One fine morning, the faithful lackey, who has hitherto identified completely with his master, leaps on his oppressor and slits his throat. RV

Tuesday 29 March 2011

Keratea, southeast of Athens, Greece - Firebombs and rocks against riot police around landfill site


30/03/2011 - Tension peaked near Keratea, southeast of Athens, on Tuesday as hundreds of residents clashed with riot police deployed to oversee the removal of a large pile of rubble from a major road linking the nearby port of Lavrio to the capital.
The residents, who have been violently protesting the planned construction of a landfill in their area for the past three months, had piled the rubble on the road on Monday. According to sources, the move had been a reaction to news that authorities were planning to send in bulldozers to start work on building the landfill. There is also speculation that comments by Interior Minister Yiannis Ragousis in an interview with Kathimerini over the weekend - expressing the government’s resolve to push ahead with the landfill project - might have triggered the residents’ vehement reaction.
Tuesday’s clashes began early on Tuesday when protesters set fire to a bulldozer sent to clear the road of rubble. At around 3 p.m., the town’s church bells rang out and residents used megaphones to call on locals to join the protest.
Hundreds of demonstrators of all ages fought police around Lavriou Avenue and in fields around the landfill site and on the outskirts of the town and hurled firebombs and rocks at riot officers. The force sent six riot police buses to the site to fortify an already strong police presence. They said that four officers were injured in the clashes though it remained unclear how many protesters had been hurt.

Athens, Greece - Symbolic occupation of the Chilean consultancy for the Chilean comrades on hunger strike


28/03/2011 - The Chilean consultancy in Athens has been symbolically occupied as a token of solidarity to the imprisoned fighters who are on hunger strike since the 21st of February in Chile, accused in the “Caso Bombas”
Andrea Urzúa, Camilo Pérez, Carlos Riveros,
Felipe Guerra, Francisco Solar, Mónica Caballero,
Rodolfo Retamales, Vinicio Aguilera, Omar Hermosilla.
We do not forget their struggle. With our fist raised high we send them greetings and wish them strength and courage until freedom.
from the occupied consultancy

Dhaka, Bangladesh - Rickshaw-pullers attack over 100 vehicles

Dhaka, Mar 28 — Malibagh is just within five-minute walking distance from Razarbagh Police Lines. But no police were seen during the time when rickshaw-pullers vandalised over 100 vehicles on the road stretching from Purana Paltan to Rampura via Malibagh.
Driver 'Slahuddin', whose car was vandalised, told that there were only two traffic policemen in the area when the demonstrating rickshaw-pullers broke all the window glasses of his car on Monday noon.
"They vandalised one car after another but no police was seen," he alleged.
'Jasim', salesman of a Mouchak Market shop, alleged that the demonstrators attacked a vehicle carrying schoolchildren.
Rickshaw-pullers and owners went on the rampage during demonstrations against a government decision that made the three-wheelers out of bounds on the streets.
Witnesses said the demonstrators forming small groups damaged vehicles with sticks, rods and brickbats.
All the shops in the area were shut during the destruction as panic spread over the people.
The demonstrators, however, left the area when transport workers, local hawkers and shop employees started to gather around 12:30pm.

Bologna, Italy - Three bombs explode outside Eni offices


(ANSA) – Bologna, MARCH 29 – Three crude bombs exploded last night outside the offices of Eni in Bologna. A fourth bomb failed to explode. Three windows were destroyed and two electrical boxes were burnt. According to initial police findings, the bombers used five litre jerry cans of petrol with large firecrackers tied to packages of matches attached to a fuse. A claim of responsibility was not found.

Seneffe, Gent, Leuven (Belgium) - Vehicles in flames

suie e cendres

Seneffe - Eight trucks go up in flames
29/03/2011 - SENEFFE - During the night, fire destroyed a hangar and eight trucks in the industrial zoning of Seneffe.
Gent - Car of PM smashed
27/03/2011 - GENT - At the entrance of the house of Flemish PM Johan Deckmyn (of the fascist party), his car was smashed during the night. The PM denounces also two other acts against him: during the elections, his promotion panels were destroyed while later on, a Christian cross was thrown through the windows of his front door.
Leuven - Two cars on fire on university
24/03/2011 - LEUVEN - During the night, two cars were completely destroyed by fire. The cars were parked on the universitary campus of the Catholic University of Leuven.

Brussels, Belgium - small riots during anti-austerity demos

suie e cendres

BRUSSELS - 20 000 people responded to the call of the unions to protest in the margins of the eurosummit against the austerity measures. The demonstrations came from four different spots in the city, converging in the centre. More or less all traffic was blocked.
Incidents occurred in the street of the ministries and offices. For two hours, masked and unmasked demonstrators threw stones, bottles and fireworks at the cops. Cops used the water cannon and teargas to disperse the crowd, which failed. Two persons were arrested, one for rebellion and another one for trying to take photographic material from the cops. The windows of some ministries and an office were smashed.

Thessaloniki, Greece - Max Mara shop attacked


Last night (23rd - 24th of march) we threw stones at the windows of the Max Mara Shop in Thessaloniki, Greece.
In red spray-paint we left the message "Animal Liberation!".
After a few minutes when the cops arrived we have already been eating vegan Pizza.
With this action we want to support the Max Mara Campaign.
Just to let you know: There is a "Max & Co" Shop just around the corner...
Stop selling fur! For total liberation!


Bologna, Italy - Incendiary device against IBM headquarters


from the daily "Il Resto del Carlino" of 27/03/2011 an article concerning what happened at an IBM premises the night before...

..The bomb was placed in a stairwell in the basement of the building housing IBM, at the level of the garage, near an electrical panel. The same complex houses the command of the Nas, but the offices are closed at night. In theory the area is only accessible to persons with keys or remote control, but the attackers may simply have taken advantage of a car leaving to enter the basement, only to disappear through a side door. The blaze started around 2.30, and the remote fire alarm went off in an operations centre in Milan. The signal was immediately sent to the supervisory institute La Patria, which sent its own patrol. The guards found the room filled with smoke and averted the fire brigade and police. When the smoke thinned, everything became clear. On one wall the attackers left the signature "Elf" with green paint. Investigators believe it is the acronym for Earth Liberation Front, a radical eco-terrorism movement known internationally, but it has not been specified whether they left any other references.
The main hypothesis is that the action falls within the campaign for the release of three anarchist prisoners in Switzerland. On April 15 it will be exactly one year since their arrest: Luca Bernasconi, Costantino Ragusa and Silvia Guerini, according to Swiss investigators, were preparing an attack at IBM and had Elf signed propaganda material. Already incendiary attacks on 6 October and 12 December against a repeater for cell phones and the Roadhouse Grill restaurant have been "dedicated" to them. These days, however, another anniversary that the anarchist galaxy recalls with particular devotion. At dawn on March 28, 1998 the squatter Edoardo Massari known as Baleno, suspected of terrorist acts against the high-speed rail, was found hanged in his cell at the prison of le Vallette. Another story of a past that always comes back.

Nottingham (UK) - Police station attacked

325 nostate

28 March 2011 - “Last night just after midnight police station on Wollaton Road, Nottingham was attacked with glass jars filled with black paint. We send this loving kiss to Jock Palfreeman and all those who represented for the eternal struggle against domination on the streets of London this weekend.
We chose our target to emphasise the fragility and weakness of the state. If their first line of defence can be hurt with such ease then cracks in the status quo will grow and begin to bleed. We view the cops as the security guards of capitalists, protecting property, reinforcing white supremacy and state control. With this action we show their inability to protect themselves.
As things get worse, as the divisions between the capitalists and the rest become deeper and more entrenched the fascism inherent in any police force will become ever more clear. As this become the case it will be important for us to know in our angry little hoodlum hearts that we can strike back whenever we choose to.
In doing this we did not forever alter the state of things, but we did forever alter the strength and resolve within ourselves as we prepare for all out social war.
The love in our hearts is offered up with this action to Jock Palfreeman imprisoned by the Bulgarian arm of state power for refusing to cower in the face of racism and fascism. Also to the 14 Chilean anarchists currently on hunger strike, physically captured by the industrial prison complex, but still free in their hearts and strong in their resistance. We won’t let them be forgotten.
Finally to those who rebelled against state control on the streets of London, those black clad lovers and fighters who strove to liberate themselves. Solidarity to those who were arrested on Saturday.
Not because they’re innocent.
Not because they’re peaceful.
But because they’re comrades.”
Petty Vandals

Monday 28 March 2011

Vancouver, Canada - Anarchists Cause Disturbance at Chilean Consulate


On March 22nd, anarchists in Vancouver, Canada – Occupied Coast Salish Territories, caused a disturbance at the Chilean Consulate and on the street outside. With this we send a strong embrace to our imprisoned companeros on hunger strike in $hile. 14 anarchists and comrades have been framed with conspiracy charges for incendiary explosive attacks against state and capitalist institutions. Nine began an indefinite hunger strike on February 21. Four Mapuche prisoners re-started hunger strike on March 15th.
In Vancouver, Five people shouted “For freedom! For Anarchy! Let the comrades go!”, banged on the locked door and threw leaflets in the hallway outside of the Consulate. Two people opened the door briefly to grab leaflets off the ground as we were leaving.
Meanwhile, on the street 16 floors below, a group unfurled a banner, wielded black flags and distributed leaflets. Three cops responding to a call from the consulate attempted to inform the group of their rights to protest and to locate a leader, but were met only with our cries for freedom and the chant “Cops, Pigs, Murderers”. We didn’t let our rights as “citizens” set the parameters for our actions, rather, these restrictions imposed by the State are what we seek to undermine through our struggle.
Later we reconvened to distribute information outside the Scotia Bank at Broadway and Commercial Drive. Drivers honked their horns in support and passers by showed interest. Canada's Scotia Bank is expanding it's investments in resource extraction on indigenous land in $hile. As Stephen McDonald, co-chief executive officer of the bank's orgraniztion Scotia Capital put it, "We're going to be more aggressive on that front over the coming years ... We've been underinvested in the mining sector, so we made a commitment to growing it." Mapuche people have been defending their land from the threat of mining for years, specifically in the Leu Leu Lake region.
As anarchists we fight to steal back the means of our existence and destroy the State and Capitalism. We act in solidarity with indigenous struggles for land and freedom as we fight against the same enemies and often share parallel goals.
The struggles of our companeros in prison is only isolated if we let it be so. Inside and outside the struggles continue.
The walls are breaking already with each act of solidarity!
Some Anarchists from Occupied Coast Salish Territories

Read More About the Hunger Strike:

Nine Anarchists and Companeros on Hunger Strike: Chile Day 25

English Information and Updates:

Bristol, UK - Anarchists attack with fire

325 nostate

26/03/2011 - “People take different actions depending on what means they have at hand. While others may choose to picket outside an outlet involved with the publicly acknowledged theft from us all by capital, we ourselves have become a little camera-shy.
We choose our own time and place to suit our means and wish to stay free and off their files in our project to bring the tentacles and apparatus of the system and its social control to the ground. So, both the T-mobile and Vodaphone repeater towers each burned out in Hambrook and Siston Common and Longwell Green. Solidarity to anyone anywhere truly fighting for the death of the living corpse machine (not its remaking) whatever your choice of tactics.”
Fire starter brigade

London, UK - First London Securities attacked in solidarity with Bahrainis


26/03/2011 - “Autonomous action in solidarity with Bahrain uprising. Last night in Mayfair, activists attacked the offices of the multinational investment bank, First London Securities plc, damaging several of its windows.
This target was singled out for having recently acquired Bahrain Capital International plc. It was attacked by ordinary people in the UK acting in solidarity with the Bahraini people in their struggle for social and economic justice and freedom from their oppressive, Saudi-backed monarchy.
We are sickened by the brutal repression of protestors, in particular the assaults on hospitals and medical workers and reports that ambulances were used by security services to fire on Bahraini citizens.
If we see a similar response to future protests in Bahrain we will react with a sustained and uncompromising campaign against Bahraini and Saudi Royal investment companies.”

Sunday 27 March 2011

Algiers - stones and petrol bombs against demolition of homes in ued Koriche suburb


ALGIERS (Reuters) – Police in Algeria's capital used teargas on Wednesday to disperse a crowd of young men who threw stones and petrol bombs to try to stop bulldozers demolishing dozens of illegally built homes.
Clashes over housing are fairly common in Algeria but Wednesday's riot was unusually violent and took place at a time when Algerian authorities are wary of any sign of contagion from the unrest elsewhere in the Arab world.
A police spokesman said 50 officers were injured in the clashes during which rioters also set fire to a car and threw bricks down on police from nearby rooftops.
The confrontation, in the Oued Koriche suburb of Algiers, began when local officials ordered the demolition of more than 30 houses built on publicly-owned land without a permit.
Police in protective gear formed a shield around bulldozers which moved in to demolish the houses, but they came under attack from about 100 young men.
After a few hours all the illegal buildings were knocked down and the confrontation ended.

London, UK - Life in the streets of London!

(pics following)
the vast minority

CLASS War broke out on the streets of London on Saturday, as anarchists attacked banks, shops and other symbols of the parasitical neoliberal elite.
A huge Black Bloc, at least 500 strong, roamed freely through the West End of the British capital, picking off targets at will with bricks, paintbombs and fireworks.
Sporadic police attempts to stop the Bloc were met with robust resistance and cops were forced to retreat on more than one occasion.
As riot cops belatedly caught up with the action, the Bloc made a timely re-entry into the main TUC march, where police were unwilling to follow.
More attacks on banks, and the Ritz hotel, followed - to the general approval of the mainstream anti-cuts protesters.
The successful day of high-profile action was only marred by the uninspiring behaviour of those sheep-like protesters who failed to express any anger at all at the neoliberal assault on their communities.
Right-wing newspaper The Mail on Sunday reported: "Splinter groups broke off from the main body of more than 250,000 demonstrators marching from Victoria Embankment to Hyde Park to launch an assault on the capital’s main shopping district.
"Some were hellbent on storming – or destroying – any London landmarks synonymous with luxury or money. Others targeted companies associated with tax avoidance.
"Hundreds laid siege to The Ritz hotel, attacking it with paint and smokebombs. A Porsche showroom was also smashed up and upmarket department store Fortnum & Mason was occupied by about 1,000 activists.
"On the streets outside, anarchists battled police. Some officers in Oxford Street were attacked with lightbulbs filled with ammonia, a sinister new weapon that can be assembled by following simple instructions on the internet. Other officers were hit with paint and flying bottles."

Turin, Italy - Offices of Eni, accomplice of war and exploitation, stormed


Indymedia piemonte - 22/-3/2011 - at about nine o'clock in the morning, fifteen people stormed the offices of Eni in Course of Palermo, Turin.
Armed with a leaflet, a banner and a megaphone they recalled the role of Eni in Libya, first its collusion with Gaddafi and his suppression that ensured the exploitation of energy resources, then with the U.S., France, Great Britain, Canada and Italy coalition through their "humanitarian" aims to secure a good share of oil and gas in the near future. A clear answer to this: as long as we fail to convince you to poison yourselves with nuclear power it's open war to grab the remaining resources of the planet, in this case in the former colonies.
Then, blocking the traffic, they wrote with liquid chalk on the road in front of the building: "Eni accomplice of war and exploitation."
Needless to say, the agents of the Digos [political police] made their usual comic appearance. Rushed to the scene, they upset the bucket of chalk on to their clothes in an attempt to seize it from those holding it and then, furious, set off on a chase through Porta Palazzo. A few comrades were stopped and to the police station and after keeping them there for hours trying to make out a case to arrest them, however, they failed and had to set them all free.
Here is a passage from the leaflet:

"Neither the government nor the Eni have any problem "of conscience", and the Libyan events this month are a clear example. First Gaddafi was their best ally, the one with which to make those treaties of friendship in exchange for economic deals (including the entry of Eni in Libya) that enrich the exploiters from one side of the Mediterranean to the other, have sanctioned the 'externalization of the defense of the Italian border through Italo-Libyan joint patrols and the construction of detention centres for migrants which from all evidence are concentration camps where men and especially women are tortured. Now that the situation has precipitated the Italian government has [...] turned its back on an old ally and business partner, in order to ensure its presence in the country and its market share .[...] Eni: a guard dog with six legs, ready to change its owner to defend so as to preserve their bone made of gas and oil. "

On either side of the Mediterranean, against the exploiters and the side of the rebellion!

Makassar, Indonesia -multinational McDonald’s windows smashed in solidarity


22 March 2011 - Last night some individuals with stones and bricks smashed every window and door of McDonald’s fast-food multinational in Perintis Kemerdekaan Road, Makassar, causing damages on the front of this multinational restaurant. They left a communique that said:
“We are aware of what you multinationals have done to the people of Kulon Progo, Takalar, Bima, and other places. We are angry and we’ll do more!”

Indonesia - Bank Central Asia attacked with Molotovs

325 nostate

25 March 2011



Arequipa, Peru - 800 villagers opposing Tia Maria mining project take to the hills and attack police

El Comercio

March 23, 2011 - Violent protests in Arequipa: Police clash with residents of Tambo - A group of 800 villagers who oppose the Tia Maria project took to the hills of the Pampa Blanca area and from there threw stones at the PNP
In the province of Islay, Arequipa, in Southern Peru an indefinite strike against the mining project Tia Maria was resumed this morning by villagers.
As reported by the correspondent of Commerce in the area, the education authorities decided to suspend school classes and public institutions have closed their doors to prevent vandalism.
The protesters have moved to the vicinity of the bridge Pampa Blanca, where they have been slowed down by the National Police in their attempt to take a stretch of road.
However, a group of these people, a first calculation is 800, has managed to climb the surrounding hills and from there they are attacking the PNP officers who have had to use tear gas, but which has not risen because the wind is against them.
The Tambo Valley residents are throwing stones with slingshots at police officers.
So far, police have arrested a woman and injured six people, who have been transferred to a medical facility in the industry.

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Karaj, Iran - Mutiny and repression in Ghezel Hesar prison


According to the HRANA [Committee for the Defence of Political Prisoners] group, at least 150 prisoners have been killed following bloody clashes that erupted at Ghezel Hesar in Karaj during the night of 15 March. Thousands of prisoners of units 2 and 3 launched a protest after hearing news of the imminent execution of a dozen co-prisoners.

During the protest approximately 3,000 prisoners tried to destroy the doors of their cells while chanting, “The executions must stop.” Security forces attacked the prison cells, resulting in bloody clashes and the transfer of some prisoners. Reports indicate that prison guards used live ammunition to control the protests. Consequently, nearly eighty prisoners were seriously injured or killed, but the number of those shot is 150 or higher.
..The Committee for the Defence of Political Prisoners reported on March 16th that some people attacked the prison from the outside in an attempt to free some of the prisoners. According to these reports, some prisoners escaped. News of the escapes has not been confirmed by other sources.
The latest news indicates that Ghezel Hesar prison is under lock down after riot police forces entered the grounds. On March 19th, the RAHANA group reported that phone privileges have been cut off for prisoners until further notice. Yesterday morning, some prisoners were able to make brief phone calls to their families, but by noon, all communication was cut off.
The Iranian regime's Fars News Agency reported that after destroying the prison facilities, breaking windows, and attacking the guards, protesters attempted to escape from the prison. The report did not mention the use of live ammunition against the protesters, but did confirm the death of a few prisoners as a result of “injuries inflicted and smoke inhalation.”
On March 16, Reuters reported 14 dead and 33 wounded, quoting Iranian State television.

Switzerland - Updates on Silvia, Costa, Billy and Marco


22/03/2011 - Costa, Silvia and Billy have been prisoners in prisons in Switzerland for eleven months, in February investigations were closed. After their arrest, the prosecutor in Turin opened an investigation for 270bis and 280bis ['crimes' of association] (as they cannot be tried twice for the same offence charges have been formulated that were not disputed in the proceedings in Switzerland) and requested and were granted access to information gathered by the Swiss authorities to launch a collaborative investigation. So now there is an exchange of information between the Swiss Federal Prosecutor and Turin. In fact at the last interrogation the Digos [Italian political police] and prosecutor of Turin were present. Costa, Billy and Mark have been transferred repeatedly and have been informed that they will be moved frequently, an obvious attempt to retaliate against them. To isolation, blocking the mail, are added sudden transfers with everything that leads to: difficulties in building links with other prisoners, waiting to get one's possessions in the cells they are sent to, one of many ways to bend and curb the ability of prisoners to maintain their active participation in the struggle. The walls of a prison, the bars on the windows, isolation, blocking the mail, do not serve to quell, to crush the desire for freedom of those who are locked up and, their head stubbornly held high, continue to struggle. And we with them. For a world without exploitation, against industrial technological civilization, for a wild and free existence.
Tue, 22/03/2011 - 00:16

Rome, Italy - Action against conference on nuclear reactors


23/03/2011 - we receive and impart:
Nuclear: power research
We don't want it and that's that!
Yesterday March 21, 2011, at 15:30, the first day of spring, while the fifteenth conference of the RRFM (Research Reactor Fuel Management) was taking place, seventy comrades met at the "Gemelli" station of the Rome - Viterbo railroad. With banners and slogans against nuclear power we moved towards the nearby hotel "Courtyard by Marriott Central Park Hotel," a name as long as the infamous meeting of nuclear scientists it was hosting. ..
In the form of swift response, the police presence, given the inevitable public character of this initiative (announced, but without asking permission), defended the entrance to the conference centre. After repeated interventions with the megaphone and leaflets against nuclear power handed to the many motorists slowed down in transit, most of them interested in the reasons for the initiative, we moved into a spontaneous demo through the streets of the area, leaving traces of paint on the sign and walls of the hotel. Back on the main street and occupying one of the two carriageways with banners opened, among other slogans and roaring traffic jams we completed the mobilization around 17:30 at the point where it began.
From Chernobyl to Fukushima, nuclear power is death, think before it's too late!
Anarchists and anti-authoritarians
Wed, 23/03/2011 - 00:09

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Viña del Mar, Chile - Explosion at U.S. cultural institute hours ahead of Obama’s arrival

21/03/2011 - Police in Chile say a small bomb exploded and broke some windows at a U.S. cultural institute hours ahead of President Barack Obama’s arrival.
No one was injured in the attack, which happened in Vina del Mar, a seaside city far from the Obamas’ activities in the capital of Santiago.
Police captain Nibaldo Lillo said the bomb caused only minor damage. Nobody immediately claimed responsibility for the attack at the Chilean-North American Institute, where people can read books in English and receive language lessons.
The Obama family’s visit comes under tight security, with sharpshooters and more than 2,000 police deployed in the capital.

Darra, Syria - 7 policemen killed in clash with protestors

21/03/2011 - DAMASCUS, March. 20 - Seven people from the security forces were killed during a demonstration erupted in Darra, local Damascus Press news website reported.
They got killed trying to drive away protestors during demonstration in the town in which people demanded for reforms in Syria, the report said.
The website quoted a source as saying that dozens of protestors attacked the communication center and the national hospital, denying the use of live bullets against the demonstrators and that there are no casualties through the resolution of the demonstration.
Al-Jazeera news TV station reported Sunday, that the protestors also burned the headquarters of The Baath Party, and the court house in Darra.
Clashes erupted on Sunday between the Syrian police and protestors after two young men reportedly killed by the security forces in the town. A local eyewitness told Xinhua that the Syrian police have surrounded the town, to prevent people from entering it.

Castle Bridge, Rosewell, Scotland - Coal extraction site machines sabotaged

325 nostate

20 March 2011 - “Extensive damage done to four dumper trucks, two large excavators, two heavy duty bulldozers, a generator and a pump.
On Equinox night we entered the gravel and coal opencast extraction site at Castlebridge near Rosewell, Mid Lothian. The absence of security and the conveniently unlocked cabs made our night very productive. Tyres were drilled, hydraulics and electronics cut. Inside the cabs we found all sorts of expensive goodies like GPS, radios and various dials and screens to rip out and smash. The excavators had a bewildering array of electronic panels and engines the size of cars, we did what we could to immobilise these machines that destroy our health and that of the earth.
Scottish Coal will repair what was done, but hopefully at great cost.
We took this action in solidarity with the communities of the Douglas Valley who are currently resisting plans to roll out three new mines over the next couple of years. We aim to undermine the use of coal as a fuel in this country as we will always be reliant on extraction elsewhere in the world, where the damage done to environment and communities is potentially much worse.
Love, Rage and Bolt Croppers.”

Nottingham UK - Supermarket smashed in solidarity with Kulon Progo

325 nostate

20 March 2011 - “On Sunday night at 1:45am the Tesco’s on Hucknall Road was visited by some individuals. As a result of this visit it’s front door was smashed and ‘every little hurts’ was written on it’s wall. We did this because of hatred for the physical manifestation of capitalism that is Tesco’s.
We also did this as gesture of solidarity with the people of Kulon Progo in Indonesia who fight with beauty, rage and defiance against the capitalist forces which are trying to destroy their land. We know our efforts are slight, but they are sent with love for anyone who struggles against the systems of destruction and domination.
We know that capitalism is more than the bricks and mortar these building are made out of them, we know they are more than the companies which work out of these buildings. Capitalism lives in our interactions and our relationships, and we must constantly challenge it. The destruction of property will only ever be one form of this challenge, one tactic that we can use whenever we see fit. But it is one where we are able to share our affinity with one another, learn with one another, develop trust with one another, these acts enable us to temporarily penetrate our relationship with capitalism. Enabling us to prove that it is not infallible, that it has it’s weakness, and we can exploit them.
The expression of our anger against symbols of capitalism empowers us and deepens our desire to deform the control that capitalist society has over us. We will not just sit back and let companies like Tesco’s go unchallenged as they attempt to rip right through the communities of which we’re a part. Tesco’s are the epitomy of corporate exploitation and monopolization. Profiting from the commodification of our diets, our nourishment and our relationship with the earth.
The chain of commodities of which they’re apart is a chain where everything and everyone suffers. Well fuck you Tesco’s, fuck you corporate destroyers of the earth and everything living in it.
In glorious rage and with eternal love to all those who resist corporate exploitation.”

Barcelona, Spain - Action in solidarity with the prisoners of the 'caso bombas' in Chile

culmine/la haine

An anonymous mail informs us that ...
"Friday, September 11 we entered the consulate of Chile, in Calle Casp 33, Barcelona, and placed a simple explosive incendiary device ready to be activated on Monday morning. Then we issued a warning to the newspaper La Vanguardia, and on having no apparent or visible response, we had to turn it off, because our goal was not individuals, but only to cause panic and to remind the Chilean authorities that we are not forgetting the anarchists in struggle on hunger strike ...
... may the borders only restrict their rotten heads and not our anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian struggles.
Solidarity with the anarchists on hunger strike and with all those resisting authority!
grupo Anarquista fuegosnegros"

the comrades on trial:

Christmas Island - Large sections of the detention centre have been burnt to the ground

cette semaine/skynews

March 18, 2011 - Large sections of the Christmas Island detention centre have been burnt to the ground, during a three hour battle between police and asylum seekers overnight.
According to News Limited, police fired dozens of teargas canisters at more than 100 rioters in an attempt to regain control of the centre - however officers were eventually forced to retreat.
At least nine fires were lit by several groups who threw molotov cocktails at buildings.
Early this morning, police were sent back into the complex to break up the main group of offenders.
The violence follows a riot on Wednesday night, where as many as 250 asylum seekers threatened security guards with sticks and rocks, and backed down only after police used teargas.

Sunday 20 March 2011

Visakhapatnam, India - Srikakulam villagers protest against nuclear power plant


19/03/2011 - Expressing concern over safety aspects, the villagers of Ranasthalam mandal in Srikakulam district have opposed setting up of a nuclear power plant at Kuvvada village district.
Villagers from all 150 villages comprising 30 panchayts under 'Anu Vyatireka Porata Samithi' yesterday took out a rally in Ranasthalam and submitted a memorandum to the Mandal Revenue Officer demanding withdrawal of the proposed nuclear power plant in the wake of ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan.
A representative of the Samithi G. Kiran Kumar told PTI today that the villagers have proposed to constitute a full-fledged committee to lead an agitation against the nuke power plant proposed in 1992 by the Nuclear Power Corporation India Ltd (NPCIL) at Kovvada for which 2000 acres of land had been identified, though the process of acquisition has yet to be started.
Villagers have expressed grave concern over the nuclear power plant stating that it would cause damage to environment and affect the livelihood of people including the fishermen, Kumar said.
He said it would be very difficult for India to handle nuclear emergency as a developed country like Japan too is struggling to overcome the nuclear crisis after it was hit by an earthquake and a tsunami. Mandal Revenue Officer Visweswara Rao said he received a memorandum from the villagers opposed to the Nuclear plant cleared by the Union Government and would forward it to Srikakulam district collector for necessary action.
Suggesting that hurdles in the path were being overcome, NPCIL today [Jan 24 2011]said work on two French-built nuclear power plants is likely to begin at Jaitapur in Maharashtra next year.
"The commencement of work of the first two units is planned for the year 2012," Sudhinder Thakur, Distinguished Scientist & Fellow of NPCIL, said in a statement.
Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL), in collaboration with French company Areva, plans to build six nuclear power plants of 1,650 MW each at Jaitapur.

Athens, Greece - Municipal vehicles and garbage set alight by angry Roma after one of their community crushed to death by waste compactor


20/03/2011 - Members of the Roma community living in a makeshift settlement next to the capital’s main landfill at Ano Liosia, northwest of Athens, clashed violently with riot police at the site on Saturday after a fellow Roma was killed by a waste compactor machine.
The man, who was not identified, had been rooting through the garbage when he was crushed by the waste compactor whose operator failed to see him.
Shortly after the incident, around 200 Roma flocked to the site, setting fire to three municipal vehicles and piles of trash. Riot police managed to control the unrest two hours later and eight fire engines sent to the site extinguished the blazes.

Deraa, Syria - Demonstrators set fire to several buildings including courthouse and Baath Party headquarters

bbc news

20/03/2011 - Demonstrators in the southern Syrian city of Deraa have set fire to several buildings during a third consecutive day of protests, witnesses say.
One report said the buildings targeted included the headquarters of the ruling Baath Party.
Police tried to disperse protesters in the southern city, and one demonstrator was reportedly killed.
Violent clashes between anti-government protesters and security forces on Friday left at least four people dead.
The protests on Sunday came as a government delegation arrived in Deraa to offer condolences for those killed.
Residents told Reuters news agency that protesters had set fire to symbols of President Bashar al-Assad's regime, including the Baath Party building, a courthouse and two branches of a phone company owned by the president's cousin.
Earlier, protesters in Deraa called for an end to Syria's 48-year-old emergency law, and for the dismissal of officials involved in Friday's crackdown, reports said.
Activists were quoted as saying that police had used tear gas and live ammunition to try to clear demonstrators, and that one protester had been shot dead and dozens of others injured.
The protesters are said to be in control of the centre of the city and to have turned a mosque into a field hospital.
Syria's official news agency carried a denial that anyone had been killed.

Pakistan - Thousands of people protest against a US drone strike that killed 40 people

19/03/2011 - Anti-US demonstrators rallied in cities across the country, including Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.
More than 3,000 people gathered outside the Red Mosque in the capital, shouting "death to America" and burning the American flag.
The protesters expressed their anger over a US missile strike in the north-west of the country on Thursday.
Local tribal elders say the victims of the botched air raid were community leaders and police attending an outdoor meeting in North Waziristan.
The US closed its embassy and several consulates in Pakistan yesterday because of fears of violence.
Tension has also increased following the release of a CIA contractor accused of killing two Pakistani men.
Raymond Davis was pardoned earlier this week after compensation was paid to the families of the victims.

Friday 18 March 2011

Christmas Island - 200 asylum seekers riot following earlier breakouts and protests


18/03/2011 - Around 200 asylum seekers were involved in Thursday night's violence during which Australian Federal Police (AFP) used tear gas and ``bean-bag bullets''.
Police said the rioters carried ``accelerant-based weapons'', poles, bricks, pavers, concrete blocks and a wheelie bin full of rocks.
Following mass break-outs and two other riots earlier in the week, the situation remains tense, with some sort of protest now a nightly occurrence.
..Buildings and tents within the island's detention centre were set ablaze overnight, continuing four days of unrest in which Federal Police have been forced to use tear gas and non-lethal bullets.
The situation erupted during the early hours of Monday when several hundred detainees began rioting.
Immigration Minister Chris Bowen told reporters in Canberra there were 70 extra AFP officers on the way to the island bringing the total contingent to 188.
Defence Minister rules out Army deployment
Defence Minister Stephen Smith has ruled out using the military to restore order on Christmas Island after violent protests.
Three times this week, Australian Federal Police have used tear gas to quell protests by up to 300 asylum seekers, angry over delays in processing their claims.
Gas and so-called beanbag bullets were used again on Thursday night when up to 250 detainees burnt accommodation tents and buildings and threw rocks at police.

Daraa, Syria - 4 protestors killed by security forces. Demonstrations across Syria

(image to follow)
Syrians protesters opposed to Syrian President Bashar Assad regime, carry banners that read in Arabic: 'Syria is free, Bashar go out, what did you do for the country, it is getting deserted, leave idiot, you ought to understand, down with the Assad regime, seller of Golan,' and in French: 'leave,' during a gathering outside the Syrian embassy in Cairo.


18/03/2011 - Syrian security forces intervened against a rally in Daraa, south of Damascus, Friday, the state news agency said as a human rights activist alleged four people were killed and hundreds wounded.
Other demonstrations were reported in Damascus, Homs, north of the capital and the coastal town of Banias.
"The security forces fired live bullets at the protesters. Four people were killed," said the activist in Daraa contacted by AFP from Nicosia, identifying them as Akram al-Jawabra, Hussam Abdelwali Ayash, Ayham al-Harri and a member of the Abu Aoun family.
"Hundreds of protesters were wounded and many were snatched by the security force from the hospital where they had been taken and removed to an unknown location," he added.
Plain-clothes Syrian police broke up a protest after Friday prayers at the main mosque in central Damascus, dragging away at least two activists, AFP reporters witnessed.
Dozens of security agents who had gathered outside the mosque during the prayers, pulled out batons as soon as the chants broke out and detained at least two people, beating one one who resisted and kicking him in the nose.
At least 200 people immediately rallied in a square outside the mosque, chanting support for President Bashar al-Assad and waving Syrian flags. Some carried portraits of his late father and predecessor Hafez al-Assad.
It was unclear what sparked the chaos, but a Facebook group The Syrian Revolution 2011 had called for demonstrations after Friday prayers during a "Day of Dignity."
A video posted on the group's Facebook page showed a crowd of men inside the mosque chanting "there is no God but God," while a few calls of "freedom" could be heard before being drowned out.
Another video showed hundreds of protesters, mainly men, chanting in a city the Facebook group identified as Daraa, some 100 kilometers south of the capital.
The page said clashes had occurred between protesters and security forces in Daraa while video footage showed fire trucks turning their hoses on a procession to disperse demonstrators.
Two other videos, allegedly from the coastal city of Banias, showed crowds, one with at least 100 people, chanting for freedom.
Syria's state news agency SANA said violence and "acts of sabotage" had broken out in Daraa, prompting security forces to intervene.
"Infiltrators took advantage of a gathering of citizens near the Omari Mosque in Daraa... to provoke chaos through acts of violence which resulted in damage to private and public property," SANA said.
"The infiltrators also set cars and shops on fire, which obliged security forces to intervene in order to protect citizens and property," it added. "They were also attacked by the infiltrators before the latter dispersed."
SANA said another "gathering" had taken place in Banias, with no clashes.

Ravenna, Italy - Eni store spraypainted by anarchists


“We bring tumours and pollution to Ravenna and the world. With respect". The police are investigating these vandalistic writings that appeared during the night on the windows of the Eni store in via Panfilia 36. The signature is on the entrance door, led by an encircled letter "A", emblem of the anarchists. A little further, on the wall, another writing with spray "Eni means death".
A symbol of the new mission of the energy giant, the l’Eni Store recently inaugurated in Ravenna has fallen victim to anarchist vandalism. Police carrying out investigations will establish whether is was a joke or an action group that acted during the night.For now traces are few, but evident. The phrases were written in capitalletters, covering the whole of the main window. (local press)

Eni loads oil from western Libya
euro-police, 17/03/2011 - Italian oil firm Eni (ENI.MI) is loading a tanker with Libyan crude in what could become the first shipment since sanctions and fighting virtually paralised its oil industry, trade and shipping sources said on Thursday.
Western countries, the European Union and United Nations have imposed sanctions on Libya and frozen government assets in response to an uprising which erupted last month against the long-term rule of Muammar Gaddafi.
Eni declined to comment on Thursday.



Palermo 7 March 2011 - The crisis in Libya is increasing tension in the Mediterranean. Several Italian, German, British and American war ships are headed towards Libya. At the same time in Sicily, Italian and U.S. military bases of Sigonella (CT), Augusta (Sr), Niscemi (Cl) and Birgi (Tp) were put in early warning ready to host aircraft and war ships in the event of attack against Libya. Hidden behind the screen of humanitarian intervention, the Western governments are preparing to get their hands on rich deposits of oil and natural gas that were nationalized after the 1969 revolution. This is a scenario already seen in Kosovo and Iraq. The opportunity of an unpopular regime (we are talking about the same Libyan regime that until few weeks ago was very welcome by the western cabinets) to “restore” the political and economic power in areas of Planet not completely under the control of the majors Economic and Western financial groups. We ask why the “sensitive” West, as well as NATO alliance, has not moved in front of other recent brutal massacre of defenceless people. We ask why the same organization did not care of the women, elderly and children bombarded by white phosphorus in Gaza and Lebanon by the heirs of the bloodiest European colonialism.
We distrust about the “humanitarian” intervention of the hidden (or even explicit) supporters of governments responsible for crimes against humanity, and of who armoured the ‘Fortress Europe’ with racist laws against the flow of migrants. We are worried about the statements of the Italian foreign affairs Minister Frattini which candidly admitted that we must bomb Libyan territories in order to implement the No Fly Zone. We point out that Minister of defence La Russa involving Sigonella, Augusta and Niscemi bases in the Western war machine is putting our people in danger, as the entire sicilian coasts are within the libyan rockets range.
We must stop this war criminal plan which has an uncertain end and that would see Sicily at the frontline. We must stop military escalation before it’s too late.

A Coruña, Galicia, Spain - Supermarket expropriated


From La Rebelión de las Palabras, March 16, 2011
On March 7, a group of eight people wearing Scream masks entered a supermarket on Calle de Orillamar, filled a shopping cart with food, and walked out, leaving copies of the following communiqué in their wake. The expropriated food was later distributed to those in need.
From Sherwood Forest:
In a world where private property is worth more than the right to a dignified life, where it’s more important to defend merchandise than to cover people’s basic needs, profit and the marketplace are the altars on which we sacrifice our daily existence. Money is what determines our destinies, and the destinies it doesn’t favor are condemned to misery. We’re fed up with an economic logic that grants wealth to a few while others suffer privation.
We are expropriating from this supermarket as an autonomous anticapitalist action, redistributing the abundance created by inequality. From our lowly position, we’ve decided to compensate—even if it’s just infinitesimally—for the imbalanced scale on which society weighs us, expropriating from one of its temples of consumerism in order to share with those in need.
If the crisis exacerbates differences, direct action will help mitigate them. If the people on top think we’re going to pay for their crisis, then they will always have to contend with the autonomous action of the exploited.
—Robin Hood Commando

Thursday 17 March 2011

Athens, Greece - 'Anti-terrorist' unit raids lead to six arrests in Volos and Athens


16/03/2011 - A new episode in the series of TERRORLUST.
On the morning of 14 March, the anti-terrorist unit arrested six people in total in a series of dawn house raids in the cities of Athens and Volos.
The police also claim to have found a so-called safehouse in the city of Volos, and that the arrests are in connection with the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire case.
The evening of 14 March a demonstration was called at the neighbourhood where the arrests took place in Volos, in solidarity with the arrested.

Latest information about the arrests in Volos and Athens
Five of the six arrested have been imprisoned.
K.P. has been released on bail of 10,000 euroes with the obligation to sign at the cop station three times a month
and is not allowed to leave the country.
LAWYERS OF THE 6 have written reports of abuse and beatings in the Attica central 'antiterrorist' cops building and talked of scars from cigarettes extinguished on their bodies.

Ballistic tests on weapons seized in the raids show the automatic guns and handguns have not been used in any attacks.

Olympia, WA (US) - Early morning attempted arson for police station

social rupture

16/03/2011 - Someone tried to set an Olympia Police Department station on fire early Wednesday morning.
When an officer returned to the West Side Station at 221 Perry St. NW shortly after 3:15 a.m. he discovered smoke inside the station.
A search showed it appeared someone put a flammable substance on the outside of the rear door and set it on fire, said Sergeant Dan Wojtech. The fire was out by the time the officer found it, but it was apparent that it was fairly recent.
The attempted arson is being investigated by the Olympia Fire Department and police detectives. They have no suspects in custody.

U.S. policing its national interests in the Middle East


Thursday, 17 March 2011 - THE United States (U.S.) has about 1,000 military bases in over 130 countries, a large number of which house dictatorial governments.
These bases enable the U.S. to be the global police person, and to also guarantee that no other country could challenge the U.S. for this police job. In executing its role as the global police, the U.S., invariably, engages in imperialist conduct. Imperialism happens when one country inflicts its will on another country vis-à-vis intimidation or concrete use of coercion.
..Bahrain, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen represent the pillars of the U.S. Middle East policy, where currently pro-democracy movements are huge in their demand for change (less so in Saudi Arabia).
A bridge links Bahrain with Saudi Arabia, where both countries are allies to the U.S. Ever since 1947, the U.S. has had a naval presence in Bahrain, and from 1991, Bahrain has become the home to the U.S. Naval Support Activity Bahrain, and the U.S. Fifth Fleet comprising 15 warships and an aircraft carrier; and Saudi Arabia accommodates a good number of U.S. military bases in conjunction with providing the U.S. with a favourable trade policy.
These are reasons to explain the U.S. determination to achieve total stability in Bahrain, in order to prevent the spread of protests into Saudi Arabia; the bridge-link provides an uneasy closeness for both countries.
..It is possible that the purpose of the recent deployment of 1,000 Saudi Arabian troops to Bahrain might be to quell the uprising in that country, in order to suppress any ambitions for revolution in Saudi Arabia; this could be possible by virtue of the close physical proximity of the two countries via the bridge-link.
Victory for the pro-democracy movement in Bahrain could spell the end of the Sunni-governing Khalifa constitutional monarchy that has ruled Bahrain since 1783, and possibly too, an end to the U.S. naval presence in Bahrain.
The protesters, largely Shiites, are demanding a greater share of governance from the Sunni ruling family.
The other pillar of the Middle East policy is Yemen, which is a U.S. friend, too, in the war on terror. The U.S. maintains a naval base in Yemen. For these reasons, Obama’s denunciation of the Yemeni regime’s violence against the pro-democracy protesters remains half-baked.
Iraq is the other pillar of the U.S. Middle East policy, where its measures are ubiquitous. The U.S. government set up something called the Green Zone in Baghdad, which houses a huge embassy, classy hotel, and which has steel-reinforced concrete walls; Americans can shut themselves within these walls in the Green Zone and exert a kind of colonial influence over Iraq; as the Green Zone functions in accordance with the norms of internal colonialism.
The current unrest in the Middle East may be signalling a possible end of American influence in that region.
..The people of this planet had better understand that the U.S. never gets involved with something, unless there is a greater advantage to itself; the U.S., if not plainly, certainly in a camouflaged way, wants to introduce American law, American order, American civilization, and the American flag in distant lands; the U.S. sees the entire world as U.S. homeland.

Nottingham (UK) - Nat West Bank attacked

325 nostate

16 March 2010 - “Last night the windows of Nat West Bank on Mansfield Road were smashed out, and anti-capitalist graffiti was left on the side of the building. We did this because we refuse to submit to the will of capitalism. Every single day that goes our love and rage grow. Love for our friends and comrades around the world. Rage at the forces which try to cripple their spirit and oppress all efforts to find freedom in their lives. Nat West bank is owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland who violently support the destruction of the earth and the prison system, they are merely one aspect of the system entrapping everything it comes into contact with. And this action was just one small gesture against all its claims.
Until capitalism, white supremacy, and patriarchy are destroyed we will find ways in which to fight back. We remember those who have fought before us and we search for those who will fight with us.
Love and Solidarity to Simos Seisidis and all those who are caged by this society and its culture.
Yesterday we sharpened our teeth, as we prepare to fight back.”

Wednesday 16 March 2011

It's not over, on the contrary! The winds of revolt continue to blow in the Arab world and elsewhere

non fides

Wednesday, March 16, 2011
The uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt seem to be inspiring insurgents in many other countries. From Algeria to Bahrain, Iran, Libya, Yemen and Syria, many people are taking to the streets to launch strikes at the workplace, clash with police, pass to looting and the burning of buildings of State and economic power. It is a wind of revolt that is blowing across these countries, it is a wind that gives courage, a wind that carries the message that no regime, no matter how authoritarian it is, is unassailable. No poverty, no oppression is ever safe from a devastating social tempest.
We can not predict in which direction these storms will go, but what is certain is that at such insurrectional moments everything comes out in the open. Contradictions erupt before everyone's eyes, and a regime that collapses shows that oppression routed may conceal another.
Some insurgents may well think that salvation will come from a democratic regime, even if in turn it will perpetuate social inequality and exploitation. Others believe that the time has come to wield national flags, forgetting that the poor will never have a homeland, unaware that nationalism always leads to killings, internment camps for the "others", and endless wars. Still others may want to establish an Islamic regime, subjecting everyone to the fierce sharia, suffocating freedom in an even more insidious way than the current authoritarian regimes.
But that's not all. For many people rebel simply because they have had enough. Enough of being oppressed and silenced, sick of being poor and at the mercy of the bosses, tired of living in miserable conditions, without happiness or dream. This "no" is certainly just a start but it's a no that paves the way, perhaps also, as one can already read in some accounts of insurgents, of experimentation of a kind that is different to democracy, religion, nationalism and money. Experimentation with forms of self-organization among the people involved far beyond the State, of solidarity and mutual aid among people away from all exploitation, of liberation from fixed or imposed social roles. That is what frightens the powerful, but also those who aspire to become so: that the insurgents are experimenting and becoming aware that they have no need for the powerful, old or new, corrupt or "honest" dictatorial or "elected". That all power, all bosses will always prevent them from living a free life, from organizing freely among themselves. It is this spectre of freedom, showing its beauty and possibility in these moments of rebellion, which scares all those who want to retain or grab power.
Now, let us also welcome the spectre of freedom, let's destroy the mental boundaries between here and there that we built in our heads. Let's dare to cry loud and clear that we have no country, we do not want any government at all. That we will drive out not only the ambassadors of these Arab countries in ferment from their villas in Brussels, but we will also also chase all politicians and all bosses off their seats. And not to take them in turn, but to destroy them forever. The best support, the best solidarity with the insurgents in the Arab world, is to pave the way for the liberating rebellion.
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
The courts in flames
During the uprising in Tunisia, 14 courts have been burned by the insurgents. Also many prisons are still out of use after the attacks and riots. The new order is beginning to establish itself in Tunisia, even if it must face tenacious resistance in the streets (protests, riots and attacks against banks, police stations, supermarkets, governments continue while "the new police" do not hesitate to shoot rioters). A key concern of the Minister of the Interior is obviously to restore the repressive apparatus. He "is counting for that on the financial assistance of the European Union" which certainly does not refuse to support another State seeking to give itself the means to subjugate the population. In addition, the Minister has rehabilitated all the judges of the regime of Ben Ali, who have since resumed their posts.

The barricades are leading the way
In Algeria, one of the most intense points of the rioting in course is in the town of Akbou. The spark was the decision of the prefect of police to evict the 495 housing units, occupied since early January by many families. They did not let them do it and opposed rocks, barricades and petrol bombs at police. Currently, the housing is still occupied and despite appeals for calm from the "sages of the community" the riots continue and are spreading to more areas of the city. Several banks, a police station and employment office have been ransacked or torched by insurgents. Barricades have been erected on the important road RN26A linking Vgayet and Tizi-Ouzou, thereby blocking economic traffic, a widespread practice elsewhere in the rest of the country (Naciria, El Harrouch, Sidi Amar, Bordj Menaïel, Tazmalt). The barricades almost always lead to serious clashes between insurgents and security forces, which then continue in the neighbourhoods. Thus, the insurgents are able to remove the monopoly of space from law enforcement, choosing their battlefields themselves, pushing the trap of being caught in a clash in central ground fertile for law enforcement.

Democracy or not, it's time to revolt
In southern Iraq, in different towns, hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets to protest against the miserable living conditions. The events have all ended in clashes with the security forces of the "young democracy" established after the invasion of Western troops. In addition, many government buildings have been delivered to the flames. For some time, the tension towards social struggle (strikes in factories, demonstrations not controlled by either the state or by the Islamists, ...) is beginning to regain strength in Iraq, a country torn by military occupation, a police democracy and a war waged by Islamists in part against the occupation but also against the Iraqi people to impose Islam. The state has tried to buy the angry protesters, promising them a certain amount of watts of electricity free annually.

Where people rise up, the shadow of authority goes down
In Libya, despite the attempts by the Gaddafi regime to immediately and brutally suppress the rebellion, the situation has become particularly tense in the cities of Al-Baida and Benghazi. There, armed clashes between police and insurgents left dozens dead. Also, militias in the pay of the regime are vainly trying to crush any attempt at revolt with terror. In the prison of Benghazi, in parallel with the fighting in the street, a mutiny broke out, allowing not only the destruction of a large part of the prison but also the escape of many prisoners. Many of these prisoners joined the insurgents in the burning of several buildings of power, including the building of the Attorney-General, a police station, several banks and offices of the Police. Meanwhile, at the time of publication of this issue, the uprising has embraced the whole country, pitting a variety of armed insurgents against Gaddafi's police and militias.

[Excerpt from Hors Service No. 14]

Manama, Bahrain - Soldiers and police storm Pearl Square


16/03/2011 - MANAMA, Bahrain At least five people are dead after soldiers and riot police drove anti-government protesters out of a square in Bahrain's capital today.
The assault on the protesters' camp began at daybreak when soldiers and police stormed Pearl Square in armored vehicles, firing tear gas. Black smoke could be seen rising from the area from protesters' tents set ablaze.
Witnesses says at least two protesters were killed in the initial assault, while hospital officials say a third protester later died from gunshot wounds in his back.
A government statement says two policemen died when they were "repeatedly run over by three vehicles containing protesters leaving the fringes of the scene."
The Interior Ministry says another policeman was killed yesterday.
It's unclear whether a contingent of soldiers from other Gulf nations took part in the offensive.

Milan, Italy - 5 Unicredit cashpoints sabotaged


mail received from from anonymous:
"In Milan, on the night between 7 and 8 March 5 ATM were sabotaged with liquid steel and hammered and several writings left on the wall next to some banks.
The actions all concern a giant Italian bank, UniCredit.
The banking system has the function of issuing large amounts of credit to support the unceasing reproduction of capitalism, the economy of vital resources needed to loot the whole world, exploit workers everywhere, pollute and devastate entire regions and ensure its omnipresence with military protection and the political independence of any state.
But above all, why Unicredit?
The reasons are many, in the catalogue of its evil deeds are: participation in the trafficking of weapons, heavy investment in nuclear energy, loans to companies such as Impregilo and Finmeccanica (responsible for harmful and devastating projects such as the TAV, nano and biotechnology research , military, immigration control, etc. ..).
These are the areas in which Unicredit normally operates.
The current situation is throwing in our faces the horrible spectacle of the war in Libya, wanted by Colonel Gaddafi to scuttle the popular uprising unleashed against his regime.
As some of the capital stock of Unicredit is owned by Gaddafi, it also has its own responsibilities in the bloody and repressive disaster that the Colonel is dragging the Libyan people into".

Wed, 16/03/2011 - 20:42

Madrid, Spain - Peugeot and Benetton attacked in solidarity with prisoners of the Chilean State


14/03/14/2011 - In the early morning hours there was an attack with rocks against the Peugeot outlet, in the Emabajadores neighborhood and at the Benetton store on Fuencarral street. In solidarity with our brothers and sisters imprisoned by the Chilean state.
Until we are all free!!!
We extend our rage, we multiple the attacks, and we get out of the ghetto!

Barcelona, Spain - Attacks dedicated to the prisoners of the "Bombs Case" in Chile


Celulas locas de remate
Because this world is totally subjugated by a system, the State-Capitalism, that devastates the planet and exploits and oppresses all life forms within it. Because in this system, a few privileged ones hold power, economic as well as social or political, and they use it as an instrument for subjugating the rest to the misery of its domination and domestication, through patriarchy, the state apparatus, and the economy, condemning thousands to death, to poverty, and condemning all those who rebel to repression, prison, punishment...
For all these reasons we have to rise up in war against the system and against all those who operate or directly support it: the rich, politicians, police, judges, journalists, and other trash. And to teach by example we try to do our little part so that this trash is also sometimes on the receiving end, via revolutionary violence, of the repercussions of their rottenness; so that at least they don't sleep tranquilly and so that they feel that at any moment their property, their companies, their institutions can become the target of our rage.
That's why on the night of March 10 we attacked the following sites in Barcelona
-A bank (Savings and Pension Bank of Barcelona) in the Sagrera neighborhood with the use of a homemade incendiary device consisting of flammable liquid, a homemade initiator, and a slow fuse.
-A Santander bank branch on Passeig Maragall, through the destruction of its windows.
-15 banks in Gracia through the gluing of their doors and cash machines.
We want to dedicate these small gestures of attack to all the insurgents across the globe, with a special eye towards the 10 anarchists incarcerated in Chile on hunger strike, prisoners within the so-called "bombs case." For them and all the other indomitables an insurrectionary greeting.
Revolt and sabotage are easy and reproducible. Anyone in any place can, individually or collectively, put them into practice. Let us extend the attacks against this infected system, and solidarity towards those who suffer it and towards those who are repressed by it.
We promise more and better.
Death to the State and long live Anarchy

Saturday 12 March 2011

East Jerusalem and West Bank villages - Dozens of Palestinian, foreign and Israeli activists injured by Israeli army in clashes

arab news

11 March, 2011 - RAMALLAH: Dozens of Palestinian, foreign and Israeli activists were injured after Israeli security forces used force to disperse protestors in East Jerusalem and West Bank villages, Palestinian and Israeli sources said.
Sources said that dozens of Palestinians suffered from tear gas inhalation during the clashes that erupted in the Al-Bustan area in Silwan, in the southern part of Jerusalem.
Israeli police said that it used force to disperse the crowds after they hurled stones at Border Police forces and Jewish homes in Silwan.
Silwan is home to some 60,000 Palestinians and 500 Jewish occupiers.
Since Palestinian resident Samer Sarhan was shot to death on late September, hardly a day has gone by without clashes between the two parties.
Meanwhile, hundreds of Palestinian, left-wing Israeli and foreign activists clashed with Israeli forces in protest against the separation wall and Jewish settlements.
Israeli Army Radio said that the Israeli forces used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the protestors in the West Bank villages Bil'in, Ni'lin, Nabi Saleh and Al-Mi'sarah. One protestor was hurt by a rubber bullet shot at him by security forces in al-Nabi Saleh and dozens suffered from gas inhalation.
Far-left Israeli group 'Anarchists against the Wall' said that the Israeli forces have arrested two foreign activists in Nabi Saleh.

Christmas Island - Riot and mass breakout from detention centre

March 13, 2011 - AS MANY as 70 asylum seekers were roaming Christmas Island last night after a riot and mass breakout from their overcrowded detention centre.
More than 150 men pushed down a perimeter fence on Friday night at the remote North Point centre and escaped into bushland, emerging yesterday to wander the island. Some swam at beaches, others camped at the airport, temporarily forcing the closure of its only runway.
Most were refusing pleas to return to the centre last night.
Tension has run high for months at the detention centre - built for 600 but now housing more than 2500 asylum seekers. Detainees are protesting against cramped conditions and the long wait for their visa applications to be processed.
As refugee advocates warned that problems at the centre were likely to worsen, another boatload of asylum seekers was found off the West Australian coast near Broome late yesterday.
Police reinforcements were being rushed to the scene yesterday but flights to the island were on hold because of the asylum seekers gathered so close to the tarmac.
Residents said there were groups of men all over the island. Some were being followed by police and immigration centre staff.
''They had backpacks and food,'' one islander said. ''Some of them are being followed by Serco staff and Immigration in buses but some are by themselves.''
The woman said the groups were only men and some looked as if they been injured.
''One had a T-shirt with freedom written across the front. They are not aggressive, they are pretty smiley. One group said they were heading to the beach for a swim.''

Olympia, WA, US - Solidarity attack on police substation and two cruisers

social rupture

6 March 2011 - - The communique, shouted from the rooftops:
“On the night of March 4th the Seattle swine pulled a rebel behind police lines and proceeded to beat and arrest them. This infuriated us.
Later that night, two police vehicles were smashed up and the station itself received a few love taps that they won’t be forgetting anytime soon.
Anarchists, now is not the time to fear the baton of a pig and slink into hiding. Now is the time to muster up courage, scheme evil plots, and seek revenge. This was not simply an attack against the police, this was a call to make everyone of those motherfuckers pay dearly! Not just for beating a fellow rebel, but for the everyday management and misery these spineless bastards heave upon our backs. In the coming nights it is our deepest desire that others will take it upon themselves to launch a greater surge of aggression against the swine that fill our streets.
Pigs, there is nowhere for you to hide. Become firemen before it is too late.
-The Blood Thirsty.”

Fremont, CA, US - Fifteen armed robbers in matching clothes make off with "significant amount" of computer components from high-tech company

social rupture

5 March 2011 - A crew of fifteen thieves — ski-masked, armed, and dangerous — pulled off a painstakingly well-organized heist at a Fremont high-tech manufacturing company yesterday.[27 Feb.]
According to the Mercury-News, the robbers comprised a “sophisticated team,” bearing rifles and handguns and clad in “matching black clothing” as they entered Unigen Corporation “a little after 8:40 a.m.” Working quickly, the robbers bound, blindfolded, and gagged five Unigen employees, whose wallets and cell phones they stole.
After then stealing a “significant amount” of computer components, according to local police — as reported in the Mercury-News — the thieves fled in a vehicle resembling a moving van.
The entire heist took about half an hour.

Friday 11 March 2011

ALBANO Lazio, Rome, Italy - ENI Energy Store attacked


anonymous mail received:
03/08/2011 - ALBANO Lazio (Rome) - ENI Energy Store in Via Donizetti Attacked.
Multinational companies such as ENI show that there is no brake on the greed for power and profit.
With colonization and exploitation in many parts of the world, especially in North Africa and Nigeria, ENI is enriching itself behind the facade of a company that "works" to provide fuel, services, energy (for unnecessary consumption), leaving behind poverty, environmental disasters and death.

- locks of the entrance gates sealed with liquid metal and nails
- four illuminated Eni signs destroyed
- "ENI: in over 70 countries around the world to exploit them" "in defence of the Earth" "solidarity to the insurgent peoples"
writings signed with an encircled A.

SANAA, Yemen - Army storms prison riot and university campus occupation

Mar 8, 2011

SANAA, Yemen – The Yemeni government escalated its efforts to stop mass protests calling for the president's ouster on Tuesday, with soldiers firing rubber bullets and tear gas at students camped at a university in the capital in a raid that left at least 98 people wounded, officials said.The army stormed the Sanaa University campus hours after thousands of inmates rioted at the central prison in the capital, taking a dozen guards hostage and calling for President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down. At least one prisoner was killed and 80 people were wounded as the guards fought to control the situation, police said.Yemen has been rocked by weeks of protests against Saleh, inspired by recent uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia that drove out those nations'leaders. Saleh, a key U.S. ally in the campaign against al-Qaida, has been in power 32 years. In a sign that the protests are gaining traction,graffiti calling for Saleh to step down surfaced Tuesday in his birthplace, village of Sanhan, for the first time since the protests began.Students at Sanaa University have been sleeping on campus since mid-February, shortly after the start of the protests calling for the country's president to step down.Medical officials said many of the 98 people wounded were in serious condition. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to release the information. Witnesses reported seeing armored vehicles and personnel carriers headed to the area of the university."It's a massacre," said opposition spokesman Muhammad Qahtan. "It is a crime by security troops against students engaged in a peaceful sit-in."Demonstrations also continued elsewhere in the country. In the southern port city of Aden, a crowd of women joined a demonstration after a young protester was shot in the head and critically wounded during a rally there the previous day.Tens of thousands took to the streets in the Ibb province, calling on the government to bring to justice those responsible for a deadly attack there Sunday. Opposition activists blamed "government thugs" who descended on protesters camped out on a main square. One person was killed in that violence and 53 people were hurt.Even before Yemen was hit by the wave of protests, the country was growing increasingly chaotic with a resurgent al-Qaida, a separatist movement in the south and a Shiite rebellion occasionally flaring in the north.Seeking to head off the protests, Saleh called for national dialogue after meetings Monday with the country's top political and security chiefs. Thestate-run news agency said the conference would be held Thursday and would include thousands of representatives from across Yemen's political spectrum.But opposition leader Yassin Said Numan said there would be no dialogue unless Saleh agreed to step down by year's end. Saleh's recent pledge not to run for re-election in 2013 has failed to quell the protests.The unrest at the prison started late Monday when inmates set their blankets and mattresses ablaze and occupied the facility's main courtyard,a security official said.Prison guards fired tear gas and gunshots in the air but failed to subdue the rioters, the security official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not supposed to talk to the media. The prison revolt was still going on Tuesday afternoon, he said.Residents close to the prison reported hearing gunfire and blasts and said troops were bringing in military reinforcements.Abdelrahman Burman, a lawyer who heads a human rights organization called"Sajin" — Arabic for prisoner — said at least one inmate was killed by a bullet fired by riot police and more than 80 people were wounded,including 20 policemen and prison guards.He said about half of the wounded were shot and the rest suffered breathing problems and fainting because of the tear gas.A police official confirmed the casualty numbers. He spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation.

Thursday 10 March 2011

Kulon Progo, Indonesia - Self-organised Struggle Against Neoliberal Megaproject. Call for solidarity

325 nostate

March 9th, 2011 - The people of Kulon Progo call for your international solidarity as they resist corporate greed and ecological destruction, please spread this information and act.
Thursday Morning, 24 February, mining corporation wants to re-open its office and operational sites which already been closed and destroyed by the peasants December last year. Failed.
Monday, 28 February, media noted that Jogja Magasa Iron and some Japanese investors failed to come.
Wednesday, 2 March, 9 cars with heavy arms police guard came to the pilot project for only 10 minutes.
Yesterday Morning, 7 March, 31 Police truck, 700 special police force (called Mobile Brigade), water cannon, detention car, police dogs, tear-gas, and heavy weapons came to the village…


London, UK - Saif Gaddafi's london mansion occupied

london indymedia

March 09, 2011 - This morning a group calling themselves Topple The Tyrants have occupied the £10m Hampsted Mansion of Saif Al Islam Gaddafi, in solidarity with the Libyan people and their struggle to overthrow the murderous Gaddafi regime.
A spokesman for the group said "We didn't trust the British government to properly seize the Gaddafi regime's corrupt assets, so we took matters into our own hands."
"The British government only recently stopped actively helping to train the Libyan regime in "crowd control" techniques, through the Department for Business Innovation and Skills and a midlands based arms manufacturer, NMS Systems. As well as training the regime in repression, British corporations are also guilty of providing the same weapons that are now being used by Gaddaffi against the Libyan people."
The mansion is managed by Gaddaffi through a holding company registered in the British Virgin Islands. The spokesman for occupiers said "Gaddafi, Mubarak, the House of Saud and numerous other tyrants use front companies in British protectorates to avoid paying tax and above all to protect their anonymity. Britain actively assists tyrants, corporations and the super rich to rob their people blind. Our aim is to make sure that the assets stolen by Gaddafi are returned to the Libyan people and don't disappear into the pockets of governments or corporations. In the meantime we want to welcome refugees from the conflict in Libya and those fleeing tyranny and oppression across the world."
"We stand in solidarity with the Libyan people."

Cairo, Egypt - Hundreds in clashes in Tahrir Square. Activists attacked by men wielding knives and machetes

cairo agenzies

09.03.2011 - Attackers armed with knives and machetes on Wednesday waded into hundreds of pro-democracy activists in Cairo's Tahrir Square, witnesses said, as insecurity raged in post-revolutionary Egypt.
The protesters, remnants of the mass uprising that swept President Hosni Mubarak from power on Feb. 11, said the men had hurled rocks at them. State television showed footage of hundreds of people facing off, throwing rocks.
"A group of gangsters attacked us with stones, they seemed to be wanting us to leave the square," said Gamal Hussein, 60.
Later in the day, army officers were seen removing protesters' tents and asking them to leave the square, witnesses said. "The army decided to remove tents and clear the square," a military official said.
"Hundreds of men carrying knives and swords entered Tahrir," state television reported, as footage showed rocks being thrown and hundreds of activists scattering and diving for cover.
Tahrir Square was the symbolic heart of last month's uprising that forced Mubarak from office, and hundreds of pro-democracy activists remain camped out there to maintain pressure on the military regime that replaced him.
There were few signs of any security forces at the site, apart from two army tanks protecting the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities at the north end of the square, in the heart of the capital.
The clashes took place as the newly appointed cabinet met with the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to propose a law criminalizing incitement to hatred, which could lead to the death penalty, state TV said.
The military rulers were struggling to bring calm on several fronts, as clashes between Coptic Christians and Muslims in the working class area of Moqattam left 10 dead and scores wounded, the health ministry said.
Insecurity has been rife after police disappeared from the streets during protests that toppled Mubarak, who had ruled Egypt for 30 years under emergency law.
Earlier the Muslim Brotherhood, the country's largest opposition group, blamed diehards of Mubarak's regime for inciting violence -- a view widely shared across the country.

Bari, Italy - Ambulances belonging to management of detention centre set on fire

cette semaine

Wednesday night 2 Thursday, March 3, an ambulance "Operatori Emergenza Radio" Bari was burned and four others damaged. It seems that it is a question of arson, as they called the police. Someone even think of a plausible link may be that the O.E.R. manages the detention centre at Bari-Palese. But running a camp is not the only harmful activity of the O.E.R., indeed for several years this company is under administrative control because of a scandal concerning the management of 118 [emergency calls]. Which interests us little. The O.E.R. complained that after the fire, they had to abandon the transfer of several patients from home to hospital. This is not the only "service" that its ambulances m does. Just on March 3, a person detained in Bari-Palese tried to escape from the ambulance during a transfer from the centre to the hospital, taking advantage of a stop at a red light. He has been incarcerated since, accused of injuring a policeman and an employee of the O.E.R., who had obviously tried to prevent his escape.

Translated from Italian to macerate @ Marzo 6, 2011

Yako and Koupela, Burkina Faso - 20 prisoners escape from prison as teenagers set two police stations on fire


OUAGADOUGOU, March 7, 2011 (AFP) – Around 20 prisoners escaped in Burkina Faso on Monday after teenagers set two police stations on fire to protest against violent clashes that killed four students last month. Defying a government order to return to classes, middle and high school students set fire to a police station in Yako, 100 kilometres (60 miles) north of the capital, letting a dozen detainees loose, a police officer told AFP. Others burned down another police station in Koupela, 140 kilometres to the east, allowing nine prisoners to escape, residents said. “There is nothing. Everything is gone, even the prisoners,” a local teacher said. ”Now children are playing in the remains of the police station,” he added.
Six people, including four students and a policeman, were killed in riots in late February in the town of Koudougou, 100 kilometres west of Ouagadougou, after a student died in disputed circumstances. The government sacked a regional governor following the riots. The violence erupted after the death of a 24-year-old man who authorities said died of meningitis but demonstrators said had been abused by police after an interrogation. Elsewhere in the country, peaceful protests took place Monday in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso’s second city, and six other towns.

Greece - 1326 prisoners send letter to honour anarchist comrade Lambros Foundas, shot dead by police one year ago today


10 march 2011 - "We honour the revolutionary, guerilla, member of Revolutionary Struggle, Lambros Foundas who fell fighting in an armed clash with the dogs of the State a year ago today.
The State and its soldiers are slowly taking the mask off supposed legality and are executing and imprisoning those who do not submit to their laws and fight for dignity and freedom.
We are prisoners of the Greek prisons, we know very well that there is no justice inside police cells, courtrooms and the slum prisons.
It's time for the rest to wake up ...
Freedom to the members of Revolutionary Struggle, comrades in arms and comrades of Lambros Foundas, Pola Roupa, Nikos Maziotis, Kostas Gournas.
Free the 3 anarchists Sarantos Nikitopoulos, Vangelis Stathopoulos, Christoforos Kortesis prosecuted as participants of Revolutionary Struggle and deny the charges.
Freedom to those in the cells ...
"People live, people die, people laugh, people cry, some give up, some still try, some say hi, while others say bye, others may forget you, but never will we..." "

Text signed by prisoners in the Greek prisons: 290 in B wing and 195 in A wing of Larissa prison, 60 in A2 and 59 in C2 wing in Grevena prison, 435 in B wing Korydallos prison and 29 from Z wing, 28 from H wing of Corfu prison, and 230 in A wing, Patras.

We will not hesitate to speak about Lambros Foundas, despite the asphyxiating ring that the governmental repression wants to create around him.
It is difficult to accept that we will never see comrade Lambros again.
The vibrations of his social and individual action and the continuous consistency and continuity in conscience, the life attitude, social solidarity, the collective struggles and the multiform action rendered him always dangerous for every authority and the state. A dangerous enemy of the state and every dominating mechanism, an individual with a passion for freedom, that penetrated the thought of everyone that was near him, a friend close to the heart of those who fought with him. He dissolved with the depth of his thought and his attitude hallucinations and self-delusions. To walk along together with comrade and friend Lambros was a process of anarchy and freedom, a process of deep human knowledge and freedom.
This is why they could never “strike him in the mind”. His sensitivity for each person that needed solidarity took the dimension of a daily behaviour, attitude of life, revolt, of a dynamic blow against the state, the relations of imposition and the relations of exploitation of people by people.
There are certain people so old that it seems they come from the future. Because, those of who stood side by side and together with Lambros had the conscience that in “our time” we had to give a battle with an enormous depth in the time of history, with continuous fights and conflicts for the liberation from the dominating bonds.
A history so long that it made us already touch upon a step further, constantly, with dignity and self-activity, breaking the ringer of fear that they manufacture and lurks, experiencing the need of anarchy.
In any case, Lambros Foundas lives in the flaming hearts of those who fight continuously for dignity and freedom. The memory of the rebels that die is incarnated in our small and big revolts.
Honour for ever to our comrade fighter revolutionary Lambros Foundas!!!

Sunday 6 March 2011

Cairo, Egypt - Armed men attack protesters outside Cairo police HQ


Sun Mar 6, 2011 - CAIRO, March 6 (Reuters) - Armed men in plain clothes attacked protesters demanding reform of Egypt's notoriously brutal security services outside police headquarters in Cairo on Sunday, witnesses said.
Egyptian soldiers had fired into the air for several minutes to disperse hundreds of protesters outside the police offices in central Cairo, the latest in a series of demonstrations targeting security service offices, the witnesses said.
It appeared to be the first time armed men in plain clothes had deployed in force to confront reform activists in Cairo since the toppling of President Hosni Mubarak on Feb. 11.
Witnesses said the armed men then hurled bricks and petrol bombs, reminiscent of scenes in protests against Mubarak's rule a few weeks ago when Mubarak loyalists attacked demonstrators in central Cairo's Tahrir Square.
In the last two days, protesters have broken into 11 state security offices across the country, seizing documents and citing fears that officers would destroy them to cover up abuses perpetrated by the force.
"The army started firing in the air to disperse us," said Mohammed Fahmy. "We tried to run away but we were met by 200 thugs in plain clothes carrying sharp weapons on the other side," he said, putting the number of protesters at 2,000. The state news agency said hundreds of protesters had tried to break into the headquarters of state security. They want its dissolution and see it as a threat to their revolution for change and a move to democratic, transparent government.

Athens, Greece - Anarchist comrade Fee Marie Meyer is released


Thursday, March 3, 2011
Fee Marie Meyer, the anarchist comrade imprisoned solely on the basis of personal acquaintances and the anarchist literature found in her house, was released on bail this morning, while her persecution continues. Fee had written one letter before being ordered in pre-trial detention and another one while in prison, explaining how she was targeted by the mechanism of state repression.

The Revolution in Egypt: The End of the New Pharaohs?


by a dissident exiled in North Africa – with assistance from the CrimethInc. Workers’ Collective
Ex-dictator Ben Ali flees in his private jet from crowds chanting for regime change—the hated Egyptian police stations long used for torture in the name of “anti-terrorism” are burned down—men and women armed with kitchen knives organize neighborhood self-defense against the police—the army refuses to fire on their families in the streets.
What is happening—first in Tunisia and now in Egypt—is the beginning of the wave of full-scale revolutions that will inevitably follow the global financial crisis of 2008. Taking place in the wake of the failed “War on Terror,” these revolutions combine the latent force of massive numbers of unemployed youth with the dynamism of modern communication networks. They signal the conclusion of the decade of counter-revolution that followed September 11, 2001. Although they continue the exploration of new technologies and decentralized forms of organization initiated by the anti-globalization movement, the form and scale of these new revolutions is unprecedented. Largely anonymous groups are using the ubiquitous World Wide Web to spark leaderless rebellions against the pharaohs of the global empire of capital.
The self-styled rulers of the world are truly at a loss as to how to understand the new social and technological forces at play; the aging dictator Mubarak is a perfect example of this, but he is hardly the only one of his kind. One can almost smell the fear, not only amongst the despots of China and Saudi Arabia but also the supposed leaders of representative democracies. The contortions the US government has been going through are the most grotesque of all; it isn’t lost on the Egyptian people that the bullets striking down their comrades came from the USA. Egypt receives $1.3 billion dollars of military aid from the US every year. The suppression of “democracy” in the Middle East has been a deliberate policy of the US government: they know popular sentiment would never support their agenda as the military enforcement of global capitalism.
The best efforts of Mubarak’s dying regime to put its fingers in the ears of the world have not silenced the people on the streets of Cairo. Even blocking cell phones and trying to turn off the entire Internet have proved futile. For generations, Arabs and Africans have been silenced, represented by various colonial governments and portrayed as “primitive” and “terrorist” in Europe and the US. Now the people of Egypt are speaking in thunderous unison for freedom—not for political Islam, as demagogues from Iran to Israel would have the world believe. In doing so, they are realizing the ideals to which the US government pays only hypocritical lip service.
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Texcoco, Mexico - Arson at Mexican Valley Experimental Field in Texcoco.

from Culmine March 3, 2011

Communiqué from the Earth Liberation Front, Mexico:
We, the Earth Liberation Front, take responsibility for the arson at the Mexican Valley Experimental Field in Texcoco, Mexico State. The field belongs to the National Institute of Forestry, Agricultural, and Livestock Research (INIFAP), which is dedicated to the research and development of “improved technology” in the areas of agriculture, animal husbandry, and forest exploitation. For example, INIFAP has been responsible for the production of over 100 new genetic varieties of plants since 2005, greatly increasing the country’s crop production and therefore its demand for land to be deforested and polluted with pesticides and herbicides.
This year, INIFAP opened the National Center for Genetic Resources (CNRG), which is responsible for storing genetic samples of every species endemic to Mexico and Latin America.
The Scientists in this field argue that their project is beneficial to ecosystems, but if we analyze it, these people are really dedicating their lives to the creation of new types of organisms in the name of progress. If we leave such a great variety in their hands, will anything ever be out of their reach? INIFAP also carries out forestry research, which it uses to promote the increased deforestation of wild habitats. For example, two weeks ago INIFAP published an article about the timber industry, an institution that had developed “ecological” (note the quotes) furnaces for drying logs in the mountains north of Puebla. In its article, INIFAP made its hopes clear that these furnaces would lead to growth in the region’s forestry industry, thus threatening an environment in which all kinds of species coexist.
Therefore, we claim the following ecotages inside and outside this federal institution:
1. Leaving an incendiary device—made from three liters of gasoline, fuses for detonation, and air freshening pellets as delays—among hundreds of sacks of herbicide in a warehouse inside their facility.
2. Leaving another incendiary device—fueled by four liters of gasoline—at the entrance to the main building near the experimental field.
3. Leaving two incendiary devices inside two greenhouses outside and behind the facility.
4. Also leaving behind declarative and threatening graffiti—like “THIS TIME IT WAS FIRE, NEXT TIME IT WILL BE BOMBS,” “ELF,” “INIFAP = DESTRUCTION OF WILD NATURE,” “FLT,” “MORE GMOS, MORE FIRE,” among others—on the windows, floor, and walls of the main building; the walls of the other buildings; an INIFAP van; and the power generator.
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