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Thursday 8 March 2012

Chambery, France: Triple incendiary sabotage No Tav solidarity against the SNCF

cette semaine
(March 3, 2012) 

AFP, 03.03.2012 | 2:34 p.m. 

Malicious acts disrupt rail traffic in the region of Chambery. 
Saturday, malicious acts disrupted, the day of the crossover between holidaymakers, train traffic in the region of Chambery, especially towards the ski resorts in the Tarentaise, it was learned from the SNCF.[French railways] 
"As a result of malicious acts, train traffic was disrupted in both directions on the following: Chambery - Modane, Chambéry-Bourg St Maurice, Chambéry-Grenoble. Delays of 20 to 50 minutes were recorded at the end of the morning," said a station official. 
"Electrical cables were burned late in the night Friday to Saturday in three municipalities (The Ravoire, Saint Pierre and d'Albigny Chamousset) indicating that it is willful damage," said the police colonel Jean-Claude Gin. 
"This is an act of sabotage, not copper theft," said the policeman. 
"A hundred officers were mobilized to repair the cables and change some parts," said the SNCF, which provided the circulation of one hundred sixty trains with TGV in this area on Saturday. 
"Movement should begin to recover in early afternoon, although some residual delays should last until about 5:00 p.m.," said the source. 

Survey of tracks sabotaged in SavoyFigaro, 04/03/2012 at 20:00 
Opponents of the Lyon-Turin TGV line being investigated by the police. 
Is violent action caused by the project in Italy for the Lyon-Turin TGV trying to cross borders and reach France? A sabotage operation was conducted on Saturday against the SNCF lines in Savoy causing quite a mess on this day of cross-over to the ski resorts. A hundred trains were an hour late penalizing nearly 30,000 passengers.It was around 5:30 am that the police were notified that fire, located on three separate points around Chambéry, had appeared along the TGV line. Believing at first to be dealing with yet another theft of metals, the investigators, once there, found that it was vandalism. The cables used for signaling had been burned. To do so, the authors had moved the boxes that cover the concrete trenches housing the cables and had set the latter on fire with rags soaked in petrol and oil.On one of the electric cabinets, the police identified an inscription "No TAV", the abbreviation in Italian of 'No al Treno Alta Velocita ', that is to say "no to high-speed train." But for now, no claim has been received by the station as confirmed by his spokesman, Michael Pronost, which analyses the facts: "By choosing the Tarentaise, the authors knew they would cause serious disruption. More than elsewhere, the signaling is essential for the TGV sometimes works as a single lane. "The presence of this symbol, appearing newly signed up, naturally puts investigators on the trail of opponents of the proposed TGV Lyon-Turin. However, the police, in charge of investigations, remain cautious. They await the results including the forensic scientist who carried out various samples on site. From this information, comparisons will be made with other similar acts of vandalism that could have been recorded in Italy, where the actions against the project Lyon-Turin TGV are particularly violent. "We are in touch with our Italian counterparts," says Jean-Claude Gin, commander of the gendarmerie of Savoy, hearing the case with the research section of Chambery. 
Reinforcements to conduct checks 
Moreover, this act of sabotage echoed events a few days earlier at Lyon. During a demonstration on Thursday, from 25 to 30 hooded people had left the procession and had forced a technician at the station to open access to the track. They then threw sandbags on the catenary and unfurled a banner "No to Lyon-Turin." In the same day writings against it had been made on the wall of the Italian Consulate in Lyon. All in Italian. Since then, the case which led to no arrests, is in the hands of the judicial police who also operate the CCTV images. Since this weekend in Savoy, the tracks are being particularly monitored. In addition to the teams of the gendarmerie, a squadron of 100 men as reinforcements came to conduct inspections. In addition, two helicopters equipped with thermal cameras, lead, lights off, air patrols over the lines.

Santiago (Chile): Attack on a prison van in the street


cette semaine/liberacion totale

The pictures correspond to the clashes of Friday, January 6, outside the Usach university, where there was plenty of fire, including the burning of the offices of the Servicio de Impuestos Internos (Tax Office).
The photos represent a "salida", that is to say a sortie where, as in Greece, the rioters use the university (or high schools since the movement of 2011 in Chile) to take the street, block, and attack the State vehicles that pass within Molotov range. The sortie last January corresponded to the fourth anniversary of the assassination of comrade Matías Catrileo by the cops.
In the images, one sees the gathering and the attacks, respectively, against a van transporting money and one of the Prison Administration. The prison van burnt by molotovs belongs to the special services of the PA, that is to say the USEP (Unidad de Servicios Especiales Prisons).
As recalled by the companions of Chile in the text accompanying the pictures, "a thought for the prisoners murdered following their attempted escape during the earthquake of 27 February 2010, the 81 prisoners who died in the San Miguel prison in December 8, 2011, the two injured and murdered for having attempted to escape from the prison of Talagante January 29, 2012, the 361 prisoners who died in the Comayagua jail in Honduras February 14, and that is only a few of the massacres produced by the prison society. A thought also for the comrades who are in the jails of the enemy, they are not alone ".