“PT Indomining (Bima) has been brutally repressing the local population, Jogja Magasa International wants to evict 30,000 farmers in Kulon Progo. Farmers in Takalar are facing the threat of land-grabbing. These actions are carried out in a brutal way, including shootings, terror, sexual harassment as well as the various forms of repression that we never hear about in the mainstream media.
That’s not surprising because these capitalist-bureaucratic companies do not care about anything except making their wallet thicker!”
“Our attacking of an ATM (bank) is an important target, because banks are always involved in financing natural resources and the repression of the people in the name of capital! We have no intention of injuring anyone, the destruction of property is not violence! No mercy for the forces of repression! No mercy for the State and Capitalism.”
May the Social War escalate and we forgot to mentioned comrades in Greece, Italy, or anywhere else but you all know our hearts are with you.
Got Ist Tot – Free Association of Individualist-Communists.
Salute to: Revolutionary Organisation – Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. The Revolutionary Struggle. The Chilean insurrectionists. Giannis Dimitrakis and Polykarpos Georgiades, our hearts are with you!
Long Live the Rebellion and stay free. And with this statement we claim to join the RO-FAI, Indonesian Section.

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) - Mass illegal demo against the Dictatorship

325 nostate

12/07/2011 - 325 receives and transmits from a Malaysian comrade :

“… i send this news not because i agree with the objective of this civil liberation organization but more importantly, we are involved in the protest because of its support from ordinary people who are against the repression from authorities and the dictatorship government.”

Latest News :
On 9 July, BERSIH (Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections, it is a coalition of leftists, NGOs and activist groups that advocates changes in the elections laws) made a rally which should have been a peaceful protest about electoral reform changes, the authority instead made Kuala Lumpur city into a police state. All road access has been blocked, shops and office buildings entirely been shut down for almost 16 hours. Public transport like trains being stopped in their services almost for every city station.
The police deploy almost 7000 officers with 3 helicopter unit. At night they start searching and arrest supporters and those are who are sleeping in hotels around the city, before the rally almost 250 people have been detained. At the end of the rally day, the number arrested increased up to 1500 people. 1 old citizen was dead after he fell down from a ladder in KLCC building when he tried to runaway from tear gas which was fired, police claim the death was caused by his personal health.
Almost all left political parties and organization leaders were arrested before the rally started. But people spontaneously organize themselves to rally arou city from Petaling street until KLCC roads. Estimates of the Bersih-supporting marchers put the figures at anything between 20,000 to 40,000 people; the government only claims 6000 people. Police used heavy violent force against the marches.
They shot tear gas inside a closed building (train station) which could have caused death because of that room full with people and shot tear gas direct to body protester, they also fired tear gas in hospital building after protester run away from the street. The rally ends up at 5 pm after the long march around.
Of course, objective of this rally only give more benefit to leftist politician, but for ordinary people their objective is that they just want to prove to other Malaysians that there are possibilities to make a social revolution. And also to show the truth of dictatorship rule in this country.

Link about leftist coalition for some info –

Nicosia, Cyprus - A note on the demonstration to the presidential palace


12/07/2011 – There were about 3-4 thousand people on the demostration. It started by Freedom Square and went to the Presidential palace where there were episodes with Far right-wing elements pushing the railings and throwing stones at police. The police responded with tear gas and chased the people who returned an hour later, the same again on a larger scale. Generally the stage reminded everyone of the Right Opposition against AKEL [communist party]... football hooligan style. Many fascists (pansyfi APOEL and Elam -Cyprus neo-fasists) took full advantage of the event. But there were also many ignorant people who participated, hopefully not too carried away by nationalistic bullshit.
Comrades were involved early on distributing leaflets against the army and power.
The explosives were made to kill in the oil war for the West to have a good time. Either here or elsewhere they were destined to cause death.
Let's boycott the militaristic machinery.
No army in Cyprus!

Nicosia, Cyprus - THIS IS THE ARMY, THIS IS THE CEMETRY. Leaflet given out at the demonstration in Nicosia following the explosion at the naval base

athens indymedia, translated by actforfreedomnow/sysiphus

12/07/2011 - The following  text  is what was in today's meeting. Printed in 1,000 copies and distributed in the streets of downtown Nicosia and at the protest that took place in Eleutherias Square.

The morning of Monday 11 July a strong explosion in the naval base "Evangelos Florakis" resulted in death including 6 firefighters, 2 soldiers (sailors) and injuring several others. The explosion is the result of criminal negligence of "competent" authorities that were aware of the problem. They chose to do nothing, it seems to avoid some costs of security measures. Of course, having unleashed an incredible witch hunt against the rebellious, they were too busy to deal with the minor issue of an imminent deadly accident.
This contempt for human life is nothing new in this world. We meet it every day at school, in the army [There is still 2 years obligatory military service in Cyprus for all young men], at work - everywhere. The explosion in the naval base was a condensation of these concepts in a murderous time.
The degradation of human life and dignity is deeply intertwined with a sense of militarism and the military machine. The army is an institution built to kill, whether in war or at borders or as "peacekeeping missions" (see Iraq, Bosnia etc). Not only does it kill people but through the imposition of nationalism, hierarchy and strict discipline, it manipulates and kills consciences. As students we can only see it as a continuation of the brainwashing done in schools. An attempt to shape us according to their standards in order to become obedient slaves of the system and all power.
Reference to the criminal past of the Cypriot army deserves to be made, (after which it is at least hypocritical and contradictory to think that only now it is negative) and in Cyprus there is a long list of suicide of soldiers (apart from the psychological problems caused to soldiers) and "accidents", the interweaving and cooperation with the military junta (Greece '67 - '73) and participation in the coup of '74 with tragic consequences.
So much for the National Guard. But in Cyprus there is a theatre of the absurd, since we have neither one nor two, but six armies! (E/K - Greek Cypriot, ELDYK, TOURDYK, Turkish Cypriot, UN and NATO - British bases). Six armed forces on a small island! Why? Because the military is an integral part of a hierarchical system, imposition and oppression, exploitation and social control. In Cyprus, the armies have a very important role in the promotion and perpetuation of ethnic hatred and divisions in the interest of power, who profit on the backs of society under the pretext of the Cyprus issue.
And as for those asking for demissions and making demands, we say that such a logic is simply a way to manipulate people's reactions and reduce them to entreaties to the government. It is necessary to dispel the illusion that a different administration would have another result. Do not blame only some individual ministers and other "responsible" but the whole State system, and all concepts that underpin it. The perceptions that put money above human life, preserve national divisions and military madness and support the incredible cannibalism imposed by the armed forces in uniform worldwide. Our only hope lies in the resistance against any military machine in any power for a free world without borders, without armies, without this disgusting disregard for human life.

PS We send our solidarity with the recruits and those who are forced to suffer the brutality and authoritarian imposition of the army. No hostage in the hands of the armed State!

Student group SKAPOULA (Escaped)

Tuesday 12 July 2011

NICOSIA, Cyprus - Hundreds of protestors stopped by riot police 100 metres from presidential palace


12/07/2011 -- Several hundred marchers have forced their way into the grounds of the Cypriot presidential palace in Nicosia, during a protest over a fatal blast at a naval base that killed 12[military, including 2 commanders, and firemen].
Protesters were stopped by riot police at an inner gate about 100 meters from the palace. Minor scuffles broke out between a few stone-throwing youths and police who fired tear gas.
It was unclear whether President Dimitris Christofias was in the building.
The invasion followed a peaceful march late Tuesday by some 10,000 people shouting slogans and carrying placards reading "Negligence is criminal."
Monday's massive explosion of seized gunpowder wrecked a key power plant and forced the resignations of the defense minister and top military chief. Authorities have ruled out sabotage.
Evangelos Florakis naval base in Mari, Cyprus, Monday July 11, 2011. A huge explosion tore through a Cypriot National Guard naval base causing widespread damage, the Defense Ministry said. At least 10 people were feared dead. A bush fire ignited gunpowder stored in containers that Cypriot authorities confiscated in 2009 from a ship sailing off its coast. The ship, the Cypriot-flagged Monchegorsk, had been suspected of heading from Iran to Syria, with gunpowder destined for Gaza. It was seized in February 2009.
TWELVE dead and 62 injured – two seriously – the island’s main power station destroyed and significant damage to private properties, were the result of what appears to be criminal negligence on behalf of officials who left containers full of munitions exposed to the elements for more than two years.
The huge explosion at the Evangelos Florakis naval base at Mari in the early hours Monday killed the navy chief and the base commander along with four other sailors and six fire-fighters, who had been battling a blaze around 98 containers full of munitions ‘stored’ by being stacked together and exposed to the elements.
Making things worse, the munitions were stacked near the island’s main power station, which yesterday seemed to be all but destroyed, sparking a chain reaction that is expected to deal a severe blow to the island’s already ailing economy. The immediate effects were rolling power and water cuts islandwide.
Around 150 people in the village of Mari and the surrounding area have been left in need of shelter for the next few days at least.

Paris, France - Militias in the 11th arrondissement

Paris s'éveille

It was in the law. Section 113 of the Loppsi, adopted in March, allowing the mobilization of "citizen volunteers," whether for the "civilian reserve" of the police or the gendarmerie, as "citizens relay" or " volunteers ", but payed up to 90 days a year. Tax and social security contributions exempt...
A few months later, the inevitable happened: the militias are in our streets!
What do you see? A simple demonstration of badly housed, "a dozen mothers and some activists DAL" attacked by "thirty plainclothes police" with "police" cuff.
How are these new "undercover police"? "Obviously inexperienced." "They look like students" ...
How do they behave? They are "racist." Some of them, the most "uncontrollable" are removed during the operation.
Left wing town council ... The poorest, most ill-housed, ragpickers (ie traders on the run) are the object of this persecution. Tunisians have been chased from the gymnasium where they were sheltering for months, rue de la Fontaine au Roi, and access has been closed with tricolour (French flag)ribbons.
Also the 11th, right-wing council dared to drastically reduce the budget dedicated to the homeless, the only centre in the great city of Paris, where dozens of places (38) were available to women. Even when not only the number of homeless is increasing steadily, but they are now both men and women. The city,left wing, washes its hands.
The left are thinking of campaigning by making war on the poor?
And with what means? The mobilization of racist militias?

Morningside, Scotland - Residents block path of trucks and halt installation of mobile phone mast


06/07/2011 - MORNINGSIDE residents have brought work on a mobile phone mast to a halt by blocking construction traffic from driving over their land.
Greenbank Village householders awoke to find massive steel tracks being laid over communal garden land running into a nearby field, where a "temporary" 50ft mast is set to be erected.
When contractors yesterday attemped to take materials over the 300ft steel path, they were thwarted by a group who are angry that they had not been informed about either the installation of the mast or the use of their land.
The residents initially blocked the path of the trucks with furniture before contractors agreed to halt work.

Vienna, Austria - Have you ever squatted the heart of the beast?

received by sysiphus

12/07/2011 - In the past couple of days, a group of people in Vienna, fed up of the increasing daily repression of life and the lack of free social space, have taken over an abandoned building in the Ottakring part of the city. Ottrakring is ground zero of Real Estate speculation in Vienna. The people are also fed up of rising rents and abusive landlords in Vienna. We are also fed up with how the city government not only unconditionally supports the landlords but also how the city is doing less and less to help tenants and other social layers who find life in Vienna more and more unbearable. We're comprised of Austrians, immigrants, women, men, youth, middle aged, students, workers and unemployed. We are artists, intellectuals, and free thinkers. We represent a true microcosm of Vienna and Austria.
Vienna is one of the few capitals of Western Europe with a significant lack of Free House Projects / Squats and Community Centres. London, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin, just to name a few cities, all have these spaces. Therefore we call for all those that have Free House Projects/Squats and Free Community Centres to come to Vienna to support us and to help us keep the house. Vienna is one of the most important cities of the world. It is the 3rd Seat of UNO. Vienna also serves as the headquarters of OPEC and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Austria is the second richest Euro Zone country and the 6th richest country in the world. With all this wealth, the Austrian State and City of Vienna says there is no money for social housing. Yet Vienna can spend millions of Euros to host the World Economic Forum, where in June, leading European banks discussed the carve up of markets in Southeastern Europe. Vienna plays a key role in the neo-colonisation of Central and Eastern Europe. While Austria serves as a junior partner and helps to conceal the role of Germany's planned domination of Eastern and Southeastern Europe by finally achieving the Nazi objective of Lebensraum, Austria uses the EU as a mechanism to re-establish the Habsburg Empire which was defeated and destroyed at the conclusion of the First World War. The impoverishment of the masses in Hungary, Roumania, Bulgaria and the Republics of former Yugoslavia is a direct result of political and economic decisions made in Austria.
Yet. there is no money for community centres for youth, women and other oppressed groups. There is no money for media education. The few places which exist are too small and too weak. The rules and regulations to become an officially recognised "Association" (Verein in German) are complex, bureaucratic and forces a dependency upon the official structures of the state.
Until a decade ago Ottakring was one of the least desirable parts of the city to live in. It's the historical district of the proletariat and lumpen-proletariat. In recent decades, Ottakring has become one of the largest immigrant districts of Vienna with migrants mostly from the former Yugoslavia and other Balkan lands. Since the past decade, Ottrakring has become the centre of a Real Estate speculative frenzy. The poor and the migrants are slowly being priced out of the district.
We want a truly free, independent and autonomous space in Vienna. We are actually doing a community and public service which the Austrian State and City of Vienna should be doing in the first place, of course don't expect anything from the city or the state! We are people dedicated into remodelling the building using our own resources and labour to create a space for living, working, education and food for the community and society at large. We do not support capitalism nor do we have the illusion of reforming capitalism. The era of reformism is past. All across Europe, Finance Capital is using the state to take away all of our social and economic rights which our parents, grand parents and ancestors fought and died for. We are taking what is rightfully ours. Housing is a human right. Food is a human right. We are not begging for what belongs to us naturally. We are asserting our fundamental human rights. We are not criminals nor are we terrorists. We simply want to live as social human beings and to take the first step of creating a new society. The same struggles and day to day oppression which take place in Athens, Madrid, Dublin occur here in Vienna. Vienna is also caught in the web of totalitarian capitalism under the Neo-Feudal Corporate Fascist State. The financial aristocracy (oligarchy) is the same everywhere. Every country and every city in Europe is under occupation by Finance Capital. Like most countries in Europe, Austria confronts the ever growing support for the far right and neo-fascist parties. This house is actively anti-racist and anti-fascist. It is also a zone of anti-sexism, a space where women can be free and comfortable. This is also a house where human sexuality is free regardless of sexual orientation. Therefore, we send this call to all groups across Europe to come to Vienna immediately. We call on all Squatters, Autonomous, Women's Collectives, LGBT, Syndicalists , Antifa, etc. groups to travel to Vienna and support our House! We have plenty of space for hundreds of people to sleep. We also need tools, food, supplies, ideas, strategies and above all numbers to help us keep this building. In short, we are calling for active physical solidarity. This is an urgent call as by the next couple of days the city will begin moves to evict us. If we have more than 200 people, we will be able to repel the city from evicting us by force. WE HAVE STRENGTH IN NUMBERS! Vienna does not have a history of violent confrontations with the state. Riots seldom happen here. This is why we need large numbers as the Austrian police have no experience with dealing with large organised resistance. We need help from comrades in Berlin and France who have experience in defence in the face of police intimidation.
One Advantage of the legal situation in vienna is that to be inside a squatted house is not a crime, only the failure to comply with the order to leave is a misdemeanor, fines normally don't exceed around 100 Euros. The House is located at Roseggergasse 1 in the 16th District of Vienna. It is easily reachable by the U3 Metro station Kendlergasse.
For more information visit:
email: autonomeszentrum[a]

Sunday 10 July 2011

Florence, Italy - Attack on drilling machine inside Tav destruction site

la nazione

07/-7/2011 - A demonstrative but disturbing gesture. Last night a five-litre jerry can containing petrol was found leaning against the iron girdle of a machine that drills the cores inside the building site on the TAV Pacinotti area at via Pacinotti. Around midnight a passerby saw flames rising from the tank and called the fire department. Along with the tank, there has appeared on the wall of a building in the Campo di Marte the words "black bloc is the people, no to the Tav." In the vicinity of the site another slogan could be read:''It's Spring in the Susa Valley - No Tav now and never''and''The rebels in the citie will not sleep.'' Next to it there is' a symbol of the collectives.
Turning off the start of the fire was not a problem, but the nature of the gesture led the firefighters to immediately notify the police. According to investigators, the most likely hypothesis is that someone entered the site, accessing it from above, from Ponte del Pino, which goes right to the point where, the tank was found. Which was therefore placed against a digger, without being launched. This reconstruction, if confirmed, would pose new problems for the security of the Tav construction site, which, in Florence, involves two large areas on the surface, to the north and south of the city. The gesture of intimidation occurred in the south, at the Campo di Marte, where, in a few months, the "mole" will begin to dig a tunnel of seven kilometres.
Ongoing investigations on the matrix of the gesture: a challenge to the work of TAV or a 'warning' for the hearing this morning in court against members of the antagonist area accused of previous damage.