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Sunday 5 December 2010

Argentina - An anarchist brigade? Doubts raised by comrades of Culmine


Culmine willingly publishes and translates communiques relative to anarchist direct action undertaken anywhere in the world. We remember with pleasure that Severino Di Giovanni had a regular column like this - precisely in Culmine - called "Face to face with the enemy."
With the changing times, many claims are made directly on the Internet and in countries where there is no strict control of the network connections (e.g. fascist Italy) there are no great risks to those who send clandestine communiques. Unfortunately, this phenomenon increases the risk of false press releases or actual provocations. Recently we have had to deal with examples from Chile and Mexico.
More recently there is the case of an Argentinian brigade claiming actions of a certain weight, it is almost always of attacks, robberies, shootings. All actions that could have the approval of real rebels, provided they are truthful.
We of Culmine, in the light of recent events, have begun to have doubts and we need some confirmation.
But let's step back, re-reading some of the claims signed by the brigade, we read: "We are mainly anarchists" meaning they are not all anarchists, "we collaborate with a group of classist comrades who have decided to unite their destiny with our true antisystem fighting against union bureaucracy" which concerns us little, since we are not classist and that we are not fighting at all against the union bureaucracy.
Concerning an arsonist attack against buses, in a wage dispute, it was written "may no exploiter remain unpunished, nor any bureaucrat without warning from the moment their actions are observed by the proletarian working mass" ... but what proletarian working mass? Not even the 70s Italianist workerists expressed themselves in this way!
Another report on the theft of weapons from a barracks, concluded with the appeal "arms for the people." Again, hyper-populist language!
About the explosive attack of Cipolletti, which caused the death of a garbage collector, the brigade in question only talked of the death after being urged by the Células Revolucionarias. Here's the question and answer: c.r.: "it seems important that they give their views on recent events in Patagonia Argentina, where we sincerely believe a person who died was not the objective of this action. " Brigade: "unfortunately it was not like the cell of the area is making a self-criticism for this and will plan better for future attacks."
And their last release - among others - that relative to the assault on a security van in San Nicolás. This is a question of a real military assault, with powerful firearms (FAL, M-16 and other armaments), by a group of more than a dozen attackers, with at least three stolen cars.
Disproportionate firepower to send to the other world a couple of cops, as they want to make it understood by the statement. In fact, this is one of the many armed attacks on security vans ended badly, partly because the group focus seems to be primarily that of liquidating the two patrols rather than breaking into the armored vehicle.
The Argentine press has not given any weight to the claim of the brigade and points more to the idea of a band made up of cops and criminal elements, which is quite frequent in that country. The following two videos to help you understand the dynamics of the assault:
The statement twice uses the term "the comrades withdrew with order", unusual language for anarchist action group. These are our concerns. We do not feel like adding more. We are always on the side of those attacking the system, but we want to understand who we are dealing with. Actions do not speak for themselves, two cops killed by other cops (real or potential) do not interest us. We do not know what to do with the proletarian masses in arms!
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