One fine morning, the faithful lackey, who has hitherto identified completely with his master, leaps on his oppressor and slits his throat. RV

Sunday 29 November 2009

Catania - In solidarity with Alfredo and Christos

On the morning of 23 November a banner was found asking for the liberation of Alfredo Maria Bonanno and Christos Stratigopoulos. The first is accused of concourse in robbery. The second of armed robbery. At the present time they find themselves imprisoned in the prison of Amfissa, known as 'the crematorium', under extremely harsh conditions.

Italy: Campain against Benetton on trial

from Informa-azione

2 December 2009, in the bunkerised court of Florence, the trial against two anarchists for subversive association (270 bis e 270 ter) is due to start.

The accusers are the UNITED COLOURS OF SHAME (BENETTON) which, after years, thanks to the faithful service of the Florentine magistrates, are presenting the bill for the many attacks on them by a large number of individuals in solidarity with the Mapuche people

Indifferent to judicial procedures and any mediation with multinationals or institutions, we are carrying on along our path of a- social war!

Iconoclast rebellion against those who have founded their Empire on the image!

For the destruction of the existent and the annihilation of mercified society!

Bis e Ter

Paraguay - Soy farmers “fumigate” indigenous communities


Latinamerica Press.

Aerial fumigations conducted to evict indigenous communities from their lands.

Paraguay´s government has confirmed that soy farmers in the southeastern Alto Parana state have conducted aerial fumigation above indigenous communities that sickened villagers.

“The intoxication of members of the five indigenous communities in the Ytakyry village, victims of fumigation from an airplane with toxic substances, has been confirmed,” said the Environmental Secretariat in a statement.

Health Minister Esperanza Martínez accused the soy farmers of “attacking the environment and the health of the indigenous people.”

She said that hours after the 200 indigenous community members were attacked, they suffered from nausea, vomiting and headaches.

The land in dispute is over two 2,600 hectare- (6,422-acre) farms on lands of which the indigenous have held titles since 1996 and 1997, respectively. The soy farmers say their titles date from the 1980s.

In a press conference, president of the Paraguay Indigenous Institute, Lida Acuña, said the incident began when the soy farmers tried to enter the lands and were met with the indigenous groups, armed with bows and arrows. The soy farmers then ordered a plane to fly over the area and release agro-toxins over the indigenous villagers, she said.

Acuña added that the Institute is preparing to file a formal complaint before the Human Rights Prosecutor over the case.


According to the Health Ministry, between June and September, 12 indigenous Mbya Guaraní were killed from apparent exposure to farming chemicals in southeastern Paraguay, one of the poorest regions in the country.
—Latinamerica Press.

Saturday 28 November 2009

Some news from Athens

from Greek daily Kathimerini


"Blast at deputy minister’s office

A small blast caused minor damage to the political office of Deputy Justice Minister Apostolos Katsifaras in central Athens yesterday afternoon. Attackers set alight two gas canisters at the door to his office, prompting a minor explosion. Police were called and managed to put out the flames before the fire service arrived. There were no injuries or arrests."


"Arson attacks

Self-styled anarchists vandalized a branch of Alpha Bank in the northeastern suburb of Geraka early yesterday morning, smashing the facade of the ground-floor offices and throwing two Molotov cocktails into the premises. The fire brigade extinguished the blaze before it could spread to adjacent buildings. The attack was later claimed by an unknown group calling itself Revolutionary Anarchists. Late on Thursday night, unidentified vandals torched garbage dumpsters in Exarchia, central Athens, and set fire to a car in Zografou, close to the city’s main student residence halls."

Thursday 26 November 2009

Fascist bomb in Salonica, racist pogrom in Athens

Last Monday the fascist parastate made a double attack in Greece with the bombing of an antiauthoritatian centre in Salonica, and the pogrom against the arab community of Neos Cosmos in southeast Athens.
The fascist para-state has waged a double attack in the two major Greek cities, Athens and Salonica, on the night of Monday 23 November with police providing impunity to the perpetrators and the bourgeois media systematically under and misreporting the events.
In the case of Athens, a mob of fascist thugs attacked the arab community of Neos Cosmos, a southeastern neighbourghood of the metropolis, in the area of the proletarian blocks next to Syngrou avenue after 21:00. The fascists shouted racists slogans while beating the arabs on the street and smashing their shops, looting the tills and destroying their merchandise. The arab community was quick to mobilise a counterattack, chasing the fascists and forcing them to seek refuge in a block. At that moment strong riot police forces arrived which attacked the arabs, and let most of the fascists to escape. The cops then moved to detain 6 arabs and two fascists who claimed to be accidentally in the area playing basketball, and thus set free. Besides, the greek police in an attempt to cover the traces of its para-state accomplishes published a communique that claimed the clashes were between rival arab gangs. For many hours this story monopolised the news, and had to be revised in gross embarrassment after the intervention of left-wing parties and anti-racist organisations. The Radical Left Coalition has accused the police of being “provocatively inert” allowing the fascists to escape. Three arabs are reported to be in hospital wounded. The attack comes as a climax of racist bigotry on the side of the extreme-right, which seems to be losing its ability to control the area of Agios Panteleimonas where with the support of the police it had created a white-only zone through stabbing and beating people of color.
In the case of Salonica, the attack against the antiauthoritarian centre BuenoVentura came in the early hours of the morning, causing only material damage to the premises. Although initially the media reported the story as an anarchist attack against a cafe, once it became obvious it was a fascist bomb attack against an antiauthoritarian centre all reference to it stopped. The centre is located in a central spot of the city and is an active venue of social action and counter-information. What follows is the communique of the centre:
Regarding the ignition of an explosive device at the free social space “Buena Ventura” (Thessaloniki)
At the dawn of November 24, at 03:55 am, the free social space Buena Ventura (which hosts the assembly of the group Solidarity – Antiauthoritarian Movement) came under attack with a strong explosive device.
The way in which the device was placed reveals much about the morality of the perpetrators, a morality of murderers – since they did not just attack Buena Ventura, but the entire neighbourhood. In short, the windows of neighbouring blocks of flats were smashed by the explosion in a radius of 15 meters, while shattered pieces were whammed all around, posing an imminent danger to the lives of neighbours. Shattered pieces also hit three cars, which also highlights the murderous nature of the attack since any random passer-by could have been hit by them too.
The attack comprises the tip of the iceberg – part of the framework of repression and of the blooming of para-statist action over the decades. It begins with the activity of the para-statist group “Karfitsa” in the 1960s and comes all the way to the placing of the explosive device at Buena Ventura.
It becomes painstakingly obvious that free social spaces are being targeted – as approximately six months ago the haunt of the “Struggle Movement” (Sfentona) was also attacked. The method of the attack and the construction of the mechanism reveals that the perpetrators are the same, naturally raising the question of who will be next and – what scale of attack they will come under.
Such attacks comprise expressions of a fascist-type logic that aims at the terrorising of people in struggle; a logic that finds refuge and legitimacy on a practical level in the coordinated attack launched by authority against everything last year’s December has given birth to.
This witch haunt, the zero-tolerance schemes, the demonization of the anti-authoritarian movement both from mass media and from the state (from the mouth of the “Citizen Protector”, Minister Chrisochoidis), offers the strongest alibi for the activity of such circles, within and in parallel to the action of the state.
In our face, the entire movement was attacked, since we consider the choosing of our particular group for the attack entirely random. In our place it could have been anyone who has chosen the paths of struggle and resistance.
It could have been any free social space, haunt or squat. Through us, they attacked all those parts of society that revolted in December, since the symbolism of the date cannot be overlooked: the attack came only days after the mass mobilisations of November 17th and ten days before December 6th, marking a year from the assassination of Alexis Grigoropoulos.
Our response cannot be other than the one given by society itself during last year’s revolt: The state and its dogs won’t scare us.
Open Assembly: 24/11, 7pm at Buena Ventura
Solidarity – Antiauthoritarian Movement
Nov 25 2009
Update: Today after a press conference by the Buenaventura centre, the bourgeois media made a u-turn, portraying for the first time the attack as “ultra-right paramilitary”. Forensics demonstrated that the explosive device was a pipe-bomb filled with metal shrapnel which would have caused certain death to any passer-by. The media claim that the explosion was felt all around the centre of the city and that the police in making investigations amongst extreme-right groups.
2nd Update: As a response to the fascist violence against the arab community of Neos Cosmos in Athens, a protest march took the the streets around the scene of Monday’s pogrom. It must be noted that one victim of the racist violence remains in hospital due to a stab in his eye with a knife.

ANKARA, Turkey, Dec. 10, 2007 At Least 43 Die As Boat Sinks Near Turkey

ANKARA, Turkey, Dec. 10, 2007

Many More Migrants Still Missing After Smuggler's Boat Goes Down Off Aegean Coast

(AP Photo)

Television footage showed a Coast Guard official pulling a body from the sea onto a beach. A boat brought a dozen more bodies, which were placed in black body bags and lined along a dock.
Strong winds and rough seas hampered rescue work, private NTV television reported. Rescuers were also searching areas close to the Greek island of Chios for bodies, the report said.
Thousands of immigrants from Asia and Africa enter Turkey illegally on their way to European Union countries in search of jobs and a better life.
Smugglers often take the migrants from the Turkish coast to nearby Greek islands on fragile and overcrowded boats, and such accidents are not uncommon.
The European Union, which Turkey wants to join, is pressing Turkey to crack down on illegal immigration.
EU-member Greece, which has a 8,000-mile coastline dotted with thousands of islands, has accused Turkish authorities of not doing enough to halt the flow of illegal migrants.
Turkey has increased patrols along its Aegean and Mediterranean coastlines, but boats still get through. Smugglers travel at night to reduce the chances of being detected and choose winter months when Turkey's coasts are deserted.

Freedom for Jürgen and Paolo, freedom for all!

On the 25th of November, Jürgen and Paolo appeared in front of the court. The prosecutor asks 18 months for Jürgen, accused of 8 arsons occurring the same night and 12 months for Paolo, accused of one. The judgement will be pronounced next Wednesday, 2nd of December.

To write letters of support:
Jürgen Goethals
Nieuwe Wandeling 89
9000 Gent

Gian-Paolo Melis
Nieuwe Wandeling 89
9000 Gent

For financial support: 000-3244460-04 with the mention J+P
IBAN BE10 0003 2444 6004
La Banque de la Poste

This is the translation of a poster that is spread in solidarity with them.

You can also find the translation of a letter Paolo wrote from the prison of Gent a week after his arrest.

[Poster in solidarity]

Not everything is following its normal course
Everything is going as per usual. Every morning millions of people drag themselves towards their working place where they will get humiliated, numbed, exploited for the most part of the day. The media blare the words of the bosses, the politicians and specialists through their screens and loudspeakers. People without papers are locked up in asylum camps and deported; others reach their hands out to the places where there is an abundance of money and are promptly convicted for it and locked up in prison. Everything is as usual. More and more people’s existence is being reduced to calculations: calculating whether there will be enough money to pay the rent; counting down how many hours and days they will still be locked up in the school classes and prisons; overestimating the importance of numbers indicating the state of pollution this planet is in, how many people die at or because of their job, how many refuges die at the borders or the police station; saying to themselves, while holding the law book in their hands, that the prize of revolt is too high. But there are people who break the normal course of things and the accountant existence. People who do not wait any longer for revolting against what destroys them. People who slap their bosses in the face. People who rebel against the guards of their existence and put fire to the prison in which they are locked up. People who do not put down their eyes for a uniform, a costume, a priest’s garb.
On the 6th of October 2009, a debate was organised by different fascist student groups at the college of Gent. They proclaimed their message of hatred and authority under the protection of an impressive police force.
Shortly after the debate, four fascist leaders were beaten down in the street while fire was put on different places in the city centre during the night.
While here and there garbage cans vanished into smoke, fire was put on cars, two cash withdrawals and construction sites. Fire damaged a cash withdrawal of the Fortis/BNPbank and somewhere else one of the banks of the Post, which manages the accounts of prisons and closed centres. Flames were licking at the construction material of, amongst others, a construction site of Besix, the company which is at the moment constructing a new prison for people without papers in Steenokkerzeel. As well, many windows of the palace of justice (where everyday judges enforce tens of years of imprisonment) were broken. A few of these facts caused the arrest of two comrades, Jürgen and Paolo. At this moment they sit behind bars awaiting their trial. However it does not interest us if they are guilty or not of the charges the state accuses them of. After all, the language of the judges will not have any bearing on those who carry the struggle for freedom in their hearts.
When we find the determination to quit going through live on our knees we make it difficult for things to continue as per usual. And despite all of their cops, judges and prisons, they will never break this determination.

Freedom for Jürgen and Paolo, freedom for all!
Against all authority, for anarchy

[Letter from Paolo]

Dear people,

The 25th of October 2009 at 7.50am, whilst taking my dog for a walk, I was surrounded by three members of the LRD, investigation service, I had to go to their office for an interrogation. A special intervention-unit in an armoured car was waiting at the corner, in case I would resist. The fuckers didn’t even let me quietly say good-bye to my daughter who was just leaving for school at that moment. The same service made a house search the day before, confiscated my lap-top and took pictures of political posters and others.
At the office they asked me for my alibi for the night of the 6th on the 7th of October, and a lot of questions about mobile phone numbers and a friend of mine. A witness would have recognized me on pictures as being one of the two persons who put fire to a container that night (1).
After the interrogation, I got a juridical arrest. At 14:00 I had to appear before the prosecutor, who decided to detain me on the basis of suspicion of intentional arson on property during night time. I was transferred to prison, were I was kept in secret until Thursday evening. This was probably done in order to avoid me having contact with Jürgen, who was already for two weeks sitting in pre-arrest with the same charges, plus arson by night on property. What’s funny is that we’re sharing a cell together.
5 days later, I appeared in front of the hearing in chambers and the prosecutor told me I was suspected to have committed some other acts as well. Although my lawyer had told me this is not possible on the day of the appearance, the prosecutor did come up with some new data in connection to a mobile phone. So I got angry. (Not a good idea in the hearing in chambers,
haha). This and the fact that I refused to cooperate with the investigation disturbed them a lot: detention prolonged one month.
In the meantime I’ve been inside for two weeks now and I got “used” to the prison system, in so far as that’s possible of course. In this situation the state has complete control over your physical existence, and physically isolates you form the rest of society. While “outside” it is still possible to extract yourself in one way or another from the overpowering authority of state and capital, here you are confronted to a crystallization of the societal relations. When you’re living in the rich West and are part of the correct population group, you can give yourself the illusion that you are more or less free. You can consume as much as you want, you can take part in all sorts of virtual fake realities, and if you have money you can even travel around a bit, and treasure the illusion that you are free (to move).
“Inside”, the illusion gets crushed by the omnipresence of the repression machine which controls all of your movements and cleanly writes them down in reports, and if you don’t behave you get a negative report and/or go to the black hole or you are put on strict and certain “liberties” are taken from you, like making phone calls, having visits, and so on.
Inside, just like outside, certain privileges we have (which are artificial liberties) are being regarded as real liberties, you get used to certain privileges (like having a walk, making phone call and so on) and you don’t regard the fact of being locked up as a problem anymore, but the maintaining of certain privileges as the solution to your problems. In the end, here as well, you can consume how much you want, and feel better because of that, and start to feel like you’re staying in a cheap hotel, with the only difference of course that you cannot go to walk on the beach to see and inspect some monkeys, but that you have to stay the whole fucking time in your cell, without complaining.
I’m doing fine, and Jürgen as well, except from the fact that you are treated like a child in here (we are not even allowed to have fire in our cell). For the rest it’s often up to your own attitude how you are treated by other prisoners and the guards, off course there are assholes and bitches just like everywhere else. The most difficult thing is to stay out from the hierarchy
that rules in here (the same hierarchy that rules over the destiny of milliards outside). And I don’t only talk about the hierarchy between the state (guards, cops) and the prisoners, but as well amongst the prisoners themselves. Because this is clearly outlined as well, and if you would think about attacking this structure as a little anarchist, you would (figuratively speaking) end up with a knife in your stomach. As long as the power relations in the whole of society are not overthrown, these structures will continue to exist in here as well. The destruction of the prison system, all of its structures and in all of its forms, as a part of a totalitarian repression machine, can only take place in a overall struggle which aims at the destruction of capitalism and its working tool, the state. Amen.
Normally I should only appear again in the hearing in chambers at the end of November, but this has been advanced to the 9th of November, the same day Jürgen has to appear. Of course both of us want to get out as soon as possible, but the fact that we don’t cooperate with the investigation gives them the opportunity to fuck us and to keep us as long as possible in pre-arrest. Until then we’ll live at the costs of the state, most of the time with a smile, now and then with a tear, but always free in our mind!



(1) That night a debate between amongst others Filip Dewinter (most popular Flemish extreme right politician) and J.M. Dedecker (extreme right wing liberal who has a political party carrying his own name) took place. The topic of discussion was (what else could it be) the debate around the headscarf. In times of so called economic crisis (because the rich will not have a single piece of bread less to eat) the capital (and its helpers, fascists and right wing political parties) is always looking for some scapegoats to start a witch hunt on, deviating the attention from the real problems, like the unequal and criminal distribution of wealth. The “leftist” social-democrat parties like to join this witch hunt with the aim of keeping and gaining votes. Their only strategy against (extreme) right taking over their points and spitting propaganda of hatred against illegalised people and foreigners (under the pretext of the war against terrorism and, softly spoken, the Islam). During this same night the palace of justice and a few right wing students were attacked. Here and there, fire was put.

Tuesday 24 November 2009

Letter by the imprisoned comrade P. Masouras

Letter by the imprisoned comrade P. Masouras
(accused for participation in the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.)

On Wednesday September 23 and at 8.15 as I was leaving my house in Galatsi on my way to the gym, I was arrested by 25 persons of the anti-terrorist squad.

In a matter of seconds I found myself on the sidewalk, hands cuffed behind my back, while at the same time they were informing their senior officers that “everything went well” and that they “have me”. I was taken to the 12th floor of Police Headquarters (note: anti-terrorist division). The next day I am informed that at the same time with me another two friends of mine have also been arrested.

In the meantime the show has already started. Without any sleep for 48 hours and physically exhausted, with my face to the wall and then a long questionnaire following, while at the same time some police officer goes from office to office announcing in a delirium of pleasure that what is happening is called war.

After that comes the interest for my career, the friendly chat, the bravado and the humane approach to the misguided youth that followed the wrong path in his life while they self appointed themselves to straighten me out and to make me see reason, not for them as they said but for my own good, to help myself, speaking to them about situations and persons that I know nothing about. Later I was informed from an officer that I was the stupid asshole of the 12th floor because the others as he said had “snitched on me” and “cleared themselves” and that if I didn’t speak I would go down for things other people have done, so I was yet again called upon to answer about situations unknown to me.

The guard shifts started: “good” cops with a sensitive touch and childhood traumas, as they said, that recognized injustice and wanted to help. On the other hand the “tough” commandos wearing full-face masks, “stern” appliers of the law and representatives of morality, acting in an absolute way leading to physical and mental exhaustion, as a means of revenge as they said because “I kept my mouth shut”.

That I refuse the charges against me does not mean that I would ever refuse my political “identity” and “origin”. I would never hide my dignity under the carpet of incarceration, overlooking the fact that I am a political entity which also takes its position against the values and institutions of this society by the means of critical revolutionary thought and practice. I am an anarchist and I am on the side of revolution and at the same time of myself.

The reason why at the present my two friends and I find ourselves in prison is crystal clear. Even the most naïve mind can perceive that fixed situations due to the elections play a role in the present condition, situations moving in the service of political and communication interests.

The hyperbole surrounding the situation, the armed to the teeth EKAM escorts (note: Special Forces Police) and the role of those despicable snitches the journalists in combination with the political condition of these days was enough to create a feeling of order and safety to the average Greek in face of the elections, so he can move sleepwalking in the role of the active citizen towards the voting poll in order to deposit yet again in someone else’s hands his share of responsibilities for his being. It is well known nowadays that public opinion has no opinion, so someone has to take on the role of shaping it. The tone of these days was mostly set by the lowlifes of the media and their all-devouring thirst for “maniacs in Galatsi” and “monsters in Chalandri”, for serial bombers who have ties with “renown” revolutionary organizations from which they take orders to accomplish missions. About guns and bullets found at my house until money that was suddenly a product of robberies because it was well hidden-next time I’ ll leave it outside the front door.

Society is not divided into classes but only into choices and consciousnesses. So let as learn from pain and pleasure, from blood and the street. We were born to exist as a whole in our inapprehensible uniqueness, inapprehensible because we can stand the pain, unpredictable because we were taught on the streets, ruthless because we will move against everyone, because we will learn to meticulously tie steel on our skin and paint the cement with revolutionary blood.

We execute morality as a prologue for destruction, we whisper with rage biting the words: WAR ATTACK because there is only beauty and strength, but some cowards in order to balance came up with justice.

Wherever there are barbed wires, let there be bloodied hands that rip them apart, wherever there is cement let there be cries full of rage that tears it down, wherever there are bars let there be souls like corrosives that destroy them, wherever we are buried alive let us bury with us morality.

We owe it to ourselves to bite on our shackles even if it is that we die biting. Because we are nothing more then our own choices.

For honour, dignity, revolution.


Panayiotis Masouras

Avlona Prisons

Some updates concerning anarchist comrades in Greece

source: via Cette Semaine

The trial against anarchist comrade Giannis Dimitrakis, arrested in January 2006 following a bank robbery in the centre of Athens, is due to take place on December 9.

Giannis has already been sentenced to 35 years prison at the first degree trial, this is now second degree, or 'appeal' as is the process in Greece. Another 3 comrades are being hunted for the same robbery: Simos Seisidis, Marios Seisidis e Grigoris Tsironis. About a month ago the Greek authorities, with the help of the media, offered a reward of 600.000 euro for information "give a hand" and sell out the three comrades in hiding.

The trial against Georgiadis Polikarpos and Vangelis Hrisohoidis, arrested in August 2003 for the kidnapping of wealthy businessman will probably take place in January 2010. The wellknown robber Vasilis Paleokostas, who escaped from Koridallos prison by helicopter a few months ago will be tried in his absence at the same trial.

Comrade Ilias Nikolau will be on trial in Thessaloniki on December 2.

Letter from Ilias Nikolau

Some have surrendered and other have felt satisfaction in hearing the declarations of the powerful concerning the uprooting of illegal violence.
Others still felt relief in knowing that immigrants will be persecuted and locked up: it is as if the misery and existence that they fill up with doses of pharmaceuticals will finally be redeemed.
However, the worst is that this society in order to prolong its slow death has been vaccinated with the phrase "I just live my personal life" and with apathy.
Prey of their bosses, victims of leaders of every kind, they are humiliated, put down their heads for nothing and always lose the sense of their own potential and dignity even sacrificing the last moments of freedom. In this world where resignation and obedience reign, there are proud eyes and traces of dignity that are not afraid to pay the ultimate price and put their lives in their own hands.
All the impassioned worshipers of Negation are struggling along the paths of freedom. Passersby in a path that leads to individual and collective freedom, the warriors against injustice always show their presence wherever they are.
Now it is our turn and we, from the dark cells of democracy, are hurling out a signal: unconditional solidarity towards those who firmly look life in the eye and lay claim to the obvious: Absolute freedom, without succumbing to the chains of imprisonment, without taking even one step backwards.
Ilias Nikolau
16 November 2009

prison of Amfissa

Detainee pulls gun on officers to aid escape

from Greek daily Kathimerini

'Three police officers were suspended from duty yesterday after a 32-year-old Albanian detainee escaped from a police precinct in the central city of Thebes after threatening officers at gunpoint.

The 32-year-old, who had been transferred to the Thebes precinct a week ago from a jail in Grevena, northern Greece, to appear before a magistrate on additional charges of armed robbery, had been due to return to jail yesterday. But after receiving permission to go to the toilet before his scheduled transfer, he emerged holding a gun and forced officers to release him.

Senior police officials ordered the suspension of the acting chief of the Thebes precinct, the supervising officer and the officer responsible for organizing the detainee’s transfer back to Grevena. Meanwhile an investigation is to determine who planted the weapon in the precinct toilets.'

Sunday 22 November 2009

Explosion at Banco Ciudad in Argentina

From Liberación Total:


November 17, 2009


We attacked a Banco Ciudad (in Bernardo de Irigoyen) on the morning of the 16th in order to show our hatred toward the Argentine state for having kidnapped and locked up (comrade) Chilean political prisoners Marcelo Villarroel and Freddy Fuentevillaimprisoned in unit N 11 in Neuquenin its extermination chambers since March 2008.

We reject all oppression and injustice committed against the Nation of Mapuche People, in the same way that we also reject the resignation of the new metropolitan police chief Eugenio Burzaco, who was advising Jorge Sobisch, then governor of Neuquen, on security matters when the police repression that ended the life of Carlos Fuentealba was ordered. We hate UCEP (Public Space Control Unit)! Disband it now!

No to deportation!!!
No to the extradition of Freddy Fuentevilla and Marcelo Villarroel!!!

Freedom for all prisoners!!
Down with Macri and his police state!!

This is another demonstration of our cry of rebellion, and we will continue to unleash vengeance if our comrades are deported!!

We passed by unnoticed, right before your eyes; you, who control everything?! All these years of violence will be met with more violence!

Freedom for Marcelo Villarroel and Freddy Fuentevilla!!!

- Marco Ariel Antonioletti Revolutionary Cell

Attack on Center for Advanced Security Training in Barcelona, Spain

From Liberación Total via This is Our Job

November 18, 2009


On Sunday, November 15, we paid a visit to the Center for Advanced Security Training in Barcelona. The result was a fire in an electrical junction box, leaving the entire electrical system out of commission.

This is our message of absolute contempt to all security forces, state or private, because we sincerely despise all authority.

For all the comrades in prison, and against all the walls of oppression.

- Anonymous . . .

Arson against CARSO company in Mexico

From Liberación Total via This is Our Job

November 19, 2009


On the night of November 18, we attacked the CARSO company in Mexico State once again. This time we noticed that a thick pipe coming from the cement company was further polluting a canal. These destroyers of the Earth—not satisfied with the toxic waste of civilization completely ruining biodiversity, creating diseases, and so on—are throwing the last remains of wild nature overboard.

For that reason, we decided to act, hurling bottles filled with gasoline at the pipe, after which we threw stones wrapped in flaming cloth. The person operating a large crane looked amazed at the sight of fireballs heading out of the darkness of the tree branches, directly at the property of the damned CARSO company.

We will not tolerate any more environmental destruction. The fire of vengeance lives not only in our words, but in our actions as well.

- Earth Liberation Front

Attack against SERVIPAG in Chile

From Liberación Total via This is Our Job

November 19, 2009


On the morning of Wednesday the 18th, at around 2:30 a.m., the Black Antiauthoritarian Cell evaded the state’s guardians once again. Armed and ready to destroy the daily routine that reigns over society these days, we began our action, heading to one of the properties located on Calle Pajaritos in Maipú that keeps civilization in order every day by supplying it via bill payments and motor vehicle taxes.

Organized, two of us entered: jumping fences, avoiding security, and drenching the walls, ground, sign, and metal gate with gasoline. Jumping the fences again, two comrades were waiting for us outside with two paint bombs and three Molotov cocktails; we sprung into action, and the property went up in flames. Before disappearing from the scene, we dropped leaflets that read: “For the destruction of all ideologies imposed by power, so that words turn into fire and chaos reigns over this cowardly, submissive society.”

War is declared and we will not rest until we see this society in flames
For the spread of actions and solidarity with prisoners
Fire and organized chaos against authority

- Black Antiauthoritarian Cell

Sicily - Caltanissetta - Pian del Lago concentration camp almost destroyed

After a few days we are finally able to send news concerning the revolt of Caltanissetta that took place last week.

Thanks to the desire of some of the rebels and the readiness of comrades in solidarity more and more of whom are getting stories out from inside the cages, we can let you know that the Cie (immigrant detention centre) of Pian del Lago is... closed. Yes, because - following the failed escape attampt - all the dormitories were burned down and the only part of the Centre still functioning is that where those asking for asylum were being held. After severe beatings by police, the Caltanissetta detainees have been transferred to other camps around Italy, which pushed the direction of at least one centre to release many other detainees to make room for them.

Well, a Cie almost demolished and a few people freed thanks to a revolt.

Sorry if it's not much.

Sat, 21/11/2009 – 22:59

Police station on fire, youths arrested in Brussels melee

Brussels - A neighbourhood police station was set ablaze in a molotov cocktail attack when violence erupted after dark in a Brussels suburb leading to more than 50 arrests, police said Saturday.
The attack on Friday night resulted in no injuries as the local police station was closed.
It was one of several acts of violence and vandalism in Anderlecht, on the western rim of Brussels, which police said had been organised in advance via phone text messages.
Those arrested were aged between 15 and 20, a local police spokeswoman told AFP, and at least six vehicles were damaged.
The pretext for the violence was accusations of mistreating detainees in nearby Forest prison, the spokeswoman said.
"These are professional vandals... people who are trained urban guerrillas and who themselves train very young adolescents," added Anderlecht's deputy mayor Fabrice Cumps.
The police said none of the arrests was directly linked to the molotov cocktail attack which caused substantial damage to the police station. Municipal offices in the same building were damaged as well.
Calm was restored by the early hours of Saturday after firefighters tackled the blaze, and Interior Minister Annemie Turtelboom visited the scene in the morning.


Saturday 21 November 2009

Algeria world cup festivities in France


Following Algeria's first qualification in world football since 1986, thousands of Algerians poured into the streets in many French cities to celebrate, waving Algerian flags. Others had other things to do in this country where north Africans and particularly Algerians suffer post-colonial exclusion and racism as a way of life.
About 150 burnt vehicles, 64 in the north, 44 in the Lyons area, 15 in Marseille, 20 in la Loire, and a few others here and there. Scooters and refuse bins were also set alight.
In Vaulx-en-Velin (Rhône), a few hundred supporters gathered, a Casino supermarket was looted, particularly the telephone and hi-fi departments. In Paris "MontBlanc" store was also looted. Windows were smashed in Lyon, Marseille, Grenoble, Roubaix (Nord) and Paris, in the Champs-Elysées, as well as the windows of an empty bus in Argenteuil (Val d’Oise) where the driver was slightly wounded.
Bottles were thrown at police in various towns who responded with teargas, particularly on the Champs-Elysées and in Grenoble.
Over 150 people were held during the night.
In Paris numerous supporters climbed trees, on to cars or electric pylons, joyfully throwing bangers and fireworks. Traffic was stopped to a standstill around the Champs-Elysées and the area transformed into a rodeo piste with young people racing on motorbikes backwheel.

from AFP report
in Cette Semaine

Russian antifascists keep up the fight!

Further information about what happended with our Russian friend.

Stage Bottles


Yesterday evening Monday 16th, 26 year old Ivan Khutorskoy aka
Vanya-kostolom was shot dead at the entrance of his house. This name is not well-known among the general public, but he was a colossal figure among Russian antifascists and left activists. First of all he is known as one of the informal leaders of the youth antifascist movement, and
one of the founders of R.A.S.H. (Red and Anarchist skinheads) – community of skinheads antifascists adhering to the left political views. It’s obvious for most of his friends that the murder has been committed by Russian neo-nazi.
Ivan’t initials, photos and home address, as well as ones of many other antifascists like Fedor Filatov and Timour Dzhaparidze were repeatedly published on nazi-websites in order to call nazi-bastards for his destruction. It was the 4th attempt on Ivan’s life. First he was assaulted by nazi in 2005. This incident was fixed by a camera and was shown in a documental program “Ordinary antifascism”. Then attackers waited for Ivan in the entrance of his house, stabbed him in the neck with a screwdriver, and inflicted several blows with a baseball bat - he miraculously survived. The third attack was carried out in January, 2009
Ivan was stabbed in the stomach during a street fight, this wound was also almost lethal but he survived again. And now, when everything else had failed, Nazis decided to try guns.
He was a kind-hearted and responsive man, he was always ready to help his friends in any situation. Ivan was an example of indomitable will and courage for all of us. He remained faithful to his convictions till the end. With Ivan, any other claims post-mortem would be a misrepresentation any way around, as every clique and crew in the scene considered him as one of them, and he was respected and loved by absolutely everyone. Ivan considered himself a RASH skinhead, which did not bother apolitical and patriotic Moscow Troyan Skinheads to
consider him as one of them. And anarchists of course considered Ivan one of the anarchists, and it is true that Ivan had anti-authoritarian and social positions and was always ready to provide security for anarchist events. But he did not live for activism – he lived for the streets and forpunk rock.

Perpetrators will be prosecuted – we will do all our best for it. Our
duty is to continue activities started by him.

here is link with bank details for donations to support Ivan's family

Explosion at municipal police station N. Athens

from Greek daily Kathimerini

Nea Ionia blast

An explosive device made from gas canisters went off early yesterday at the headquarters of the municipal police in Nea Ionia, northern Athens. Nobody was injured in the attack, which damaged the entrance to the building and a parked car. Meanwhile, a PASOK office in the Aghios Pavlos-Evangelistria area of Thessaloniki suffered damage in a blaze early yesterday. It was not clear what caused the fire to break out.

'Rizai stays silent on fellow escapee'

from Greek daily Kathimerini

'Alket Rizai, the convicted murderer who was on the run from police for nine months after escaping from Korydallos Prison in a helicopter, told a magistrate yesterday he would rather die than help authorities find hardened criminal Vassilis Palaiocostas, who broke out of jail with him.

Rizai appeared in court after being arrested in northeastern Attica earlier this week. The convict was asked about his dramatic escape from Korydallos in February, which was the second time Rizai and Palaiocostas had escaped from the jail in a helicopter.

“I have been wronged, that is why I keep escaping,” he told the magistrate. Rizai also denied that his girlfriend Aspasia (Soula) Mitropia had organized the escape and was in the helicopter. “I met her afterward,” he said. “It is not fair that Soula has been brought to court. Is it a crime to love someone?”

When questioned about Palaiocostas, one of Greece’s most wanted men, Rizai refused to give any information. “I would prefer to die rather than tell you where he is,” he said.

The Albanian was also questioned about his links to suspected members of an allegedly widespread crime syndicate after it emerged that the mobile phone he had been using before his escape was registered to a company owned by constructor Giorgos Tromboukis, who stands accused of being a key player in the underworld gang.

“As far as Tromboukis is concerned, I do not want to have anything to do with a stoolie,” said Rizai without elaborating. “I hate stool pigeons and that is why I will not tell you how I escaped from Korydallos.”

Rizai, Mitropia and an Albanian couple found with them were remanded in custody with Chrysanthos Anagnostopoulos, who allegedly gave the convict a bulletproof car.'

Sunday 15 November 2009

A few bits of news from Spain October/November

(11 November 2009)
from Cette Semaine

Spain October 23: Amadeu Casellas ends his hunger strike.
Amadeu Casellas confirms having ended his hunger strike Wednesday 21 October after 100 days. He made this decision following two attacks during which he almost went into a coma and after the judge signed an authorisation for him to have a gastric tube inserted and be force fed. He is in a very weak state and risks having permanent damage. He has applied to the Ministry of Justice to grant him a pardon. We are making an appeal to intensify the campaign to demand immediate freedom for Amadeu. (Klinamen)

Barcelona, 23 October 2009 : occupation of Radio Catalogne for Amadeu Casellas
A group of about twenty people occupied the premises of Radio Catalogne (Av Diagonal, 614) in protest against the silence of the media about the case of Amadeu Casellas. Another numerous group stayed outside the building. (Klinamen)

Saint-Jacques de Compostelle, 25 October 2009 :
Action in solidarity with Amadeu in the cathedral. Saturday 24 October in the morning, a group of people in solidarity storm the cathedral of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle to unfurl a banner on the balustrade in solidarity with Amadeu Casellas. For over an hour they shouted slogans for his freedom, against the State and its extermination centres until they were expelled by the cops. They were all identified but no arrests were made. Immediate freedom for the comrade! Down the walls! (Klinamen)

Barcelona, 27 October 2009 : The solidarity doesn’t stop! Action in Guinardo for Amadeu. During the night of the 26th, around 23.00, we decided to pay a little visit to the seat of the Horta-Guinardo district in Barcelona. In the same way as the afternoon when a few people managed to hold back the police to do the demonstration, we wanted to come out to check that their buildings are accessable and vulnerable. In the same way that in the afternoon some people attacked the windows of banks and institutions, we wanted to show with stones and hammers that solidarity is not just a word. Amadeu is still in prison. May the solidarity not stop! (Klinamen)

Greece, 30 October 2009 : communiqué for the action against the Spanish consulate in Thessaloniki.
Imprisoned since the eighties, now for over 25 years anarchist Amadeu Casellas “is paying” the price of his personal decisions. He is accused of bank robberies for financing factory occupations and direct action
at a time when the collective and the individual, the clandestine and the social formed a complete and decided force in the Spanish proletariat. The Spanish government, well known for its repressive practices developed to destroy the revolutionary movement that has threatened its social stability over many years, is now trying and is finally managing through propaganda, recuperation and persecution to isolate and control the most active part of revolutionary struggles past and present. That has resulted in many combatants having spent their lives in prison and some have even died there. But behind the bars the battle doesn’t stop. The imprisoned, in spite of the disastruous conditions they put up with, do not cease struggling for their ‘rights’, but above all for their dignity. One of them is Amadeu, who with many hungerstrikes and other kinds of protest has shown that for a revolutionary the struggle never ends and contiues to exist no matter what the circumstances they find themselves in. After the acts of sabotage, the occupations and dynamic demonstrations that have taken place in Spain, we have decided to ‘decorate’the Honorary Consulate of Thessaloniki with an explosive device in solidarity with anarchist Amadeu Casellas. The hunger strike might end, but the struggle continues. Until the liberation of the last prisoner, right to the destruction of the last prison in the whole world.
International Chamber for the spreading of revolutionary violence.

Guadalajara, 1 Novembre 2009 : anarchists attack the offices of the PSOE (Spanish Socialist Party) and the I.U (Izquierda Unida, left coalition) during the same night.
The two headquarters (Calle Madrid and Calle Arcipreste) woke up to find their locks blocked with silicone and their façades full of red paint. The general secretary of the I.U., Francisco Riaño assured that these deeds « beyond their anecdotal appearance, constitute an attack against public liberties, because manifestly by blocking the locks, it prevents the normal functioning of a democratic party like the Izquierda Unida (United Left) ». They also consider that it is not an isolated incident and point out that the offices of the I.U. were also attacked in Hortaleza and Madrid in 2007 and recently in Logroño and in the Madrid area of Ciudad Lineal, just like the PCE offices in Guadalajara in July 2008.

Barcelona, 2 November 2009 : action against the COP-15
During the night of 2 Novembre, the company Konica-Minolta was attacked and had the windows of its main offices (in Rambla Brasil) broken. This is our way of welcoming the the preparatory meeting organised by governments and companies in view of the Copenhagen summit. Konica-Minolta is one of the main sponsors of the Barcelona pre-summit that began yesterday 2 November and will end on the 6th. During the CPO15 of Copenhagen (7 to18 December), as in all the preceding summits, governments and companies will build new and juicy affairs under the cover of durable development and action against climate change. We know their intentions very well: improve capitalism to perpetuate its existence. Now the time of green capitalism has arrived. The forms change, but the repression, the destruction of the Earth, the exploitation of everything possible continues. They talk to us about the weather. Not us. Which means direct action against their lies. Not just here and now. Always and everywhere. ...For anarchy! (Liberación Total)

Ségovia, 2 November 2009 : Action in solidarity with Amadeu Casellas
The action consisted of breaking the windows of Cope and Popular TV studios, then breaking the windows of the town hall. It was later claimed by telephone to the two media attacked, demanding the liberation of Amadeu Casellas Ramon and it be publicised in the bourgeois media to expose this State crime against society... Freedom for Amadeu Casellas ! Penitentiary institutions, Generalitat et PSOE assassins !!!

[from Klinamen et Liberación Total via Cette Semaine]

Dawn arrest in Exarchia 14 November

'Greece: Arrest of a presumed member of an extremist group'
(14 november 2009)
Agence France-Presse, 14.11.09 | 10h25
(translated from Cette Semaine)

'Saturday the Greek police announced the arrest of a 22 year old Greek woman for her presumed belonging to a group born from the anarchist movement and author of attacks on property.
According to police the young woman is a presumed member of the group, "Conspiracy of cells of fire", who had been wanted by police since the arrest at the end of September of four prime suspects aged between 20 and 21 years. They have been charged with "belonging to a criminal organisation".
According to a police source, the police have issued a total of 11 arrest warrants against presumed accomplices of the four.
The young woman's fingerprints have been found in an apartment in the north suburbs of Athens used by the latter, from which three men have been detained and a young woman released without conditions.
Police have issued a communique stating that the new suspect is suspected "of belonging to a terrorist organisation", and of possession and use of explosive for committing attacks.
She was seized at dawn in the Athens contestational quarter Exarchia following an attack with incendiary bottles launched by a group of young people against a police anti-riot squad, specified the police source.
Coming from the anarchist area, according to police, the "Conspiracy of cells of fire" have claimed a wave of attacks using incendiary devices and explosives against personalitys' homes and offices and against four orthodox churches, in the wake of the urban troubles unleashed by the death of an adolescent killed by a policeman December 6 2008 in Exarchia.
The group has among others claimed an explosive attack on October 13 against the Athens residence of Euro Deputy and ex-conservative minister Marietta Giannakou.
A similar attack causing material damage using an explosive charge placed in a casserole, struck a building in the east suburbs of Athens where a deputy of the socialist party in power lives.
The "Conspiracy" also claimed an incendiary device action on 3 December 2008 against the Agence France-Presse offices in Athens, in "solidarity" with the nine members of the "group of Tarnac", at the time accused of damage to TGV high speed railway lines in France.'

Chaos and sirens in Ghent

Ghent, the night of 6 on 7 October: Splintered glass, dripping paint. The justice palace is damaged by vandals. Ten thousand euros worth of damage according to the court. What inspired the burst of fury against one of the pillars of democracy? Destructive flames are licking the plastic garbage bins all over the centre of Ghent. Money spitting ATMs, there for the comfort of the permanent consumer, are affected by the fire. Firemen and police are running everywhere at once. Chaos and sirens on all sides.

Regional television also reports that a few rightwing students are treated with a dose of physical demoralising critique (the president of the fascist student organisation NSV receives a few well directed punches). On the St-Pieterssquare, the KVHV [catholic rightwing student organisation] organises a debate on Islam in Europe. A clique of persistent rightwing “democrats”, among others Dewinter, Dedecker etc [rightwing politicians], countered by the Islamists of AEL [Arab-European League]. A few blocks away, in a university in the Voskes avenue, the NSV (the unofficial student club on the Vlaams Belang, fascist party), celebrates the beginning of the academic year. Last year, the NSV organised a debate with Filip Dewinter as speaker. The university building where this debate would have taken place was occupied by antifascists. An attack of the fascists, led by Führer Filip was countered. The obstruction of this alleged right of free speech for fascists was not to be repeated.

So, this year, an impressive police force was deployed to let the promoters of the Vlaamsche democracy do their thing without being bothered. Since a gathering on the place and time set by them would only fall flat against a blue wall, this year, the reaction took different forms. The parties didn’t go unnoticed; Ghent was startled by a spontaneous and wayward eruption of chaos.

The political advance of extreme right in Flanders is not a coincidence. The fact that fascist organisations such as the NSV and the NSA [National Socialist Action] get a free game and are zealously protected by the police forces has deep implications.

The extreme right tosses up all sorts of “problems” that have no factual base. All over the world, the rupture line between a small, superrich elite and the masses that fight daily to survive is becoming deeper every day. Everywhere, the protectors of this elite are more and more elaborated and better equipped. Hence the colourful variants of the cops who dirty our streets (grey, purple, black,…uniforms, each of them with their specialisation). Their working method ranges from a velvet ‘social’ way to hard repression.

The discourse of the extreme right; presenting Islam as a threat for the “lightened” western world, presenting people on the run for a miserable existence as parasites, not-working as scroungers,…is meant to deviate the attention from the daily war that repeats itself between the rich and the poor.

This story is brought to us by the media who act as mouth-piece of the ruling elite and continue to distract us with “tittytainment” on television and the internet, the cult of health and such. Flanders public opinion seems to have appropriated this discourse. At the bar as well, racism is never far away. The “others” are the enemy, not the puppeteers who manipulate this theatre.

The aftermath:

Justice and the government are of course not very pleased with expressions of resistance as were demonstrated that night. For a public opinion dominated by rightwing actors, somebody has to pay. That night, one person was arrested and accused of several arsons. Two weeks later, another person was arrested on similar charges.v

Freedom to Jürgen and Gian-Paolo now!

In the night of the 6th of October, Jürgen Goethals didn’t come home. He was picked off the streets by cops, put in front of a prosecutor and locked up in the prison of Ghent.

Earlier that day, a gang of fascists were hosted once more by the tolerant city of Ghent. Something, which, was apparently not appreciated by everyone. In several places, people expressed their discord by causing damage to symbols of this capitalist society. We found out later that Jürgen is alleged of having participated in these protest actions.

The following days, several people are harassed by cops. A week and a half later, a house search takes place at the house of Paolo Melis. He is requested to report two days later at the police station for an interrogation. On this day, the 21st of October, he is arrested in the afternoon on his way home. He as well, disappears behind the bars of the Nieuwe Wandeling.

On the 9th of November, the detention of Jürgen and Paolo was confirmed. The file was sent to the correctional court; they will appear before the judge within two weeks.

We will not rest until we can embrace our comrades, how and when we want to.

Jürgen and Paolo free!

Against every form of imprisonment!

For the destruction of prison and its world.

To write letters of support:

Jürgen Goethals

Nieuwe Wandeling 89

9000 Gent


Gian-Paolo Melis

Nieuwe Wandeling 89

9000 Gent


For financial support: 000-3244460-04 with the mention J+P

Saturday 14 November 2009

On the arrest of Leonardo Landi

Leo had been hunted by the antiterrorism with an international arrest warrant since 2008, when one of the tentacles of the Florence attorney’s office had orchestrated yet another inquest against the anarchist scene in Tuscany. The comrades were accused of subversive association with terrorist aims, some with the specific accusation of having robbed a post office at gunpoint for self-financing.
The associative charge only fell at the preliminary hearing, nevertheless after having had time to confirm pretrial custody of over six months for Paola, over two years for Daniele and Francesco. At the trial, Daniele and Francesco were sentenced to four years, with ‘simplified procedure’, for robbery, whereas similar charges were made against Leo. All the other comrades were acquitted of subversive association under article 270 bis.
Leo was considered a fugitive from 2008 because he was ‘nowhere to be found’ until his arrest a few days ago in Ventimiglia by the (UCIGOS), police prevention unit of the Ministery for Home Affairs. The comrade with him at the time of his arrest is being investigated for aiding and abetting.
We have shared many struggles for the liberation of the Earth, animal liberation and against all kinds of pollution, with Leo in over ten years of Silvestre’s activity, at the places in via Fucini and in via Del Cuore in Pisa. As editor of Terra Selvaggia for years he spent with us perhaps the most difficult period of making the importance of these struggles felt in times when they were being diminished or considered the same way as the reformist green caldron. Priority of intervention that now is beginning to be felt due to the scenario of a dying planet and an ever more cybernetic social context.
Expressions of resistance and dissidence all over the world are being impudently repressed as terrorist with increasing fervour and ferocity, especially when they create problems and cannot be recuperated.
We cannot stay still and look on at this system until it buries us, we must all prevent it from burying every seed of revolt in such a way that it cannot renew itself with the same instruments of destruction.
Wanting Leo free means carrying on the struggle against this techno-industrial system and its many noxious manifestations, which Leo has always been a bitter enemy of and is why the system has put him in prison.
We express our unreserved solidarity and closeness to Leo and all those who every day represent an obstacle to this system of death.
Il Silvestre, 8 November 2009

GREECE - 'Terrorist-netting ploy fails, again'

'Police tried to track down domestic terrorists this summer by enlisting the help of a convicted criminal to sell them a weapon that officers could then trace, despite the failure of a similar scheme when authorities were trying to pinpoint members of November 17 several years ago.

Sources revealed to Kathimerini yesterday that last July officers, acting with the knowledge of their political superiors in the Interior Ministry, approached a prisoner serving a life sentence for his part in a bloody robbery in Piraeus in 1990, to act as a middleman in dealings with suspected terrorists.

The convict was instructed to contact a fellow inmate known to have links with anarchists who were on the anti-terrorist squad’s list of prime suspects.

The police’s middleman was asked to arrange a meeting between the anarchists and the convict’s supposed underworld contacts to buy a weapon. The rendezvous went ahead at a cafeteria in the northern Athens suburb of Aghios Stefanos. Police used covert surveillance methods to monitor the meeting but it appears that the two sides, for reasons not made clear, could not agree on a deal.

The police’s operation really fell apart when the anarchists attending the meeting were able to evade the attention of undercover officers by speeding off on high-powered motorcycles, which the members of the anti-terrorist squad were unable to follow.

The failure of the operation mirrors a similar attempt to entrap members of the November 17 group some years ago. Then, the anti-terrorist squad cooperated with the National Intelligence Service, and the USA’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), to pass on weapons that had been fitted with tiny tracking devices to suspected terrorists.

Although the transaction was made, when the authorities traced the signal from the devices, they were led to a garbage dumpster and, thus, were not able to arrest anyone.'

from Greek daily Kathimerini, 13/11/2009

GREECE - 'Bid to decongest packed jails'

'Proposed reform to reduce number of suspects detained pending trial and free drug addicts early

Measures heralded by the government yesterday are aimed at decongesting the country’s seriously overcrowded jails by restricting pretrial detention to suspects charged with crimes carrying long sentences and reducing jail time for thousands of drug addicts convicted for minor narcotics offenses.

Justice, Transparency and Human Rights Minister Haris Kastanidis announced the measures as more than 3,300 inmates were reported to be staging hunger strikes in prisons across the country, demanding more civilized detention conditions.

Kastanidis’s proposed reform comprises two chief provisions: The first aims to create some breathing room in jails by reducing the number of people remanded in custody pending trial. If the amendment is approved, pretrial detentions will henceforth only apply to suspects charged with crimes that carry sentences of 20 years or more. Those charged with crimes that would incur terms of five or 10 years would be released on bail pending trial unless they are prior convicts or are deemed to be a flight risk. Those charged with crimes carrying sentences of up to five years will be able to buy off their sentences or work off a portion of their terms in the form of community service. The aim, in the minister’s words, is to create a system that stops “generating inmates for pretrial detention.”

The second provision of the minister’s reform foresees the more lenient treatment of some 4,500 drug addicts serving jail terms for minor narcotics offenses. If the reform is approved, convicts serving sentences of up to five years will be freed after serving two-fifths of their terms. Those serving terms ranging between five to 10 years would be freed after completing three-fifths of their sentences.'

from Greek daily Kathimerini 13/11/2009

Greece - Universities shut down ahead of events marking 1973 uprising


Universities shut down ahead of events marking 1973 uprising

Several universities in Athens closed down yesterday ahead of events that begin tomorrow to mark the 36th anniversary of the bloody student uprising against the military junta in 1973. The event will be commemorated on November 17 with a protest march from central Athens to the US Embassy. The police have been ordered to maintain a low profile but the rector of the National Technical University of Athens, Constantinos Moutzouris, complained that their presence in front of some buildings was more visible than is necessary.

from Greek daily Kathimerini

Solidarity in the attack, for the destruction of every prison and the world that creates them.

That voice that shouts “insurrection”!
It’s our brothers, our children, our husbands,
Our companions, our comrades, our friends.
Those that only have violence
To break the wall of silence…

This text won’t be about the misery of prison, since all of us who risk it know that misery. It won’t be about the need to destroy prison; that need is evident to us, we feel it in each beating of our hearts. This text won’t be about the misery which is the survival here, on the outside of the prison walls, in this “free society” that is, in itself, an open air prison.
What we want today is to address ourselves to the rebellious prisoners, to those who crave and struggle for the air taken from them. What we want today is to say that, inside a prison, they can take everything from us, except the desire for freedom. Sometimes that desire is able to shout out so loud that it overcomes the silence of the walls: in all the Alcoentres, in all the Caxias, in all the Monsantos, in all the Coimbras, in all the Leirias and in all those that never reach the newspapers…
In the escapes, the hungerstrikes, the refusals to re-enter the cells, the refusals of prison food, the attacks on screws, the work strikes, the arsons, the destruction of prison material, the climbing on the rooftops, the mutinys, the fists, the screams.
In the screams that, for once, are born from a will that flows inside, a will to communicate with each other. In the screams that, for once, are born out of a revolt which only aims at breathing freely, without bars, nor screws, nor control nor walls! In the screams that, for once, aren’t born from the beatings, nor from the psychological or physical tortures, nor from the isolation from those and from what we love, nor from the shots fired by the GISP assassins, who kill as any other prison guard kills, as does any cop, any judge, any journalist, any politician.
These screams are yours, and are ours too. They’re from all of us who daily feel on our skins that authority is an enemy of freedom; they’re from all of us that have our lives controlled and stolen by people with power and institutions; they’re from all of us who want our lives back and decided to be ourselves fighting for them.

Solidarity in the attack, for the destruction of every prison and the world that creates them.
a few anarchists in Portugal


One year after the mass mobilization in Greek prisons with the participation of around 10000 prisoners out of the near 12000 nothing has changed. Despite the various promises made by politicians and ministers of justice the conditions in these hellholes remain appalling and overcrowding remains the norm.
One year after the prisoners start again with mass mobilizations. In the last two days 3176 prisoners from 7 out of the 36 prisons that exist refuse prison food making demands about improving the prison conditions and their earlier release. The state fears that there will be a domino effect and that soon other prisons will follow. We can only wish that its worst fears become true.

Solidarity with the prisoners’ struggle
Until the destruction of all prisons

Some random anarchists from Athens

We are not slaves, we are dynamite

They are old things, from another century. Poverty, which progress seemed to have banished from the West, comes back to make us feel its bite. Bankers aren’t jumping from windows yet, but the poor are filling the streets. Factories and shops close their doors. Millions of people find themselves with no means for facing the future. They were promised that a life passed on their knees, between a job that profited a boss and obedience to the will of the government would at least ensure a quiet survival for them. Now it’s clear to all that this was a lie.

They are old things, from another century. The lines are swelling in front of soup kitchens. The number of thefts in supermarkets is constantly growing. Foreclosure proceedings pile up. And while those on the bottom try not to die of hunger, those on top prepare for the worst, for the feared social explosion. “Zero tolerance” is guaranteed for anyone who breaks the law; new structures of detention are being prepared for natives and immigrants; soldiers and “volunteers” patrol neighborhoods that are under video surveillance. The old and new poor have to know: dying of privation or suicide, these are the only choices permitted to them.

They are old things, from another century. Today, more and more people are reaching out to grab wealth from the places where it exists in abundance. Some even have a dream in their heart, like the two anarchists, Christos and Alfredo, who were arrested in Greece on October 1 for a bank robbery. Christos robbed the bank at gunpoint. They claim that Alfredo aided him, taking the money on delivery. Now the two anarchists, one Greek and one Italian, are behind bars. Prison is the fate promised to anyone who isn’t resigned to dying in misery, the fate promised to the enemies of all exploitation and authority.

They are old things, from another century. A shattered economy, skyrocketing unemployment, the deterioration of living conditions, a war among the poor fomented by the powerful henchmen, racism speeding up from a mere creep to a gallop, a planet threatened by technological development, States alternating the carrot of democracy with the stick of totalitarianism…
In this sudden return to the past, there is still something missing: the offended dignity that drives desperation away, transforming it into action; the freedom that stops being the right to obey authority and goes back to being the challenge to every form of power; the desire to live that isn’t satisfied with what exists and mounts an assault to snatch what has never been.



Monday 9 November 2009

Italy: anarchist Leonardo Landi arrested at the French border

5/11/2009 AFP

ROME, 5 November 2009 - On Wednesday afternoon the Italian police arrested anarchist militant Leonardo Landi, struck with an international arrest warrant.
In Ventimilia, border town between France and Italy, a police spokesman announced to Agence France Presse:
"We have arrested Leonardo Landi, wanted for subversive association in relation with a terrorist enterprise, thanks to close collaboration with the French police", declared Paolo Fanzone, in charge of the operation in Imperia. The anarchist militant originally from Florence had been in hiding since May 2008. At the time of his arrest, the man was in the company of a woman of La Spezia, suspected of being an accomplice. ... "M. Landi had been implicated in various terrorist [sic] attacks, especially in the centre of Italy, and he represents a danger due to his capacity to rally other people to his cause", he added, adding that the militant is being held for the moment in San Remo prison. An arrest warrant had been issued in May 2008 by the judiciary of Florence, accusing him of having participated in an armed robbery against a post office in June 2007.

News from Athens 6 November

Police Press officer when force dismantled N17 gets top job

Lefteris Economou, an experienced police official who was the force’s press spokesman during the campaign that led to the dismantling of the November 17 terrorist group in 2002, was yesterday appointed head of the Greek Police. The Government Council for Foreign Affairs and Defense (KYSEA) chose Economou to replace Vassilis Tsiatouras who stepped down last month after police arrested several members of a left-wing party and journalists during a sweep in the central district of Exarchia. The arrests were subsequently described as “unacceptable” by Citizens’ Protection Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis.

Arson attacks

Unidentified arsonists early yesterday hurled petrol bombs at an office of Synaspismos, the largest party in the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA), in the central Athens district of Exarchia, smashing the glass facade of the premises and starting a fire but causing no injuries. The blaze was quickly doused by firefighters. In another pre-dawn incident, in the Gyzi district of the capital, a homemade firebomb made of gas canisters detonated outside the building housing the supporters’ club of Athens soccer team Panathinaikos, causing minor damage but no injuries


About the attacks against State and Capital and the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

A huge storm of revolt raged through the streets of Greece in December 2008. After the young Andreas Grigoropoulos was murdered by a cop, riots spread throughout the whole country for several weeks. Hundreds of banks, shops, car dealers, offices,… were attacked, plundered and put on fire. Although it were anarchists and anti-authoritarians who took the lead in this storm during the first week after the murder, it spread itself fast and many people got involved in this revolt against miserable living conditions, against the authorities and against the hopelessness offered by this world to the exploited and oppressed.

But the revolt didn’t cease at the end of 2008, neither did it start on the day of the murder. The attacks against the structures of State and Capital went on and spread to several smaller towns in Greece. A lot of these attacks were claimed by anarchists and anti-authoritarians, containing mutual differences and accents. A lot of discussions about the perspectives of insurrection, city guerrilla, targets and spectres,… take place through communiqués.

On the 24th of September 2009, four people are arrested by the anti-terrorist unit. They are charged for “membership of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire”, “possession of explosives”, “terrorism”,… The arrests took place one day after an attack against the house of a socialist politician. The police claims to be in possession of fingerprints of the suspects they found on unexploded bombs; they claim as well to have found pressure cookers, material to make electronic delaying mechanisms, leftovers of explosive material,… during the two house searches (the comrades were arrested in two different houses). The four arrested were brought to the prosecutor. One person was released under the condition of remaining available for the investigation, while the other three were transferred to prison awaiting their trial. The prosecutor as well issued a warrant against six other comrades. All six of them are on the run, despite the elaborate manhunts of the police and the roadblocks that were put up in and around Athens for days.

About 180 fire attacks and, since a couple of moths, artisanal bombing attacks were carried out under the name of ‘Conspiracy of Cells of Fire’. The attacks targeted banks, car dealers, shopping centres, governmental institutions, police stations, offices of political parties, houses of politicians, judges, criminologists and journalists, private security firms, companies building prisons,… Several coordinated fire attacks took place: some tens of targets got attacked on a few days of time. The claims did not only criticize Capital, State and Authority (in all of their aspects), but as well the resignation of the exploited, their herd mentality, their collaboration with the system. They refuse to regard oppression and exploitation as simply being imposed by batons and blackmail, but understand it as a social relation in which all have their responsibility –and make or don’t make the choice to fight against it.

The communiqué beneath claims an attack against an election meeting of the previous first minister Karamanlis that took place at the eve of the elections. An artisanal bomb was put in a garbage container next to the building where the meeting took place. The meeting was evicted. The ‘Conspiracy’ talks about the recent attacks as well. On the 4th of October, the socialists of the PASOK win the elections. Together with the green party they form up the government. One of the first measures they took was sending an overwhelming police force to Exarchia, a neighbourhood in Athens where the anarchists and anti-authoritarians are very strong. This police force stayed for several days in order to pacify the situation. The socialists, in the best of their traditions, made the struggle against the anarchists and the spread of the attacks an important issue on their agenda…

By publishing this communiqué, which of course offers a limited view upon the activities and ideas of the ‘Conspiracy of Cells of Fire’, we want in the first place to offer comrades the possibility to learn about their ideas, to discuss them and to use them as a basis for recognition or critical solidarity. The first step in developing a revolutionary solidarity always has to be the examination of and discussion about the ideas, actions and reasons for acting of the arrested comrades. We hope the translation of this last communiqué of the Conspiracy contributes to this.


Never did we stop struggling during difficult times, did hot breath touch us, not even when the dogs around us were barking. We looked at each other, self sure about the decisions we made. We checked our weapons, we interrogated our hatred: “Let’s go for it once again… this time ‘till the end…”

After our attack against the ministry of Macedonia-Thrace and the announcement of the national elections, two of our cells decided in cooperation with the comrades of the Nihilist Fraction to once again call for the strategy of social provocation by hitting the houses and offices of political personalities. The first blow in this series of bombing attacks was directed against the house of the PASOK-candidate (Greek social democratic party) Louka Katseli in Kolonaki. We decided to accomplish this attack in two days time. On the day of the attack itself we were surprised to hear the journalists celebrating the dismantlement of our organisation: raid in a hiding place in Halandri, several days of being followed by the cops, success for the EYP (National Agency for Information), localisation and identification of the fingerprints of previous attacks, scenarios about the logic of communicating vessels…

All of this while on the same day we attacked in Kolonaki without any disturbance, under the eye of the police, without worries. These events would provoke nothing but laughter were it not that some people are named to be members of our organisations and are being prosecuted. This is the perfect scenario to satisfy the cannibal instinct of the journalists and the society which has been demanding the arrest of terrorists for months now. Tricks for the elections… internal police affairs… fireworks that cause fear… we don’t understand their logic and will not follow it.

But all that was said remains aggravated in our memory and the solemn word we’ve spoken without any accompanying thought was: “REVENGE”.

Revenge for the party they have had in celebration of our so called arrests under the pretext of the 20th birthday of the execution of the terrible Bakogianni. [In September 1989 this politician of the right wing party Nea Demokratio was shot through the head by the armed group called the 17th of November] A feast at which its protagonist, the big pimp Karamanlis [Greek first minister, voted away on the 4th of October 2009], arrogantly declared his triumph over revolutionary terrorism.

Revenge for the journalist vermin who are pretending to be great writers and speak about the “terrorists of the cooking pots and the play station”, about chiefs and subordinated youngsters. Bur revenge as well for the sensitive mentors of the progressive press which worriedly talk about the good children next doors. Revenge as well for this fucking society which smiled maliciously, believing she had been freed from us, that she could go to bed safely. Revenge for the police bastards who play the tough ones in their bullet proof costumes and who show their machine guns in the time of their weak and fabricated victory but who were crying, running away and hiding under their desks when we attacked the police stations at night to burn them down.

Revenge against the bastard prosecutors and examining magistrates who think they can capture our hatred and our conscience, our feeling and our logic in the pages of their procedure, believing they can frighten us with it.

Revenge for everything we live, we loose, for everything which could have happened to us by choosing for the new urban guerrilla as a living condition.

Today the truth is known to us and our prosecutors. We know their spectacle doesn’t seduce the people who are able to think nor frighten those who chose a place which only few people dare to choose to be their country.

About all of the others, we don’t care too much.

By the way, a few months ago, in May to be precise, we wrote at the time we placed bombs at the police stations of Stavroupoli and Penteli: “The result is even poorer and more picturesque. The biggest part of the arrested is ‘being prosecuted for their ideas’ or for accidentally passing by the place of the attack. We, we don’t think that an arrest should result in the creation of martyrs… neither do we think that a prosecuted should be scarified for the good cause. But you should know that our choices bring responsibilities. The more we think about it, the more confident –and by consequence more demanding- we become towards ourselves and our comrades.”

In this way we want to make understood that we are people who live up to their word as if it was an engagement for life. That’s why we would at least be incoherent and cowardly if we would deny our principles and positions by declaring that we reject and judge every violent action or if we would declare to not be familiar with the organisation we are part of, as was according to the journalists done by two of the arrested. And that makes sense since those people have nothing to do with us.

On top of that we are proud of our choices and deeds and we have the courage, the privilege and the honour to look into the mirror without hiding our face out of shame. We would act the same way in case of an arrest, we would not hide our faces as was done by the two other supposed young members of the group. In short, if anyone should hide his face, it will be this denigrated society.

We will not play for detectives and judge about the how and why of the solid proof which supports this case, namely the existence of a bomb in a pressure cooker which they found in the apartment in Halandri. Having said this, we absolutely need to explicit the following: bombs are not certificated, especially not those with an easy detonator such as cooking pots and alarm clocks. These are commercialised materials which, in contrast to repressive claims, are not exclusively copyrighted by an organisation or a modus operandi. On top of that, the specific method of using cooking pots as objects strengthening the shock waves has been used ever since the 19th century by French terrorists and nihilists (Henri, Ravachol, Vaillant,…) and are even being used today by the anarchist organisation FAI in Italy, by ourselves and the organisation ENEDRA (anti-authoritarian group which placed several home made bombs in September 2007) in Greece. So, how can it be that the possible discovery of a bomb which is spread and made in different times and places can be considered to be the symbol-stamp of a specific group such as the Cells of Fire?

There is something rotten but it is not upto us to find out what it is all about. All of those who thought we would be hiding at the campus of the polytechnic school can wonder about the following question. At the moment the university buildings were surrounded by civil cops and journalists, we placed the bomb at Pedion tou Areos during a meeting of the fat ass [Karamanlis]. We don’t care about the asylum of the university; it has ever been a huge desire of the cops. We will not occupy ourselves with all of that, we are already looking for new targets.

At last, in order of preparing ourselves for the future so that we can face the present in a lucid spirit, we want to make clear that locking up one of us doesn’t imply a position of weakness. We own our codes of values that we will not dirty with revocation, incoherence and forgetfulness. In other words, may the hyenas of solidarity not touch us with their claws; may the people with their good intentions, the personae, the ‘elder’, those ‘who know all’, the mother Theresas and all of the scum keep themselves busy with easier and more servile victims because we, we are no easy preys and we will kick out their teeth. Even at the hardest times, a revolutionary needs to appreciate his friends and comrades and needs to despise the men of straw with their vulgar interests and fake humanism which decapitate the revolutionary conscience and practice by making compromises. Therefore we invite the new comrades to get rid of the mentality of the bars which became press rooms where the experts of solidarity proclaim their communiqués. We invite them to put life into their conspiring meetings and replace their small talk by projects and clear words.

May the fear and uncertainty make place for boldness and determination; may the anger cause storms of rage and make everyone ask to their heart: “If not now… then when? If not us… then who?”

After the last events took place, the comrades who hit Katseli proposed reconsidering the action plan. Because we believe that the reality of prison which surrounds us is not the result of a unitarian and compact leadership which delegates orders and runs the institutions; but that it is a social factory of behaviours, culture, tradition and customs, we want to attack every domain of this factory which produces everything we hate. At this moment we consider the plan to attack the houses of 5 or 6 politicians to be quite poor. It did not have the dynamic that we wanted to develop. We wanted to do something which could break the supposed limits and the alibi of the ‘innocent’ society which denies its responsibility by attributing to the role of the eternal victim. But victims do not cheer to their murderers, they don’t press charges against those who resisted against tyrants, they don’t support their oppressors, they don’t pine away in their fake cells. Because victims simply don’t have a choice.

But the people of the current society, they do have choices and by consequence responsibilities. Maybe we are all living –we and the society- the same shit, but let’s not forget that the prisoners and guards who live in the same prison are not allied.

We feel the same way about this society in which nothing sparkles and the disgusting cowardness reigns. So it didn’t take long for this idea to be born. We chose to hit an election meeting, a meeting where the dull mass of garbage-on-feet hurries to get out on the street and cheer to their leaders. The choice for a meeting of Nea Demokratia was purely esthetical. We couldn’t stand the spectacle of the fat idiot Karamanlis boasting about a non existent success against revolutionary terrorism. We want to remind him that a big mouth serves no-one.

As well we wanted to temper the ambitions of the clowns of the anti-terrorist service who wanted to take revenge for their agent that was knocked out by the organisation ‘Sect of Revolutionaries’ [this cop was executed in April 2009] and who play their game at the expense of people who have nothing in common with the new urban guerrilla. And at last we want to send a message to all.

From now on, the space of indifference has ceased to exist. The revolutionary terrorism and we, as Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, take the step towards social threat and nihilist aggression. The majority will remain to be in front of us as our enemy as long as she is hiding behind the psychology of the masses camouflaging their personal responsibilities; as long as she defines herself as the poor cheated people that are the victims of injustice. Zero tolerance for justifications. It is difficult to wake up in the morning in an unworthy world, in between stupefied smiles, exhausted bodies, fake gestures, apathic looks and in the middle of a dominating absence. We got rid of all luggage that stopped us: dead relationships, lustreless situations, regular opinions, hypocrisies, permanent repetitions and we take a wild path with our longs breathing on the torpedoing rhythm of an unpronounceable mutiny.

We shall play the Russian roulette, the revolver of life in our hands, instead of dying quietly and patiently, far away from what we’re looking for. We know that we are not alone. We know new comrades of the fire to be with us, and we are with them. Beyond all expectations, the new guerrilla has scratched her own razor notch on the face of this world. The new groups have been able to flourish and write their own history, even while they have been blackened and despised by the old ‘celebrities’, even while they have known the suspicion and the posterior advises of the illuminated.

We send our love and respect to all new guerillos and we call for them to join the battle against the small and big, the visible and invisible prisons of our life, and this until the end. To the others, those who burden us with their exhausting justifications and their so called experience, we don’t listen. The revolutionary hostilities will not cease, also not to temper the ease of the wormy voters. The supporters of the party, just like the football hooligans, are travelling from one city to another to take part in all meetings, they drag their living corpse and shout party slogans. Faces transformed by slogans such as “You are the first minister” parade on TV while representing the basis of the electorate, the quintessence of democracy. When the chief is coming to play his 2 hours of theatre, the mass gets struck by tears of emotion and numbness. This idiotic mass, reminding of movies with living deaths, can only be a target. The quantity of the mass does not touch us, neither does the presence of young and old, men and women. It is all about that moment on which the inertia of the people transforms into shouts and supports for democracy.

So we decided to make a bomb explode into their faces, to send a message during the last speech of the first minister, to provoke the authorities to panic and evacuate the place. Electors running away in panic while the clearers of mines start a race against the clock trying to neutralize the bomb. We crossed the Solomon street, merged into the white-azure (colours of Nea Demokratia) mass, passed next to civil cops and riot cops –believing we were part of the mass they wished us victory- and arrived at the spot where we wanted to place the bomb. We saw three civil cops and two riot cops in the 3th of September street and the Guilfordou street and as well a civil cop on the corner of these streets. We went into the alley, left the bomb and so we sent a message about the arrests, the dismantlement and the zero tolerance.

Now is the time for everyone to question themselves and find out if they continue or resign in a definite way from their decisions. We must show them individually and collectively that we don’t back the sails. We’ll stay until the end. If they go to extremes in trying to find us, let us go to our uttermost extremes in trying to be the first ones to attack. The one going home is the looser of this war. No step backwards, no postponement. From now on strategy will be replaced by hatred, intelligent projects by complete determination.

Let’s free our destructive instincts.

May a new cycle of guerrilla begin, even harder and even more destructive.

May every house become a hiding place and may all hiding places become fire that will burn them alive.

Let’s show them that the new guerrilla is not a soap bubble, nor a teenage impulse, nor an explosion of artistic anxiety.

The realisation and reanimation of our aggressive desires, our negations, our existence is attacking the status quo.

You will always be right in front of us… and we’ll see who’s with his back against the wall.

PS: We give our greetings to the anarchists and comrades Christos Stratigopoulos and Alfredo Bonanno who, despite his age, keeps treasuring his unaltered negation and continues walking on the way he choose to walk.

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – Nihilist Fraction