One fine morning, the faithful lackey, who has hitherto identified completely with his master, leaps on his oppressor and slits his throat. RV

Wednesday 31 March 2010

News from Bulgaria

March 2010
15.03.2010 A woman robbed a bank in the city of Pleven. She threatened the three employees of the bank with a gun and left the building with undisclosed amount of money. Last month another (or the same ?) woman made a similar robbery in Sofia.
20.03.2010 Federation of Anarchists in Bulgaria (FAB) organized first ever protest against detention center for emigrants in Busmanci (district of Sofia). Around 40 people participated. There was a heavy police presence. Emigrants waved through windows and showed pictures of their families.
February 2010
Funny! In the first day of the month a single woman made a successful robbery as she managed to tie down one security guard. She is still not arrested. Go go girl!
For the first time the classical text "Armed Joy" (1977) by Alfredo Bonanno was translated to bulgarian and we are very happy!
from actforfreedomnow

Barcelona - bank attacked in the middle of the afternoon, in solidarity but not only

from cette semaine
Barcelona, Saturday 27 March around 14h30, an agency of the Caixa Catalunya bank was attacked in the Clot quarter, in Barcelona. Some windows were destroyed with stones and hammers.
This attack took place within the framework of the day of struggle against repression, called for today. We encourage other acts of sabotage and anticapitalist destruction to intensify and multiply.
Freedom to the prisoners in struggle ! Solidarity with the immigrants on hunger strike in the detention centre of Zona Franca ! May the violence of poverty and repression turn against those respponsible ! May the fear change sides !

Paris - action in solidarity with Greek comrades

30 March 2010
from cette semaine
During the night between Sunday 28 and Monday 29 March in Paris, the two entrance doors to the Greek orthodox church, rue Lafferière, were set fire to.
Two cashpoints and the windows of the BNP bank, rue de Bretagne, were shattered : this bank owns one of the biggest Greek banks, Piraeus Bank.
Solidarity with all the hostages of the State (for stealing bread or placing bombs). Good luck to those who are being pursued.
Let's make the crisis worse, here as elsewhere !

Santiago, Chile - 11 cars burnt at airport

30 march 2010
Eleven vehicles were burnt, causing a total of 150 million pesos (about 210 000 euros) damage in a fire that broke out in a car rental depot situated near the airport of Santiago, Chile during Friday night.
The fire broke out around 8pm in a building of Rent A Car. The flames spread rapidly, setting fire to a vehicle leading to a chain reaction reaching ten others.
The police (Lacrim, investigative police - PDI) are looking into the origins of the fire, which they believe was caused intentionally.

Rome - night of revolt in the detention centre Ponte Galeria

30 March 2010
Night of revolt in the detention centre (CIE) of Ponte Galeria in Rome
During the night between 29-30 March, immigrants without papers locked up in the identification and expulsion centre in Ponte Galeria in Rome rebelled, denouncing among other things the way they were treated, « like dogs ». Fires started, destruction, occupation of the roofs, clashes with the forces of repression that turned up en masse in anti-riot gear, the revolt lasted nearly all night. Newspapers talk of thousands of euros damage, today the prison is without water or electricity.
..This morning prisoners were divided into "good" and "bad". Among the bad about fifteen men who had been filmed on cctv camers were chosen and apparently taken to another ofthe many categories of prison that exist in Italy. They could be brought to trial very quickly.
Meanwhile, this afternoon, in the women's wing where it seems that women are completely knocked out by sleeping pills and other chemical straightjackets mixed in their food, the situation was calm, the nth deportation charter for Nigeria has begun and a number of Nigerian were taken away.
Solidarity without borders and freedom for everybody with or without papewrs!
Liste Rétention, 30 mars 2010.
translated from cette semaine

Athens - Statement from conspiracy of cells of fire

The past 24 hours find us in an extreme emotional antithesis…On the one hand, great sorrow for the death of the 15-year old Afghani and the injury of his sister and on the other hand, maximum rage for the reportages of the media which totally arbitrarily and purposefully try to involve our organisation in this event. We are not usually “bothered” by the panic-ridden scenaria of the media, yet the importance of the event forces us to take a public position directly, without a connection to any attack of ours. For this reason we CLEARLY STATE THAT THE CONSPIRACY OF CELLS OF FIRE HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE EVENT IN QUESTION. We know only too well that our word against the word of the Anti-terrorist unit does not have the same exposure, since the media, in a paid mission, “photograph” and slander our organisation and our supposed involvement in the explosion in the [neighbourhood of] Patisia [, Athens].For this reason we turn to every thinking individual, in order for them to understand the dirty game that is being set.For all the above we declareFirst – as we have already written in the communique following our attack against the National Insurance “…the time given for the evacuation of the building was set with knowledge of the number of forces held by the police in the surrounding area. In the future, depending on the geographical characteristics of each area, we will set the time frame for evacuation accordingly. Our aim is material destruction and police are always warned so that they can evacuate each area on time… “. And so, it would be inconsistent and murderously careless for us to place an explosive device in a heavily populated area, without a warning call.Second – in the case that the phone call to the [corporate TV station] ALTER did indeed take place in the morning of the same day, it would be criminal neglect for us to “abandon” the explosive device for approximately 14 hours with the possible danger of an explosion that would have passers-by as victims. THE RISK WE TAKE AS REVOLUTIONARIES PRESUPPOSES EVEN OUR MAXIMUM PERSONAL EXPOSURE AS COUNTER-BALANCE TO THE POSSIBILITY OF AN ACCIDENT. In plain words, we would neither give a time limit of 6 minutes, knowing it is impossible for an area to be evacuated in such time, nor would we leave a device exposed without us ourselves going, with our personal exposure, to pick it up. This is also part of the claim of responsibility of our choices.Third – it is our standard tactic , in order to avoid the malfunction of each device, to always place two clocks (and not one, as it has so far been leaked by the media) so as in the case of the malfunctioning of one of the clocks, the second one to operate instead.Fourth – always, the warning calls that we make are to at least two institutional media in order to avoid any misunderstanding on the side of the phone operators, as well as a possible cover up of the warning call, as has happened in the past to other organisations. Also, there is always a full and detailed description not only of the target where we have placed the device but also a reference to certain roads, the size of the explosive device and the relevant advice for the evacuation and sealing off of buildings (the hotel La Mirage in Omonoia square in the case of the [neo-nazi group] Golden Dawn, the blocking off of both lanes of traffic and surrounding buildings]Fifth – in the case of the placement of an explosive device at the house of the vice-president of the Greek-Pakistani Union in Patisia, having knowledge of the area and the mobility of migrants in the area, we gave a time limit of 20 minutes to the police and used for this reason, a low-intensity explosives (handmade black gunpowder) and not the explosive material we used at the offices of Golden Dawn or the Police Directorship for Immigrants. Also, it was no coincidence that the explosives were placed outside the storey of flats, not inside – as we wanted to avoid in any case a possible injury of the tenants. Finally, we are no judges, prosecutors or police reporters to reach easy conclusions. At the end of the day, the truth for what happened is only known by the perpetrators of the action. In the POSSIBLE CASE that the particular explosive device was placed by a Revolutionary Organisation then revolutionary dignity dictates a public claim of responsibility with the relevant self-criticism which would clear up the scene, otherwise political anonymity sabotages the revolutionary direction and “charges” an entire strategy, that of the urban guerrilla.The conclusions are many along with the reminder that if it is really a “blind” attack then it is a very specific political tendency that finds itself to the right of the state and has a special preference for such practices (Piazza Fontana, Italy – explosive device by parstatal extreme-rightists) under certain conditions of social tension.

Monday 29 March 2010

Athens - 15 year old boy killed in bomb explosion

A 15-year-old boy was killed when a bomb exploded outside a public building in the Athens district of Patissia late Sunday night, his 10-year-old sister was seriously injured and their mother suffered superficial wounds.
The family, Afghani nationals, are believed to have been searching the garbage bins for food and other items. Citizens Protection minister Michalis Chryssohoidis, who rushed to the scene, said that terrorism has shown its most abhorrent face, and pledged that the perpetrators will be found and brought to justice. According to latest reports by police, citing the mother, the girl found a travel bag next to a garbage bin and opened it up to see what it contained. The son, who approached the travel bag, saw a clock which he believed was broken and took the travel bag and threw it away, at which time the explosion occurred, dismembering the boy and injuring the girl. Police have cordoned off an extensive are around the explosion site, and counter-terrorism police and bomb disposal experts were still combing the area for evidence on Monday morning. Although there was no warning call for the explosion, which occurred at 10:41 p.m. outside the building housing the Hellenic Management Association (EEDE) on the corner of 1 Iakovaton Street and Ionias Avenue, police are investigating a possible link between the explosion outside the EEDE premises and a warning call several hours earlier, at 8:46 p.m., to private Alter television station that a bomb would explode in six minutes (at 8:52 p.m.) in Patissia at an "EBEE" building, according to announcements by police and the ministry. Police found no service with the initials "EBEE", while no explosion took place at or after the time claimed by the anonymous caller. Police are investigating the possibility that the anonymous caller had given mistaken details. They are also investigating the possibility that the call was unrelated to the actual explosion, in which case it is highly likely that the bomb had been planted just minutes before it was found by the migrant family before the perpetrators made a warning call. Several other possibilities are also being looked into. The results of crime lab tests are awaited to see if the syndesmology of the bomb is similar to that of others from recent explosions.
The girl was rushed to a Children's Hospital in Athens. According to initial information collected by police, the migrant family went to the area every night, searching the garbage bins for food or other items.
from actforfreedomnow

Greece - You become a warmongering wanker, you are not born one

March 25th, Greek Independence Day. Panepistimiou Avenue, central Athens.
At a certain point in the military parade the Greek army’s underwater commando unit OYK, come down marching along the Avenue chanting the slogans:
“You are born Greek, you never become one; we’ll shed your blood, Albanian pigs.”
“There will be bloodbath and then I’ll take revenge, when you bow to the flag and the cross”
“They call them Skopjans*, they call them Albanians, I’ll stitch clothes with their skin”
(*Skopjans is the derogatory term greek nationalists use for Macedonians) cheered on by the admiring crowd.
This is not some fringe far-right group, it is armed units participating in a national fiesta, chanting they’d stitch clothes with “enemies’” skins. Whatever happens “next” in this city, in this place, it would probably be wise to remember that this time round, there’ll be scum like them out on the streets – we’ve been warned, it’s only a matter of getting prepared…
from occupied london

more news from Greece:

Milan - postman injured by letterbomb addressed to Northern League

translated from informa-azione
MILAN - An explosion injured a postal worker in the sorting office of via Lugano in the northern area of Milan Saturday morning at 5.45. As the person assigned to the job was sorting the envelopes one of them, it seems addressed to the Northern League in via Bellerio, caught fire. The sorter sustained light injuries to his face and hands. Explosives experts arrived at the sorting office and are checking envelopes and packages, and the Digos (political police) are carrying out investigations.
In the claim found inside the envelope there was a phrase against the minister Maroni. This particular, which emerged during examination, has been officially confirmed by the police carrying out investigations. «They rape inside the Detention camps - can be read among other things on a piece of paper - Maroni is accomplice to these acts. ».
THE CLAIM - According to indiscretions, the missive has been claimed by the same group of the galaxy of the Fai (Federazione anarchica informale) that struck the Bocconi university last
December. This is a group that signs itself «Sorelle in armi », and on that occasion had placed an explosive tube in a tunnel of the university, that only partly detonated during the night, perhaps by mistake.
THE WITNESS - «I heard a bang, a dull sound and people running towards Pietro. Then they evacuated us. I know that he was wounded in the hands and his hair was singed. He was stunned. It was just before 6 and we were sorting the correspondence when the explosion took place, then the ambulance came and took Pietro away.» the words of a colleague in the gardens near the post office after the evacuation. Forensic police took away an envelope and residual material from the explosion.
A WORKER - «Sometimes we don't think about it, but when such things happen close up it is difficult to work knowing that any letter can be dangerous».


text first appeared on the Italian anarchist website Anarcotico in 2003
today might be a good day to reread it

I am certainly not nonviolent. All the same I can understand someone who hates violence to the point of wanting to banish it from their life; someone who would never kill, would never use force in order to be heard; who, because of their character and aptitude, prefers not to have recourse to it. But I can only understand all this if it is a question of individual choice. When nonviolence is presented as a method of struggle, a road to be followed, when individual ethics become morals and a collective project, it seems absolute nonsense to me, useful only to justify lack of action and an obstacle against those who rebel, an absolute value to impose on the weak to allow the strong to forget them in comfort. On the edge of the abyss, with the earth more and more under enemy fire, the invitation to use only good manners can look just like that. Do as you like but don’t preach to me.That said, I am not a fanatic of violence either. Idon’t like those who boast about their own feats in such a context, I don’t justify their apology as an end in itself, I detest those who consider it the only solution possible. I consider it a necessity in the struggle against power, nothing more. Like Malatesta, I too don’t believe in ‘placid sunsets’. I don’t believe that the reinforced concrete with which power has covered our existence will melt upon the blooming of the flower of freedom lovingly planted by the spreading of our ideas.Precisely because I am not nonviolent I cannot stand moralistic condemnation of acts of violence. The hypocrisy makes me sick. But precisely because Iam not a fanatic of violence, I also cannot stand any acritical exaltation of these acts. The stupidity of that really gets on my nerves.
Read on....

Brussels - Self-reduction at Carrefour

This Thursday morning, around 11am, the quiet of the supermarket Carrefour in Schaarbeek was disturbed for some time. Dozens of people decided to leave with their bags filled without bothering about the cash point. While leaving, they left some chocolate money and a pamphlet: Crisis or no crisis, we are always more to do our shopping with big pockets or small bags. It's a daily gesture, we accept to pay the pasta but the chocolate, they can forget about it. First of all because we don't have the money, secondly because we do not want to chose between a luxury deception and a discount deception and feed our frustration more than our stomachs. But today we are serving ourselves openly, in group, to spread the good news: the workers of Carrefour chose the spontanous strike as a first response. Because maybe if sometimes, around the corner of a department, worker and thief are adversary, both are abused by Carrefour, be it by a bill or a work contract. And each to his own way to hurt mister Carrefour, by hitting his wallet directly. Now while the syndicates are negociating, taking control of the response, a question imposes itself. Is it his cash or rayon we are defending, or the possibility to not pass anymore days and years being there to make money in order to survive? Be it in interim or dispensable labour, or life contracts, what is there to defend for those who receive only the crumbs? In the best case, a nice amount of money to live some months without the hands bound by work. So let's not wait anymore. Open up the Carrefours and after, why not all the others? May everybody take according to his needs. It's no longer enough for us to inflict damage on the bosses; we have so much to gain. In the first place, freedom.
25.03.2010Translated from
from suie e cendres

Brussels - BNP bank smashed

"Thursdaynight, 18 March, the windows and the ATM of the BNP Parisbas/Fortis at the avenue Marie de Hongrie in Berchem-St-Agathe, were smashed. In Greece like everywhere, that capital may die. Solidarity with the anarchists taken hostage by the Greek state."25/10/2010Translated from
from suie e cendres

Saturday 27 March 2010

Rovereto, Italy - incendiary attack on bank cashpoint for Lambros

source: "Trentino" on line 24 March 2010

Attack against cashpoint in Volano
Claimed by anarchists

ROVERETO. The incendiary attack carried out during the night between Sunday and Monday aganst a Unicredit cashpoint in Volano, near Rovereto, has been claimed.

In a letter sent to the local editorial offices of the daily L'Adige, the anonymous dynamiters claim the action, making reference to recent investigations of the judiciary against members of the anarcho-insurrezionalist area, and the death of a young Greek anarchist, Lambros. The document was consigned to the police station in Rovereto for further investigations by the Digos [political police].

The rudimental device, a bottle with inflammable lqud lnked to a cigarette, exploded a few minutes after a passerby had stopped at the cashpoint to withdraw money and called '112'[police].

Friday, 26/03/2010 – 10:12

translated from informa-azione

Declaration to the court read by one of the Turin anarchist antiracists arrested on February 23 2010.

March 9 2010

Most defendants in this trial are anarchists, and to accuse anarchists of ‘instigation to committing crime’ is a very easy task, just as shooting at the Red Cross.
Bearing a sense of justice and freedom that has nothing to do with the law, every anarchist makes of his or her life a continuous invitation to struggle against injustice, and therefore to violate the laws that produce such injustice: the life of every anarchist is a long and reiterated ‘instigation to commit crime’.
Waiting for some legal step that finally establishes that anarchists as such are criminals, those who accuse us today are compelled to prove that someone, from outside, has pushed the prisoners in the migrant detention centres all over Italy to revolt every week for the past two years, thus causing damages of thousands of euros and disrupting the machinery of deportation. And they have to find some evidence that this ‘instigator’ is sitting today on the bench of the defendants.
This evidence can’t be found anywhere in the arrest warrantts we have here. And it can’t be found because there has never been any ‘instigation’, and it was not necessary or right that such instigation occurred. Primarily because people do not need appeals and alluring slogans in order to revolt. On the contrary, it is injustice that originates conflicts, which in turn might lead to revolts.
And here is the injustice, and an obvious one. They claim that people who risked everything they had in order to reach our cities be thrown out without saying a word. Or that people exploited for years in yards, fields or kitchens of fashionable restaurants let themselves be thrown out. Or those who arrived here as children and don’t have anyone waiting for them in their countries of origin also let themselves be deported. And as if this was not enough to generate conflict, inside the migrant detention centres people without documents are deprived of everything, reduced to a mere body left to die for lack of medical treatment or for desperation, a body to be beaten or sexually abused – especially when women are involved.
If all this is true – and you will find it is in the very documentation of this trial – the conflict in the migrant detention centres is not only natural but it is also the only instrument by which the imprisoned migrants can reaffirm their being human, a fact otherwise denied.
For this reason migrants didn’t need to wait for us or for anyone else to start struggling and trying to climb or destroy those walls. And they haven’t stopped doing it now, with great shame for those who arrested us in the ridiculous hope of bringing peace where peace can never be.
There has never been a need for external ‘instigation’ because the methods and ways of the struggle must be autonomous, must mirror the experiences and conflicts of those who are locked up, must find their own time and expressions. It wouldn’t have been right to say: ‘now you go on hunger strike’ or ‘tomorrow you burn a couple of mattresses’ – as the prosecutor is stupidly claiming.
On the contrary, what we have always said is: ‘we are here’. In other words we have offered our means of information and network of contacts, we have encouraged relations between the various detention centres in struggle, we have come forward to amplify the prisoners’ voices as best as we could, we have promoted our initiatives along with those taking places in the
detention centres. All this can certainly affect the course of events, but to call it ‘instigation to commit crime’ is bullshit typical of the Italian police, and it is also almost offensive towards us.
To tell you the whole truth, even if it might sound strange to you, it was the prisoners that have ‘instigated’ us over these months, and they have done it in a very simple way, by revealing their stories so that we could tell them, by organising themselves in secret so that photos of beatings and films of police charges became known outside, by teaching us that one can climb onto a roof and shout ‘freedom!’ even if he or she knows the response will be a severe beating. The terrifying images of soldiers charging inside the cages of the migration centre of Gradisca are images that oblige us to do something because they put our conscience against a wall.
The real problem of this city, therefore, is not ‘who instigates who’; the problem is those who do not let themselves be instigated, those who see and go on as if they had seen nothing.
But that is another story.

Friday 26 March 2010

Belgium, Lantin - New isolation module destroyed

from suie e cendres 24 March
LANTIN - A few weeks ago, prisoners of Lantin rebelled and destroyed the new isolation module. The module was completely destroyed and is now closed. All prisoners were transferred to the other isolation module in the prison of Bruges. The two isolation modules (in Lantin & Bruges) were built almost two years ago as a reaction to the several escapes and riots in the Belgian prisons, to isolate those who revolt. Already in April 2009, the isolation module of Bruges was temporarily closed after a serious uprising. Prison authorities, unions of guards and press kept silent about this revolt. Only three weeks later, the news filtered through the walls.

England - Sodexo's Lake side Cafe targeted

from uk indymedia
Fuck Sodexo
24.03.2010 12:41
On Sunday night the doors of Sodexo's Lakeside Cafe were locked and windows covered with graffiti. Sodexo are amongst those who profiteer from the boarder regime and industrial prison complex.
They also have a number of contracts with educational and liberal arts institutions around the country. The Lakeside cafe on University Blvd is just one example.

Ohio - Mad dash as truck spills 100,000 dollars onto US street

By Agence France-Presse, Updated: 3/25/2010

People fell onto a bag of cash like a pack of hungry piranhas after more than 100,000 dollars tumbled out the back of an armored truck onto an Ohio street, local media reported.
Mad dash as truck spills 100,000 dollars onto US street
The bag split open after it fell off the back of the vehicle Wednesday and the driver drove away without noticing.
But a whole bunch of people spotted the cash blowing down the street in Whitehall, a Columbus suburb, and a mad dash for cash ensued.
"People were jumping out of their vehicles," one witness told NBC4 news.
"Like when you throw some fish in and you've got a school of piranhas and they haven't eaten for a long time. It was funny."
Another witness described a surreal atmosphere with people laughing, smiling and taking as much as they could carry.
Workers at a nearby flower shop helped police gather up the money in boxes. Several people ended up bringing some of the cash into the police station.
But only about 10,500 dollars had been recovered by the end of the day, the Columbus Dispatch reported.
"We're hoping that more people do the right thing," Whitehall Police Sergeant Randy Snider told the paper.
Police are examining surveillance camera video and photographs from cell phone cameras to try to track down the people who grabbed the money.

Siantiago - Explosive attack on the Bank of Chile

the facts
The detonation took place in the Bank of Chile agency opposite the shopping mall, Mall Plaza Vespucio, in the La Florida comune. The explosion occurred at 23.45 and caused damage to a wall and a window of the bank. Police of the Grupo de Operaciones Policiales Especiales de Carabineros rushed to the scene and, after carrying out the first tests, established that it was a question of an artisanal bomb, but were unable to establish the detonation system, the container and type of explosive.
During the night, Tuesday, we decided to attack one of the main expressions of capitalism: a bank (Banco de Chile, La Florida).
Corrupt businessmen along with the thieving politicians and bosses of the country have decided to manipulate the catastrophe and the crisis that is affecting us following the earthquake and the tsunami that followed, as a prosperous and lucrative affair, in which we can get ourselves into debt as before, but with more instalments, showing the "charitable" and disgusting face of these distinguished gentlemen in suits and ties, real clowns of corruption. This is the best scenario for them to increase their profits and increase social and capital inequality. We will not take one step back, nor will we let any government shut us up, seeing how every day the usual one get richer day by day.
translated from culmine

For Lambros Fountas - Police academy attacked in Barcelona

From Liberación Total:
March 23, 2010
In the early morning of Monday, March 22, windows were broken at a Mossos d’Esquadra training facility in the Corts neighborhood of Barcelona.
This is a small gesture of solidarity with comrade Lambros Foundas, who was murdered by the Greek police 10 days ago in Athens.
We also want to remember the deaths caused by Spanish state security forces, like the disappearance and death of Jon Anza, and the many others dying inside the state’s prisons.
translated by thisisourjob

Attacks against España 2000 in Zangoza24

From Klinamen:
March 23, 2010
The España 2000 party is trying to open an office in the town of Zangoza (Spanish nationalists call it Sangüesa), in the Nafarroa region.
But the fascist group has met with a response before even opening its premises. A local opposition campaign has been created, and the party has sustained several attacks.
The entrance to the office was torched, and a van belonging to someone endorsing the opening was destroyed by stones.
Information taken from the fascists’ official website

translated by thisisourjob

Bologna, in memory of Lambros and in solidarity with Alfredo and Christos - 'YOUR BANKS FOR STEALING, YOUR COPS FOR KILLING'

from informa-azione 21/03/10
Bologna - In solidarity with Alfredo and Christos, Saturday13 March 13.00 "Blitz" of a group of comrades in solidarity at the Greek consulate in via Indipendenza with banners ("your cops for killing/your banks for stealing/freedom to Alfredo and Christos") megaphone, leaflets thrown and smoke bombs. When the first cops started to arrive, the comrades move to the crossroads between via Indipendenza and via Irnerio still megaphoning and handing out leaflets. Meanwhile from a balcony in the park on the hill fireworks were set off and a banner was unfurled ("10-03-2010 Atene Assassini") in memory of the recent assassination of the comrade Lambros. 14.00 Presidium in solidariety with Alfredo and Christos in Piazza 8 Agosto: a good response from the people browsing in the market. 16.30 A few Anarchists materialise in front of a stall of the northern league disturbing their racist propaganda with leaflets and interventions with the megaphone, appreciated by passersby.
Anarchici bolognesi

Attack on police academy in Madrid

From Klinamen via Indymedia Madrid:
March 24, 2010
On the night of February 28, we found ourselves compelled to attack a police academy on Paseo de las Delicias near Plaza Ana la Beata. We say we found ourselves compelled, because it’s clear to our conscience that we are in the midst of a hidden social war.
We won’t stay still while the state’s dogs arbitrarily arrest, torture, imprison, and harass us.
We joyfully learned of the attacks carried out by comrades in struggle on New Year’s Eve. That’s the way to do it. The more you try to repress us, the more often you will find us there to tell you that there will be a price to pay for all the harm you cause.
We want to stress that we must lose our fear and attack these bastards. We aren’t super-activists/militants. We’re normal people, and if we can do it, so can you.
With this action, we want to remember the comrades recently abducted by this shitty system: anarchist comrade Tamara, and Galician comrades Xurxo y Oscar.
translated by thisisourjob

Tuesday 23 March 2010

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire claims responsibility for 3 bomb attacks

Monday, March 22, 2010

The urban guerrilla group “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – Guerrilla Group of Terrorists” claimed the responsibility for the bomb that destroyed completely the central offices of the fascist, para-government organization Chrisi Avgi (Golden Dawn), for the bomb that was placed outside the Police Directorship for Immigrants in Petrou Ralli street, and for the bomb that hit the house of the vice-president of the Greek-Pakistani Union. They claimed the actions through a communique, entitled “Dilemmas in time of war”, and is published in Athens IMC. (

The communique is quite long and has historical facts and their point of view about the issue of the immigrants and the reaction of the native population since 1990 and until the recent law about nationality. They also present some facts about the fascist organization Chrisi Avgi and show (as many people already know) that it is actually a group controlled by the police and the secret services. The text ends with two announcements, the first talks about the upgrade of the repression, the arrests that happen in relation to their organization, and their view about a new strategy that the urban guerrilla groups should follow. The second announcement is about Lambros Foundas, in honor of whom they chose to name for this action the cell that realized the bombings as “Commando Lambros Foundas”.

from occupied london

Bergano, Italy - 14 year old boy dies after throwing molotov

22 March, 08:09

the place of the accident
Costruisce molotov per gioco, muore 14enne

BERGAMO - Francesco Obinu, the fourteen year old boy from Cassano d'Adda (Milan) who was wounded a week ago by the explosion of a molotov cocktail made for fun along with a couple of friends in the industrial zone of Cassano, has died.

The boy was taken to Riuniti hospital last Sunday, where he had been transferred after being taken immediately to Treviglio (Bergamo). The youth had wounds all over his body, especially in the abdominal region and his condition immediately appeared to be serious, but seemed to have been improving. One of the other boys is still in hospital, but is now out of danger.


Baradero, Buenos Aires - 2,000 people attack police vehicle and town hall in anger at murder of two young people on motorbike

21 March.

In Baradero, in the province of Buenos Aires, a municipal police patrol that was controlling traffic started to chase then crash a motorbike ridden by two young people. The two motorcyclists were thrown to the ground and died instantly.

The reaction of the people was immediate and led to the burning of the patrol vehicle and an assault on the town hall. Over 2,000 furious citizens.

from Culmine

England - Two boys arrested over arson at church near March, Cambridgeshire

Two boys have been arrested in connection with an arson attack at a 19th Century church in Cambridgeshire.

The boys, aged 14 and 16, from March were arrested on Thursday on suspicion of arson in connection with a fire that destroyed St Mary's at Westry.

They have since been bailed to return to March police station on 20 April.

The fire broke out on Monday at the church on the outskirts of March. Only the external brickwork remains and the building has been assessed as unsound.

Assistant priest Jenny Webb said Lent and Sunday services would be held in alternative accommodation.

"This terrible tragedy will not affect our regular times of worship," she said.

Flames were seen coming out of both sides of the church.

BBC world news

Lloyds Bank attacked in Bristol (UK)

17 March 2010

“Last night the office of Lloyds private banking in Bristol was attacked. on the night of wednesday the 17th of March 2010, the Lloyds private banking office at 131 Pembroke Road, Clifton, Bristol was attacked. a plaque with ‘Lloyds private banking’ was removed from a wall and taken away. walls of the building were sprayed with: ‘in the shadow of a dark horse lies a capitalist bailiff ‘, and ‘bankers up against the wall’. pipes and cables to cooling fans etc to the building were cut. two windows were smashed. night night”

from 325 nostate

Bomb targets Immigration Office in Athens

from kathimerini

The remains of a bus stop lie around the collapsed perimeter wall of the Athens Aliens Bureau following the explosion of a homemade bomb there on Saturday afternoon. The blast, which had not been claimed by any organization by late last night, caused widespread damage, including a 1.5-meter crater in the ground, but no injuries.

A powerful homemade bomb detonated outside the building housing the Athens Aliens Bureau on Petrou Ralli Street on Saturday afternoon, causing damage but no injuries.

Police cordoned off the area after an anonymous caller phoned in warnings to Eleftherotypia newspaper and Alter private television channel at around 3.30 p.m, warning that a bomb would go off at the bureau’s premises. The blast occured 15 minutes later, damaging the wall and fence around the building, a bus shelter and nearby shop windows and leaving a crater some 1.5 meter deep in the ground. According to police forensic experts, who were examining the remnants of the device for leads to the perpetrators, the bomb had been placed in a plastic bag near the bus shelter.

Earlier on Saturday, a bomb exploded outside the home of a Pakistani community leader in the run-down district of Aghios Panteleimonas, near the city center, which has a burgeoning population of immigrants. The blast caused no injuries.

There had been no claim of responsibility for either of the attacks by late yesterday.

The blasts came just one day after a powerful time bomb detonated outside the central Athens offices of the extreme-right Chryssi Avgi (Golden Dawn) organization, causing significant damage but no injuries. An unidentified caller telephoned Eleftherotypia 25 minutes before the blast, prompting police to evacuate the building, which is on busy Socratous Street, near Omonia Square, as well as a neighboring hotel and surrounding roads. There had been no claim for the attack on the Chryssi Avgi offices by late last night.

Monday 22 March 2010

Colmar : Gendarmerie garage destroyed by fire

France, Colmar : 19 vehicles of the police station destroyed by fire

Le Parisien, 20.03.2010, 13h31

Early Saturday around 0.30 am a fire destroyed a garage of 600 m2 of the gendarmerie in Colmar damaging twenty vehicles. According to lieutenant-colonel Pascal Hurtault, commander of the gendarmerie of Haut-Rhin, nine cars and ten motorbikes, belonging to the (EDSR) motorway security and the headquarters of the regroupment, were completely destroyed in the fire..

Two car bombs in the Nigerian oil city of Warri during amnesty talks

Nigerian oil rebels, file image
Many of the rebel groups have now laid down their weapons

15 March

Two car bombs have been set off in the Nigerian oil city of Warri, where officials were in talks over an amnesty for militants in the area.

Witnesses said the explosions shattered windows at the state governor's office and sent officials fleeing for cover.

The militant group Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (Mend) had issued a bomb threat earlier.

Several armed groups recently agreed to an amnesty, but some Mend leaders rejected the government's offer.

A Mend leader announced in January that a temporary ceasefire was over.

In Warri, witnesses reported seeing huge plumes of smoke rising into the air.

There were no reports of injuries

Saturday 20 March 2010

Athens - one thousand comrades for Lambros

About one thousand comrades assembled this morning at the point in Dafni, Athens, where Lambros was slain by a cop on March 10.
There was very strong emotion for Lambros expressed in words shouted in anger and hatred by all the comrades against the police, the State.
There was a heavy police presence nearby but they didn't move.
Honour to Lambros
Lambros will always be alive with us through our action and our lives

Solidarity attacks in Ioannina, Greece

Ioannina, Greece.
Two incendiary devices composed of gas canisters and petrol explode in Ioannina. One at the Techology Park building of Ioannina university, and at the Institute of Biomedical Research of Ioannina.

claimed in Athens indymedia:

For Lambro - we want to continue what he started.
Freedom to all the comrades in prison: Giannis Dimitrakis, G. Boutzis, H. Nikolau, P. Georgiadis, B. Chrisohoidis, C. Stratigopolous and Alfredo Bonanno.
Immediate freedom to Massura Hadimikelaki Yiospa.
Solidarity to all those under arrest accused for the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.
Alchemists for chaos

Bomb explodes at the offices of "Golden Dawn" (neonazi organisation) in ATHENS

19/03/2010 The bomb blast occurred at 08:46 am at the offices in Socrates Street Omonia.Twenty-two minutes earlier, at 08:24 an unknown person phoned the newspaper Eleftherotypia and said he has placed a bomb on Socrates Street 48, on the fifth floor offices of the Golden Dawn."It explodes in 25 minutes. Please evacuate the building , the entire Socrates Street and the hotel" .They directly informed the police, which isolated the area and moved away the people, the explosion occurred 22 minutes later, causing a lot of damage to the offices and broke windows in nearby buildings.The explosive device was an alarm clock bomb, according to initial estimates by police and was placed in the hallway of the fifth floor.
from actforfreedomnow

Revolutionary Memory Patrols claim firebomb attacks in Athens

from Greek daily kathimerini
Arson attacks
A previously unknown group calling itself Revolutionary Memory Patrols yesterday claimed responsibility for a bloodless firebomb attack on an annex of the Culture Ministry in the central Athens district of Exarchia on Thursday and arson attacks yesterday on six parked cars in the district of Kypseli, near the center. The arson attack in Kypseli destroyed the vehicles and started a fire but caused no injuries. Firemen managed to extinguish the blaze before it could spread to adjacent vehicles and buildings. In a related development yesterday, police were investigating a suspected arson attack on a school in the Olympic Village, north of Athens. The fire, which broke out in a staff room at the school, caused serious damage.

Woluwé-Saint-Lambert (Brussels) bank attacked in memory of comrade Lambros

18 mars 2010 - bank attacked in memory of Greek comrade Lambros.

This Monday all the windows of an agency of the Dexia bank in Woluwé-Saint-Lambert were demolished.
Our thoughts go to anarchist Lambros Fountas, murdered by the Greek police.
Solidarity with the permanent revolt that is shaking Greece.

from cette semaine

Brussels - bank attacked

19 March 2010, Friday, Mar. 19, 2010 at 3:22 PM

16/03/2010 : Axa banque - Wappers Place, 1000 Brussels - all the windows smashed.
Solidarity. For freedom.

For Lambros - Probation Offices Attacked in Bristol

At 2am on 17 March, anarchists attacked the inner-city probation offices in Stokes Croft, Bristol.
Paintbombs were thrown, the windows destroyed, were to personnel gates locks attached and slogans " No prison - no State" and " For Lambros" on the walls were spray-painted. This activity is inaugurated on the death of our comrade Lambros of Athens in Greece, who was murdered by cops and represents part of our active denial of the control system. This attack came also in solidarity with Alfredo and Christos, with G20 and Gaza defendants, and with all prisoners who fight.Hooligans with ConscienceRemembering Lambros Foundas, killed by cops in AthensThings seem to be heating up around St. Paul’s and Stokes Croft. Yesterday saw a large public gathering to protest against the police-supported eviction of the Jesters social centre, readying it for another Tesco Express; this morning I noticed this graffiti and paint bombing on the side of Decourcy House, the Avon & Somerset Probation Area office on Upper York Street. It memorialises Lambros Foundas, a Greek anarchist shot dead by Athens police last Wednesday. There is an obituary on Act For Freedom Now!
from actforfreedomnow

Wednesday 17 March 2010

Brussels - two Greek diplomatic cars burnt

16 March 2010
"Two Greek Diplomatic Corps cars have been burnt in Ixelles (Avenue De L’Oree)."
Publié sur
from cette semaine

Tuesday 16 March 2010

Attack on police station and patrol cars in St. Henri, Montreal

Montreal, 13 March - A police station in the St. Henri area, was attacked by persons unknown. Heavy stonethrowing resulted in the breaking of the windows of the police station and eleven cop cars. The onboard computers were also damaged. Slogans such as: 'Fuck the Police' and 'All Cops Are Bastards' were found at the spot
Precisely on Monday, in Montreal, a march against police brutality is due to take place.

More following the killing of Lambros Fountas - from the Greek press

from Greek daily Kathimerini
DNA tests thwart terror probe
DNA tests on drops of blood found at the scene of a shootout last Wednesday in southeastern Athens match the blood of Lambros Fountas, the 35-year-old terrorist suspect killed in the exchange of fire, according to counterterrorism police officers, who had hoped the blood would shed light on the identity of a second man who eluded arrest.
The blood found at the scene of the shooting also failed to match blood samples gathered from the sites of recent terrorist attacks and bank robberies, thwarting police efforts to link Fountas to domestic terrorist groups such as Sect of Revolutionaries and Revolutionary Struggle.
Police believe that the second suspect is a member of an anti-establishment group with links to another recently formed terrorist group, the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire. Officers who were at the scene of the shooting last Wednesday claim to have recognized the second suspect before he fled.
Police have stepped up their investigation into Fountas’s suspected involvement in terrorist activities after a search of his home at the end of last week turned up a detailed map of the capital’s surveillance cameras.
Sources told private television channel Mega yesterday that police fear a revenge attack by domestic terrorists for Fountas’s death. These fears were fueled by the discovery of the map, which pinpoints all the capital’s street cameras and includes notes regarding the scope and blind spots of each camera’s lens.
Officers have also boosted their search for a possible hideout and have intensified surveillance of the dead man’s relatives and close friends. Seven keys found at Fountas’s home in Ambelokipi, near central Athens, are being tested but have not yet matched any addresses linked to the suspect.
Police have also asked the director of the private diagnostic clinic where Fountas was employed for a list of the dates the 35-year-old had taken off work to determine whether they correspond with those of any domestic terrorist attacks.

Monday 15 March 2010

England - suspected arson attack on two industrial units in Hampshire

Firefighters are tackling a large blaze after a suspected arson attack on two industrial units in Hampshire.
The fire started in the roof space of the units in Fareham Industrial Estate at about 0300 GMT.
More than 40 firefighters have been tackling the flames but have been hampered by poor local water supplies, although it is now under control.
Police said the incident was being treated as arson and warned people that roads in the area will be closed.
Group Manager Dan Tasker said "The internal structure of the building and poor water supplies at the location have hampered firefighting operations.
bbc news

TSA worker tried to sabotage terror database, feds say

Posted in Crime, 11th March 2010 23:59 GMT
A former data analyst for the US Transportation Security Agency has been accused of trying to sabotage a terrorist screening database used to vet people with access to sensitive information and secure areas of the nation’s transportation network.
A 46-year-old man who worked as a TSA contractor for five years, planted the malicious code in the server used to maintain the database in mid October, a week after he was told his employment would be terminated at the end of the month, according to documents filed in US District Court in Colorado.

Saturday 13 March 2010

A salutation to Lambros

More from the Greek press

from Greek daily Kathimerini
'Forensics probe terror connection

Police forensic experts yesterday were comparing the fingerprints and DNA of a 35-year-old man killed in a shootout with police in southeastern Athens on Wednesday with forensic evidence gathered from the sites of various terrorist attacks and bank robberies.

Police were examining the contents of a cell phone and laptop found at the home of Lambros Fountas in the district of Ambelokipi, near central Athens. Officers also raided the homes of Fountas’s relatives and those of individuals believed to have had links with the 35-year-old. Among the individuals summoned by police to testify is a woman alleged to have been romantically involved with Fountas over the past three years. According to sources, the woman claims to have had no inkling of the 35-year-old being involved in terrorist activities.

Police yesterday also interviewed the director of a private diagnostic clinic in Ambelokipi where Fountas worked. According to the director, Fountas had asked to take Thursday off, saying that he had to take his mother to her hometown. This revelation is believed to have confirmed police suspicions that the 35-year-old had been involved in plans to carry out a terrorist attack on that day.

Fountas and another two suspects were seen trying to steal a car from the southeastern district of Dafni early on Wednesday. Fountas was killed in a shootout with police who surprised the suspects.

Based on the results of forensic tests carried out on evidence found at the scene, police believe that one of the other two suspects had participated in a recent attack carried out by Revolutionary Struggle.'

Grigoropoulos judge quits trial

from Greek daily Kathimerini
The judge presiding over the trial of two policemen charged with the murder of 15-year-old Alexis Grigoropoulos in Exarchia in December 2008 quit yesterday, complaining that the prosecution lawyers had cast doubts about her impartiality following her questioning of testimony given by a witness to the shooting.“I cannot take anymore. My impartiality has been questioned before the trial has even begun,” Angelita Papavassileiou, said. She condemned the behavior of lawyers on both sides, accusing them of “turning this court into a wrestling ring even though I know you drink coffee together.”Papavassileiou’s withdrawal came after the two prosecution lawyers said they would quit due to the judge’s interpretation of some laws.It is unclear who will preside over the court on Wednesday when the trial is to resume with testimony from a friend of the dead teenager who had been with him on the night of the shooting.

Friday 12 March 2010


In the absence of further information in English concerning the killing of anarchist comrade Lambros Fountas in a shoot-out with police in Athens, here, with all due reservations, is a press item from Greek daily Kathimerini. The terrorists are the State and its servants!

Terrorist link in Dafni shootout

A 35-year-old man who was killed during a shootout with police in the southeastern Athens neighborhood of Dafni early yesterday is thought to have been involved in Greece’s domestic terrorist scene, source said.
Lambros Fountas was shot dead when he and an accomplice were seen by two police officers in a patrol car at 4.40 a.m. as they attempted to steal a parked vehicle.
Fountas had been known to police since he was arrested during disturbances at the National Technical University of Athens in 1995. He allegedly had contact with members of the Exarchia-based anarchist movement and had been on the anti-terrorist squad’s watch list for a long time.
The suspect with whom Fountas was allegedly attempting to steal the car managed to evade arrest but based on forensic tests carried out on evidence found at the scene, police believe that the second man had taken part in a recent attack carried out by Revolutionary Struggle. The urban guerrilla group has carried out a number of attacks in recent years, including firing a rocket-propelled grenade at the US Embassy, murdering a witness protection officer and detonating a car bomb outside the Athens Exchange.
Sources suggested that the two men had been stealing the car so that it could be used in an imminent strike.
According to the police, the two suspects had already broken into the Seat Ibiza when a patrol car pulled up a short distance away. One of the officers turned on the siren, prompting Fountas and his accomplice to jump out of the vehicle and begin shooting at the policemen. The officers took cover behind their patrol car and in the ensuing exchange of fire, the 35-year-old was killed.
A Zastava handgun, with two bullets missing from the chamber, and an assault grenade were found in his possession. He was also carrying a walkie-talkie and wearing two pairs of leather gloves. Police also searched Fountas’s home but did not reveal if they had found any clues.

Paris : Red Cross attacked in solidarity

Retrieved from Non Fides' English section

March 11th

On the day of the hearing in Turin against the comrades arrested last 23rd February, and accused of « criminal associations » for their struggles against the Detention Centers for Migrants ; one week before the decision of the judge against the 10 accused of the arson of the Vincennes detention in Paris [France], six offices of the Red Cross have been attacked in Paris, in the night of 9th March.

Located in the 3th, 5th, 9th, 11th, 12th and 18th district, they have been covered with posters, and graffities, while their locked have been sabotaged and their windows sometimes smashed down. Graffities like « Red Cross deports », « Red Cross collaborates with deportations » recovered the area of some offices.

Thursday 11 March 2010

Anarchist comrade Lambros Fountas

Honour to anarchist Lambros Fountas

Comrade Lambros was a real fighter and an example for all of us. True rebel, sworn enemy of inaction. Austere, sober, selective, determined. UNTIL THE END, HEAD of himself. Furthermore, he did not fall into the trap of making a contract with his life. A contract with life is for those who get divorced into the selection of legal transaction.
Consider these not-so-grand, but honest words, as a last farewell to a comrade and freedom fighter.
Let history speak ...
Giorgos Voutsis Bogiatzis
prison, 11 Μarch 2010

After the end of the big demo in Athens today a group of people approached the Ministry of Culture in Bouboulinas from the back street (Zaimi), walked into the parking and set fire to a State van parked in the internal courtyard of the Ministry, in memory of the comrade Lambros.

from actforfreedom

Another anarchist murdered by cops in Athens, Greece

10 March, 2010
At 5am cops opened fire on 2 people in dafni, a suburb of Athens.
One, an anarchist known to various groups, lies dead. The other is free.
Apparently the relevant government ministry and cops have released information and his photo asking for information...
from uk indymedia

11 March 2010

Terrorist link in Dafni shootout

A 35-year-old man who was killed during a shootout with police in the southeastern Athens neighborhood of Dafni early yesterday is thought to have been involved in Greece’s domestic terrorist scene, source said.

Lambros Fountas was shot dead when he and an accomplice were seen by two police officers in a patrol car at 4.40 a.m. as they attempted to steal a parked vehicle.

Fountas had been known to police since he was arrested during disturbances at the National Technical University of Athens in 1995. He allegedly had contact with members of the Exarchia-based anarchist movement and had been on the anti-terrorist squad’s watch list for a long time.

The suspect with whom Fountas was allegedly attempting to steal the car managed to evade arrest but based on forensic tests carried out on evidence found at the scene, police believe that the second man had taken part in a recent attack carried out by Revolutionary Struggle.

The urban guerrilla group has carried out a number of attacks in recent years, including firing a rocket-propelled grenade at the US Embassy, murdering a witness protection officer and detonating a car bomb outside the Athens Exchange.

Sources suggested that the two men had been stealing the car so that it could be used in an imminent strike.

According to the police, the two suspects had already broken into the Seat Ibiza when a patrol car pulled up a short distance away. One of the officers turned on the siren, prompting Fountas and his accomplice to jump out of the vehicle and begin shooting at the policemen. The officers took cover behind their patrol car and in the ensuing exchange of fire, the 35-year-old was killed.

A Zastava handgun, with two bullets missing from the chamber, and an assault grenade were found in his possession. He was also carrying a walkie-talkie and wearing two pairs of leather gloves. Police also searched Fountas’s home but did not reveal if they had found any clues.


report from Greek daily Kathimerini, via actforfreedom

Korydallos prison, Athens. Jail shooting

Police in Korydallos, near Piraeus, yesterday were seeking the two gunmen who shot a guard who had been on duty outside the local jail complex, causing him serious injuries. According to prison staff who witnessed the shooting, the assailants, both Albanians, had served time at the jail. The motive for the attack remained unclear.

from Greek daily Kathimerini

Wednesday 10 March 2010

Amadeu Casellas is out of prison!!!


via culmine

The prison director concludes that he did 8 years more than he should have done.

The prisoner Amadeu Casellas was released at midday today, 9 March, after 24 years in prison. The director of the penitentiary centre of Girona worked out the cummulative sentences according to the old and the new penal code, and on balance concluded that Casellas has served 8 years more than he should have done.

Sources close to the prisoner have explained to VilaWeb that for along time Casellas and his comrades had been denouncing this situation and that he was serving years more than he should have done, but those responsible for Justice and the prisons "were denying it".

Athens - Robin Hood thieves reappear

from Greek daily Kathimerini

A group of around 20 youths wearing masks and hoods yesterday stormed into a branch of the Sklavenitis supermarket chain in Kaisariani, eastern Athens, and loaded up several trolleys with food before charging past the cash registers and distributing the goods to passers-by in the street. After distributing the goods, the thieves fled. Such raids became a frequent occurence in some Athens neighborhoods last year after self-styled anarchists promoting the “free distribution of goods” claimed responsibility for the first raid of its kind in May 2008.

Tuesday 9 March 2010

Tesco smashed and sprayed in Fishponds, Bristol ENGLAND

Tuesday, March 9, 2010Tesco Metro attacked with brick and spray paint at 2 am this morning - windows smashed and 'no more Tesco' sprayed on both sides of store.

At 2 am this morning, Tesco Metro on Lodge Causeway was attacked with bricks and spray, with broken windows and "no more Tesco" sprayed on both sides of the store.
This action is not to pressure not to build more Tesco stores, but as a total rejection of all they represent. We see Tesco as extreme form of the capitalist domination that entraps and enslaves us all.
Our message is simple: if you build up, we smash down.
For a world free of capitalist exploitation and authoritarian rule (A)

from actforfreedom

Brussels - Arson against police academy

from suieetcendres

BRUSSELS - Last week, a molotov cocktail / incendiairy device caused important damage to the biggest Police Academy of Belgium, situated in Evere (Brussels). The device would have been placed next to a gas connexion. Several windows exploded, part of the front of the building is blackened and several parts of the building are burned. The authors had to cut through fences to get to the building. This building was a very symbolic and sensitive target, according to the police syndicats who are complain about having again served as targets. The investigation, led by the Brussels Parquet, continues actively, internally and externally. The authors knew the place very well and its lack of security (absence of concierge etc).

Bilbao - two excavators used in the works for the TAV highspeed railway, destroyed near Zaratamo

translated from culmine

Bilbao 08.03.10 - Two excavators used in the works for the TAV, were destroyed in an arson attack this morning in a locality near Zaratamo.

From the information received from the Home Office, the security forces were informed of the fire around 01,50. Firemen turned up at the site, but were unable to prevent damage to both vehicles.

The Ertzaintza (autonomous Basque police) are investigating the system used by the attackers to start the fire of the excavators.

Monday 8 March 2010

Incomplete list of recent events in Portugal concerning prisons and revolt

from: 26 February, Leiria – the screws in the prison of Leiria beat up a prisoner after he refused to hand them the TV in his cell (as a punishment for coming back a few minutes later). Seeing this, many prisoners demand to talk with the prison director before they re-enter their cells. The director refused, and ordered the guards to beat every prisoner that was causing trouble. At that time, the prisoners who were in the refectory resisted the beatings, and the guards opened fire on them. After running away to the cells, the prisoners were beaten one by one, and the cells were raided. Two days later 6 prisoners escape.
9 February, Lisbon
– Center for Judiciary Studies attacked with paintbombs.
Solidarity with the prisoners in struggle and with the comrades persecuted by Justice, here and elsewhere.
Freedom for António Ferreira de Jesus, serving a hidden life sentence.
Freedom for the anarchists Alfredo Bonanno (who has a serious health condition) and Christos Stratigopoulos, imprisoned in the Greek concentration camps.
Freedom for all.”

6 February, Lisbon
– flyers handed out in the downtown in solidarity with the prisoners in struggle and against the society that builds up prisons.
31 January, Sintra
– Sunday afternoon, a banner with the words “THE PASSION FOR FREEDOM IS STRONGER THAN THE PRISON” appears hanging in the train station of Portela de Sintra.On the same day, flyers are distributed at the entrance of the prison of Linhó (Sintra). The text referred to the hunger and work strikes in the prisons of Alcoentre and Linhó and the different acts of revolt in different prisons, and it ended with “[…] prison is the final threat, the sword that both dictatorships and democracies lean against our necks. Prison is not only its building in a distant and isolated place. It is the entire world that builds it and needs it, and all the companies, institutions and people supporting it and collaborating with it in a direct way. To struggle against prison is to struggle against its world. It is in the acts of insubmission, small or big, that we recognize ourselves. And it’s acts of insubmission that we want to spread.”
29 January, Lisbon
– in the morning of 29 January the words “SOLIDARITY PRISONERS IN STRUGGLE!” appears painted on the façade of the cathedral of Lisbon.
26 January, Lisbon
– posters against prisons and in solidarity with the strikers in Linhó are glued around the prison of Lisbon.
22 Janeiro, Sintra
– 3 cars of prison guards are burnt with molotov cocktails, in the “prison guard neighborhood” of the prison of Linhó. The gate of a house also catches fire.
20 January, Sintra
– in the last few days, 400 prisoners in the prison of Linhó initiated a hunger strike and other forms of protest, against the several beatings of prisoners and the “odd” death of a prisoner on the 16th. This prisoner was 9 months in isolation.
In the night of 18 January, the GISP (riot screws) entered the prison to attack the hunger and work strikes, supported and practiced by most of the prisoners, beating many and transferring 10 prisoners to the infamous high security prison of Monsanto.

1 January, Setubal
– spray paintings against the prison written on its walls.
31 December, Setubal
– posters with a list of some of the companies and institutions collaborating with the prisons glued in the surroundings of the prison of Setubal.A banner with the words “ATTACK THIS PRISON SOCIETY” is hanged on a bridge at the entrance of the city, next to the prison.
31 December, Setubal
– flyers wishing a happy new year to the prisoners and to those who struggle against this society of control are handed out at the entrance of the prison of Setubal to visitors and passers-by.
30 December, Lisbon
– posters with a list of some of the companies and institutions collaborating with the prisons are glued in the surroundings of the prison of Lisbon.
Mid-December, Pinheiro da Cruz
– the prisoners refuse to participate in the traditional dinner-party in the prison with the presence of the Minister of Justice to celebrate Christmas.
Mid-December, Lisbon
– posters against this world of authority and misery and in solidarity with C. Stratigopoulos and A. Bonanno are glued on a few banks and universities.
10 December, Matosinhos
– A National Republican Guard (GNR) operation/raid in the prison of Santa Cruz do Bispo ignites a revolt, with the prisoners setting fire to the mattresses and breaking windows. One of them is transferred.

Buenos Aires - luddite nucleus sets fire to cars

source: Fondazione Roscigna, translated from culmine

So that security is the faith that one has in making/contributing to social relations, and not the submission to systematically seeing life as a "natural consequence", we have set fire to the cars belonging to the legalitaries of Aristóbulo del Vallle. As the anarchist comrades of Mexico have taught us, so that this practice spreads among all the rebels in the world.
Derdazon: we are everywhere, trying to put an end to this reality, its defenders and its false critics.

Núcleo ludita

Saturday 6 March 2010

Chile - A comrade on the terrible situation in Concepción

source: anonymous email sent to

translated from culmine

Comrades, we are writing to you to make known the delicate situation being lived in the city of Concepción. We have been widely covered by the media, in morbid and boorish way, supporting the excessive militarisation and security measures now so ridiculous that we have only 6 hours a day "free transit". Moreover, we want to denounce the scarcity that has stricken the great majority of poor citizens, who get many promises but no solutions.

1.- Until now, no authority - apart from the military - has turned up in the poor areas even to examine the damage caused by the earthquake or to know whether the people are dead or alive.

2.- An example: in the Aguita de la Perdiz quarter the citizens, in desperation, went en masse to plunder the Santa Isabe supermarket. This supermarket doesn't sell electrical goods or luxury items, and the people took what they needed, i.e. food and water. The same thing happened in other poor areas. Instead, the TV has spread ad nauseam an image of someone taking away a plasma television set. We are not condemning the looting of electrical goods, simply stating that this is a small-scale phenomenon compared to the looting of products that are indispensible such as food water and milk.

3.- Because of the looting, the authorities have decided to "punish" different sectors, leaving them without help and without restoring essential services. The town mayoress, recently nominated governor of the region by the right wing government, frankly admitted it.

4.- PDI agents have circulated absurd rumours, such as that "hordes" of delinquents would have descended upon the town (there is no petrol and there are soldiers everywhere. How would the "hordes", get there, by helicopter?). All this has created a climate of insecurity and paranoia among citizens, who have formed rounds to keep watch in the areas during the night, with clubs and firearms. A really dangerous situation which with the tiredness, tension and hunger can unleash acts of violence between the poor themselves.

5.- At the moment food is starting to get scarce in the poorest areas and there is no money to buy anything.

6.- Health conditions are horrendous, children and old people are beginning to get sick. The health clinic and hospital are collapsing.

7.- NO HELP HAS ARRIVED. If there had not been looting over the past few days the people in the poorest areas would be starving to death. We know that the situation is even more tragic in other cities, but this "punishment" of a whole area for not having respected established order seems to us to criminal behaviour, to say the least. Finally we consider the rumours spread deliberately by the PDI should be considered acts of terrorism, because they are aimed at striking terror among the poor.

Manizales (Colombia) - Clashes between students and the ESMAD

Manizales, 3 March - Disorder, traffic congestion and clashes with anti-riot cops of the ESMAD occurred in the afternoon during the march organised by students protesting against the increase in Integrated Transport charges. The students launched a hail of stones againt the town hall, breaking all the windows. The police also signalled the launch of "explosive potatoes".

Friday 5 March 2010

Chile. Santiago - La Idea squat demolished by carabinieros. Valparaíso: “Odio Squat Punk” violently evicted by CP

source: santiago indymedia, 04.03.2010, via culmine

Around 12.00 the Fuerzas Especiales de Carabineros broke into the Occupied Space La Idea with the pretext of the receiving of stolen goods.
But suddenly an excavator appeared with an order from the town hall to demolish the house, with all the books and material that was inside it.
Unlike other raids, the media were not present. Presumably the magistrate that had ordered the eviction had entered the building to accuse those responsible for the house of hypothetically receiving stolen goods.
We are awaiting further news, given the difficulty comrades have in moving due to the militarisation of the city.

“Odio Squat Punk” di Valparaíso violently evicted by a group of the Communist Party

source: Columna Negra, 04.03.10

Valparaíso, 4 March - Around 11am a group of 8-10 members of the Communist Party evicted the occupants of the house “Odio Squat Punk”, in calle Aldunate 1566.
After tearing out the door of the building with a mallet the members of the CP went inside, throwing out the 3 occupants who were having lunch. One of them was slightly wounded.
The house had been occupied since December 2008, inside there was a fanzine library with over 2.000 zines from all over the world. They also carry out open activities in the community, such as a kitchen, a cine-forum, etc.
Before then the place had been abandoned for years without anyone taking possession of it, which led to the squatting and opening of the liberated space. A couple of Communist Party militants turned up in the first weeks of the occupation, claiming ownership of the property, a situation that has been going on for some months, especially with the approaching of the elections. ..
...after chasing away the occupants, the CP militants started to destroy the graphic and literary material. With the excuse that there was "dangerous material", they prevented anything from being taken out of the house until the police arrived at 12.30.
As we write, comrades are arriving to help to take away the stuff that is still in the house, in the presence of other CP militants and even leaders such as Dr. Neumann - councillor in the commune of Valparaíso - and the bourgeois press. The situation of the inhabitants is uncertain, given that the comrades that opened the squat, two young people with a small son, are not in the region.

Chinese workers, police clash in Bahrain labor camp


Published : Feb 27, 2010 9:28 PM Updated : Feb 27, 2010 9:28 PM

MANAMA : Security forces clashed with a group of Chinese workers who had taken hostage at least nine of their superiors near a construction site in Zallaq, 25 km south of the capital Manama, Saturday morning.
Police stormed the barricaded worker-housing compound after a siege that lasted several hours, freeing the nine men and arresting 26 workers of the approximately 150 residing in the camp.
The operation occurred after negotiations led by the Ministry of Interior and a Chinese diplomat failed to persuade the Chinese workers to release the hostages, who included architects and foremen at the job site, ministry officials said.
The officials, who requested anonymity, said the workers, employees of the state-owned China State Construction Engineering Corp (CSCEC), alleged that the nine men were mistreating and underpaying them.
The workers had demanded the nine men be sent back to China and be replaced.
Sources at the Interior Ministry confirmed that 28 workers were detained, while one of the hostages and four policemen sustained minor injuries during the clashes. They were later taken hospital.
The workers started a wildcat strike on Friday, but the issue was resolved after negotiations with the Ministry of Labor and the Chinese Embassy.
But the workers gathered again Saturday morning and took nine senior Chinese staff hostage to press their demands.
Founded in 1982, the CSEC is the largest construction enterprise, real estate developer and international contractor in China.

Greece. They say “austerity”, we say “fight back!”: government gazette HQ and ministries occupied

Wednesday 3 March 2010

Curfew in Chile

The Chilean authorities have imposed a curfew in the Maule and Bio Bio regions, in the centre-south of the country, 37 hours after the earthquake that has caused over 708 deaths... The authorities lack of help for the victims has unleashed the anger of the people that have been struck, pushing them to loot supermarkets, chemists and shops to find what they need.
This has pushed the authorities to react, not to help the population, but to repress and safeguard the interests of the big commercial chains. For this reason a curfew has been declared from 21 to 6 in the morning to allow them to guarantee order and the protection of the large commercial centres and supermarkets with the justification of protecting one of the inventions of the neo-pinochestista system : the so-called " middle classes ".

Tuesday 2 March 2010

Thessaloniki - attack against Millenium Bank claimed



A daily life that is controlled by disgusting politicians and scientists and is analyzed under economical terms has nothing but nothing to offer to society. Society? We don't mean the millions of hypnotized, users of pills, besotted in front of the TV, the payed slaves or comformists, the neutral minds about everything that take care only for themselves, those who take something positive from the situation today, anyway those who carry on the ethics of this world. We understand a different part as a society. A different part with another view on reality. A part of the society that at this times has in their mind the idea of undermining this world; to make a revolution like none of the alleged earlier ones. Individually and collectively to bring social liberation in reality. Not with temporary autonomous "liberated" homes inside and around the cities and utopian imaginaries in today's time but with aspirations for them to take action now to a very flexible and real-destructive urban guerrilla. Please stay away from the movements of passivity and reformism. The struggle against the state and capital shall become one, single and shocking.
Let's draw even a little bit more of hatred for the cop-pigs who killed with 9 bullets the 25 years old Nicolas Toddi beacuse of their utter stupidity to misunderstand him for a different person. When you listen 'security', you gotta know that someone is smelling for human flesh. But also let's also draw hatred for the other guys, the 'protectors of citizens' who attacked the demonstration in Vyronas district. These so called 'protectors' is nothing more than a terrorist gang with white helmets, batons and tear gas who serve as faithful dogs the dogma of counter-revolution. Freedom for the arrested persons.
The State is vindictive? You will see how vindictive we can also become. You still exterminate A. Bonanno in the jail? You enforce us to keep more fire in our hands.
So the midnight hours on Saturday and Sunday (27-28/2) we engaged ourselves in acts of arson in Thessaloniki against Millenium Bank and a townhall's vehicle.