One fine morning, the faithful lackey, who has hitherto identified completely with his master, leaps on his oppressor and slits his throat. RV

Monday 30 May 2011

Spain: For total Anarchy NOW. Signed, some violent anti-social anti-system terrorists

a las barricadas, translated by war on society

27/05/2011 - This writing surges from the indignation that causes us to see that the “real democracy now” movement presents itself as a true revolution, when what it really represents and defends is the continuation of the capitalist system, patched with some reforms that do nothing but give it legitimacy. The ideas reflected in the manifesto of this movement are summonings of politicians, demands for a system that works perfectly, for a democracy that allows for a channeled and controllable dissent, while not threatening its survival.
We DO NOT endorse the petition of the manifesto, since it is a vacuous discourse, an ambiguous one, and one that devalues ​​the real revolution.
We DO NOT recognize ourselves as citizens, DO NOT include ourselves in the “real democracy now” movement because we are against all power, even power emanating from the people. We are against social democracy, representability, and being servants of the system. We DO NOT want a world of happy consumption, of factories and exploitative companies.
We demand respect for the use of the word “anti-system”; to apply it to politicians and bankers is an inconsistency, as they represent the essence of the current system, they reinforce it and they protect it. In a statement from M-15 they say that the police officer who attacks is anti-system; this is nothing more than cosmetic surgery on the actual functioning of this system, which includes the domain of violence at the hands of security forces. We are proud to be anti-system, as we walk towards the destruction of everything that oppresses us, we want a real change in our lives.
We reject the arrogance with which this movement distinguishes itself from violent revolutionary actions, promoting peaceful forms as “the only possible tool of social change.” We understand that this affirmation does not recognize historical revolutions such as the violent actions during the social revolution in the Second Republic and during the civil war in this territory. It also discredits the struggles of the various commandos and autonomous groups of the 70s, 80s and 90s (Iberian Liberation Movement, Direct Action, and a long etc.), as well as the actions of violent resistance of some labor movements. And to point out other struggles in other places, which also include violent response, we remember the Sandinista revolution and the armed national liberation struggles such as the EZLN. Currently, the insurrectional struggle spreads across the globe in the form of autonomous and violent actions against the structures and symbols of capital and authority.
The system is not to be reformed, it is to be destroyed. They are not going to give us anything that we want nor are we going to ask for it. We will not fall into demands to those we do not recognize, we decided to take it for ourselves. This system is made up of bankers, politicians, workers, citizens and their civil rights. Since the petition of the manifesto calls for a proper functioning of this system, to ensure respect for social rights, to ensure progress, work, consumption and happiness. We do not want a welfare system that is perpetuated against life and freedom. We do not want to be peaceful and passive subjects who conform. We are against the logic of labor-consumption. Wage labor is slavery, prostitution of our bodies and our minds and energy in the service of capitalism. Thus are maintained the structures on which stands the state of domination: the mass worker-consumer is complicit and a fundamental part in the proper functioning of this system.
A struggle does not find its measure in the quantity of mass that moves and by its levels of spectacularity, but rather in its content, its forms, its coherence and its continuity. The revolution is in the day-to-day, in our lives, in what we are.
We are outraged by your outrage, which only responds in defense of egoistic interests and seeks comfortable and superfluous solutions, which does not seek a profound and radical (going to the root of the problems) revolution, but rather the improvement of the conditions of exploitation within this model of false welfare.
For all that, we claim and propose:
Non-recognition of any system of government that decides for ourselves about our lives, whether neo-liberal, democratic, socialist, communist, populist, fascist, dictatorial, social-democratic, etc.
Non-legitimation of authority, in any of its forms, institutions and power structures: patriarchal family, army, police, government, doctors, hospitals, psychiatrists, psychiatric, schools, universities, gender roles, prisons (including youth custody, detention centers of foreigners, zoos, etc), businesses, religions …
Abolition of wage labor and all forms of exploitation.
End of the prison-society, demolition of the prison and freedom for all prisoners. End of the system of social control, of video surveillance, of police and citizen-police.
Solidarity with our comrades in struggle, persecuted, imprisoned or killed at the hands of those who represent the system of extermination.
End of the economic system based in money and in capitalist human relationships that it generates around itself.
Destruction of industrial-technological system; return to a life in balance and respect toward nature and other animals, away from the non-life, congestion and artificiality of cities.
End of the sexual roles that society inculcates, inversion of gender. We are beings beyond our genitals.
Earth and animal liberation. End of the use of other animals as objects/products of food, clothing, entertainment, companionship, experimentation… and of the use and abuse of nature as a resource in the service of unreal devastating human needs.
Rupture of the general apathy and continuity of individual and collective struggles that are committed, sincere and consistent.
Signed, some violent anti-social anti-system terrorists.

Taiz, Yemen - Six killed as Yemeni forces fire at protestors


29/05/2011 - SANAA/TAIZ – Yemeni forces loyal to President Ali Abdullah Saleh opened fire on protesters in the southern city of Taiz on Sunday, killing at least six people and wounding 120, hospital sources said.
A Reuters photographer at the scene said police fired live ammunition, tear gas and used water cannons to disperse demonstrators protesting outside a municipal building to demand the release of a fellow protester who was arrested on Saturday.
The clashes took place near Freedom Square where thousands of anti-government protesters have been camping since January to demand Saleh's overthrow. Police set two tents on fire in the square. Protesters hurled Molotov bombs and rocks at police.
In the capital Sanaa, seven explosions were heard on Sunday night in the district of Hasaba, the scene of week-long fighting between Saleh's forces and a rival tribe in which 115 people were killed, residents said.
There were no immediate details on the explosions, which appeared to have partially breached a truce between Saleh's forces and the powerful Hashed tribe led by Sadeq al-Ahmar in the bloodiest fighting since unrest erupted in January.
Ahmar condemned what he described as "Saleh's new massacre" against civilians in Taiz. Earlier on Sunday, his men handed back control of a government building to mediators as part of a ceasefire deal.

Santiago de $ hile - Attack on Basilica de la Merced two years after the death of Mauri


Hortensia Quinio Anticlerical Cell
On Friday 20 of this month to mark the call for international solidarity with prisoners in struggle and also to mark the commemoration of the second year of the death in action of Mauricio Morales we decided to attack one of the symbols of authority represented by the main church of Santiago and Chile (Basilica de la Merced), historically charged with the memory of the powerful.
Taking advantage of the demonstration that was taking place in parallel against HidroAysén, which made the situation more conducive to the instance already planned, as the police repression focused on the mass. Unfortunately the device was discovered and disabled before its detonation, a fact not brought to public attention, as the communication media were focused on the riots that took place in the capital and also those who would follow in Valparaiso city the next day.
Our intention was to destroy the graves of horacio de quiroz mateo de toro y zambrano, ines de suarez and the remains of their foul bloodsucker relatives, a goal that was not fulfilled; even so we were happy to see in their submissive, obedient and cop faces the thrill of the act which violates the logical system which underpins all forms of disgusting social relations that dominate the world.
May they know we are constantly looking for the subversion of all forms of domination and will wrap their peace in flames.

Anticlerical Hortensia Quinio cell.

PS Hortensia Quinio, anarchist woman captured and tortured by the Chilean state, in a repressive raid in Santiago during the month of May 1915, when the state was in search of those responsible for bomb attacks against religious convents in the capital.

Casablanca, Morocco: Antigovernment protesters clash with police


30/05/2011 - Thousands of demonstrators Sunday took to the streets of Casablanca, the country's largest city, in an antigovernment protest police struggled to disperse, driving into the crowd on motorcycles, armed with clubs.
A similar protest in the capital's twin city of Sale on Sunday also was violently disrupted, as was a demonstration in front of the Moroccan parliament Saturday.
Morocco's King Mohammed VI and the ruling elite, or makhzen, have so far avoided the massive "Arab Spring" uprisings that have swept other North African and Middle East countries, promising concessions and constitutional reforms in recent weeks as security forces successfully dispersed large crowds.
But protesters have grown both more assertive and organized in recent days, particularly the antigovernment Feb. 20movement formed in the wake of uprisings in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, which mounted Sunday's protest in Sale. On Sunday, well-known blogger Mamfakinch (which roughly translates as "We won't give up") posted Google maps of the protests online and live blogged their progress with photo and video updates. He posted witness accounts in French, including observations that police allowed pro-regime protests and even mixed with the crowds, but stopped those opposing the monarchy, accosting those with cameras, including journalists. "I can confirm there are wounded, clubbed in alleys," one witness said.
Both photos and videos posted online showed bloodied protesters collapsed in the streets of Casablanca's lower income Sbata neighborhood after allegedly being beaten by police. "Contrary to what has been said, the residents of Sbata do not reject the demonstrations," a witness told Mamfakinch, "I have never seen anything like it!"
Activists reported several arrests and more than a dozen injuries, some critical, during the protests, but those reports could not be independently confirmed.

Turin, Italy - Eni, Snam vehicles attacked against the G8 and in solidarity with Fuoriluogo


mail received from anonymous:


Turin, Italy - Agip-ENI petrol station damaged



Montreal, QC - Police cars attacked


26 May 2011 - “Montreal, Quebec. On the night of May 26, the cars in a police parking lot on rue Dollard were attacked with paint stripper. We refuse to be complacent in the misery around us. The police are an occupying army in our streets and any act to further remove them from our lives warms our hearts.
Much love to Theofilos Mavropoulos and prisoners everywhere, both inside and out, fighting for freedom.
Onward the struggle.”
Some anarchists

Brighton, UK - Arms Factory Attacked


27.05.2011 - A group of pixies attacked Brighton arms factory EDO MBM in the early hours of Friday 27th May.
EDO MBM make bomb release mechanisms that have been used in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, Libya and beyond. Late Thursday night/Friday morning an unwanted delivery was made to their Brighton based factory.
Paint bombs were flung and projectiles fired at the building on Home Farm Rd, before the naughty pixies disappeared into the night. While less deadly than the munitions EDO help drop on civilians around the world, this is yet another reminder that this factory is not welcome here.
While damage to EDO has previously been proved to be lawful (see EDO decommissioning) Sussex Police will stop at nothing to protect murders and prosecute protesters. All actions against arms companies, both accountable and unaccountable, should be supported and encouraged.

New Basford, UK - Anarchists Attack Surveillence Industry

325 nostate

27 May 2011 - “Last night Inside Out Security in New Basford had it’s windows smashed.
We did this because they are responsible for making surveillance equipment that watches us everywhere we go. They are specifically responsible for a large number of CCTV cameras in schools around Nottingham. These cameras in schools further stigmatise and terrorise the young, positioning them as the dangers to each other, training them to become used to being watched, controlling their behaviour and taking away their freedom. Instead of encouraging the young to love and live with wild passion this society is caging them- forcing them into lives not of their choosing.
We want to destroy these companies that profit from the sickness of social surveillance on behalf of capitalism and the state.
We also did this in solidarity with those who resist the G8 and G20 conferences occurring in France this week. While the government leaders from around the world discuss ways to keep their power, we will fight their systems of oppression that are all around us.
So their surveillance is there to protect us? Fuck that. Their cameras exist to make us live in fear, to do as we are told, to make us feel alienated and scared of one another. The surveillance system is there to serve the interests of the rich and protect their property, power and capital.
We see something that destroys our freedom, our relationships with each other and we wish to attack it with the means we have available. So whilst this was a small act of defiance, quickly remedied in part by their insurance, we carry out this act because of the very fact that we search for freedom from all forms of social control. Every time we see similar acts of rebellion, from throwing rocks at cops to the burning of a prison, a smile spreads across our face and recognition that the attack against this society of domination continues. We will continue our participation in this attack, because it is our passion- settling for a life of meaningless subordination is not an option for us, not when all around us are examples of our friends, families and ourselves being continually fucked over by rampant capitalism, and the colluding state.
We must look to each other with love and solidarity.
We must destroy what keeps us apart with rage.
Against the prison society.
For total freedom.”

Catania, Sicily - two local police cars attacked



From Portugal - A brief account of a demo that went well, on cops unleashed, and a discussion that has begun..

received by sysiphus

As some of you may already know by now, there was an anti-capitalist/anti-authoritarian 1st of May demonstration in Setúbal (Portugal) that ended with cops chasing demonstrators throughout Setúbal shooting rubber bullets at us.
Throughout the demo (with 150 people) there were many different slogans shouted out, some of them related to the 1st of May, self-management, bosses, work, economic crisis, etc.; others related to more specific events/struggles to develop and try to experiment other things (Secil – a cement factory destroying Serra da Arrábida - and Sonae – a tourist resort occupying Península de Tróia - in Setúbal). The banners also reflected this, as did the debates before and after this demo, and for sure more practical discussions on this will develop.
Different kinds of fireworks were set off, many leaflets given out and some graffiti on banks’ and expensive car dealerships’ walls. The demo finished in Largo da Fonte Nova, in a poor fishermen’s neighborhood.
Cops arrive, try to grab a comrade, comrades react, more cops arrive and start shooting at us. More and more bullets, this time not only rubber ones but also live ammunition; some stones and bottles thrown at them, a way out street barricaded with tables from an esplanade. Later there was smaller groups being chased throughout other neighborhoods, with cops on vans and cars identifying some of them and shooting at others. These chases took about 30 minutes.
There was a video done by a few comrades, and another one shot during the shooting at Fonte Nova, this one not edited. 10 people were identified, many more wounded.
On the next day posters and leaflets were distributed in Setúbal and Lisboa.
Other material related to this demo:

Wednesday 25 May 2011

Berlin, Germany - Text of communique claiming sabotage of railway infrastructure on the Ostkreuz


24/05/2011 - Text of communique
We strike!
Today we have sabotaged a part of the railway infrastructure on the Ostkreuz, a central transportation hub for the German capital: In a cable bridge, we have cut through the grille below the doors and set fire to close to a hundred or so signal, telecommunications and electricity cables. We have excluded danger to people in good faith. The relevant to safety systems are designed in the DB several times.
Our action is a stop signal. We are fed up!Berlin is the capital of one of the leading arms exporters, Berlin is the capital of the most powerful EU states. In Berlin, a “phasing-out ” of the use of nuclear energy has been decided with a long period of maturation [....]
Everyone has responsibility for what happens. All have the opportunity to say: Stop! Not with us. We struck a blow against this painful and murderous normality. Something has to change . Fundamentally.
Mobility ensures smooth functioning in the perpetuation of that very normalcy. To interrupt this, if only on a modest scale, is our intention. This kind of mobility has nothing to do with freedom or freedom of movement .
This movement does not exist for all the people of this earth. Refugees on the EU’s external borders are not granted it.
After all the disasters we have had enough. On the immediate phase-out of nuclear technology, there is nothing to negotiate. We are not playing anymore.
The images of Fukushima, the helpless engineers, the covered up meltdown, the forced resettlement of victims of radiation and the cooking of temporary workers in the atomic ruins are unambiguous. This technology is done with. By those who are not willing to sacrifice to the profit interests of energy companies. Immediately.
Experts, Ethics Commission, Nuclear Safety Commission – all window dressing: nuclear phase-out now! No one should entrust his life to the politicians slaves of the economy. The tutelage and control of people is the ultimate catastrophe of human history. No government suits us fine.
On the rails of the Deutsche Bahn nuclear technology and nuclear waste are transported. Both ensure the continued operation of the reactors. Both are guaranteed by the nuclear lobby and high industry profits.
Since the beginning of the anti-nuclear movement, nuclear policy was enforced with violence, often against the will of the population.
Even if the next Castor should reach its goal – it is no longer politically feasible. Because there can be no help from the cops. Or military. That would lead to insurrection!
The State-owned German railway AG transports German weapons systems to ports and airfields which are sent from there to the world wars. Systems of domination were protected with these weapons in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya among other places. To avert refugee flows helicopters, weapons and surveillance technology were supplied to Libya till recently. Germany is one of the leading arms exporters in the world. Germany earns well from this business. And it encourages war, when it comes to its own interests. For example in the case of energy resources. Berlin is the capital of militarist Germany.
These social relations cannot be tolerated. They need to be changed. Immediately. By all of us who are fed up. Without disruption of normalcy, without removal of the ruling class, there is no peaceful society. The impotence of protests is obvious. Why not interfere with the work of the energy companies? Block access roads. Occupy workplaces. Strike a blow against this normality of working, of consuming, of buckling under, of profiteering, of resignation! Sabotage is a form of the strike. It is a form of refusal that throws shitty days out of step. Where things no longer runs as usual, other things are possible. If the employer is still waiting for us …
A society without domination is possible!
We go on strike and sabotage the destructive daily grind!
Shut down the nuclear reactors – immediately and permanently! Worldwide!
Destroy energy companies and weapons factories , destroy weapons and their transport routes!
Open borders to all refugees!

Gez. The rumbling of the Eyjafjallajökull
A year ago, the “strike” of the Icelandic volcano, the European economy. After some initial rumblings the volcano spat so much ash that the entire European air traffic came to a halt for seven days – lucky strike ”

Philippines - Solidarity action for young Christian Serrano, killed by police

325 nostate

MAY 21 an action against police violence occur in Makati City with the participation of some autonomous individuals who drop a banner in Mantrade fly-over stating HUSTISYA PARA KAY CHRISTIAN SERRANO NA PINATAY NG PULIS “TUTULAN ANG KARAHASAN” (JUSTICE FOR CHRISTIAN SERRANO WHO WAS MURDERED BY COPS “DISSENT VIOLENCE”) and after hand-outs leaflets to all by passers.
MAY 23 2pm we went to the preliminary hearing of the accused police of murder in Makati City Justice Hall to give a support with the victims family. We can’t go inside to the justice hall because it is so full of people so we wait outside and post our banner.
This action is a support and also our way to show sympathy for the family of Christian Serrano 13 yrs.old a scavenger who was killed by cops, who falsely thought that the young boy was a thief; he is also one of a thousand victims of unstoppable police violence in this country.
We fearlessly condemned this act of unjustifiable killings of police and we will pursue this campaign against police oppression and violence until the people realized that police authorities are not the one protecting the ‘human rights’.

Cambridge (UK) - Banks attacked


23 May 2011 - “In the early hours of Monday, 23rd May, we sabotaged two banks in Cambridge (UK) in defiance of capital and the state. The Lloyds TSB and Barclays banks on Cherry Hinton Road had their locks glued, windows spraypainted and
cashpoints trashed (using glue and spraypaint). Anonymous, easily reproducible acts of attack against the system have the potential to generalise into greater and greater disruption of the false peace of this society’s ‘normality’. Rebellious greetings to those who struggle against this global system of domination! x”

Autonomous anonymous

Monday 23 May 2011

Bern, Switzerland - Antinuclear vandalism


ATS 16. May 2011 - Unknown assailants attacked the electricity company of the Alpiq in Bern on Sunday night to Monday. The offices of a communications company linked to the Swiss Nuclear Forum have also been targeted.
The "Atom Kommando" claimed the attacks Monday in a press release. It also mentioned locks plugged with glue and car tires deflated. According to the commando, it is "preventing the atom lobby from working. " It accuses it of only interest in profit and not the protection of man and nature.
Bern cantonal police have opened an investigation. The director of the subsidiary Alpiq are talking about damage relatively large spray damage. The staff, however, are able to work. A complaint was lodged against unknown persons.

Sassari, Sardinia - Flames to the house of proprietors who sold land for radar installation at village of Argentiera


La Nuova Sardegna
Sassari. After the threats come the flames. Yesterday morning while the residents of the village of Argentiera protested to say "no" to a deep radar installation, a fire destroyed the home of those who gave land for the installation of military equipment.
The fire has burned the interior and furnishings of the villa by the sea of ​​the Brandimarte family, that owns a considerable amount of land in the area. In November last year, the general command of Finance had approached them to ask them to install the radar at Punta della Vedetta, now at the center of controversy.
Only a few days ago, when the inhabitants of Argentiera spread the news of
installation of the devices, was it known that the tower, 36 metres high, would be built on a plot of Brandimarte. Some threat had reached the ears of the entrepreneurs. Not too veiled. Last week the first warning. Someone deflated the wheels of the bulldozer arrived Argentiera for the construction of the radar. And a note (seized by the Digos) was also attached with the inscription: "If you want to save that machine you have to leave Argentiera."
Yesterday they moved to the deed. The fire - firefighters have found - was intentional. When the fire department of the provincial command arrived Argentiera with two trucks loaded with water at about 9.30 am, they found the electrical system of the house unplugged and a window forcibly removed. A short circuit has therefore been excluded and it is almost certain that someone, after breaking the frame, had introduced themselves into the white house and started the flames.
The place was also visited by the police in the company of Porto Torres. No traces of gasoline were found in the early investigations, but this morning investigators of the provincial command will return for more surveys.
Firefighters worked for two hours to douse the flames, but nothing of what was inside the house was saved. The fire consumed beds, sofas and appliances on the ground floor and then all that there was in a wooden loft. Damage, according to initial estimates, amounted to several thousand euro.
Investigators are trying to figure out to whom, in the area, radar can give so much trouble that, in addition to the identification of boats of illegal immigrants the drug trade coming from Spain and possibly even weapons can also be intercepted. But as well as the inquest opened yesterday morning by the prosecution, there is is that of private owners.
"I'm sure that those responsible are local people - Fabio Brandimarte, the son of the owner of the burned house said without hesitation. If we had not granted this land - he added - the Finance would still have dispossessed it. I was assured that this radar is not dangerous to health and when I can prove it, I will show the documents to the inhabitants dell'Argentiera.
May 18, 2011

Karachi, Pakistan - People riot against electrical power breakdowns


22'05'2011 - KARACHI - The violent protests against prolonged power outages continued in various parts of the city on Saturday, as enraged people took to streets, burnt tyres and blocked vehicular traffic to vent out their anger against the KESC.
On Saturday the temperature in the city was recorded at 44 degrees centigrade and the long power breakdowns in number of localities caused acute shortage of water. The residents of small flats/apartments are the worst sufferers of unending loadshedding and unattended fault.
Sizzling temperature on Saturday and power outages busted the temperament of the citizens as protest remains continued in various areas where enraged people are looking for the facilitators of KESC disappeared along the power to avoid the harm.
The areas, where the riots and protest broke out including Nazimabad, Pak Colony, Purana Golimar, Rashid Minhas road, Kharadar, Mangopir, MT Khan Road, these areas mostly belonged to the lower class and slum areas of the city, where the angry youth along with women and children took out to streets and staged noisy protest against the inefficiency of the private utility. They said the administration of the KESC should immediately reinstate the employees if they want to save power consumers from more misery.
It is pertinent to mention here that the offices of Abdul Sattar Edhi across the city have been deprived of electricity for the last two days, and despite several complaints at KESC head office, the contractual employees of the utility could not restore the electricity causing the severe hardship for rescue services across the city. On the night between Friday and Saturday, the charged miscreant attacked the offices of the KESC and tried to burn them. They also set ablaze the office of the KESC at Habib Bank Chowrangi and lit three vehicles and pelted passing vehicles with stones.

Beetham, Trinidad - Residents riot after police shoot 'community leader'

trinidad express

22/05/2011 - PHASE FOUR Beetham Gardens residents stoned vehicles and partially blocked both the Beetham Highway and Priority Bus Route as they expressed their anger after the police shot and injured a known gunman from the area.
Although the police described the man as a known "gang leader", the residents, when interviewed yesterday, said he was a, "community leader".
Around 12.10 a.m. yesterday, officers of the Inter Agency Task Force (IATF) were on patrol along Main Street in Beetham Gardens when, on reaching 18th Street, they saw a man standing with a sub-machine gun in his hand.
Officers said they stopped and ordered the man to drop the gun but he didn't and instead fired at them. The police fired back, hitting the man in his abdomen. A group of residents who were nearby reportedly picked up the man and hid him from the officers.
Police began searching the area for the gunman who they described as, "well known to the police".
The police eventually left the area empty-handed.
From around 6 a.m. however, residents began gathering debris which they dragged into the middle of both the highway and Bus Route. They then set these items on fire. Other residents began stoning vehicles that were heading east along the highway.
Police and fire officers responded and after removing the items and ordering the people back into their homes, the riot was eventually quelled.
Reporters spoke with the residents yesterday and some expressed their frustration with the police.
One elderly woman even said the man whom she described as a, "community leader and contractor", was known for helping people of Beetham Gardens. She also said Beetham residents will not take what she called, "attacks against them", lightly and will continue to protest until they got justice.
They also called on Police Commissioner Dwayne Gibbs to investigate the attack against the "community leader", as they claimed the police were out to execute him.
Police in the meantime said they have several outstanding warrants for the man and are asking all hospitals to be on the alert as they believe he will need to get treatment for his gunshot wound.
—Gyasi Gonzales

Athens, Greece ' Responsibility claim for the arson attackon Exarxia police station on May 14th in Kallidromiou Street


19/05/2011 - Maybe the most imperative moment to speak, is when an action of yours has the worst ossible outcome. Therefore it would be unacceptable for us, to shut up or not speak the truth, concerning the incidents on May 14th on Kallidromiou street, Athens.
Comrades chose to carry out a targeted (politically and operationally) attack on the 5th Police Station in Exarxia. A moment of struggle and a small answer of ours to the savage attack on the demonstration on the 11th of May, the undiscised cooperation of the Police with the Golden Dawn (neonazi group) in the recent rascist pogroms. To all these versions of the attempted totalitarian dictatorship of capital and authority on our lives.
We put in our discussions, every possible effort so that the attack concerns only the obvious target: the police. We aproached the Police station through the streets Trapezountiou and Mavromihali. We withdrew through H.Trikoupi and Methoni street. Presicely because we didnt want to involve the local Street Market. The only thing it provided, as an opportunity, to the people who openly resist in front of armed people, was the traffic jam it causes to the surrounding streets and the difficult approach of cops to the spot. In no way did we use the Street Market as a theatre of militant clashes.
We torched and destroyed three, personal cop motorbikes, on Mavromihali street without any people around getting injured.
We placed and set fire to a bottle of petrol in the entry of the police station in order to simply stop their exit, without however throwing it inside, putting in this way people at risk. We torched all vehicles that were right outside the station (of course no citizen can park there, for safety reasons).
The same moment, a safeguarding group that was on H. Trikoupi street, located and attacked a motorbike with two plainclothed cops on it. They stopped the motorbike and fought them away. The motorbike fell on H.Trikoupi, outside the limits of the market however very near to it. After that it was set on fire, mainly so there was no possibility of persecution from the cops that were fought off, who, incidentally were those who terrified invaded the market waving their pistols.
The tragic error was that it was mistakenly considered that the fire of the motorbike on H. Trikoupi could not extend itself to the stalls on Kallidromiou street, a few metres further down. And indeed, this is how it would be if the uncommon event of the explosion of the motorbike tank did not happen.
Nothing of the above revokes the RESPONSIBILITY (and the word responsibility here takes its genuine dimensions) and our sadness for the events.
In no case could it be, not even in the most remote corner of our brain, the indifference for the serious injury of a worker and the lighter injury of two others.
As political subjects we take in its entirity the responsibility of our action and its tragic consequences for the seriously injured worker, being foundationally and valuewise against any logic of adjacent losses.
From our heart we wish a full recovery to all three injured people and hope in their comprehension, for our motives but also our errors.

translated by actforfreedomnow!

Athens, Greece - Shoot out in Pefki area, one comrade and two cops injured


22/05/2011 - On the evening of Wednesday 18th of May, a cop car tried to do a random check on two comrades who were standing next to a motorbike in the Pefki area, Athens. The two comrades decided to not stick around and started walking away, the cops ran after them and after a short chase, the two comrades shot towards the cops injuring two but one of the comrades, Theofilos Mavropoulos,(he originally gave a fake name but after the media and the cos put his photo everywhere he was identified) also fell injured from the bullets of the cops and was arrested while the other comrade managed to get away after stealing the police car and dragging a cop for a while, dumping it two kilometres away (good luck comrade!). Theofilos is now hospitalized, with the anti-terrorist cops in his room and outside.


Announcement of the Revolutionary Organization Conspiracy Cells of Fire
“I thought that if I ran up and fell on the barbwires, even if they did not bend, again I wouldn’t regret anything. Even if the bullets of the cops stopped my course, the cloth of my coat would be caught in the spiky wires and when they would arrest me, they would take it down, but they would not manage to remove all the threads from the wires. And the wires would fall and rust, but the threads would still be there, it would be my outline, a mark that there is still people, that even today fight for the revolution. This is the live picture of a person that ran up to freedom instead of giving up to silence and the resignation of our times. It is a clear trace from the future of a better world…”
Dedicated to the Comrade who was injured in a shoot-out with cops in the Pefki area.
From inside prison we send our whole hearted and unlimited solidarity and support.
R.O. Conspiracy Cells of Fire

Thursday 19 May 2011

Bologna, Italy - Some words from Stefania from the 'Dozza' prison


19/05/2011 - Before she was transferred to Vigevano, Stefania wrote what follows from the ‘Dozza’ prison:

I realize that my attention is now strongly centred on ‘life’ inside prison. My interest towards what happens outside these walls is alive and vigilant but my tension is centred on participation in this perverted world into which I have been thrown. My analysis and considerations on the repressive operation that hit us will emerge from this piece of writing (if it ever manages to go out). Outside you can draw a more articulated definition; and two of the comrades imprisoned with me, Martino and Robert, have already done this in an excellent way, according to their different tensions. What could I add? That power represses, represses and can’t do anything else?
We live in a time when those who decide the rules of the game are taking possession of everything without leaving anything at all to their subjects, not even in exchange for the latter’s submission.
They grab with anxious greed what is left of a fleeced world, and try to suffocate with all means, in blood or jail, the frightening threat of seeing their safes attacked by ‘barbaric hordes’. The internal enemy is to be crushed down and swept away in the dustbin of history. Perhaps never before as in this case, I mean Bologna and Florence, the intention has been so cleary to hit in order to eliminate thoughts and practices that worry the rulers of the capitalist system. A [anarchist] place was seized and closed [Fuoriluogo]. This is a step beyond arrests and judicial restrictions. It is serious, so serious that it should have produced an alarmed and widespread shake up. But, according to what I read in your letters, this didn’t really happen. Solidarity is strong but it is coming from the same comrades who have been close to us for a long time. I shouldn’t even say solidarity but rather direct involvement in an attack that is taking space away from Fuoriluogo now, but which is giving a dangerous signal to anyone who is still intentioned to struggle against constituted order. In fact, not even a month later, the second part of this repressive operation was inflicted on the comrades from Florence.
In prison the same measures are applied, even if in their extreme and more specific forms, which are adopted to crush and submit those who, outside, must obey and work without complaining, or die of starvation in obsequious silence.
Here rigid prison rules are in force, outside a regime (which expands and changes every day according to the winds) is in force, which decides the behaviour that is socially acceptable.
Here there is the sadism of the guards, outside the ruthlessness of bosses and of the servants who protect their market of profit.
Here you are threatened by punitive squads, outside, militarised cities suffocate those who live in them.
Here freedom is imprisoned by material bars, outside it is incarcerated in the open air.
Here the rich don’t enter, outside they rule.
Here ‘guilty’ and dispossessed proletarians are kidnapped by the State, outside the State bombard, occupy and colonize territories to be looted and ruled.
Solidarity to the comrades hit by repression in Florence.
The female wing of the ‘Dozza’ prison is rigidly controlled according to a scheme that doesn’t leave space to any exception. We are so few (69 prisoners) that they can put us under strict and obsessive surveillance. Nothing of what we do can escape control, and any little movement depends on their responding to our requests. We are permanently locked up and get out exclusively during daily ‘rituals’. My co-prisoners tell me this situation can’t be found in other prisons and that being sent to the ‘Dozza’ is considered a further punitive measure.

Stefania Carolei
c/o Casa Circondariale di Vigevano
via Gravellona 240,
27029 Vigevano (PV)


Wednesday 18 May 2011

Dublin, Ireland - Fireworks and stones against security forces, crowds attempt to breach security


17/05/2011 - Protests during the Queen's state visit to Ireland turned nasty on Tuesday with demonstrators in Dublin throwing fireworks and stones at security forces.
What started as a peaceful rally, organised by the nationalist Republican Sinn Fein, soon turned ugly as crowds pushed against police barricades and attempted to breach the security guarding Queen Elizabeth II.
The Queen's four day visit, ending on Friday in Cork, is reported to cost just under £30 million, which is angering many Irish people.
Streets across the capital have been cordoned off, with miles of barriers erected and some 4,000 police, backed up by 2,000 soldiers, have been patrolling the city centre.
Thousands of manholes have been sealed, and suspected dissidents arrested and questioned.
The visit is intended to replace centuries of animosity with good neighbourly relations.
Ireland was given self rule in a 1921 treaty and severed its last ties to the British monarchy in 1948. The north of the island remains part of the United Kingdom.

Ruyigi, Burundi - 900 prisoners in prison with a capacity of 300 riot against worsening conditions


18/05/2011 - At least 900 prisoners detained at Ruyigi prison with a capacity of 300 on Tuesday morning rioted to protest against deteriorating living conditions, local media reported.
Media quoted prisoners as saying that they have spent a whole week without receiving beans rations, the staple food in the prison of Ruyigi.
The inmates rioted in an attempt to get out of the prison and the deteriorating living conditions.
The media said the riot started at 7 a.m. local time (0500 GMT) when the inmates broke the prison main door.
According to the media, the rioters stoned the prison guards who fired into the air to force them to return into the prison compound.
The prison guards managed to have the inmates back inside the prison, but kept their arms pointed at the prison main door.
Inmates at Ruyigi prison and in most detention houses in the east African nation feed on beans with cassava paste.
On Saturday, guards at Ruyigi prison killed two inmates attempting to evade from the prison.
Director of Ruyigi prison Donatien Sindayikengera said the two inmates were shot dead while they were attempting to use a rope to climb the prison wall.
Source: Xinhua

Tuesday 17 May 2011

Arlon, Belgium - Car set on fire outside Courthouse. Bank damages by fire in Leuven

suie e cendres

13/05/2011 - Last Thursday at 1 AM, a car that was parked behind the justice building of Arlon, was totally destroyed by a fire. The fire spread to other vehicles. The brand new hybrid car belonged to André Jordan, prosecuting attorney. First, police claimed it was accidental; afterward they communicated having found traces of inflammable liquid.
16/05/2011 - Leuven – Bank damaged by fire
Saturday night, vandals set fire to garbage and paper next to a bank. The windows were broken by the heat and the pillars of the porch roof were blackened by the fire.

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - Clashes between hundreds of villagers and police at a gold mine leave five people dead


17/05/2011 - Tarime zone police commander Constantine Massawe said the incident occurred Monday when several hundred villagers invaded the North Mara Gold Mine, owned by Canada's Barrick, in an attempt to steal sand, stones and other property.
"It is estimated that there were between 800 and 1,000 people who charged towards the mine's area. They did not stop after police and guards fired the blanks or in the air," Massawe said.
"Police were forced to use live bullets after the villagers started attacking them using machettes and throwing rocks," he told AFP.
In addition to the fatalities, at least 10 people were injured in the riot, including seven policemen.
The mine is an open pit gold mine in the Tarime District of Mara Region, approximately 100 kilometres east of Lake Victoria and 20 kilometres south of the Kenyan border.
African Barrick Gold, which owns the North Mara mine, is majority owned by Barrick of Canada and is quoted on the London Stock Exchange.

Montreal, QC (Canada): Greek consulate disrupted in solidarity with anarchists and immigrants

325 nostate

16/02/2011 - “On Monday, May 16th a dozen people created a disruption at the Greek consulate in downtown Montreal located at 1002 Sherbrooke West on the 26th floor. We entered the office chanting slogans of solidarity to anarchists and immigrants facing heavy repression at the hands of the Greek state and organized fascists. Furniture and plants were overturned and hundreds of fliers were scattered. One office employee attempted to detain a comrade but failed. Outside people displayed a banner stating “(A) Flics-Porcs-Assassins, Solidarité contre la reprèssion d’État en Grèce” and handed out fliers.”
Text from the flier:
In Athens, Greece, during a general strike on May 11th against extensive economic restructuring led by the IMF, the repressive forces of the Greek state brutally attacked the strike demo. Dozens were hospitalized and one man was so severely beaten he fell into a deep coma and is on life support.
In addition, a Greek man was killed on May 10th in a largely immigrant district, triggering a police-sponsored fascist pogrom that is still taking place in the immigrant neighborhoods. Immigrants had their car windows smashed out while they were driving, many have been beaten on the street, a Pakistani family had their house fire-bombed, and a 21 year old immigrant was murdered by fascists. The police have been directly sponsoring and protecting this racist terror and have also cooperatively attacked anarchist social spaces which have been showing direct solidarity to the migrants by physically confronting this fascist pogrom in the streets.
In times of economic crisis, immigrant populations are often used as scapegoats as an outlet for people’s frustrations with austerity measures. Such racist and nationalist ideologies have always served to prevent solidarity between immigrants and those “native-born” exploited who persist in the delusion that they have more in common with the masters who exploit them.
In Canada, with a different intensity but following the same logic, immigrants are swept off the streets, jailed, and deported according to the needs of capitalism and social control. The raids, border walls, and detention centers serve to terrorize all immigrants into accepting their current conditions, just as prisons and police terrorize everyone into accepting the current order.
Here, like elsewhere, resistance movements that pose a threat to the continuation of capitalism find themselves necessarily in conflict with the police. As anarchists, we want to destroy police, prisons and the world of exploitation that creates them, which steals away the capacity to create our lives on our own terms.
Cops, Pigs, Murderers
Solidarity with anarchists & immigrants in Greece.
Let’s destroy the repressive machine wielded against all of us.

À Athènes, en Grèce, pendant la grève générale qui eut lieu le 11 mai contre les nouvelles mesures de restructuration économique amorcées par le FMI (fond monétaire international), les forces répressives de l’État ont brutalement attaqué la manifestation de grévistes. Alors qu’une douzaine d’entre eux furent hospitalisés, un homme ayant été sévèrement battu est présentement dans un coma profond.
En plus de cela, le 10 mai, un homme a été tué dans un quartier ou vivent une large proportion d’immigrant. Cela a déclenché des émeutes de fascistes desquelles les forces policières sont complices. Les émeutes ont lieu en ce moment même, dans ce quartier d’immigrants. Des immigrants habitant ce quartier eurent leur vitres de voiture éclatés alors qu’ils étaient en train de conduire, plusieurs d’entre eux se sont fait battre en pleine rue, une bombe a fait sauter la maison d’une famille de pakistanais et un jeune homme de 21 ans, immigrant, a été tué par des fascistes. La police a non seulement activement appuyé et protégé ces actes de terreur raciste mais elle a aussi coopéré à attaquer un centre social anarchiste qui démontrait sa solidarité avec les immigrants en confrontant physiquement les fascistes dans les rues.
En temps de crise économique, les populations immigrantes sont souvent utilisées comme bouc-émissaire ou comme exutoire de frustrations. Des frustrations qui sont créées par la pauvreté et la sous-employabilité.
On met la faute sur les immigrants en les accusant de voler les emplois des ”citoyens” alors qu’en réalité, la sous-employabilité et provoquée par les mesures d’austérités. Des idées racistes et nationalistes comme celles-ci ont toujours servies à briser la solidarité qui pourrait potentiellement se construire entre les immigrant et les travailleurs natifs du pays qui sont aussi exploités. Ces derniers persistent à croire qu’ils ont plus en commun avec les maîtres qui les exploitent.
Au Canada, avec une autre intensité mais s’inscrivant dans la même logique, les immigrants se font éliminer du paysage urbain. Soit on les ghettoise, soit on les emprisonne pour ensuite les déporter selon les besoins du capital qui a un pouvoir de contrôle social.
Les rafles, les contrôles aux frontières et les centres de détention sont des dispositifs en place qui servent à terroriser les immigrants afin qu’ils acceptent leurs conditions, tout comme les prisons et les flics qui amènent chacun à craindre. Ce sont entre autre ces dispositifs qui permettent à l’ordre de perdurer tel qu’il est.
Ici, comme ailleurs, les mouvements de résistance qui menacent le capital se retrouvent inévitablement en conflit avec les flics. En tant qu’anarchistes, nous voulons détruire la police, les prisons et le monde d’exploitation qui les fabrique et qui nous vole notre capacité de créer nos vies selon nos propres bases.
en solidarité avec les anarchistes et les immigrants en Grèce,
détruisons la machine répressive qui s’exerce contre nous tous.

Italy - Believe, work, obey


You must believe the words of propaganda, the TV and the press reporting the proclamations of ministers, the communications of executive directors, the declarations of officers.
You must obey the orders of authority, be they rumbled by a government or a businessman, by a bishop or a police chief.
You must (try to) work, that is to say to consume the days of your life in efforts to find money in order to go on. You can’t waste time with original thoughts, freedom taken without asking permission or old-fashioned parties.
There is nothing else you can do apart from ‘believing, obeying and working’; the rest is forbidden by the law. The same law that establishes how much you can drink, where you can eat, what you can say, whom you can love, how you can die and – above all – how you can live. Those who do not resign to an existence of genuflections are considered ‘socially dangerous’, people to be persecuted and repressed, no matter what they do. By now simple intentions are sufficient. To have one’s own ideas, to dare express them and try to put them into practice, all this is more than sufficient to become a target for those who only appreciate applause and consensus.
For these and other reasons investigations on ‘organized crime’, with or without ‘subversive aims’, are multiplying in Italy, with the intent to give a preventive lesson to those who do not want to submit to any party (be it democratic or whatever).
At the beginning of April it was the Bologna anarchists who ended up in prison, accused of protesting too loudly against militarism that imposes discipline and bombards and against racism that builds concentration camps. A month later (as the National Police Celebration was approaching, a yearly occasion for raids set up in order to celebrate themselves), it was the turn of dozens of university students in Florence – very much disrespectful of education reforms and more generally of government politics – to be inflicted the attention of the judiciary. Some ended up under house arrest, others have to report to the police station. In total there are about eighty people investigated by the Florence prosecution because they refused to bow in front of authority.
Who will be next?
It could be anyone. Someone who is no longer obfuscated by football tournaments and reality TV shows, no longer obsessed by social roles to achieve and family traditions to respect, no longer inured by repulsive government politicians and pathetic opposition politicians; someone who will no longer bear the indifference in front of wars and nuclear plants, concentration camps and exploitations, incinerators and high speed railway yards. And for this reason, in order to finally taste a life worthy of being lived, he or she will start shouting, blocking roads, daubing walls, sabotage the instruments that power uses to compel us all to believe, to obey and to work.

Monday 16 May 2011

Santiago, Chile - four actions carried out 11 and 12 May


* Informally Coordinadxs in Action
14/05/2011 - Through this single statement, we are claiming a series of actions by various groups coordinated on an informal basis between 00:00 hrs. on Wednesday May 11 and 01:00 hrs on Thursday 12.
- The attack with Molotov cocktails against the Local Magistrates Court Civil Registry in the district of Peñalolén, alluding to the "Bombs Case" and comrade Mauricio Morales was made by Anónimxs.
- The placing of an incendiary device at the Banco de Chile, Vitacura was made by the Nucleos Antagonicos de la Nueva Guerrilla Urbana and the Círculo Iconoclasta Michele Angiolillo.
- The sound bombs against the Centro Cultural Las Condes were placed by Anónimxs.
- The roadblock with burning barricades Avenue Walter Martínez, municipality of Quinta Normal was made by Anónimxs.
With these actions we want to convey that, despite the repression, the struggle against the state, capital and authority is extending and deepening and informal coordination among different groups through action is important.
We also wish to extend our revolutionary solidarity - with the intention of destroying all forms of domination, confinement and prison - to all prisoners and rebels of the world. Within the Chilean State to greet the comrades charged in the so-called "Caso Bombas" and the Mapuche prisoners who will soon be 60 days on hunger strike.
Finally, with active memory dedicated to comrade Mauricio Morales, a few days from the day of his death in combat two years ago on May 22, 2009.

Informally Coordinadxs in Action.

Turin, Italy - A raid and a half


May 11. French Consulate in Turin stormed: a group in solidarity with the Tunisians in struggle in Paris and Ventimiglia fills the embassy with leaflets, an impromptu rally against borders, taking advantage of the window that looks out on to Via Roma, they greet them fluently. Soon after, just when the sirens are roaring to collect the Consul's grievances, a group knock on the door of the Alliance Française of Via Saluzzo: the clerk does not open and holds on to the door screaming "la police, la police." He obviously knows that these days the country whose culture he represents is not very well considered and is expecting harassing guests. The offenders are not discouraged by the locked door and take the opportunity to fill the outer wall with fliers and writing. Also this time the sirens arrive too late.

rubble @ May 12, 2011

Sardinia, Italy - Sites for military radar installation blocked


15/05/2011 - Today, Sunday, May 15, has been another busy construction zone S'Isca Ruja, Tresnuraghes against the construction of military radar.

A few days ago four military sites for the installation of radar have been occupied and blocked.
A 24 hour presence is preventing the resumption of work which in both cases lasted only a day or two. The installations should be 4 in Sardinia another 14 scattered in the rest of Italy and are part of the EU project to strengthen the external borders of "Fortress Europe" in defence from migration from North Africa.
The sites are all on the west coast, from south to north in the towns of Sant'antioco, Fluminimaggiore, Tresnuraghes and Sassari.
Almaviva is the contractor of the Finmeccanica Group and the overall work is entrusted to the Guardia di Finanza.
The blocks are still in progress.
For info and participation:

Sunday 15 May 2011

Israeli troops shoot Palestinian protestors killing at least 13 people


15/05/2011 - Israeli troops shot Palestinian protesters who surged towards its frontiers with Syria, Lebanon and Gaza on Sunday, killing at least 13 people on the day Palestinians mourn the establishment of Israel in 1948.
In the deadliest such confrontation in years of anniversary clashes usually confined to the West Bank and Gaza, Israeli forces opened fire in three separate border locations to prevent crowds of demonstrators from crossing frontier lines.
The new challenge to Israel came from the borders of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Gaza -- all home to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who fled or were driven out in 1948.
Combined with a public relations disaster last year over the killing of pro-Palestinian activists in the so-called Gaza flotilla and a determined Palestinian diplomatic drive to win United Nations recognition of statehood in September this year, the bloody border protests raised the stakes further for Israel.
...Israeli security forces had been on alert for violence on Sunday, the day Palestinians mourn the "Nakba," or catastrophe, of Israel's founding in a 1948 war, when hundreds of thousands of their brethren fled or were forced to leave their homes.
A call had gone out on Facebook urging Palestinians to demonstrate on Israel's borders.
Lebanon's army said 10 Palestinians died as Israeli forces shot at rock-throwing protesters to prevent them from entering the Jewish State from Lebanese territory.
They said 112 people had been wounded in the shooting incident in the Lebanese border village of Maroun al-Ras.
"The protesters overcame the Lebanese army and marched towards the security fence and started throwing stones," Reuters cameraman Ezzat Baltaji said, from Maroun al-Ras village.
Syrian media reports said Israeli gunfire killed two people after dozens of Palestinians infiltrated the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights from Syria, along a front line that has been largely tranquil for decades.

Saturday 14 May 2011

Bologna, Italy - Prison transfer of Anna, Martino and Stefi


Of the 5 comrades arrested 6 April during operation "Outlaw" 3
have been transferred and are no longer at the Dozza of Bologna. Anna is in Mantova, Stefi in Vigevano, Martino in Vercelli.
The addresses for writing and supporting them are:
Anna Maria Pistolesi
c/o Casa Circondariale di Mantova
Via Carlo Poma 3
46100 Mantova

Martino Trevisan
c/o Casa Circondariale di Vercelli
Via del Rollone 19
13100 Vercelli

Stefania Carolei
c/o Casa Circondariale di Vigevano
via Gravellona 240,
27029 Vigevano (PV)

Whoever wants to give economic support to the comrades struck by the repression can do so by
paying in to the following Postepay account:
Anna Morena
4023 6006 0259 8221

Madda, who was under house arrest in Rome following operation "Outlaw", has been arrested following a custody order emitted by the judicial authorities of Bologna 12 May. At the moment she is being held in Rebibbia prison.
The address for writing to her is the following:

Maddalena Calore
c/o Casa Circondariale Roma Rebibbia III
via Bartolo Longo, 92
00156 Roma

Athens, Greece - Protest by prisoners in Korydalos Prison


14/05/2011 - Prisoners of the 1st wing of Korydallos prison rebelled and they issued the following statement:
We, the prisoners of the 1st wing of Korydallos prison we rebel today Saturday 05/14/2011 and we deny the miday check and lock of the cells.
We may be imprisoned for various reasons and we do not all have the same views, but that does not mean that we do not still remain human beings. We care about all the things that happen outside the place where we are exiled. We are witnessing the decisions made by a justice-prostitute who has as pimps judges and prosecutors who give years of imprisonment like they are peanuts. It goes without saying that we stand next to those who struggle against the economic dictatorship and for a free and just world.
On 10/05 a man in downtown Athens was murdered and once again some oppressed people instead of turning their knives and guns against the real thieves: the bankers, the big-bosses and shipowners [cc. Greek ship-owners have the largest commercial fleet worldwide and they are very influential political class], they turn them towards other oppressed people. On the occasion the media propaganda gave a wake to racism and neo-Nazi parastatal groups -the best friends of cops- launched attacks on random immigrants, culminating in the murder of 20 year old in Kato Patissia.
The baton was taken by their fellows, the cops who attacked the demonstration against the economic measures that push everybody to the misery. Dozens of demonstrators were injured and one of them is in a coma, between life and death, struck the dogs of the riot-police. These same dogs are the ones who had attacked the prisoners of the 3rd wing a few months ago along hundreds of others in recent years in several prisons. Behind the high walls built to keep us away from our people, we let the desire for solidarity and struggle to overcome religious and national divisions and we will fight alongside those who outside prison struggle for freedom against the cops and their nails who beat and kill demonstrators and oppressed people.
Prisoners of the 1st wing of Korydallos Prison

Athens, Greece: 150 anarchists storm hospital where injured comrade Ioannis Kafkas is fighting for his life

cette semaine

11.05.11 - Several dozen anarchist militants stormed a hospital Wednesday night in Athens which had admitted a protester seriously injured during a protest against austerity earlier in the day, it was learned Wednesday.
Masked, the 150 anarchists stormed the premises of the administration. Three police officers on hand were beaten, adds the same source. Two of them were slightly injured, the third has more serious impact to the head.
The hospitalized protestor, aged 31, was injured during clashes with security forces outside the rally against the austerity measures organized by public and private sector unions.
Ioannis Kafkas, who underwent brain surgery, is in critical condition, according to the Ministry of Health, but doctors have managed to stabilize him.

Athens, Greece - 40-50 people attack the police station on Kallidromiou street in Exarcheia


14//05/2011 - Approximately one hour ago, at 13.00 GMT+2, a group of 40-50 people attacked the police station on Kallidromiou street in Exarcheia. The group threw molotov cocktails to the building, an undercover police car parked outside and a police motorbike. Moments later, the motorbike exploded, injuring a female street vendor who was selling groceries at the Kallidromiou street popular market (laiki), a few meters down the road (see photos).
At the time of writing, scores of Delta motorcycle police are roaring through Exarcheia and there are already reports of arrests.
check for updates

Greece - Call-Out For Solidarity With the Greek Struggle


12/05/2011 -In Athens, over the past three days, there have been two murders and one attempted murder. A Greek man was killed on May 10th in a largely immigrant district, triggering a police-sponsored fascist pogrom that is still taking place in the immigrant neighborhoods. Immigrants had their car windows smashed out while they were driving, many have been beaten on the street, and a Pakistani family had their house fire-bombed. This pogrom continued with the murder of a 21 year old immigrant by fascists in the early morning of May 12th. The police have been directly sponsoring and protecting this racist terror and have also cooperatively attacked the anarchist squats Skaramagka and Villa Amalias.
In the midst of this extremely volatile situation, the police attacked dozens of people during the May 11th General Strike and many of them had to be treated at the hospital. During this attack one protester had his skull smashed and is now in a deep coma. It is unclear whether he will survive the coming days.It is with the utmost seriousness that solidarity is requested from all those outside Greece. It is asked that people choose one of these two general options for action.
1) Have a manifestation, action, or other such gesture that directly impacts the functioning of either a Greek National Tourism Office, Consulate, or Embassy. These efforts will be felt by the Greek State itself and would bedirect solidarity with the struggle.
2) Have a manifestation, action, or other such gesture that is directly related to the struggle against the police in your own city or town. Information and leafleting about the situation in Athens will have little resonance there. Choose actions that will have the maximum resonance in your own geographical areas and help strengthen the international anarchist struggle against the police forces of each State.
The target date for these actions should be the weekend of May 13-15. This is short notice, and actions soon after this date will still be welcome. However, if possible, please act during this time period as the weekend is the time when the situation will likely intensify in Greece.
On the morning of May 12th, the Refectory of the University of Athens in Central Athens was occupied to be used as a base for counter-information and action. The building is located near to where the police attacked the demonstration. A demo is called today for 6 PM in Propylea. These are the first gestures in an escalation of the struggle against the State, their police, and their fascist paramilitary.
Statement from occupation

Thursday 12 May 2011

Brussels, Belgium - Hidden camera discovered in the home of two anarchists

suie e cendres

08/05/2011 - - We just found a video surveillance device hidden in our apartment. We will limit ourselves here, tentatively, to provide some technical details, joining the photos.
The dispostion was hidden behind a small air vent, positioned to ventilate the sheetrock wall in our kitchen. The camera, "S / W" (?) was just behind the grill, attached to a rather large battery consisting of 3 tubes of 4 batteries of 14.4 V. The battery was behind the sink, all connected with cables. Between the battery and the rest of the device, was what we believe to be a switch that could be manipulated remotely. The camera was connected to a small black box, serving as "encoder". This encoder, type "Micro View Lock" (Ovations Systems) was in turn connected to what we believe to be the antenna to transmit images on 1.4 Ghz. There was no SIM card.
The camera was pointing toward the kitchen table. We're not sure if it also contains a microphone. The camera was secured with magnetic elements.
On almost all elements, stickers "CS"were affixed. A quick search has given us a clue: "CS" is indeed the code store Logistics Department of the Federal Police.
Without fear or paranoia,
Two anarchists Brussels

Aosta, Italy - Four petrol bombs exploded outside Unicredit bank


AOSTA. Four petrol bombs were exploded this morning at 4:30, outside the branch of Unicredit Bank in Corso Padre Lorenzo in Aosta. The explosions shattered the window without causing damage or injury to persons inside the premises.
Firefighters were called by local residents who heard the explosion and noticed the smoke and flames coming from the building.
The rationale of the act are being examined by the Digos of Aosta, who is considering possible links with similar incidents that have occurred in recent days in Turin always to the detriment of branches dell'Unicredit.(local press)

London, UK - Alpha Bank shut down in solidarity with Simos Seisidis. Anyone who defends a bank is a cop or an idiot

Today, Tuesday May 10 2011, a group of about a dozen comrades /free spirits in solidarity with Greek anarchist comrade Simos Seisidis, descended upon the headquarters of the Alpha Bank in Cannon Street inside the ‘City of London’, leading centre of global finance inside the ‘Ring of Steel’ protected by its own special police force.
In a flash, as two huge banners were unfolded, two comrades entered the bank, disturbing the pompous atmosphere of rich clients, secretaries and managers going about their dirty business. The latter were rooted to the spot as the two moved around shouting ‘Freedom to Simos Seisidis!’, ‘The banks are the real terrorists’, etc, throwing leaflets and replicas of banknotes in their faces.
When they left the bank the doors were immediately locked shut and the comrades outside blocked them further with their banners. Leaflets were handed out to passersby, mainly bank staff in smart clothing. Suddenly, out of the blue, the pavement was invaded by a class of French school kids on an organised trip to London. They immediately recognised the encircled A on the banner and started yelling “Vive l’anarchie!” in unison with some of the comrades. An indescribable moment, these beautiful high-pitched children’s voices screaming with joy as they battled to take leaflets and ‘banknotes’. For an instant, a flash of brilliant light illuminated the heart of darkness. The teacher then appeared to see what was going on, took a leaflet saying it would be the topic of the next lesson, and they went on their way. The bank was shut down for about half an hour.
The next stop was a nearby flyover, an excellent spot to hang the banners in full view of the passing traffic and surrounding office blocks. Groups of shady figures in posh suits could be seen peering through many of the windows. Leaflets were handed out to curious pedestrians. At the end of this small but passionate demonstration, just as everybody was setting off, a posse of City of London cops trussed up in absurd gear emerged from a shiny blue vehicle. Nobody was in a mood for arguing and we continued on our way, stimulated by these moments to stay alive and to hell with the prison society and its guardians. ‘Whose streets, our streets’ is not just a slogan on a demo. From the exclusive zones of the powerful to ‘the slums of London’ it’s time to make our presence felt any day, any time, to show our disdain for our enemies and find our accomplices.
Anarchy now!
anarchists in london

the Leaflets give out:
…the story about Simos Seisidis
On the 16th of January 2006, following a robbery of the National Bank of Greece in Solonos street, in Athens, anarchist Yannis Dimitrakis was arrested; under a terror-hysteria climate formed by the media, three of his comrades were picked out and targeted by the persecuting authorities as accomplices of Yannis, but also as members of the imaginary gang of ‘’Robbers in Black’’. They were accused for this very robbery in addition to six other robberies. Not expecting to find any trace of justice within the delirium of terror-lust by the state of media, comrades Simos Seisidis, Marios Seisidis and Grigoris Tsironis, chose the difficult path of clandestinity.
What followed over the next four years did nothing more than confirm that they had made the right choice. Meanwhile, Yannis put on trial and initially convicted to the corrosive sentence of 35 years, despite the collapse of the ‘’Robbers in Black’’ scenario and his acquittal for the rest of the robberies. The media carried out an orgy of misinformation targeting the three fugitives; ‘’photographing’’ them as suspects concerning many severe criminal acts that were taking place occasionally. Arrest warrants were issued in order to put the responsibility on the three comrades for some other unsolved cases; trials that were parodies of justice were carried out unbeknown to them. And as if all this was not enough, a bounty of 600.000euro was put on their heads by the infamous minister of public order M. Chrisohoidis, who eventually succeeded in transforming the streets of Athens into the Wild West; full of heavily armed sheriffs shooting anything that moves…
Unfortunately, on the 3rd of May 2010, Simos fell upon a blockade of such wild sheriffs. In his attempt to run away, he was shot in the back by policeman P. Bokos and even though he was bleeding profusely, he was being beaten relentlessly. We cannot know if cops’ behaviour was because that’s how they act whenever someone runs away or because they recognised Simos from the hundreds of photos hanging on the walls of police stations all over the country. In the first case, they are sick criminals, dangerous for public safety… in the second case they are hit-men that were sent to kill deliberately, following very specific orders from above.
Under the most dreadful conditions imaginable, two months of hospitalization followed; the anti-terrorist forces invaded his room and imposed their presence at both KAT and Evagellismos hospitals. Sadly, the doctors and nursing stuff in the majority of cases followed their orders blindly. As a result of all this, Simos’ right leg was amputated.
On the 30th of March 2011 Simos’ trial for the robbery in Solonos street began, with the only probative evidence the testimonies by two, manipulated by the state, witnesses. On the 5th of May 2011anarchist Simos was declared innocent by all the judges, but despite the acquitting decision related to all the robberies, Simos was taken back to jail with the twisted accusation of attempted murder of the cop that shot him from behind.
anarchists in london

segond a Leaflets give out:
What is the crime of robbing a bank compared with the crime of founding one.
- Bertolt Brecht

Banks: financial institutions at the base of the world economic system. It is they that allow the economy to run, in ‘good’ as well as in ‘bad’ times. Does this mean that they are useful to us? Because they are certainly useful, if not indispensable, to those in the high ranks of power, the corporations, the tycoons, arms traders, politicians engaged in electoral campaigns, and so on.
But are they also useful to us, to all those who do not belong to the above mentioned categories? They are not! It is exactly ordinary people who work, buy commodities and borrow money that make it possible for banks to run their dirty business and increase the amount of finance to be dispensed to big companies, which in turn benefit the billionaires and the corporations. It is through bank accounts, debit and credit cards, loans etc that banks operate, financing all sorts of activities that are devastating to life on this planet. They render possible exploitation on a global level, always ready to invest in the lowest labour costs resulting in millions of people toiling like slaves to fill the high street shops and supermarkets with gadgets, sweatshop produced fashion garments and food exported under the eyes of starving deliberately indebted populations. They finance predatory projects of eco-devastation in all the corners of the earth, provide arms producers with the means necessary to fabricate deadly weapons (and blackmail impoverished countries into buying them), sustain the looting of natural resources, the list could go on for ever.
In a system based on economic forces and the eternal need to extract profit at whatever cost to life be it individuals or entire nations, the banks and the stock exchange are major players in provoking famine, desertification, social deprivation, individual suicide and generalised misery. These are simple truths that can easily be seen by everybody, you do not need to be a radical or have subversive ideas in order to clearly see the role of banks in the misery of the majority of people.
The current ‘economic crisis’, which is manifesting itself with increased prices of essential goods and cuts to all social services, is once again weighing on the poorest in society. It is the poorest who are being called upon to make sacrifices and endure deliberately planned poverty and social isolation to pay for this crisis, which is mainly the result of irresponsible financial transactions (if any ‘responsible’ financial transaction ever existed) operated on a global scale and whose main protagonists are the banks the world over, all of which interact, lending and borrowing their spoils between them and when they fuck up, calling on their henchmen, the State, to extort money from the population to bail them out. There is no such thing as a ‘good’ bank or an ‘ethical bank’. The very existence of a bank is unethical, immoral and anti-life. Over and above that, banks continue to pay out bonuses of hundreds of thousands of pounds to their directors and staff, even if we hear politicians talking of ‘regulation’ of the financial system. There is no such regulation because banks are there to maintain their role as robbers of poor people’s money. Just to make the economy function.
All this considered, to rob a bank is an ethically acceptable and responsible act. Who robs a bank is just taking back (at great risk to his own safety) what has been stolen from him or her. In this respect, if we were all to become bank robbers we would just be taking some of our life back. Social cuts will not take us out of the crisis. If we want to survive the ‘crisis’ and avoid a life of misery and submission we must destroy the banks, refusing to pay when we are asked to.
Most of the population of the planet have been paying for centuries for a world they do not want. The hour has come to destroy the monster that has been generated from what has been stolen from everyone by the thieving mafia known as banks and fight for a life no longer wasted producing and consuming fictitious ‘needs’. A world without bossses or slaves, prisons or banks (which are interdependent) in which dull work and exploitation give way to creativity and play. Time is running out. Nothing will grow from the toxic ashes of this death-orientated society. The new world already exists in embryon, in the elsewhere of indivual or collective acts of life -inspiring devilry.

Wednesday 11 May 2011

Greece - A few words from the father of anarchist Yiannis Skouloudis

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A few words from the father of anarchist Yiannis Skouloudis

“(“Terrorism” as an act of innocence…) Since when 20 year-old kids are called terrorists? Labeling you a Christian when you are 2 and a terrorist when you are 22, praising you for reading extra-curricular books and then producing them as evidence against you, making you wear white shirts at national parades and now white bullet-proof vests at the court…” Some thoughts for you…
It has been 7 months from the day my son Yiannis Skouloudis was arrested for the arson of a power company (DEI) car. His claim of responsibility for this action had as a consequence his remand in the juvenile correctional facility of Avlona, as the state wants to call these modern places of torment for human souls.
Seeing the war becoming sharper during all this time I felt the need to send a greeting, wanting to give strength and courage, to all who have stood by him, to all who resist, struggle and continue to fight within and outside the prison walls against this rotten system that wants us to be slaves. Against the logic of bow down, suck up and grab from wherever you can. Against respectability, the fable of an easy life and the modern way of life which promotes social peace, law and order as its ultimate ideal.
From my side as a parent I am proud of my son and his stance and of all the other kids fighting for freedom of thought and of individuals.
And a few words towards parents. We brought our kids into this world, we brought them up and now it is time to let them lead us into the future. Let us not try anymore to keep them bound to the past. Let’s stand next to them on the barricades and let’s now learn from them.
I send my solidarity to all the political prisoners and to all those who outside the prison walls continue to struggle, choosing the difficult path towards absolute freedom.
Yiorgos Skouloudis
May 5th, 2011
translation by: crossing-the-rubicon
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Tuesday 10 May 2011

Florence, Italy - Police raid carried out by the Italian pigs on a large scale

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4TH MAY 2011 - Here we are writing about yet another police raid carried out by the Italian pigs on a large scale. After the searches of last month, the arrests perpetrated in Bologna and the seizure of the anarchist place Fuoriluogo, on 4th May police searched houses and squats in Florence (more than 70 searches) and put 22 people under investigation. 5 are being held under house arrest and another 17 have to report to the police station on a daily basis. The charge is ‘organized crime with incitement to commit a crime’ and refers to a series of actions and initiatives carried out by anarchists and by the student movement in Florence.
At the moment this is all what we know.
It is the same old story: where there exists real and widespread opposition to the laws of the State, the latter responds with repression, truncheons and the penal code. What happened a month ago in Bologna and now in Florence shows how the Italian State is trying to hit indiscriminately individuals and spaces which have always displayed their extraneousness to the democratic order, especially at a time when, in the name of law, the State itself bombards overseas and locks up those who flee from the wars of democracy.
Both the Bologna and the Florence comrades are accused of being ‘organized criminals’ for their initiatives, demos, and all the times they were present in their cities. These are the reasons advanced by power in its refusal to accept that in both Bologna and Florence resignation and silence have not won.
If we are to be labelled as ‘criminals’ because we oppose a system that wants us all to be slaves and to submit to the logic of legal/illegal, then we will always be ‘criminals’. In Italy and in any other country.
Solidarity and complicity to the comrades hit by repression in Bologna and Florence.

Angrier anarchists

Wednesday 4 May 2011

Arlon, Ghlin, Antwerp, Belgium - Hundreds of cars attacked

suie e cendres

1/05/2011 - Arlon - Tires of 61 cars slashed and confrontations with the cops
In Arlon the tires of 61 cars were flattened. Some cars had only holes in one tire, others had 2, 3 or 4 flat tires. The mayor as well as the Public Prosecuter indicated they have no clue to the perpetraitors neither the motives. According to some police officers the act can be the result of a control earlier in the evening. The police action in the surroundings of a bar faced resistance of a group of youngsters. Resulting in confrontations while projectiles were thrown towards the cops. Someone was arrested and the disorder continued in front of the police station. This was still going on when the first citizens came to file a complaint due to their flat tires.

01/05/2011 - Ghlin - The manager of the Daihatsu AD Motors car dealership can still not believe his eyes. A fire has totally destroyed 11 vehicles in the night of Friday. The cars were parked outside, behind the showroom. The police suspect that unknown have thrown molotovs over the fences that are 3 to 4 meters high. For them it is certain that the fire was intentional. Their labo was there to search for fingerprints. "I cannot understand. Why did they do this? We don't have any enemies, we don't suspect anyone. We are a serious business!". The dealership had some attempts at burglary in the past, but the alarm always did its work.

25/04/2011 - Antwerp – Hundreds of tires 4x4 flattened
Activists flatten tires of a few hundred vehicles and leave a note where they encourage to use bikes and less toxic cars, demand free public transport and an interdiction of using all terrain vehicles. At least 50 owners of this vehicle filed a complaint to the police.

Bristol, UK - Fires set in attack at Probation unit

325 nostate

04/05/2011 - “last night we torched three big vans inside the “secured” compound of the probation office in saint pauls – just off stokes croft, bristol. we recognise the probation service as a soft-cog of the workings of the state. keeping tabs and tags on you, trying to make you calm down, when all within your vision and grasp reeks of the shit they would have us swallow. they don’t crack your skull or wear a padded uniform but they sure as hell sell you out as a living breathing human being, these robots of the courts should be treated with contempt at every chance.
the defenders of the existing order – and indeed its’ false critics – want stoke’s croft /saint pauls to return to the quasi-militarized surveyed “normality” of Capitalist Peace. for those who break with this cage and choose to start their battle for complete liberation here and now in their surroundings, who choose the fierce joy and sometimes overwhelming passion of a life striking against the tensions mediating their existence, this Peace can no longer exist. WE DO NOT WANT TO RETURN TO THEIR “NORMALITY”, NOR COULD WE WITHOUT FEELING THE WEIGHT IN OUR HEARTS OF THE LIE. as we have seen, this tension is not felt by us only…
in revenge and solidarity for all the arrested in the stoke’s croft riots and telepathic heights eviction, for the taunton squatters, for those raided in london, brighton, edinburgh, bologna… but mostly for ourselves.
we also send our warmest anarchist greetings to our unknown comrades in fire in nottingham, and welcome the recent attacks on banks in birmingham. we return the salute from the 1st may statement from linz.
until next time”
informal anarchists

St. Petersburg, Russia - Anarchists Arrested Ahead of May Day Celebrations


04/05/2011 - St. Petersburg authorities arrested dozens of anarchists and left-wing activists to prevent them from marching as part of the May Day demonstrations on Nevsky Prospekt on Sunday.
Spearheaded by St. Petersburg Governor and pro-Kremlin party United Russia member Valentina Matviyenko, a wide range of political parties and movements, trade unions and pressure groups took part in the demonstrations.
The main demands of the opposition in St. Petersburg were the dismissal of Matviyenko and the restoration of gubernatorial elections that were abolished by then-President Vladimir Putin in 2005.
More than 50 anarchists, including 14 minors, were approached by the police at the assembly point on Ligovsky Prospekt and arrested without any reason given, they say. Videos uploaded on anarchists’ web sites show them being dragged roughly into a police bus while trying to raise an anti-Nazi banner and shouting, “Down with the police state!”
The arrested activists were due to march as part of a column of leftist groups led by the Center for Workers’ Mutual Aid (TsVR), which had been authorized by City Hall. The other activists in the column refused to march until the anarchists were released, and remained at the gathering point, preventing columns of democrats and nationalists from moving forward for some time.
In a report on the TsVR community, they said they stood on the spot for an hour and a half and left only when police threatened to disperse and arrest them.
According to Tatyana, an anarchist who did not wish her last name to appear in print, the arrested activists were charged with violating the regulations on holding public events and failing to obey police orders.
Later, seven more anarchists were arrested when they attempted to block the United Russia column — the largest group in the march, estimated by officials to number between 15,000 and 20,000 supporters — on Nevsky Prospekt. The police promptly dragged the anarchists away after they lay down on the ground and interlocked their arms. Later, two managed to escape from the police precinct they were taken to, while another two were sentenced to two and three days in prison, respectively.
Two years ago, more than 100 anarchists were arrested in a similar manner — despite having a permit from City Hall — before they started their May Day march, but last year they were allowed to march on Nevsky Prospekt. They moved down the street in a close group wrapped in banners, with their arms interlocked to counteract possible arrests.
Commenting on the arrests on 100 TV channel the same day, Matviyenko claimed that “every political party or group that was legal was allowed to march on Nevsky.”

Florence, Italy - Anarchists raided and arrested


04/05/2011 - Around 6 am the homes of several comrades and fellow activists in Florence were invaded by the operators of repression to implement a new stage in the attack on anarchism. As recently took place in Bologna, in this case, the instrument used to strike and arrest the comrades is the crime of conspiracy. From what we can learn from the media of the regime, this time it would take a new variation: If the Bolognese comrades were initially accused of "criminal association with subversive purposes", this time it would, with a strange spin, be "conspiracy to incitement to commit a crime" supported by specific crimes such as illegal occupation of public buildings, damage, disfigurement, and contamination of property, resistance, violence and insulting a public official, interruption of public service and private violence.
Note how this attack on the anarchist movement and students in Florence, as well as having obvious promoters in local administration, has involved the central apparatus of Italian repression as explained in this excerpt:
"The measures were carried out by the Digos and coordinated by the Central Directorate of Police Prevention (Ucigos). [...] The Secret Service (AISI)also contributed with their supporting information."[]
Adding up specific minor criminal offences and bringing them together under the umbrella of the crime of association appears to be a strategy to be administered at the national level, directly involving the nerve centres of repression, to undermine the reality of conflict, dissent and counterinformation in the different cities.
Attacks of this kind reveal the fear that it instills in Democratic Power, observing how certain practices and certain relationships that can reproduce and multiply may disturb the rites and forms with which it tries to conceal the reality of oppression and violence.
In solidarity with the comrades in Florence
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Tuesday 3 May 2011

Buenos Aires, Argentina - Train passengers furious about delays to their journeys set fire to three commuter trains.


03/05/2011 - Firefighters and police were called out to deal with disturbances at three busy railway stations near the capital, Buenos Aires.
Police say at least eight carriages were burnt. The first such disturbance happened at the Haedo rail station.
In one incident, the train driver and a ticket inspector were forced off a train by angry travellers.
The trouble started during the Monday morning rush hour as suburban office workers embarked on their daily commute to the capital city. A derailed train caused severe delays along the busy rail link. Stranded passengers then set fire to at least eight wagons at three stations along the railway line.
The unrest quickly spread from the Haedo stop to the neighbouring stations of Ramos Mejia and Cuidadela. In one incident angry commuters threw the train driver and the ticket inspector off the train. Ticket offices belonging to at least one station were ransacked and vending machines were vandalised. Firefighters complained that the angry passengers were trying to obstruct their work when they arrived at the scene.
Witnesses said the fire brigade was pelted with large stones.
Trenes de Buenos Aires, which operates the train service, suspects the unrest was a deliberate act of industrial sabotage against the firm. Spokesman Gustavo Gago said: “The near-simultaneous nature of the fires was striking.”
“The fact that security cameras were damaged at all three stations makes one think it was something organised and intentional,” he said.
Police have confirmed the arrest of at least three passengers.
Argentina’s railway network suffers frequent delays and commuters’ anger has led to violence before.

Kasserine, Gafsa, Tunisia - More than 800 prisoners escape


30/04/2011 - TUNIS -- More than 800 prisoners managed to escape from two prisons in west-central Tunisia on Friday, state-run media reported on Saturday, in what is the largest prison break in the country in recent years.
The official Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP) reported that a total of 522 prisoners were able to escape from a prison in Kasserine on Friday morning after two separate fires broke out in two cells. Kasserine is the capital of Kasserine Governorate and is situated below the Jebel ech Chambi mountain in west-central Tunisia.
It was not immediately known what caused the two fires, which were both quickly extinguished but not before more than 500 prisoners managed to escape the facility. Shops and other businesses in the region closed their shops on Friday in fear of violence, TAP reported.
Meanwhile, a total of 298 prisoners escaped from a prison in the city of Gafsa, the capital of Gafsa Governorate, after a fire broke out in a cell. The cause was not immediately known, TAP reported, and it was not known if it was related to the prison break in Kasserine.
As of Saturday, TAP reported that security forces have been able to re-capture a total of 125 prisoners from both prisons. Forces have been deployed to the entrances and exit points of both cities in an attempt to capture more escapees.
The fires at the two prisons in Kasserine and Gafsa caused no casualties.