One fine morning, the faithful lackey, who has hitherto identified completely with his master, leaps on his oppressor and slits his throat. RV

Monday 31 May 2010

Lisbon - on quantity and quality

by a few anarchists

Saturday, May 29th, there was a demo in Lisbon called by the CGPT (the main confederation of trade unions) against the government and the austerity measures it is adopting. There was a massive attendance (300,000 people), obviously with numbers meaning nothing. There were no riot cops anywhere in sight, and that is because not only does the CGPT have its own "service of order" (security thugs), but mainly due to the self-control of the people, generated by decades of brainwashing and control of the minimal sign of discontent by the unions.
Assuming that the streets and feelings of discontent don’t belong to the unions, there was a call for an anti-capitalist concentration, which about 50 anarchists and anti-authoritarians turned up for.
This group, carrying one banner saying "capitalism can’t be reformed, destroy it" and various others, eventually decided to do its own demonstration outside the main demo, shouting words (many of which had appeared on walls all over Lisbon the night before) such as "against the unionist mafia, social war", "sabotage and wildcat strikes", "against the state and capital, social war", "freedom lives in our hearts, down with the walls of all prisons" and "avid for our freedom, we’ll destroy your whole society",. Often these words started to be shouted also by people inside the official demo.
At some point, the group decided to enter the main demo, and immediately the unionist thugs from the "service of order" (that were following us), aided by undercover cops, pushed us away saying we wouldn’t enter. At this point, other people also started yelling at these controllers. After some scuffles and threats, the group managed to push its way in. After a while, and because for most of us we had entered not to participate in the political circus, but to refuse being told what we can or can not do by others, we just decided to move away from the main march again.
After the demo ended, nearby in a "very pittoresque" cobblestoned street filled with bars and restaurants full of tourists (Rua das Portas de Santo Antao), a police car had drawn up and was blocking the street as they had arrested a middle-aged man in handcuffs. Concerned people had surrounded the car and a few comrades on their way for chips, together with all the people present, tried to prevent the man from being taken awayl. A few whistles and a couple of dozen more comrades arrived at the scene, running from the main square where they had been standing. More people had also gathered and there was already a crowd of 50 or 60 people yelling for the cops to let the man go and calling them fascists. Another police car arrived at the scene (the police station is just around the corner) and by this time the arrested man, his hands handcuffed behind his back, had been pushed into the car, which made the crowd even more angry. They couldn’t let the cops take away their prey.
A unit of riot cops then arrived from the neighbouring avenue where the massive demo had ended, and finally they were able to express themselves: here they found the occasion to lash out at everyone. One of them had a rubber bullet shotgun and they just went completely crazy, beating everyone on their way. Fortunately some chairs that were on the street were thrown at them, and also a few bottles. In the middle of this an old woman was heard saying "This is the future."
The crowd moved to the square next to the street, a meeting place for many immigrants who were standing around, as more riot cops arrived and formed lines to protect the others. By this time there were about 200 different people shouting against the cops and at some point they were shouting in unison "nobody likes you". The cops retreated down a side street towards the cop station, walking backwards to the sound of insults.
On the one hand, an almost militaristic gigantic army with hundreds of thousands of disciplined union members each one carrying his own little flag; a march of death, one could say. On the other, a simple social moment of a dissatisfied costumer in a bar and a few people with the clarity to protect each other from the enemy. A moment which was possibly a breath away from a full blown riot that might had extended to the many immigrants, comrades, and poor people that just hang around those streets. A whole mass of people excluded from any kind of representation or the logic of reform.
The future is yet to be written. Moments of rebellion feed on moments of rebellion and on feelings of revolt and joy. Control will be harder and harder to impose, and their truncheons frighten us less and less.
Don’t kiss the hand that beats you. Bite it!

Lisbon - Let's destroy work

leaflet given out by anarchists on Lisbon demo 29 MAY 2010

We are not concerned with the political problems of those who see unemployment as a danger to democracy and order. We do not feel any nostalgia for lost professionalism. We don’t want better wages or the continuation of subsidies. Nor are we for the abolition of work, the discovery of alternative ways of life, or the reduction to the minimum to live happily.
We want the destruction of this system that makes us beg for a minimum to not to starve to death.
We want the destruction of work and this society, of what we do during the day and it’s continuation that extends until night, a perpetuate circle that never seems to end; prisoners in this prison without bars or walls, but whose objective is exactly the same: the resignation to what they tell us to accept, to the bosses’ orders and to the police that protects them and protects what we want to destroy.
We want the destruction of this rule that makes us continue like this, prisoners of a job that takes us all: our time, our creativity, our energy.
The destruction of work is above all the destruction of survival, demanding a step into the unknown and, above all, extreme creativity.
Destroying work means attacking, attacking that in which work is based on and that which it produces. The attack does not affect profit indirectly, as a strike does, but hits the structure directly, either the means of production or the end product. And the object to be destroyed, although it is property, it is also work, because it is something that results from work.
For the liberation of our lives, let’s destroy work and all this society.

Greece - Alexi´s murderers to get out on bail

from kathimerini

Suspects in Grigoropoulos death to be bailed on Sunday
The two police officers being tried in connection to the fatal shooting of teenager Alexis Grigoropoulos in December 2008 are due to be released from custody on Sunday, June 6. The judge in the Amfissa court where the trial of Epaminondas Korkoneas and Vassilis Saraliotis is being held has ruled that the two suspects should be freed on bail because they have completed 18 months in custody. Both men have been barred from leaving the central Greek town and will have to report to the local police station every morning and evening until a verdict is delivered. They have been on trial (Korkoneas for shooting Grigoropoulos, Saraliotis for being an accomplice) since February but it is still not clear when the case will be wrapped up.

Sunday 30 May 2010

Kastelli, Crete - Molotov cocktail at the militarybase airfield

from actforfreedomnow

28/5 Attack with Molotov cocktails at the military base airfield at Kastelli, Crete Greece.
Continued attacks by strangers in the airport of Kastelli in Heraklion, Crete, yesterday evening. Unknown 1:05 in the morning today threw two Molotov cocktails at the northeastern gate of the airport. The reaction was immediate, since the unit became alarmed and increased safety measures at the airport. Twenty minutes later, unknown persons cut the wire fence of the plant, the opposite side from where it dropped the first Molotov cocktail, went inside and set a fire in the grass. Note that the last two months there is strong conflict from the local pepole on the "Kallikrates operation''
The unit was blocked for about 20 days by residents who reacted to the Kallikrates' project and the prosecutor had to intervene to remove them.

CIA drones kill women and children in North Waziristan tribal district in Pakistan

from hindustan times
May 22, 2010 - Ten people, including two women and two children, were killed when drones operated by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) fired missiles at a target in Pakistan's North Waziristan tribal district. The strike took place in Boya sub-district, some 25 km west of Miranshah, the main city of the district bordering Afghanistan. "The drones fired four missiles just before midnight at the house of a tribesman, Khyali Dawar," Online news agency quoted the intelligence official as saying. "Six people died, and three were injured," the official added. Two women and two children succumbed to their injuries in hospital. Five women and an equal number of children were injured in the strike...
Over 900 people have been killed since the drone attacks began in August 2008.

Saudi Arabia - women attack morality police

from the guardian
26 may 2010

In the past month, there have been two incidents where Saudi women, when questioned or harassed by the notorious "morality police" from the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, have lashed out – literally.
In the first incident, according to the Saudi Gazette, a young couple "appeared to be acting in an inappropriate manner" in an amusement park. A commission member who spotted them suspected they were not married or related and were therefore breaking the law. As the commission member approached them, the young man collapsed – presumably out of shock or fright – but the woman showered him with punches. He was taken to a medical centre to be treated for bruises. In the second incident, which the LA Times calls an unprecedented outburst, a woman caught in "illegal seclusion" with a man shot at the religious police when questioned.
The religious police, or mutawwa (loosely translated as "volunteers", as in the past the role was largely an unpaid one performed by over-zealous busybodies) regularly roam public spaces in the kingdom to ensure that women are appropriately covered, that shops are shut at prayer times, and that as few adult males as possible are absent from the mosque when the call to prayer is announced.

Denver - Damages From Sheepskin Factory Arson at $500,000

from voice of the voiceless
May 5th, 2010

More news and photos emerge from mysterious fire that destroyed a sheep skin merchant in Denver.
Investigators have estimated damages from the arson fire that destroyed a sheep skin seller at $500,000. The building is being called a “total loss”.
Also revealed is that the owners of Sheepskin Factory had no insurance. While they claim to be reopening, they must absorb all costs from the arson fire which destroyed the building, equipment, and all inventory.
Police released photos of a person they say “may” have set the fire, taken from security camera footage around the time of the fire. The images show only a person with a backpack and hood, with no face or other identifiable features visible.
As of yet, no group has claimed responsibility for the fire. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is still investigating.

Farningham, Kent - three kilometres of BT broadband cable stolen

the inquirer April 26

ABOUT 1,400 British Telecom subscribers in the Farningham area of Kent were left without broadband after three kilometres of copper cabling was stolen.
Engineers are having to work night and day to replace the stolen cables, which a BT statement described as a “very complex and time consuming repair job”.
Six cables were cut in five places, but services have been restored for most of those affected, with all services likely to be restored by Tuesday evening.
This isn't the first time something like this has happened in the area, with a similar incident having occurred in September of last year.

Melbourne - Riot at army base sends three to hospital

From: AAP
May 15, 2010 3:05AM

THREE people have been taken to hospital with minor injuries following a riot between detainees at an army barracks in Melbourne.
Police were called around 9.45 last night after a fight broke out between detainees at the Broadmeadows army barracks in northern Melbourne.The fighting had finished by the time police arrived.


from culmine
(text later)
Individuos Panclastas Contra la Dominación

Ljubljana - Slovenian students fight government 'reforms'

from demotix
Slovenian students violently protested against planned government reforms that would limit their work during studies and thus lower their income. Ljubljana, Slovenia 19/05/2010
The protest began in Slovenian capitol Ljubljana's city center where about 15,000 students gathered to protest against the planned government reforms that would limit the amount of work they can do alongside their studies. This would further worsen their financial situation on top of the negative stipend politics of Slovenian government. In the afternoon, they moved in front of Slovenian parliament building where they started throwing stones, eggs, signposts or anything that could be thrown into the parliament building or the police. On several occasions they attacked the police that responded with pepper spray. Eventually, they caused severe damage to the parliament building, many windows were broken, a molotow was thrown in front of the building, about 30 students were arrested.

Another murder by neo-nazis in Moscow

from actforfreedeomnow

On the 24th of May a group of young people were celebrating their friend’s birthday on the Moscow river embankment in the north-western part of the city. With the party coming to an end, the company started to dissolve while the rest, around 15 people and mostly girls remained to collect the rubbish. At this juncture they were attacked by a group of neo-Nazis (about 40 people) coming from the bridge, shooting their non-lethal guns and screaming «It’s them, get them!" According to the witness neo-Nazis sought to beat each and everyone. One of the girls got her back injured hit by a cobble. When the guys returned to the place most of them managed to get away from, they found their friend Dmitry Kashitsyn lying in blood. He got severely wounded. Dmitry died on the spot even before the police and the ambulance arrived. He was 27.

Murder and riots in Warsaw

from actforfreedomnow

A 36-year-old Nigerian man was shot to death by a cop known to have violent, racist inclinations.
On Sunday May 23, police raided some Nigerian traders at the Stadium bazaar in the Praga district of Warsaw. One guy was apparently handcuffed and push to the ground. His 36-year-old colleague from Nigeria, Max, tried to intervene and get the police to stop brutalizing the other. Max was shot in the stomach and killed.
There immediately started to be problems with police, who tried then to chase and round up the rest of the panicked African traders, mostly from Nigeria. When more police arrived, some riot started. People were throwing stones and bricks at the police and 4 police vans were destroyed. 32 people were arrested. The police want to charge 25 of them for assault.
The police immediately sent their spokesperson to invent a good story for the media: that police were "surrounded and attacked" by a gang of agressive Africans, so they had to shoot Max. The official media version was racist and uncritical of the police.
We later heard from eye witnesses and are still getting more testimonies and evidence.
ZSP released a statement and called for an emergency action the next day. During the day, the TV interviewed Max's wife, Monika, and Akai from ZSP, finally letting another version of events into the media.
Max had been in Poland legally for many years. He was married to Monika, a Polish woman, with whom he has three children, aged 10, 4 and 2. He was selling goods at the stadium as a second job to supplement his poor income and help support his family.
In the evening, people gathered at the site of the murder. Some speeches were made and then there was a spontaneous demonstration to the police station were people are being held. The protestors took over the main street in Praga and marched to the station. There, a group of Max's friends came and told people about what happened.
25 of the 32 arrested will be charged with assaulting a police office, which faces up to 10 years in prison.

Brindisi - Escape from detention centre

source: corriere del mezzogiorno, translated from informa-azione

There are about 80 immigrants in the Centre for identification and expulsion. For months similar episodes have been happening in BRINDISI - New disorders took place in the Centre for identification and expulsion (Cie) of Restinco in Brindisi where 80 'extracommunitarians' are held for whom expulsion from Italy has been decided. A group of immigrants managed to force the gate through which about fifteen of them managed to escape. Again in this case there were clashes between the forces of order and the battaglione San Marco that carry out surveillance of the centre.

Rhodes -Laser pens a risk to planes

from the Greek press

Air-traffic controllers yesterday told an industry conference that the increasing frequency with which some people are directing laser pointers at airplane cockpits could result in a disaster at one of the country’s airports.
The experts told the conference, on the Dodecanese island of Rhodes, that there had been nearly 400 instances of people shining laser pens at airplanes since last October. In most cases, it is commercial airliners that are being targeted by the perpetrators, most of whom are believed to be teenagers, they said. According to statistics from the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority, 152 planes flying over Athens International Airport have been targeted by laser pens, 84 over Thessaloniki airport, 62 over Crete’s Iraklio airport, 31 over Corfu and 15 over Rhodes. Experts say that the laser pens, available on the market for as little as 10 euros, are extremely dangerous, as they momentarily blind the pilot when shone into the cockpit from the ground. The laser pens with a green light are reportedly more dangerous than those issuing white or blue light.

Athens - Dozens of migrants join second brawl in two days

from the Greek press

Dozens of migrants join second brawl in two days
Another brawl broke out between migrants in downtown Athens last night, the second this week. This latest round of tension involved 100 men, believed to be Bangladeshi and Afghan migrants, clashing on Geraniou Street in Omonia armed with makeshift weapons. Police detained 10 suspects for questioning and are investigating the causes behind the incident, which comes two days after 13 men were injured in a fight involving some 200 people

Imprisoned Greek anarchist comrade Simos Seisidis loses his leg

from actforfreedomnow

Sunday, May 30, 2010
Simos Seisidis is an anarchist arrested on May 3d by police in Athens. Simos has had a price on his head for a long time, accused of being a member of the so-called “robbers in black” (oi listes me ta maura) who were, allegedly, a group to which imprisoned anarchist Yiannis Dimitrakis also belonged.
During his arrest on May 4th, Simos was shot in the leg by police and injured heavily; he was also beaten badly on the spot. Since that day Simos has been detained in a room-converted-cell in the KAT hospital in Athens. His conditions of detention are horrific – as described by his family, comrades and groups such as the Network for Social and Political Rights (which has issued a statement, see here, in Greek): there is a complete ban on TV, radio and phone communication for him; the only person allowed to visit him in his room is his mother; police are constantly guarding his room, abusing him, photographing him with their mobile phones while he is bathed by the nursing staff; the list is endless.
On Friday, May 28th it was announced that his health condition had worsened rapidly and that Simos had an emergency operation and had his leg amputated. He is now in a stable and relatively good (that is, non-life threatening condition); his horrific conditions of detention remain. BROTHER SIMOS YOU ARE NOT ALONE! THEY ARE GOING TO PAY FOR THAT!!

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Beauvais, Paris - Pupil throws plastic bottle at Sarkozy during visit to combat school violence

from Irish Times

French president Nicolas Sarkozy narrowly missed getting hit by a plastic bottle thrown by a pupil during a visit to combat school violence today.
Mr Sarkozy was at a middle school in a problem zone in Beauvais, northwest of Paris. As he explained measures to crack down on delinquency, the pupil tossed the bottle, which lightly brushed the president.Mr Sarkozy did not flinch.The school’s deputy head, Jerome Rochard, said it was unclear who from the crowd of 500 had thrown the bottle.Among Mr Sarkozy’s hotly contested measures are plans to create school boot camps for defiant pupils aged between 13 and 16 and suspend family subsidies to parents whose children skip school.

Wokingham - Digger smashed up by vandals

from get wokingham

May 19, 2010
Vandals were heard smashing up a digger at the site of gas works late at night last week.
Several residents called police on Monday, May 10 at around 2am to report a group of people were smashing equipment in Finchampstead Road where Southern Gas Network is carrying out work.
When police arrived several items of equipment had been damaged.
Three youths were subsequently arrested on suspicion of causing the damage.

A massive blaze at an Auckland industrial site was probably caused by arson.

from nzherald

More than 120 firefighters and 30 appliances attended Friday night's fire at the old Southdown freezing works in Penrose, the second in 18 months. Yesterday more than 80 firefighters were on duty as the fire continued to burn.
"The preliminary view is that it was most likely arson," said John Sax, the multi-millionaire developer who owns the site.
"It could have started over a number of floors, and there's virtually no way for that to have occurred, there was nothing of any electrical nature there."
Sax, founder of the For The Sake of Our Children Trust, said the complex was fenced and under constant security. It appeared an accelerant was used. "It's not easy to get into that area so someone would have had to go to some degree of effort to get into that sector."

Monday 24 May 2010

More angry news from Belgium

from suie e cendres

Four cars burned BERCHEM - In the Peace Street in Berchem, four cars have been destroyed by arson. A reason for the arson is not yet known.
Haacht / Keerbergen - Arson against two schools HAACHT/KEERBERGEN - Unknown persons put fire to two schools in Haacht and Keerbergen during the night of Friday to Saturday. Around 4 'o clock in the night, a garbage container was set alight at the Don Bosco Institute. Firemen were fast enough to make sure the fire didn't attack the building. But at 4h30, two vehicules used by the school and parked in the school yard were put on fire. The fire spread to the building, destroying the offices of the teachers.
Arson against police car ANTWERP - Unknown persons put fire to a police car stationed in front of a police office which is closed during the night. The vehicle was completely destroyed. The Criminel Investigation found inflammatory material close and ordered the Labo to search the remains of the vehicle.
Series of vandalism against schools GRACE-HOLLOGNE - Unknown persons put on fire garbage containers next to a school. Firemen put out the fire limiting the damages to the building (17.05.2010)*KEERBERGEN - All the locks of a school were glued, obstructing the teachers and pupils to enter the school. (18.05.2010)*WILSELE - Unknown persons tried to put fire to a school. Damage was limited. (18.05.2010)* ROTSELAAR - Windows of a school were broken by unknown persons (19.05.2010)[All info comes from the regular media)

Steenokkerzeel - Immigrants put fire to the detention center

from suie e cendres

STEENOKKERZEEL - A whole wing of the detention center for immigrants 127bis in Steenokkerzeel, around 39 prisoners, have been evacuated after an arson. Prisoners had put fire to the matrasses in four different cells at the same moment at around 9 'o clock in the evening.The whole wing has been temporarly closed. Damages are not so clear, for sure one cell has been destroyed. Two years ago, another coordinated arson destroyed 2/3 of this detention center, while a few hunderd meters further, the State is now building a new detention center. More info will probably

Sunday 23 May 2010

Ottawa - Royal Bank attacked in opposition to G8

Ottawa, 19 May - A Canadian anarchist group launched an incendiary device against an agency of the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) in Ottawa, claiming the attack and threatening other actions in view of the G8 and the G20 in Toronto next month. ''the resistance continues," the group wrote online, accusing the RBC of having financed the Olympic Games last February, held ''on land expropriated from the native people" of Vancouver.'' Thje leaders of the G8 and the G20 and the bankers will meet in Huntsville and Toronto to make decisions that confirm their politic of exploitation of the population and the environment. We´ll be there''.
translated from culimne

Gradisca (Italy) : mass escape from detention centre

from cette semaine

( il Piccolo du 21/05/10)
Locked up 40 in one celle for 8, they amanged to escape from the detention centre of Gradisca, in Gorizia. This way the second mass escape took place from the structure for immigrants in just two weeks. The episode happened during the night between Wednesday and Thursday around 3am. Once again, the immigrants locked up in the detention centre -most of them from Tunisia- managed to climb on to the roof of the complex and try to escape by throwing themselves down from the prison wall, around 4 metres high: this time it worked for 17 of them, who disappeared into the countryside plunged in darkness. 19 others were immediately taken back by the forces of order.

Greece - PM “applauds” May 20th general strike demonstrations

from afterthegreekriots

Greek PM “applauds” May 20th general strike demonstrations: when the peoples’ ridiculing by authority reaches a new level
Sunday, May 23, 2010
Corporate media report that Greek PM Papandreou expressed his content for the general strike demonstrations of May 20th: “the voice of those who were out on the streets”, he stated, “was heard louder, because it wasn’t covered by any uproar or riots”.
So here we have it: the hunter applauding their prey; the executioner congratulating the convict for showing up on time for the execution. Postmodern government at its best (a PM-wannabe striker) and at the same time a return to the dark, dark pages of nationalist frenzy of which this corner of the world has seen so much: “we’re all in this together, our enemy lies beyond the border”. Papandreou’s statement shows in the most vivid manner the huge dilemma the antagonist movement in the greek territory will be faced with from now on: the tragic events of May 5th show that violence in demonstrations is no longer an option, that it must be ruled out – and yet, it was precisely this element that would prevent the most obvious recuperation attempts of the struggle by the state or capital – by the very targets of the demonstrations, that is.
Where does this leave the antagonist movement in the country? Surely the way to go must be working on the grassroots, neighbourhood level for the creation of structures that negate the authority of state and capital on the everyday level. “Neighbourhood assemblies against the IMF” are already springing up across Athens (more on a subsequent post) and this is, undoubtedly, a positive sign.

Bristol - 'T-mobile' repeater destroyed by fire

from actforfreedomnow

[Bristol] Cells of Fire: Storm of Butterflies
May 21, 2010, approx 2.30am.A 'T-mobile' repeater was destroyed by fire. All effort was made not to endanger any life and the mast was chosen due to its distance from residential buildings and activity. The fence was cut with bolt-croppers and placed at the base of the antenna, wrapped around the electrical cables powering the mast, was a cut tyre filled with rags soaked in paraffin. Soaked rags were also tied to the cables and tucked into the tyre. Firelighters were used to ignite the lot. The antenna was situated near the central Temple Meads railway station close to a new 'urban development' area.Destructive acts against the telecommunications infrastructure of capitalist economy are simple and reproducible, as are attacks against other facets of industrial society. The system relies on a network of cables, antennas and power units to enforce and sustain its exploitation. Far from being a faceless abstract enemy, the conduits of commodity production remain attackable at many points, vulnerable to our courage, rage and joy.We dedicate this action to the arrested anarchists Constantino, Luca and Silvia in Switzerland, accused of conspiring against a nano-tech facility; to all the prisoners of the social struggle in Greece and to all those who have begun to fight, in a myriad of places, of different tongues, races and names.


Derby - Rolls Royce Targeted

from actforfreedomnow

On Sunday night, the distribution centre of the Rolls Royce factory in Derby was targeted by "autonomous individuals against the war machine." The gates of the plant, which makes components for Trident anti-nuclear submarines, were D-locked and the walls were covered in graffiti stating "Rolls Royce profits from the war machine" and "Fuck Rolls Royce".
According to the group's communique, "The war machine puts profit and power over the lives of people, companies like Rolls Royce are part of this. The war machine exemplifies the ways in which the rich and powerful oppress and dispossess the majority of people, destroying homes and communities, enforcing migration, and irrevocably harming land bases."
This is by no means the first time that Rolls Royce's Derby plant has been the target of anti-militarist action. Last summer, some land near the factory was squatted for a peace camp and blockaders disrupted the facility for 5 hours in 2008. There have been several other blockades over the years.

Saturday 22 May 2010

Mauricio Morales

la luche sigue!
Arm yourself and be violent, beautifully violent, until everything explodes. Because remember that whatever violent action against these promoters of inequality, is entirely justified through centuries of infinite violence that we have been been subjected to by them. .. Arm yourslef and combat the terrorism - burn, conspire, sabotage, and be violent, beautifully violent, naturally violent, willingly violent.' - Mauri

Anarchist Bookfair in Lisbon today, tomorrow

Wednesday 19 May 2010

BANGKOK (AP) — Downtown Bangkok became a flaming battleground Wednesday as an army assault forced anti-government protest leaders to surrender, enraging followers who shot grenades and set fire to landmark buildings, cloaking the skyline in black smoke.
Using live ammunition, troops dispersed thousands of Red Shirt protesters who had been camped in the capital's premier shopping and residential district for weeks. Five protesters and an Italian news photographer were killed in the ensuing gunbattles and about 60 wounded.
After Red Shirt leaders gave themselves up to police, rioters set fires at the Stock Exchange, several banks, the headquarters of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority, Central World — one of Asia's biggest shopping malls — and a cinema that burned to ground. There were reports of looting.
Firefighters retreated after protesters shot guns at them, and thick smoke drifted across the sky of this city of 10 million people.

Northern Ireland police attacked during bomb hoax

British media

Mob of 30 people threw petrol bombs and homemade explosives at officers during security operation in County Armagh

Police were attacked today with improvised grenades and petrol bombs as they responded to a security alert that temporarily shut down the main rail link between Belfast and Dublin.
A number of houses had to be evacuated in Lurgan, County Armagh, as army bomb disposal officers were sent to the Lake Street area, close to the Kilwilkie estate, in what turned out to be a hoax.
During the security operation, PSNI officers came under attack by a mob of around 30 people.
A PSNI spokesman said several officers had injuries to their hearing caused by the homemade grenades, one of which was thrown over the roof of a house on the estate.
The alert is the latest in a series of terrorist operations carried out by dissident republicans in North Armagh. The nationalist end of Lurgan is a stronghold for the Continuity IRA.

Greece - New wave of strike action on the way

from the Greek media

Another general strike tomorrow, called by the countries’ two main unions, will disrupt public services and transport although flights will run as scheduled.
The 24-hour strike, the first since May 5 when the firebombing of a bank led to the deaths of three employees, will halt services on the Athens metro, buses, trolley buses, the tram and the suburban railway and regular railway. The Piraeus-Kifissia urban electric railway (ISAP) will run a limited service between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Flights will be unaffected as air-traffic controllers announced that they would not join the walkout. But ferries will remain moored at Piraeus and other ports around the country as seamen are striking. Taxis will run as normal.
Motorists are advised to avoid the city center as rallies planned by the General Confederation of Greek Labor (GSEE) and the main civil servants’ union (ADEDY) are expected to block most major roads.
As usual, the strike action will close down schools and government services and oblige state hospitals to operate on emergency staff.
Journalists will not join the strike and as a result there will be coverage of the protest rallies and other news on television and radio and newspapers will circulate on Friday.
Labor unions, which are staging their action to emphasize their opposition to austerity measures already passed by the government and to pension reforms due to be submitted in Parliament next week, said yesterday that they are already planning a new strike for June. In a joint statement, ADEDY and GSEE condemned looming pension reform which they said would “negate and undermine the rights of insured citizens.”

Athens - Marvin Egnatia Bank on Stadiou Street closed

from the Greek media

The branch of Marfin Egnatia Bank on Stadiou Street, in Athens, which was destroyed on May 5 when protesters pelted it with firebombs, leading to the death of three bank employees, will not reopen, the president of Marfin Investment Group, Andreas Vgenopoulos, which owns the bank, said yesterday in a letter to bank workers. “The murder of our colleagues must be examined calmly, honestly and in depth by the authorities,” Vgenopoulos said in the letter.

Avignon: Well dance now (action in support of Greek and Mexican comrades)

from cette semaine

Avignon on May 8 in the night. You wanted to temporarily remove the poisonous atmosphere of your monotonous lives by going to bother the coral of the Caribbean. You always think that Greece is exotic, that Havas Voyages sell you the best tan, that everyone in the office will find so natural. No luck, here we also tackle the pallbearers in flowery shirts, agents who disguise the ants that you are as operetta cicadas. Third time, May 8 at night, the window of Havas Voyages of the rue Carnot received right in the face the poetry of those like us who refuse to leave the Greek and Mexican comrades alone in the ongoing war.
The previously unknown triplet

Italy - technological surveillance: GPS transmitter found under the van of Nunatak editor

from informa-azione
May 17, under the van of an editor of Nunatak, we found a finde abbiamo trovato un bel transmitter with a SIM Vodaphone chip and 4 torch batteries, of 3,6 volts each, in series. All placed with a magnet behind a back wheel of the vehicle. This time, just not to boast, it should be said that it didn´t take much to notice that "someone" had placed a device to spy on our movements. Moreover, for some time now, unfortunately, it is as well to take into consideration forms of technological control that is increasingly invasive and capillary. In fact, among all the manoeuvres and repressive attacks that the State puts into effect against those who still have the courage to raise their heads, this is just the latest sign that the review Nunatak has become object of attention of who knows which Procurator or investigative body. Monitoring, home visits and a whole series of other more or less concealed pressures have been gravitating for some time around the review and whoever collaborates with it with the intention of burning the earth around it and preparing an eventual repressive intervention in the near future. It seems pointless to us to stree once again that their "attention" will not make us take one step back from our projects, but we can only admit that, for as long as uniforms and authority are concerned about our presence , of our way of thinking and acting, we have confirmation that we are moving in the right direction. Nunatak - magazine of history, culture, struggles of the mountain.

Sunday 16 May 2010

Bangkok - 24 civilians dead in 3 days

from the corporate media

Up to eight people have been killed in the latest clashes between anti-government red shirt protesters and security forces on the streets of the capital Bangkok.
The total death toll over the past three days now stands at 24. It is unclear if those killed were all protesters but it is known that none of the dead were soldiers.
Government troops, meanwhile, continue to surround the red shirts, who have been camped in the centre of Bangkok for two months now.
Troops have also been declaring certain areas "live-fire zones".
This means security forces will use live ammunition against protesters trying to enter these areas.

Philippines, early March - Angry Parents Burn Down School

from the corporate media
1:31pm UK, Tuesday March 02, 2010

A group of angry parents have burnt down their children's school in the Philippines after the pupils weren't given as much food as they had been promised.
Attack happened at Gaib Elemetary School in Masbate island province
Only charred walls remained at Gaib Elemetary School in Masbate island province after it was torched in the middle of the night.
Police chief Ed Benigay said: "It was done by some disgruntled parents who reportedly got mad at some teachers over perceived discrimination in the school's nourishment programme."
Nobody was injured in the arson attack, because the building was locked up for the night, but school records were destroyed.
The parents accused the school of not handing out enough rice, which had been pledged under a new Government scheme aimed at boosting school attendance.
Under the "Food for School" proposals, every student in certain impoverished areas is supposed to be given 1kg of rice every day.
The attack has left almost 150 students aged between five and 10 without a classroom.
Police say they intend to file charges soon.

Saturday 15 May 2010

US - Calgary Arson Unit to Investigate several morning fires in Sundance

_QR77 Newsroom

5/15/2010The Calgary Arson Unit is investigating a series of fires in the community of Sundance.Beginning at approximately 2:30 this morning firefighters responded to a dumpster fire at Father Willihan School.This was followed by another dumpster fire at Midsun Junior High School.At that time two fires were discovered by fire crews along Sunmills Drive in the same area.Police then spotted a fire inside Fish Creek Elementary School on Sun Castle Drive a short distance from the other fires.Police are investigating all of these incidents and are certain they are all related.No damage estimate is available at this time.

Greece - Conspiracy group suspected in blasts

from the Greek media

As forensic experts of the police’s counterterrorism unit yesterday examined the remnants of two bombs that targeted Attica’s Korydallos Prison and Thessaloniki’s main court complex within 24 hours of each other, police sources said they believe members of Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire to be behind both of the attacks.
Yesterday’s blast occurred shortly before 1.30 p.m. when a large bomb that had been planted in the basement men’s rest rooms at Thessaloniki’s main court complex detonated, injuring one court employee in the leg. An anonymous caller had phoned in a warning to the Eleftherotypia daily 20 minutes beforehand. According to sources, the caller had asked that the court complex be evacuated immediately, emphasizing several times that “this is not a hoax.” Police started ushering people out of the courtrooms but the bomb went off before everyone had left the premises. Televised images at the time of the bombing showed frightened citizens and policemen streaming out the entrance.
Police had not made any official statement regarding the suspected perpetrators behind the bombing by late yesterday but sources said they believed it – and Thursday night’s bombing outside Korydallos jail – had been the work of Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire and had been intended to remind police that the urban guerrilla group is still active. Ten suspected members of the group have been arrested over the past year. Of these, three are still in custody.
According to sources, the modus operandi of the perpetrators behind the court complex bombing and the blast outside the prison resembles that of Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire, whose recent hits include bombings at the Athens headquarters of Ethniki Insurance, the Aliens Bureau on Petrou Ralli Street and the central Athens offices of Chryssi Avgi (Golden Dawn), a far-right organization.
The bomb used at the court complex is believed to have comprised 10 kilograms of high-impact explosives, according to police sources. The bomb used in the Korydallos hit was very powerful, with reverberations felt as far away as central Athens, but no details about its composition were revealed. It caused significant damage and minor injuries to the 22-year-old resident of an adjacent apartment block.
By late last night, there had been no claim of responsibility for either attack.

Turin - more solidarity, more repression (2 arrested)


The Turin police are trying to force things against anyone that doesn't passively accept its movements. Following the recent failure of the digos [political police] failed to prevent the protest against Chief Prosecutor Caselli and prefect Padoin during the very glossy Book Fair today to day it is the fierce reaction to is a new demonstrative action of solidarity with those arrested on May 12. Although there were rumours at first that they would be released, the two comrades were arrested accused of resistance, violence and lesions
This after a group of people in solidarity in response to 'the attack on the freedom to self-manage oneself' on Wednesday morning went to the Palatine gates where they hung a banner with the words 'everybody free' they were immediately attacked by the forces of holy police present to safeguard the banner of god (the shroud). Attacked in force the two comrades were conducted in custody, one only after a series of beatings while two girls managed to escape but only after one had received a kick and the other her breasts twisted (prefect, don't put impotent cops on duty don't you see what they get up to?).
The others managed to escape after a long flight, we are waiting for more news.

Friday 14 May 2010

Brussels - Solidarity visit to Greek Tourism Office

from suie e cendres

"Brussels, avenue Louise, monday at 10 in the morning: people storm into the Greek Tourist Office and throw oil on the computers, paint and home-made stink bombs and this text:When we make today a visit to the Tourist Office of the Greek State, it is not to offer ourselves a travel to the sun which would make us forget the morbid routine. We are inhabitual clients who came to share a part of the road with those who chose the paths of revolt. The one way tickets for the angry, and especially for the anarchists, to the cells of the Greek State will not dismantle the ongoing social explosion; they will not obstruct us from going on the slingering paths towards a world without authority.Freedom for the imprisoned anarchists!Freedom for all!"
Translated from

More angry news from Belgium

from suie e cendres

Antwerp - Vandalism on construction site of Besix
ANTWERP - Vandals broke in on the construction site of the London Tower, led by the company Besix, and caused damage.[BESIX participates in the construction of a new detention centre for immigrants in Steenokkerzeel]12.05.2010
AALST - Mercedes of constructor torched
AALST - For the thirth time in less than a year, the private car (a Mercedes this time) of Patrick van Cleemput, boss of a construction company, has been torched.12.05.2010
LEUVEN - School strike and locks glued
LEUVEN - According to the media, the school strike, an autonomous initiative announced in many flyers, posters and graffiti, wasn't a big succes. At one secondary school, the locks had been glued the night before. Also, 8 buses of the public transport company had been tagged with graffiti against school.11.05.2010
LEUVEN - Plague of graffiti
LEUVEN - The city centre is being covered by graffiti on official buildings, schools, churches, construction projects, etc. the latest days. Also graffitis calling for the scholar strike on the 10 of May were seen. On a church, the vandals left "religion is abuse", on a construction site of a former squat, "against state and capital".10.05.2010
Temse - Millions of euros damage after arson against transport company
TEMSE - Arson caused millions of euros of damage in an industrial zone of the transport company Gilbert de Clerck, the distribution company Bruno Meersman and other companies. A big building was burned, trucks,...10.05.2010

Thursday 13 May 2010


ATHENS (Reuters) – A bomb exploded outside Athens’ main prison on Thursday, slightly injuring two people and damaging dozens of shops and homes up to four blocks away, police said.
A police official said the bomb was placed inside a garbage container close to the wall of Korydallos prison, where the convicted members of the deadly November 17 urban guerrilla group are serving sentences.
A man and a woman were slightly injured by broken glass. The blast was heard kilometres away, said a Reuters witness.
“It was a very powerful bomb, probably the biggest we have had in years, but we had evacuated the area,” said the police official.
An unidentified caller had warned a Greek TV station and a newspaper that a bomb would blow up outside the prison in minutes. Police rushed to evacuate the area and the device went off at about 1915 GMT.
“We have counted 55 shops and homes damaged so far in a radius of several blocks,” the police official said.
Most buildings had their windows blown out.

Milan - Flaming barricades against eviction of Rom camp in Triboniano

from informa-azione
Today, at dawn, hundreds of police in anti-riot gear turned up at the gates of the Rom camp in via Triboniano in Milan. Object of the mission: eviction of some of the families. They waited for the school bus to leave then set about their dirty work. But this time they got a badsurprise... burning cars, barricades with skips, gas containers and, above all, the whole community mobilised. At that point the police receded and the dirctors of the police station only obtained the dismantling of the barricades after their army left. At that point the priest Don Colmegna tookover (involved from the beginning with his “House of Charity”, in the managerial “affairs” of the camp, worth a few million euro, and imposing the infamous “pact of legality”)...


from actforfreedomnow

Yesterday 12/5/2010 twenty people gathered in a solidarity action at the Greek embassy in Warsaw Poland. The put up banners and took down the Greek and european flag replacing them with black ones. six greek and one Polish student were arrested. They have been in warsaw police station since then. Noone can communicate with them. A lawyer of the Black Cross has gone there aswell. In Poland its illegal to have a protest with more than 15 people. We dont know if they will keep them for 24 or 48 hours. They have given them no food or water. The cops want to press serious charges. None of the people arrested had anything to do with the flag action. They are going to charge them with stealing the flag [which does not exist] and for "participating in an illegal gathering with intent to commt a crime".FREEDOM TO THE COMRADESSOLIDARITY IS OUR WEAPON

...boubourAs translations...

Tuesday 11 May 2010

Chile - violent raid in the cells of the comrades of 22 January - trad. Culmine
translated from informa-azione

One year from the fall in action of Mauri, on May 6 a squadron of guards of the gendarmeria, under orders of lieutenant Acuña, searched with extreme violence the cells of the comrades Alberto Olivares and Sergio Vásquez of the 22 January collective while they were completing the preparation of a banner in memory of the death of comrade Mauricio Morales. The guards tried to destroy the paper material, in particular a letter that the comrades had written in commemoration of Mauri and, obviously, they confiscated the banner. This is one more demonstration that the enemy wants to sudue us both in the streets and in the prisons, that is why we are launching an appeal not to denounce these events, but to make the State/Capital pay on behalf of the kidnapped comrades. An appeal to conscious comrades to act in solidarity with the comrades prisoners in the State of Chile and in that of Argentina. Freedom for Alberto Olivares and Sergio Vásquez! Viva l'anarchia in Greece!Fire to the prisons with the screws inside them!

Teens accused of aiming lasers at police chopper

Examiner - 1st May 2010
Sacramento Police say they've arrested two teenage boys who allegedly shined high-powered lasers at a Police Helicopter. Police Sgt. Norm Leong says the Helicopter was helping on a Robbery search in the south Sacramento area on Friday night when witnesses reported seeing people on the roof of a middle school. He says the Helicopter flew over the school to check on the report and the pilot was hit by the laser beam. Police say shining lasers at Aircraft endangers both the air crew and people on...

Phoenix, Arizona - Sheriff Joe Arpaio introduces 'Pedal Vision' to prisoners in infamous Tent City

from imamook
Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County AZ has introduced another new feature in what could be called “Innovations in Incarceration.” Arpaio’s latest is called “Pedal Vision.”
PHOENIX — Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is implementing a new inmate program at Tent City Jail called “Pedal Vision.”
The program uses inmate-powered cycles to generate electricity for televisions.
Reports say Arpaio’s recent visit to Tent City inspired the idea, when he saw that many of the inmates were overweight.
The stationary bikes are customized so that as an inmate pedals, a connected television is powered once the cycle generates 12 volts of electricity.
One hour of pedaling equals one hour of television viewing for the inmates, according to Arpaio.
Arpaio said the inmates will only be able to watch television in the television room if they choose to pedal.
Arpaio, long the target of bedwetting liberals, has been dubbed “The Toughest Sheriff in America” for his no-nonsense approach to law enforcement and incarceration. Some of his other innovations in incarceration include:
Arpaio set up a “Tent City” as an extension of the Maricopa County Jail – inmates live in tents in the Arizona desert. During the summer of 2003, when outside temperatures exceeded 110 °F (43 °C), which is higher than average, Arpaio said to complaining inmates, “It’s 120 degrees in Iraq and the soldiers are living in tents, have to wear full body armor, and they didn’t commit any crimes, so shut your mouths.”

Ancona, Italy - attempted prison escape discovered

from informa-azione
from Radio Blackout

In the present critical, concretised conditions of generalised torture of the prison population, deaths, suicides (25 from the start of the year) and all the various daily brutalities that distinguish the world of the privation of freedom in Italy, it is more important than ever to speak of who does not passively accept the revenge of the State, to spread that the yoke of penance does not always manage to get the better of the bodies and souls of those who are locked up.
We hope that for one foiled escape attempt, may more will succeed.

"They had made a rough hole in the wall of the cell, but were discovered by the wardens on duty in the penitentiary institute of Ancone.
Two prisoners: B.C., 54 years from Africo (RC) and L.M., 49 years from Catania, both held in the prison's high security wing, had begun to scoop out a hole in the wall with the aid of a spoon and a nail, possibly in the hope of being able to escape. When the day's work was over, they closed up the hole again, masking it with savoyard biscuits soaked in flour and water and covered with a sheet of newspaper. They had already made a hole of about 22 cm wided and 30 cm deep.'
Mar, 11/05/2010 – 11:24

Probation Offices Attacked in London (UK)

from 325 nostate
11 May 2010
Forest Gate Community Service Office and Probation Offices were attacked by anarchist group “Black Fever Gang”. Spraypaint slogans and broken windows were the result. The action was dedicated to anarchist prisoners everywhere, especially those in Greece.
“We are fighters!! Not murderers!! Long live anarchy!! Black Fever Gang!!”

Greece - A Letter from Giannis Dimitrakis

from 325 nostate
In a society of deceit and hypocrisy, of backstabbing and betrayal; there where human relationships are molded on personal profit and exploitation, within the narrow limits of involuntary/obligatory choices, the scope of creating honest and sincere ties of social or political solidarity becomes constricted, suffocated. And if in many cases personal interest and vanity create a concrete mass in a common course between those in power, economic elites, political groups and other subgroups thus creating the illusion of a solid front, then in as many other cases it has been proven that when these same are confronted with pressuring and extremely negative conditions with the possibility of a total collapse approaching, the seeming powerful gluing element which created these cohesive bonds retreats in an instant, leaving behind a crowd of subhumans, each one looking to save themselves and not hesitating of handing over into the hands of the until lately common enemy their until recently political-social-economic partner.
For me now at my 32 years of age, with whatever experiences I have and whatever political consciousness and understanding I have developed, it is indisputable that since always one of the most precious and powerful weapons in the hands of people fighting against the world of the overlords, in expectance of a fair and free near future, was and will be solidarity. A solidarity which does not shrink in the face of repression but on the contrary unfolds decisively; which does not weep but attacks; which does not forget but honors with its memory.
And it is this solidarity I have tasted in the nearly 5 years I remain a captive of the state and that has to a great decree steeled me in all the difficult situations I have had to face and as an anarchist and as a prisoner. From the different events and demonstrations, the occupations of radio stations and the multitude of printed propaganda material to the arsonist and bombing actions against state and economic targets. From Greece to Spain, Germany, the UK to Argentina and Mexico the common ideas, values and visions have erected a web of solidarity under which I also have the joy of being.
To all those who have stood by me through all my years of imprisonment and who continue in whatever way they can to give me the strength and courage to stand proud against all kinds of state mechanisms, I feel that I owe a part of myself.
So I salute and would like to thank all those comrades who within the context of the local and international web of solidarity that is developing and strengthening continuously in the last years and that breaks through borders and boundaries, considered and deemed it is worth for them to risk even their own freedom in order to build an effective mound and a counterweight to the attacks and decisions taken against me by those in power.
Before the final rise of the sun that melts the darkness that embraces us all, the scattered fires emerging and shining more and more frequently from the most distant and unlikely places, illuminate the points and imperceptible routes drawn out by the universal rebellious conscience. My heart and soul cannot but be wholly with it.
With comradely greetings
Y. Dimitrakis
Domokos Prison

Monday 10 May 2010

Bombs made in Fareham and Derbyshire used to supress dissent in Greece
Greek riot police used stun grenades designed for use by special forces in anti-terrorist situations to break up protests outside the ex-ministry of Macedonia and Thrace in the northern city of Thessaloniki yesterday May 5 2010."The Grenade Hand Stun N580 and Grenade HandStun Multi’s N582, N591 and N592 are diversionaryassault grenades, designed for use in confinedspaces by Special Forces during hostage release.Noise and candela levels induce disorientation inany persons within the effective range."Chemring Defense
from uk indymedia:
Grenades made by the Chemring group ( used in recent protests in Athens and Thessaloniki, not just tear gas used, also some kind of fragmentation grenade, and noise grenades made by Chemring scum (

Hereford anarchists make voices heard

ANARCHISTS made their voices heard during the general election in Hereford, England. Reported the Hereford Times: "The singing and dancing has already begun at the general election count in Hereford.
"But the noise is coming from a group of anarchists protesting against the voting process.
"The group of around 20 have also shouted anti-fascist songs aimed at the British National Party candidate and his supporters who have just arrived at the Hereford Leisure Centre."

The anarchist banners included the phrases 'voting changes nothing' and 'my grandparents did not vote for fascists, they shot them'."
"The Hereford Times were told to go away in no uncertain terms when they approached the protesters for an interview."

Athens - Update on Simos and situation inside the hospital [K.A.T.]

from actforfreedomnow

Uncountable cops of all kinds have been permanently installed in the hospital where Simos Seisidis is. An episode occured when two foreigners looking for a friend approached his room. Cops of the special forces flooded the hallway with their guns pointed at them... they scared the shit out of them, at the same time, the police helicopter which was flying around the top of the hospital landed on the roof of the building next to the hospital!They give his mother much less time than she's entitled to, (half hour in the morning and half in the evening while usually it's three hours each time). The head doctor, acting as a genuine police snitch, is doing all he can to crush the psychology of our comrade [i.e. telling him that their going to cut off his leg...], while others of the hospital staff are showing an obvious indifference [i.e. not changing his sheets and leaving him to lie for hours in his blood that is coming out of the open wound]. Fortunately there are some exceptions, doctors and nurses that are doing whatever they can under these circumstances. The public briefings on this subject are so that all the people involved will understand that WHATEVER THEY SAY and WHATEVER THEY DO will be recorded. SO WILL THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES. There's still a BIG NEED FOR BLOOD. The comrade needs 2 bottles of blood a day. You can give blood in any hospital, regardless of bloodgroup. All you need is the name and the name of the hospital. Many comrades in prison offered and gave blood as well and we thank them. Simos is not alone!

Sunday 9 May 2010

US - Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk pupils charged with vandalism

Sunday, May 9, 2010
COEYMANS -- Six Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk High School seniors have been charged with vandalizing the high school building early Thursday morning.
Three boys entered the high school on Route 9W through an unlocked window sometime in the middle of the night Thursday and placed duct tape on walls and doors, put glue in door locks and rigged a water fountain so it flooded a second floor hallway, according to a news release from Coeymans police. Two girls allegedly sprayed shaving cream on the outside of the building, and a fourth boy acted as a lookout, police said.

Argentina - the 5 comrades arrested for solidarity with Giannis Dimitrakis are FREE!

from argentinian comrades, via informa-azione
Today around 5am, the 5 comrades accused of the attack on the Greek embassy were released from prison. Opposite the Intendenza di Polizia Federale a large number of people in solidarity were present who greeted them with great affection, flags, hugs and fireworks.
Information about their judicial situation isn't clear yet, but we will keep you informed. We share with everybody the joy of being able to have them with us again after days of imprisonment.
Sab, 08/05/2010 – 23:06

Holland - Renata Zelazna Charged With Attempted Murder Of A Policeman

from BreaktheChains
Thursday, May 06, 2010

Renata Zelazna is a Polish anarchist and vegan that has been studying and living in Holland. She is also a friend of many of us here because she spent some time living in Brighton, England. We received a letter from her recentlydetailing what has happened to her. The notes I made from her letter are below. We are going to write a letter appeal about her, send out more info and what she needs done but I just wanted to send this out to people now to let people know details ASAP. We'll make it all shorter but the detail here shows how bad she's been treated.Obviously she needs some good legal advice fast and people are looking into getting her an account for money donations. If there is anyone on this forum who is more local to the Netherlands who knows useful institutions/organisations for legal advice etc. please let us know. More updates to follow......
Brighton ABC.
Info taken from a letter she wrote on 24/4/10:
Renata ZelaznaPenitentiare Inrichting Ter Peel
T.A.V. Renata Zelazna 7138606 cel 1/10
Paterstraat 45977
NM Evertsoord

Italy, Benevento - 'Do like in Greece'

It's the time of clandestine posters, here is another: "Do like in Greece... rebel". It also carries the classic symbol of anarchy. This is the poster that was present this morning in via Perasso in Benevento, then immediately removed by the forces of order. With the classic symbol of anarchy the authors of the poster were solicited rebellion in the streets as in Greece in the culmination of a devastating social conflict. This manifesto is the latest of a production put up on the walls of the town. Sun, 09/05/2010 – 22:54
from informa-azione

Belgium, Rillaar, Spar Supermarket burned

from suie e cendres

During the night, an arson took place against a supermarket in Rillaar. A part of the ceiling came down, a big part of the stocks are destroyed and there's a lots of water and smoke damage. A fire expert stated that the fire was deliberate arson. 8.05.2010

In TIENEN - Vandals destroyed a cash machine (ATM) of the KBC Bank.6.05.2010

Saturday 8 May 2010

19 prisoners freed from prison in San Paolo 23 April

Sao Paulo, April 23: Five heavily armed men stormed into a Brazilian prison and freed 19 inmates Thursday, police said.The attackers forced their way into the jail in Palmital, around 400 km from Sao Paulo, around 3 a.m. They overpowered two guards and locked them in a cell. Police deployed a helicopter to search for the fugitives, capturing six and putting them back in jail.

Thessaloniki - 71 ATMs put out of use

from actforfreedomnow

In the early hours of Wednesday 5th of May we decided to inaugurate the 24hour general strike by putting out of use 71 ATMs in many areas of Thessaloniki (Euosmos, centre, Touba, Ambelokipoi, Pylaia, Kalamaria, Sukies). This action is just another small piece of the puzzle that is a part of the substantial oppossition to the calmness that exists in the functioning of society. An action against the obvious section of the otherwise invisible, procedure of money circulation. An action that is easy for everyone to do (a little bit of quick dry glue and a few cards is enough to sabotage a few of these machines). In a society such as this one, in which relationships are described in consumerist terms, we try every moment to oppose the normality that is defined in our lives by the State, replacing in this way the logic of abuse with the release of our destructive feelings. We chose to act on this day to show that for strikes to be an authentic threat to the state, a basic criteria is the interruption of production and with that, of consumtion, this way normality is blocked and the chance is given to everyone in the street to organize their resistance to those who stole their lives. Because of the assimilation of the strikes and their transformation into another democratic right, this threat has turned into nothing more than a simple - and this only apparently- happy break from everyday life.

Iran: 80 young people arrested during a concert

Iran: 80 jeunes arrêtés lors d'un concert
Yesterday the police arrested 80 "drunk" young people in a villa in Teheran where an "illegal concert" was taking place, reports conservative press. "Following a denunciation and after getting a warrant from the judicial authorities, police intervened . "Eighty boys and girls who were drunk and improperly dressed have been arrested ", it was reported. Police also confiscated alcohol, imported or made locally, which it is illegal to drink in Iran.
In 2007 police arrested 230 people during a rock concert in a park near Iran Most of them were soon released, but the singers and organisers spent a number of months in prison.

Greece - Three policemen injured chasing robbers in the Peloponnese

from Greek daily kathimerini
Three policemen were being treated in hospital in the Peloponnese yesterday after being involved in a collision as they attempted to stop three robbers who had earlier held up a post office at Zavgolatio in Corinthia. Authorities said that the three suspects had been planning to hold up a branch of ATE Bank but found it closed due to a strike by the bank employees’ union, OTOE. The robbers then allegedly went to the nearby post office and forced employees at gunpoint to hand over the cash. The suspects then drove off in a getaway car and allegedly rammed the police vehicle with the three officers, pushing it off the road.

Friday 7 May 2010

Letter from Konstantina Karakatsani (plus Fire Cells Conspiracy case chronology)

translated from Liberación Total by thisisourjob
April 30, 2010
Here is the new letter from Konstantina Karakatsani, now locked up in Eleona prison (as is Panagiota “Pola” Roupa, charged in the Revolutionary Struggle case):
On April 22, while I was talking on a payphone in the middle of Athens, they came and arrested me. It was bound to happen. I didn’t set a specific length of time to keep running, so I ran until they found me. Later they brought me to Police Headquarters, where you already know what happened. Certain pigs have an endless supply of bluster and insults. They were so descriptive, I still feel like throwing up! Anyway, I don’t expect anything better from them. After spending two days in the 12th-floor “safe house,” and after the prosecutor finally decided to put me in prison, I was transferred to Eleona. Six or seven cars and three motorcycles escorted a lone criminal: me.
Of course, everyone defines “crime” in their own way. To them, consciousness and struggle are crimes. That’s exactly why the Minister of Snitch Protection crudely attempts to repress crime in the first place! The jailings, the neverending criminal prosecutions in the Fire Cells case, the assaults on political spaces, the scurrilous charges, and the recent murder of Lambros Foundas—shot in the back during what some miscreants don’t hesitate to call “the great success of the Greek police”: Their objective isn’t just to dismantle some organization, but to intimidate and paralyze all who struggle. They’ll take you away for mere intent.
It doesn’t matter whether there is evidence; you have to go to jail to learn to bow your head. Someone has to tell them, once and for all, that revolutionary consciousness knows no bars, cages, or handcuffs, and that it can’t be reformed.
Most people tend to tighten their chains by themselves. Each, in their way, is building their own imaginary prison. That’s how they were taught, and as long as it makes them happy, they feel secure.
In here and out there, now and forever, those who live freely never build their own prisons.
A huge embrace for all the imprisoned and persecuted victors. The vanquished are the ones who cower in surrender and submission.
“In the hushed silence of an impregnable slaughterhouse, the rage of a trapped animal is all the more terrifying.”
PS: When the comrades’ march reached the prison, the phone lines were cut to prevent me from communicating with them. Also, my cell window—by sheer coincidence!—doesn’t face the street. The march was received quite positively, and the prisoners talked about it all day.
—Konstantina Karakatsani, Eleona prison

Short chronology of the Fire Cells Conspiracy case:
September 23, 2009: After raiding the supposed “safe house” in the Chalandri neighborhood, police arrest four people: Haris Hatzimikelakis, Panagiotis Masouras, Myrto Panteloglou, and Manolis Giospas. Two days later, on the basis of fingerprints found at the house, authorities issue six arrest warrants.
September 29 and 30, 2009: Three of the arrestees are placed in preventive detention, while Myrto is granted conditional liberty (he is prohibited from leaving the country and required to check in at his local police station every 15 days).
November 14, 2009: Another five arrest warrants are issued, resulting in the capture of comrade Antigoni H., who is granted conditional liberty after four days.
January 5, 2010: Nikos B. is arrested, then also granted conditional liberty.
February 1, 2010: A different Nikos is arrested and placed in preventive detention.
February 23, 2010: Prosecutor K. Baltas orders a freeze on the bank accounts of everyone charged in the case (the prisoners, those granted provisional liberty, and those still at large), and their families. While all the accused are very young, and therefore don’t have much money or even bank accounts, the measure is an extra outrage against their families. For example, Panagiotis Masouras’ parents (the father is a construction worker and the mother is unemployed) have serious problems accessing their meager savings, and are forced to show the bureaucracy that the sources of their deposits are legal.
March 3, 2010: After a month in prison, Nikos is granted conditional liberty.
March 23, 2010: Errikos Ralis, who had been on the run, is arrested in Volos on a warrant dating back to November 14, 2009. The evidence against him is a fingerprint found on a bathroom tile in the Chalandri “safe house.” The police—with unconditional support form the mass media, as usual—publish photos of the youth and ask the public to contribute information about him. They also insinuate that Errikos is “the most probable author of the first Fire Cells Conspiracy communiqués.” Nevertheless, judges grant him provisional liberty.
April 15, 2010: In accordance with Greek law, prosecutors meet with a committee of appellate judges six months after the initial arrests in order to decide whether to prolong the preventive detention of the accused. A demonstration is held outside the courthouse, and slogans are shouted to salute and encourage the comrades when they are brought in and later when they are taken away. Manolis Giospas is granted provisional liberty, while the rest have their imprisonment extended.
April 22, 2010: Nineteen-year-old Konstantina Karakatsani is arrested in the middle of Athens, having been on the run since late September 2009. Her first letter was published last November, and was followed in December by a letter from her mother

Arson against construction machinery in La Mancha, Spain

05 2010
From Liberación Total, translated by thisisourjob
May 5, 2010
The girl from La Mancha who dreamt about a gasoline drum and a match
From a place in La Mancha whose name I can’t remember because of the changes it’s suffered
There once was a little girl from La Mancha who was always accompanied by her gasoline and her match.
She loved roaming the region’s flat, sandy paths, seeing its little blue-and-white houses.
But one day, she noticed that something had changed. The countryside she strolled through was covered by a black shroud (asphalt), and this upset her.
She looked for the cause of such disaster, and found it a few steps later. It was a machine used for making roads.
She always carried around her drum and her match. Now it was time to use them. She approached the ugly machine, put down her drum, and set it on fire. Never had she seen something burn so quickly and with so many colors. A few minutes later, it was gone.
Gossips say the little girl from La Mancha walks among the vineyards and olive trees, looking for more road construction machinery. They also say she became friends with a small-town gas station attendant, who refills her drum every night.
For Earth liberation

From Athens, from 2 of the 200.000 provocateurs

A note for May 5th demonstration and the three dead Marfin bank employees
To the strikers that are still smashing shit up
It is indeed inappropriate to "put the entire responsibility" and blame on Mr. Vgenopoulos for the depressing deaths of the three employees of the burnt Marfin bank. The fact that he forced his employees under threat of dismissal to remain locked in the upper floor offices of a seemingly empty and unprotected bank, without any fire protection or emergency exits, in the epicentre of the greatest strike demonstration of the last thirty years, was not yet another criminal negligence on the altar of profit [1], that his class has got us used to. This conscious use of workers as a human shield for banks and businesses [2] is one of the boss class's responses to December and the common violence of insurrection that spreads, de-legalising and destroying the circulation of commodities, breaking and torching vehicles, shops, its police guards and most of all its headquarters: the banks.
To be clear, the intention of Vgenopoulos and his class to sacrifice a few workers in order to block the process followed by insurrections up until now, must be answered as such. Legal points or leftist evasions such as: insurrection means storming the parliament and not the banks/shops, having no idea what they'd do there of course, do nothing more than refuse to address the issue.
You see, it is common for a boss to know better what his interests are and how to pursue them, than the workers do. And any boss always knows that "we're at war", even if they'll never cry it out openly, as these naive people that think that in a war it is ok to hit but once challenged one should rely on an intervention of an allegedly neutral justice. By setting ourselves under the tutelage of the state, we recuperate even the most extreme act into nothing more than violent reformism. The only justice in the streets, to the degree they are under our power, is us. The responsibility for whatever happens there, who lives and who dies, is ours: PROLETARIAN DICTATORSHIP period. If we lack -other than an effective guard of strikes that wouldn't leave any colleague in the hands of the bosses - an essential trust among us, a trust manufactured through our common experiences in struggles and meeting in the streets, then the next step will be to call ourselves police in our demonstrations, to be in charge and bear responsibility for whatever happens. WHOEVER BEARS VIOLENCE, FORCES JUSTICE. To perform violence, ignoring the "sense of right" it comes with, to bring - abstract - chaos, doesn't promote anything other than the highest organized structures, that come with their formed armed "justice" (the Stalinists, the police, the mafia, the parastate groups...). Victory belongs to those who bring chaos WITHOUT CARRYING IT INSIDE THEM.
Fetishising insurrection as the destructive act, that represented a past phase of our movement, weak and marginal at the time, after December, and the stripping of every fetish from violence with its simultaneous open communisation, must now be overcome. A second December would no longer be a victory but a defeat. Any related invocation, shows nothing more than a complete lack of any plan for afterwards. Our enemy has advanced, we are forced to do the same if we are not to disappear from the historical scene.
We must not sit home to be disciplined by their TV programs as if we were naughty children given too much leash. We must retake Logos (speech) back to the streets. Spit on the bourgeois and TV justice that "vindicates" the pain of one with the suffering of another, accumulating misery for all and socializing their cannibalism. The most retarded of these vultures, before they ascertained how the three employees' deaths would paralyze us, were trying to make us feel guilty for a bunch of ridiculous things, from the expected fall in the tourist trade to the country's image abroad. To make us feel guilty for fighting. To divide us into "peaceful workers" and "hooded criminals with molotovs", now that everyone knows (except of course the Communist Party that only saw provocateurs) that on 5/5 there were no peaceful workers that didn't stand up - with or without hoods and molotovs, no importance - to the State's last playing card: its police terror.
Their justice devours blood, the blood of the offenders, of anyone that resembles them, or most of all the anarchists, since it is they that generously have given their flag to any insurrectionary violence of even the most isolated elements of our class, globally [3]. But, it wants something more than that. It wants to open as a larger trauma to the social memory, that would break our familiarization with our own violence, with the violence of our struggle, with its subjects and the communication among them. Our justice will deal with nothing other than the healing. We don't know what kind of persons the dead were, if their sense of dignity would cope with the fascist scum and the TV vultures mongering their deaths or not, but we are sure that as workers their interests were with the victory of our struggle, with all the workers of Europe and the World. We won't drag one another down - we will rise together: GENERAL WILDCAT STRIKE!
Let's embrace the occupations!Let's stay to the streets!Let's talk!
2 of the 200.000 provocateurs
[1] For the time, let's bear this in mind : 36,1% pure rise in profits for Marfin bank this year, in the middle of the "most harsh crisis" to which every worker must reconcile working and obeying in the name of the nation.
[2] Similar incidents with that of Marfin bank on 23, Stadiou street, proceded to Bazaar supermarket behind Omonoia square, where a worker from inside put out the fire with an extinguisher, and Ianos bookstore that was open (as it is known, culture merchandising doesn't give a fuck about strikes).
[3] The night of 5/5, armed gangs of Delta, Zeta, plainclothe cops and riot police stormed the squat of "anarchists for a polymorphic movement" on Zaimi street, the Immigrants Haunt on Tsamadou street, and many houses and cafes at Exarchia, beating and intimidating people. In the same time on the TV, everyone was more or less asking for the anarchists' heads.

Modena (Italy) : mass interrupted against detention centres

from cette semaine
11am mass
" They broke into the cathedral during the 11 o'clock mass : a group of young people with leaflets and megaphone protested against the detention centres for immigrants.
The reading of a passage from the New Testament was in course during the 11 o'clock mass in the cathedral, one of the most frequented of Modena. But at a certain moment a group of young people entered, megaphone in hand, and started to shout insults against Daniele Giovanardi and the La Misericordia association, that manage the detention centres of Modena and Bologna along with the police. "Giovanardi murderer" was one of the phrases thrown into the church, in front of all the dumbfounded worshippers who were present, and the stupor of the religious personnel. Then leaflets were thrown against the detention centres defined as concentration camps. In a few lines they said : "the confraternity of the Misericordia of Modena presided over by Daniele Giovanardi enriches itself on the backs of the imprisoned immigrants". And again : "Misericordia conceals behind its charitable facade a bloody business made of beatings, violence and abuse of power". (...). The group was rapidly chased from the cathedral, then dispersed in the streets of the town centre. A young girl was arrested by the police, she will be tried according to art. 405 of the penal code that condemns "the interruption of a religious service".

An anti-religion demonstration also took place in the centre of Lecce [southern Italy] on April 30, 2010 with an exhibition, leaflets, megaphone and discussions on sexuality, abortion, personal freedoms, obscurantism, and was broken up by riot cops.
read report and leaflet: