One fine morning, the faithful lackey, who has hitherto identified completely with his master, leaps on his oppressor and slits his throat. RV

Friday 29 April 2011

Bristol UK - Let Them Eat Cake: Stokes Croft Under Occupation as Royal Wedding Begins

bristol indymedia

29/04/2011 10:39 - Local writes: "They're evicting telepathic heights. The street is closed to traffic, the chopper is out and there are about 10 riot vans and a paddy wagon on the street with only the Stokes Croft Jakeys and occasional passer by watching. Three lads have barricaded themselves onto the roof and there's a bit of a standoff.. They're evicting telepathic heights. The street is closed to traffic, the chopper is out and there are about 10 riot vans and a paddy wagon on the street with only the Stokes Croft Jakeys and occasional passer by watching. Three lads have barricaded themselves onto the roof and there's a bit of a standoff.."

Edinburgh, Scotland - Met raid flat in relation to TUC demo, one person arrested


28/04/2011 20:13 - By Anonymous - Just spoke to someone who's had their flat raided by the cops. Two Lothian and Borders cops with two Met cop banged on the door, then two uniformed forced entry bashed the door in. They had a warrent to look for "black jacket, black scarf, black rucksack, blue jeans." They arrested one person in relation to the TUC demo on the 26th and have taken them to Berwick (nearest Englih cop shop).
They tried to claim the Police and Criminal Evidence Act of England and Wales counts in Edinburgh, since they're English cops. They also replied "not my money" when told about the £80k they had to pay out after their rounding up of people at the Queens Jubillee.

Bristol UK – Stokes Croft erupts into rioting again (UK)

325 nostate

Rioting erupts again late at night after a demo against the recent police brutality – The fighting breaks out of the activist ghetto and every underdog can become an instigator, mainly due to the police causing chaos through horse charges and riot unit surges – The tension grows deeper.
One week after the Telepathic Heights raid, people gathered to fight and protest police occupation, against the wishes of the hated ‘community leaders/spokespeople’, ‘business representatives’ and other pathetic individuals pleading ‘peace’ with the class enemies.
Running battles with police riot units all the way up Cheltenham road, burning barricades in St.Pauls, trouble in Cotham, widespread disorder and violent resistance against the cops in the affected areas. 15 people are reported by mainstream media as being arrested in the disturbance.
Reports circulating that Horfield prison has also erupted in a prison riot, news of which is being suppressed.
Let’s make fighting the police a hot and fun summer delight and spread the rage into other cities – Let’s see Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, London burning with an anti-police – anti-system fire! Ambush!
Organise and attack!

Thursday 28 April 2011

Puno, Peru - Woman dies after police fire on campesinos protesting against mining and petroleum leases.

WW4 Report

28/04/2011 - At least one is reported dead in Peru's southern region of Puno after the National Police fired on protesters April 26, the second day of a 48-hour civil strike or paro called by campesino groups to demand a halt to local mining and petroleum leases. The deceased, identified as María Choque Limache, 61, died after inhaling tear gas as police broke up a protest at the village of Yohoroco, in Huacullani district of Chucuito province, according to Walter Aduviri Calisaya, president of the Puno Front for the Defense of Natural Resources. National Police commander Jaime Cordero Ayala denied this version of events, insisting she had not been at the protest and had died of natural causes. (Peru21, April 27)
Following a dialogue with the paro coordinating body, the Puno Southern Zone Defense Front, regional president Manuel Rodríguez called upon the national Ministry of Energy and Mines to suspend the local mineral and hydrocarbon concessions. Especially at issue is the planned Santa Ana silver mine in Huacullani district, under concession by Vancouver Bear Creek Mining of Canada, which protesters fear will pollute their lands and waters. The paro also demanded a halt to the planned Inambari hydro-electric complex in neighboring Madre de Dios region. (Invergroups, April 28; La Republica, Lima, Pachamama Radio, Puno, April 27;, March 21)
Director of the campesino alliance National Agro Convention (CONVEAGRO), Efraín Gómez, pledged to launch a permanent protest vigil or plantón outside the Puno offices of the Regional Agrarian Directorate to press demands that the national Agriculture Ministry revoke the recent Supreme Decree 003, allowing the importation of transgenic seeds into Peru. (Pachamama Radio, April 28)

Amsterdam - Fur shops and petrol pumps sabotaged in solidarity with the comrades arrested in Bologna


"on the night of Sunday to Monday a group of comrades sabotage 2 fur shops
and a petrol station in Amsterdam .. the fur shop got damaged by breaking
the windows and sending smoke bombs inside (ALF) and the other action
was made by ELF sabotaging a petrol station in solidarity with the
comrades of Bologna
we will not stop until everyone is free


Rovereto, Italy - 'Wind' repeater mast set on fire in solidarity with those arrested in Bologna


local press 23/04/2011 - Anarchist writing on the wall, claim related to the arrests of Bologna
VOLANO (near Rovereto). "Repeaters: environmental and social harm. Solidarity with the comrades of Bologna. "The anarchist signature is written in black spray paint on the wall near the railway underpass. The Wind tower, which stands in the countryside of Volano was set on fire during the night. No witness, the area is isolated and uninhabited, especially in the middle of the night. The damage is beyond question, it remains to be discovered what fuel was used for priming.

Brighton, UK - Stokes Croft warms up again!

UK indymedia

29/04/2011 00:36 - The evening in Stokes Croft started with a spontaneous gathering to a sound system playing from the first floor window of the squat Telepathic Heights. People gathered outside the squat and opposite, just slightly down from Tescos (now completely boarded up and still closed).
A short time later a 12 volt sound system arrived and began playing in the area just down from Telepathic Heights to the obvious pleasure of many local residents who arrived in greater numbers.
At this time the police presence appeared low key, with uniformed officers in pairs maintaining a presence along Stokes Croft and Cheltenham Rd and mixing with residents. However substantial reinforcements in the form of Tactical Support Groupos and Riot Police were parked in several of the side roads leading from this main thoroughfare.
At approx 10.30pm a spontaneouis chant of 'Whose streets? Our streets!' went up from the crowd and was taken up by most of those present which had the effect of attracting more people to the increasing police numbers.
The 12volt system moved about a bit in order to occupy the streets and not to let the police get control in order to kettle and disperse local residents.
The author left at this point with others in order to do a stint of squat sitting in order to protect our homes from sudden police raids like those seen in London and Brighton.
By 1.00am a burning barricade appeared at the top of brigstock rd, just off Stokes Croft towards St Pauls.
Mounted police charge up and down Stokes Croft to try and regain control but simply inflame the situation like last week.
Stokes Croft and Cheltenham Road up to the arches at Gloucester Rd are saturated with police who are making all local residents remain on their property and in their gardens.
Police helicopter buzzing low over area again.
Police seem to be unable to contain situation in a potential repeat of last week. There appears to be no outright rioting or police/resident confrontations- yet.

Santiago, Chile - The "caso bombas" comrades have ended their hunger strike


Today, April 26, the comrades kidnapped in the "caso bombas" frameup decided to abandon the hunger strike that they had carried on for 65 days, from 21 February this year. Concerning their decision, we are waiting to hear from them directly, because no news will let us know how they feel and why they made this decision, unless it comes from them directly.
However, the struggle to regain their freedom continues and we must continue to support them in recovering from their long fast, not only at the material level but also that of their moral, as has happened so far. That solidarity does not stop. Our strength for them.
may fear not destroy solidarity
may solidarity destroy confinement

UK - South London squat raids update

viva voce

All those arrested in south London and held at Harrow Road police station following this morning's raids on a number of squats including the Ratstar have been released. Charges are related to unpaid electricity and "conspiracy to cause a nuisance". The four people being held at Walworth Road police station will not be released tonight so there is a call out to turn up outside the cop station tomorrow morning at 8am in protest.
The Ratstar is still under siege while the electricity supply is being cut off.

UK - Anti-anarchist raids in London and Brighton


28/04/2011 - Breaking news, more updates as we receive them:
Metropolitan police have raided several squatted autonomous centres in London, in a media-spectacle in which the pigs promise more raids. The raids are apparently in connection with the 26 March TUC demo / Black Bloc and the pathetic Royal wedding this weekend which has been hyped up.
The Ratstar squat in South London was amongst those raided, as were 2 nearby squats. Also Offmarket squat in Hackney and Grow Heathrow squat were raided. Current reports are that 14 people are arrested so far. No one has been charged yet. The arrested are being held at Harrow Road Policestation.
On Wednesday March 27 police officers from the Metropolitan and Sussex police forces raided a squat in Brighton and arrested seven people. This was also allegedly connected with the TUC demo / Black Bloc.
a few bits of news from Camberwell, South London..
THE RATSTAR and neighbouring squats were subjected to a massive police blitz both inside and outside in the street involving at times 15 anti-riot vanloads of cops, forensics vans, plain clothes scum cars etc. The Job Centre car park was requisitioned, as well as the neighbouring bus park. Vans also lined the small road opposite leading to Camberwell Court, and Camberwell Road itself was lined with a parade of vehicles. Camberwell Green has been under seige all day. Three of the Ratstar comrades were kept in handcuffs and standing against a wall at the back of the Job Centre behind two cop vans for six hours. Fortunately people outside in the street became aware of this obscenity thanks to a couple of bus drivers. They have now been released without charge. Eight others were arrested and taken to Harrow Road police station. Groups of riot cops in macho posturing were scattered on both sides of the road. Local and national media turned up. Comrades from all over London arrived steadily throughout the morning and have gathered in and around Camberwell Green. More news later.

London UK - Small demo in central London for the anarchist comrades in Chile accused in the "caso bombas" case.

random london anarchists

28/04/2011 - A few individuals gathered yesterday at the Chilean Embassy in central London as a small token of solidarity to the Anarchist comrades in Chile (on their 65th day of hunger strike).
A banner was opened that read FREEDOM TO THE ANARCHIST COMRADES IN CHILE, ACCUSED IN THE "CASO BOMBAS" ON HUNGER STRIKE SINCE 21/2/11-. Some went into the embassy and threw flyers into most offices and entrance area while screaming IMMEDIATE FREEDOM TO THE CHILEAN ANARCHISTS ACCUSED IN THE CASO BOMBAS CASE!. Fliers were also given to passersby and workers in hard hats on the scaffolding of a building opposite, who broke into a shout of FREEDOM! with fists raised (for them it was a bit of a joke) along with the comrades.
Staying outside with the banner raised for a while, after a pointless (obviously) talk with the ambassador we walked down the street with the banner and did a lightening demo through Scotland yard and Westminster Abbey area, past the media of the world to give them a nice backdrop for their interviews of followers/slaves of the monarchy camped out to await the royal circus on Friday, throwing fliers behind us.
After that we all went our separate ways.
random london anarchists

text of leaflet:
IN CHILE THERE HAS BEEN A CONTINUOUS CLIMATE OF SOCIAL UNREST and conflict from the Pinochet dictatorship to the present day. Masses of people never expected anything to change with the arrival of REAL EXISTING DEMOCRACY and to a great extent their suspicions have been confirmed by hard real-life facts. This explains why an increasing number of people have chosen to take a revolutionary path and fight against the new demo-fascist tyrants. From 2005 until today around 130 explosive devices have targeted some of the public and private enterprises that are in the forefront of exploitation. Four prosecutors have dealt exclusively with the attacks, handing over investigations to the intelligence units of the carabineros and the BIPE and DIPLOCAR investigative police. 8 lines of inquiry were initiated, against the GAP-BLP, ex subversives, CRA, organised sectors of Villa Francia, Occupied Social Centres, popular libraries, Anti-capitalist Brigade and the Mapuche. Millions of pesos in resources were spent on investigations and spying on hundreds of suspects, none of which produced any evidence, so the Chilean State in the person of Minister of the Interior, Hinzpeter, petitioned the federal prosecutor Sabas Chahuan in June 2010, indicating that “we need concrete results in the investigation”, and that a “new approach is necessary”. This led to a redesigning of the repressive strategy, making use of well worn State terrorist practices inherited from the military dictatorship and the planning of a powerful police-media show that would point to supposed suspects and presumed culprits. Other dirty tricks were pulled out of the repressive baggage such as “protected witnesses” and the need for a unanimous vote for a release to be granted by the appeals court.
On 14th of August 2010, 9 days after 33 miners were buried alive and still without contact when the mine they were working in collapsed, public prosecutor Ricardo Peña gave the order to set in motion “Operation Salamandra”, in which agents of the BIPE (Investigation Police) the ERTA, the GOPE (Special Forces of the Normal Police), LABOCAR (CSI) and a series of helicopters and police cars were used to carry out 17 spectacular dawn raids in Santiago and Valparaiso.14 anarchists were arrested in Santiago and accused of being involved in the bombings. Statements were later released by several clandestine groups claiming responsibility for the attacks, while since the very beginning of this charade the arrested anarchists have denied any involvement. The evidence presented against them by the prosecution could not be more ridiculous; from magazines and newspapers to common household items apparently intended for the manufacturing of “explosive devices”, anything was welcome to bolster paranoia. With the inestimable help of the mass media which created a climate of guilt around those arrested, the temporary imprisonment of 8 out of the initial 14 people was ordered until the final trial takes place. The other 6 were released and banned from leaving the country or from establishing any sort of communication among themselves or with the people on remand. The arrested men were taken to the CAS (maximum security prison) and the women to the “Centro de orientacion femenina” (Centre for Female orientation). All of them are being held on separate wings. On Monday 6 September another 2 people were arrested supposedly in connection with the so-called “Caso bombas”.
21/02/2011 - eight of the arrested anarchists start a hunger strike.
The comrades’ demands are as follows:
Inside the same they have pointed and demanded:
may fear not destroy solidarity…
may solidarity destroy prison
hostages of the State in the streets!
random anarchists in London

Tuesday 26 April 2011

Santiago, Chile - Message of freedom sent to the prisoners with flames, pamphlets and barricades. BBVA bank set on fire

325 nostate

21/04/2011 - “In those moments in which we decide to locate our lives as a deed of propaganda and move to the attack on this prison society, we discover the complicity of the night as our unconditional lover, caressing every solidarity action of every one of the comrades who takes to assault the misery of everyday life that capitalism offers us everywhere in the world, and it is for this that we return to her to send a message of freedom to the prisoners, because we know that every cinder that flies from the flames of every barricade and burning ATM opens the door of every cell to embrace all of our imprisoned sisters and brothers on the planet, passing through the cracks in the walls to arrive at the dungeons where they remain sequestered.
The night of Thursday April 21st, at the end of the 60th DAY OF THE HUNGER STRIKE of those incarcerated and kidnapped for the “BOMBS CASE” FRAME-UP and without any response on the part of the State-Capital, a group of individuals armed with our hearts overflowing with the longing for freedom, some few pamphlets, hammers, gasoline and our indomitable and insurrectional dreams decided to disturb the social order and the complicit silence of the citizenry in the face of the abhorrent frame-ups of people struggling for freedom, attacking the BBVA branch at the intersection of Rodolfo Phillipi and Alameda in downtown Santiago, destroying its windows and then splashing gasoline to set it on fire, demonstrating to this disgusting society that we are more than commodities tradeable on the market and that the logics of money only reproduce themselves when one naturalizes them oneself.
Barricades were erected on the south side of Alameda obstructing traffic and pamphlets were thrown about the situation of our sister/brother prisoners and for their immediate freedom, (we want to make clear that at no time did we attack the public transport as the bourgeois press is misreporting — if we had, then some buses would have been destroyed), later a couple of slogans were shouted in solidarity with the prisoners of the bombs case and the traffic block was maintained for some minutes to facilitate the escape of the insurgents.
This action marking the final day of the “Week of Action and Propaganda for Freedom, from April 14 to 21. End to the imprisonment of the accused in the bombs case frame-up arrested August 14, 2010,” demonstrates that we are not afraid of their new research division called the Department of Public Order and that their supposed advances do nothing more than intensify the solidarity and the action of every rebel, that their policies to terrorize the population and criminalize social protest do not work and will not work, because the seeds of freedom are making fertile their new fruits and the diaspora of the insurgents has been undertaken everywhere as has been demonstrated with the solidarity actions in Italy, England, Greece, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Canada, Venezuela, Spain, throughout $hile and in many other places of the world, shouting that they cannot quiet our indomitable hearts.
It is necessary to make clear that every day is an opportunity to denounce the political-judicial frame-ups and the terrorism of the State, so they are very mistaken if they intend to implement their public control policies strategically on commemorative days, as every second that passes is an opportunity to assault the monotony of everyday life and to sharpen our ideas against the State-Capital.
We extend this message as a solidarity greeting to all the comrades imprisoned in the world from Bologna to Argentina, from Canada to Peru, from Bolivia to Greece, from France to Mexico and in every corner of the earth.
We will not stop until we see our sisters and brothers free and the frame-up has ended in total collapse, neither their repression nor their bars will silence us, we demand:
For fear to not destroy solidarity…
For solidarity to destroy prison…”
Unknowns for the freedom of the prisoners…

Seattle, US: Capitol Hill bank attacked at dusk in solidarity with prisoners


22/04/2011 - Today at around 9PM we attacked the Chase Bank on Broadway in Capitol Hill. About a dozen windows were broken. It's important to note that this was done at time when Broadway is very busy with pedestrian and car traffic. One group of onlookers was heard saying "It's not a big deal, they're not hurting anyone" as people stood by watching, no one was seen calling the police and no one was chased. Fliers were thrown in front of the bank stating solidarity with the Chilean anarchists on their 60th day of hunger strike* as well as the non-cooperating Green Scare defendants serving time in prisons across the US. A short analysis of why one might attack a bank was inclued as well. No one was arrested.
This action was taken because banks are a clear symbol of the misery and slavery that we experience under capitalism. We chose to use solidarity as a weapon in our struggle against power because our passion for freedom knows no borders or prison walls.
Solidarity with the Chilean anarchists on hunger strike!
Strength and freedom to the non-cooperating Green Scare prisoners!
Prisoners to the streets!
for the proliferation of the attack,
-some anarchists

More information about the
Green Scare Prisoners:
More information about the
imprisoned Chilean anarchists:

Seville, Spain - Santander bank attacked in solidarity with Chilean comrades

cette semaine

22/04/2011 - Indy Madrid - Thursday night 21, while the religious zealots of the city of Seville celebrated their Maundy Thursday, a group of stubborn anarchists decided to attack a subsidiary of Banco Santander to express our disgust with the process of repression which takes place in Chile ("bombas caso") imprisoning our brothers in ideas for already 8 months.
Enjoying the sound of rain and the darkness of the night we stoned the windows breaking them, as well as the screens of ATMs by putting them out of service, before leaving this message as a tag on its front :
Freedom for the anti-authoritarian prisoners in Chile
The bombs case is a frame up

Some antisocial anonymous

Copenhagen, Denmark: four comrades arrested for attempted arson

cette semaine

26/04/2011 - AFP - The Danish intelligence service (PET) announced today the arrest of four militants of the extreme left who had planned to set fire to a police academy.
The four, aged 19 to 23 years, were receiving attention from police for a long time for their arson attempts, according to PET.
They were arrested last night while they were inside a police school of Broedbyoester, a suburb of Copenhagen, with flares and Molotov cocktails.
These people are also suspected of an arson attempt against a bank in January.
"For PET, it is of people involved in extremist circles that are ready to use very violent methods," said the head of PET, Jakob Scharf.
A young 21 year old woman was also arrested after the arrest of four people, according to Danish media.

Santiago, Chile - Pablo & Vinicio Released from Prison!


During a hearing in the Octavo Juzgado de Garantía de Santiago, the court decided to revoke the detention of Vinicio Aguilar Mery, and put him back on house arrest. Some hours before the Santiago Court of Appeals had ordered the same measure for Pablo Morales Fuhrimann. Both have been imprisoned by the Chilean state under the “Bombs Case”.
Now 6 prisoners of the “Bombs Case” are still held in the high security prison of Santiago mainting a hunger strike that has reached 64 days. The two women, Andrea and Monica, are in the prison hospital of Santiago.
The investigation was closed on March 14, so trial preparation is expec ted to begin soon. The case is surrounded by controversy, from the use of the Anti-Terrorism Law tothe latest allegations against the prosecution of trying to offer money to potential witnesses against the 14.

London, UK - Solidarity attack for the Chilean anarchists


25/04/2011 - Around 3am on April 25 we paid a visit to SANTANDER BANK in Tooting High Road,
South London.


Monday 25 April 2011

Bologna, Italy - Fifteen incarcerated immigrants escape from detention centre in via Mattei


21/04/2011 - It seems the escape took place this way: undocumented migrants managed to get out of the prefab which encloses the male section, by sawing through an iron bar (with homemade saws discovered later), they opened a gap in the bars and then climbed a second fence. The 15 escapees (two Moroccan, and thirteen Tunisian) were then able to cross the outer wall, while the seven arrested (four Moroccans and three Tunisians) were blocked before the wall. When the police arrested them, there was a clash: Two policemen and two soldiers were injured. All seven were detained in prison Dozza for "rebellion" and "Assault".
It was during checks in at the detention centre following the arrest of these seven that the escape of the first fifteen was discovered. Craft saws were found and police will investigate to find out how they got into in the centre or have been manufactured.

Toronto, ON, Canada - Five banks vandalized in solidarity with struggles and prisoners

anarchist news

23/04/2011 - 5 Banks in North Toronto were vandalized and redecorated on Sunday [April] 17th as an act of Anarchist solidarity with the Mapuche struggle for land, autonomy and freedom in Wamapu so called “Southern Chile”
and as an act of Anarchist Solidarity with the Haudenesseunee Struggle for land, autonomy and freedom in the great lakes bio-region.
Most of all it is in solidarity for those in prison in both “Canada” and “Chile” who have struggled with dignity against our mutually repressive colonial states. For those who still have the will to refuse submission.
The banks targeted
two Bank of Montreal
two TD Canada Trusts
one Scotiabank

Barcelona, Spain - Two solidarity actions for the comrades hostags of the Chilean State

culmine/War on Society

In response to the call for solidarity through propaganda and agitation for the comrades taken hostage by the Chilean State since August 14th, 2010, and 60 days since the initiation of their hunger strike, two solidarity actions were made in Barcelona:
- 2 simultaneous blockades on two important roads in the city, displaying banners alluding to the comrades accused for the “bombs case” in Chile and calling for solidarity with the comrades in struggle incarcerated in different parts of the world, causing a traffic commotion and thus affecting the everyday passivity of common citizenry, alien in the disinformation of the repressive attacks that power unleashes against anti-capitalist dissidents in Chile and the world.
- Unfurling of a huge banner in of the main tourist spots in Barcelona — el parque guell — complementing the action by throwing informational leaflets. The choice of this point was not random; the objective was to burst into one of the most insidious faces of brutal capitalism: tourism, which in Barcelona and in all parts of the world seeks to invisibilize conflicts and social struggles and represents a form of exploitation hidden behind the ostentatious cameras of tourism’s consumers.
Through these actions we have sought to send a signal of support to the political prisoners of Chile, with the firm conviction that solidarity is a weapon that should be used against power anywhere in the world, transcending the imagination created by states, by borders. For these same reasons, by means of these actions, we want also to greet all the fighters of the world who find themselves imprisoned by the state and by capital.
Freedom to the anarchist comrades imprisoned in Greece, Italy, Belarus, in Argentina and in all the territories where the flame of insurrection lives on.
Solidarios Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain - Molotov attack on Italian consulate in solidarity with the comrades arrested in Bologna

informa-azione/war on society

25/04/2011 - The night of April 18 to 19 we attacked the Italian consulate in Barcelona, located at Carrer Mallorca 270, with a molotov cocktail.
This gesture is intended as a cry of solidarity to the comrades of Bologna and Ferrara affected by repression, an act of proximity and complicity with the arrested, the raided, the suspects.
We will never stop supporting any struggle which aims at a world without borders, police, states and jails.
‘Cause the real terrorist is not the one who fights for freedom and against barbarism, but those who march under the wing of the law, bomb, kill, rape and lock up.
“Freedom is not to be told, it is a blind condition, it refuses to be put in writing”
Individualist solidarity is, in any place, out of place (Fuoriluogo).

Athens, Greece - Anarchists trash all vending and validating machines in two stations of the Athens metro network

from the greek streets

19/04/2011 - On the evening of April 19th, small groups of anarchists entered the metro stations of Sygrou-Fix and Halandri, in Athens. As corporate media report, they destroyed all vending and validation machines in both stations – the damages are estimated in “the hundreds of thousands, possibly up to 1m euros”, as the media report.

Barcelona: Man arrested after fire breaks out in the sacristy of the Sagrada Familia church

19/04/2011 - More than 1,500 people were evacuated from one of Spain's most popular tourist attractions, Barcelona's Sagrada Familia basilica, after an apparent arson attack.
Four people were treated for smoke inhalation after fire broke out in the sacristy of Antoni Gaudi's unfinished masterpiece.
A "disturbed" man was arrested after a group of tourists raised the alarm.
The basilica, a Unesco world heritage site, was later reopened.
Joan Rigol, the president of the Sagrada Familia's board of trustees, said the suspect had allegedly ignited priest's robes in the sacristy.
"He appears to be a disturbed man of around 55 who was found with several lighters in his pocket," he told journalists outside the church.
hit by 'arson attack'

Rafiabad, Kashmir - Hundreds take to the streets after young man is shot by gunmen

kashmir dispatch

25/04/2011 - Srinagar: At least four people on Monday were injured when Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and police used batons and fired teargas canisters to quell massive protests that broke out against the killing of a youth by unidentified gunmen in Kreeri area of north Kashmir’s Baramulla district last evening.
30-year-old Muhammad Ashraf Lone, son of Abdur Rashid Lone of Chatipora, Rafiabad was shot dead by unidentified gunmen at Hail-Jageer in Kreeri last evening. Ashraf, a teacher at a local Madrassa had reportedly gone missing on last Thursday.
Eyewitnesses told Kashmir Dispatch that hundreds of residents of Chatipora and its adjoining villages in Rafiabad this morning took to streets and staged massive demonstrations against the killing. The protesters carried the body of Ashraf in a procession and staged a sit-in on the Sopore- Ladura link road.
Chanting slogans “We want freedom,” “Islam Zindabad,” the protesters were demanding identification and punishment for the people involved in the killing.
As a police team from Sopore reached the spot, angry protesters hurled stones on them. Later additional reinforcements rushed to control the protests.
The forces, eyewitnesses said fired tear smoke shells after they failed to disperse the protesters with cane charge. At least four people , eyewitnesses said were injured in the action. Further details are awaited.
Pertinently, Panchayat elections are being held in Ruhmama Tehsil of the district today.

Bristol (UK) - Stokes Croft Riot after massive police raid against Telepathic Heights squat

325 nostate

21/04/2011. 10pm. A riot starts after a 160 strong multi-regional police force coordinated assault shuts down a district and breaks down the door of a squat named ‘Telepathic Heights’ in Bristol.
The cops then violently harass local people and get attacked in return. Telepathic Heights is in the busy cultural area of Stokes Croft, Bristol, where there are many bars, cafes, squats, community projects, etc. 300 people fight the police for hours and hours in response to the police occupation of the neighbourhood. A corporate supermarket is looted and destroyed, whilst none of the other (independently-owned) shops on the streets are touched in the disturbance.
Everyone is in the streets. Barricades are lit, the cops face an anger that has not been seen for a long time. It seems like it is just beginning. Bristol has been burning now for some time… it will be a hot year of discontent.
9 people are arrested: 5 from the street, and 4 from Telepathic Heights accused of possession and manufacture of molotovs.
Update 24.4.11: Reports of 2 comrades remaining inside the cells in Bristol. 1 comrade from Telepathic Heights, accused of manufacture and possession of molotovs, plus 1 from the street, anarchist comrade and former soldier Elijah Smith. Others arrested that night have received charges or are on bail. Solidarity with those who fight – Against the repression!

Kandahar, southern Afghanistan - 470 prisoners escape from Sarposa jail through 320 metre long tunnel


25/04/2011 - More than 470 prisoners at a prison in southern Afghanistan have escaped through a tunnel hundreds of metres long and dug from outside the jail.
Officials in the city of Kandahar said many of those who escaped from Sarposa jail were Taliban insurgents.
It had taken five months five months to build the 320m tunnel, believed to have been dug from a house rented by the Taliban.
About 100 of those who escaped were Taliban commanders, and most of the others were fighters with the insurgency. The prison holds about 1,200 prisoners.

Santiago, Chile - Police bus attacked outside University campus in solidarity with the 14 of the 'caso bombas' frame up


from Hommodolars Contrainformación, 22/04/2011 - Note: The following communiqués were sent via e-mail, and both refer to the same action—a direct attack on those who constitute the apparatus of the prison system, against the backdrop of the week of agitation and solidarity with the A14 compas. We are publishing both as reflections on the action.
Communiqué 1: USACH Street Solidarity
The three cop buses stationed at different points around the University of Santiago, Chile (USACH) campus neither intimidated nor deterred the longing for solidarity and fire that compelled various individuals to take the streets on Thursday, April 21 as part of the week of agitation and propaganda for the political prisoners framed in the “bombings case.”
In the middle of a silent morning, while capital’s dogs were fattening themselves and sleeping in their opulent buses, people in solidarity took to the streets and set one of those buses on fire, with the surprised pigs only managing to flee, as usual.
What’s the point of this whole apparatus, with its buses and patrols? The streets are surely ours, and that has been demonstrated once again. There is no room for intimidation in our freedom-hungry hearts, and we will use our weapons to clash with anyone who tries to take that freedom away from us.
The confrontation lasted just over an hour, during which at least three of Hinzpeter’s loyal dogs took direct hits from our enraged fire. The demonstration ended with all the comrades free and the cops hidden behind their machines.
Resist, cabros. Solidarity is becoming action, and you are not alone. Subversion, insurrection, and revolt are spreading everywhere.
IMMEDIATE RELEASE for the Prisoners framed in the “Bombings Case”!
Fire to the prisons and their guards!

Communiqué 2
Approximately 50 comrades came from far and wide, appearing by surprise yet again in front of the University of Santiago (USACH), looking for a confrontation with the State’s dogs. The campus has recently been crawling with a rather excessive number of “special forces” (what a contradiction, since the only thing special about them is their strange willingness to defend what doesn’t belong to them, for a pitiful salary).
Since Monday, a water cannon, an armored car, a bus containing a disproportionate number of asshole pigs, and a patrol squad with the same characteristics were stationed in front of the University. Elsewhere, a patrol squad and a bus could be seen near the president’s office at certain times during the past few days. Watchers had also been posted near the USACH metro station. We don’t know what their purpose was, nor do we care. We only question their incredible capacity for delirium and the deployment of disproportionate numbers of oppressors.
Strangely, today’s reality was a bit diminished since there were only three buses surrounding the University, one of which was parked directly in front. That was our target.
We came out by surprise, without being heard. Upon seeing us, the valiant guardians only managed to hide inside their filthy vehicle, which we turned into shit with pure fire. It was one of those scenes that swells your heart and brings tears to your eyes, watching those cowardly faces run for their very lives when confronted with a lightly armed but brave group of people.
The fight lasted approximately 45 minutes, during which the bourgeoisie’s little lapdogs didn’t even dare to advance, instead spraying a considerable amount of their disgusting gas.
Our motive: Unconditional support for the political prisoner comrades on hunger strike for the past 60 days. Many of those who participated in today’s events didn’t share all the ideas of the people in the State’s dungeons, but that didn’t matter to us, because they nevertheless took action. Our goal will always be solidarity among revolutionaries, and we hope the smell of our gasoline reaches the cells of our compas and conveys our appreciation during these difficult times. Patience.
We are aiming for active solidarity on all fronts in the hope of breaking the ideological barriers that divide us and unifying our actions to achieve confrontation with the bourgeoisie. That is our goal.
Freedom for all comrades who are prisoners of the state. Solidarity everywhere. Each small battle is a contributing blow, and every method is valid.
P.S. Afterward, we were approached by a group of imbeciles from the Medical Sciences department, along with some engineering students. They tried to start something with a few compas, who showed no fear. This isn’t the first time that’s happened. The class traitors shouted “This goes against the university” while trying to throw the compas out. They don’t scare us. Just the opposite. Their cheap discourse doesn’t sway us. The university is a bourgeois institution and everyone knows it, but those who manage to get in from other strata make a tremendous effort to find ways of generating subversion wherever we are. And we are everywhere.
Long live the young combatants!
Free the world’s prisoners!
End the “Bombings Case” set-up!
For the spread of solidarity everywhere, using all forms of struggle!

Sunday 24 April 2011

Madrid, Spain - Banco Santader attacked in solidarity with the “bombs case” prisoners in Chile

Madrid Indymedia/War on Society

23/-4/2011 - Thursday night the 21st, while the religious fanatics of Seville celebrated the dawn of Holy Thursday, a group of enraged anarchists decided to assault a branch of Banco Santander to express our rejection of the repressive process that is going on in $hile (the “bombs case”) that has imprisoned our brothers-and-sisters-in-ideas for 8 months.
Taking advantage of the sound of rain and darkness of the night, we stoned several windows, shattering them as well as the automatic teller screens — rendering them unusable — and left our message painted on the facade:
This time we chose as the object of our destructive desire this bank which directly defends the interests of the state of $hile and spreads its capitalist tentacles through those territories, where it is one of the primary economic powers.
We frame this gesture within the week of agitation and propaganda for the 14A, to send strength and courage during the hunger strike that 10 of them have maintained for 60 days in order to demand their release, the non-application of the Anti-Terrorist Law and immediate trial. They have already achieved the end of the investigative period and cessation of solitary confinement for the comrades, held in high security prison, which were two of the initial demands of the hunger strike.
We valorize the struggle and pressure that the comrades are conducting from within, and the achievements they are gaining with the support and unconditional embrace of those who continue the war on the outside.
We have motive and conviction in excess.
For all our warrior sisters and brothers who have fallen or are imprisoned in all corners of the world.
For the reclamation of our lives from social apathy: Let us seek to live anarchy!
Some anonymous anti-socialites!

Athens, Greece - Three of the accused for the Revolutionary Struggle case are released from pre-trial detention


6/04/2011 - Christoforos Kortesis, Evangelos ‘Vaggelis’ Stathopoulos and Sarantos Nikitopoulos (three of the six temporary detainees charged with participating in the urban guerrilla group Revolutionary Struggle) have been ordered released, after the Appellate Judges Council’ judgment on April 5th, 2011.
They are three anarchists who have repeatedly denied all accusations, and are prosecuted with no evidence against them but only in the basis of their political and comradely relations. The legal fabrication and police frame-up which have cost them one-year imprisonment are about to be forfeited in court (as they will be facing trial in the near future).
The Appellate Judges Council with the decree No.807/2011 ordered the replacement of the pre-trial detention of Christoforos Kortesis, Vaggelis Stathopoulos and Sarantos Nikitopoulos by bail conditions. Under the specific decree, Christoforos Kortesis and Vaggelis Stathopoulos are forced to a monetary bail of 3,000 euros each, while they are banned from exiting the country and obliged to appear twice a month at a police station in their area of residence. These restrictive conditions were also imposed on Sarantos Nikitopoulos —with the exception of monetary bail.
Pre-trial detention was prolonged for the members of Revolutionary Struggle, Nikos Maziotis, his partner Panagiota ‘Pola’ Rupa, and Kostas Gournas.

Thursday 21 April 2011

Nottingham, UK - G4S van set on fire in solidarity with the 14 Chilean Anarchists arrested for the 'Caso bombas'


19/04/2011 - In the early hours of this morning a G4S vehicle was set on fire in North Nottingham. A container of petrol was poured on the bonnet and a match was tossed. As we fled the scene we remembered our friends who have been detained, deported, tortured and murdered by Group 4.
This was not an act of bravery, nor was it enough to avenge all those who have who have been tormented by the prison machine. It was however a sign of our intent. A sign that we will not accept this society as the way things have to be.
The struggle against social control is something we must participate in, and to do that we must attack those that participate in the maintenance of society. Whether these attacks are large or small they are what we must do to stay true to ourselves and our desire for a society without domination.
G4S have profited, and will continue to profit from the a prison society which is an attack on the marginalised, the working class, the “non-white”, in fact on all of us who are not part of the elite. So Fuck G4S, fuck all those who seek to, or profit from the imprisonment of our friends, the oppression of our families and the attempt to control us. We will not be controlled, we will attack again and again, because we are filled with love, compassion and pure unadulterated rage.
This action was in solidarity with the 14 Chiliean Anarchists who were arrested on the 14th of August last year, because solidarity is our weapon.

Ratnagiri, India - Curfew imposed after rioting against nuclear power project in Jaitapur.


20/04/2011 - Police caned protesters and imposed an indefinite curfew in Ratnagiri town in the Konkan region of Maharashtra as tension mounted Tuesday, a day after a local fisherman who was part of a mob rioting against the nuclear power project in Jaitapur, was shot dead by police.
Tabrez Tehekar of Nate village was killed in the firing Monday afternoon. Police have said they had no option but to fire at the mob, which was trying to burn down the Nate police station, and could have looted weapons and ammunition.
Fresh trouble started in Ratnagiri, the district headquarters about 450 km south of Mumbai, this morning. The Shiv Sena, which has been opposing the project, had called for a district bandh to protest Tehekar’s killing, and villagers from the project area villages of Madban, Nate and Jaitapur had gathered near the district civil hospital in Ratnagiri where the autopsy was to be conducted.
Residents from five villages adjoining the proposed 9,900-MW project have been protesting, fearing radiation and ill-effects on health, mango farms and fishing. The Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL), along with AREVA, plans to set up six nuclear units in Jaitapur

Bologna, Italy - To all delinquents who have expressed solidarity


17/04/2011 - Solidarity has come strong and abundant with letters and telegrams, which have been so numerous to make the guards go into a tailspin, and some were even sent by registered post to make sure they arrived. This really warms up our heart.
The charge for those arrested, for those subjected to restrictions and for all the comrades investigated is ‘organized crime’.
Already used against the comrades in Lecce as a more appropriate charge compared to that of ‘subversive association’ and also employed in other legal procedures as in a case in Turin, now even the Digos of Bologna have pulled it out of their hat to hit at their nightmare in town. But the Bologna Digos have added something of their own and have said ‘with aims of subversion’.
After describing Fuoriluogo as a site where numerous internal and overseas initiatives are organized and depicting the link between us as strong and intense, they list a long series of ‘illegal activities’ carried out singularly or collectively, which are nothing more than well known penal procedures under way, where some of us have already been put on trial and paid a high price and others will be in the future. They are charges of resistance, damages, private violence, non authorized demos etc etc. The usual charges that weight on those who carry out struggles that disturb power.
From all this to the charge of ‘organized crime’ the reasoning becomes obscure, the noise of the crack on the mirror can be heard. But that’s it. Once they have built their structure, even if it is groundless and absurd, it will be up to us to dismantle it. So they do and so it is. Then, once again they have talked of leaders, vice-leaders and soldiers. They always try this path because it is their way to hit and because they really cannot understand that people can have different kinds of relationships. They want ‘to demonstrate’ that there is a leader because the comrade in question [Stefania, translator’s note] is very much involved in gathering data to be exposed in leaflets and to be used for the success of initiatives. During a telephone conversation with a comrade who found it hard to be present at a demo due to money problems, this comrade identified as ‘leader’ encouraged him to be present anyway by saying to him: ‘Come on, we will find the money, someone will provide it’ – of course by making recourse to her usual way of speaking that many know.
In short, a series of well known episodes and phone tagging like that just mentioned constitute the plot of the Bologna Digos, supported by a public prosecutor with some pebbles in her shoes.
We two in the female wing are okay. We are still separate and in isolation. We receive mail but maybe not all of it.
We send you a big hug and we keep on struggling with you for a world without fences, be them material or generated by induced fear and shabbiness. Without servants or bosses with their infamy and harmfulness.
We will be together soon but, as someone said in a telegram, if it is us to reach you it will be better.
Stefi and Anna

Bologna, Italy – The five arrested anarchists are being held in the Dozza prison, Bologna

we receive and publish:

26 comrades under investigation of whom 5 arrested in Bologna considered promoters of an “conspiracy with subversive purposes”.
updates soon.

to write to the arrested comrades who are being held in the Dozza (Bologna)

Martino Trevisan
Robert Ferro
Nicusor Roman
Stefania Carolei
Pistolesi Anna Maria

casa circondariale
via del Gomito 2
40127 bologna

Bologna, Italy - We are all out of place


We are all Fuoriluogo ('out of place' - the anarchist place in Bologna that was raided and closed down during a police operation involvi 60 searches all over Italy, 5 arrests and 7 judicial restrictions. The charge is ‘organized crime’).

Text of the poster calling for demos in Italy

In a world over and over again at war, where mad colonels bombard rebel towns and global sheriffs shoot against everybody; in a nuclearized world with radioactive seas and poisoned lands, where an earthquake is a business for laughing hyenas and where a cancer is yet another customer for pharmaceutical lobbies; in a world obsessed by ‘security’ but in which the destiny of everyone is in the hands of doctor Strangelove and his idiotic ministers, and in which health is in the hands of pharmaceutical multinationals and traders of waste; in a world of luxury hospices for rich elderly and prison call centres for poor youths; in a world of blue years and lead years, of jobs that are not there, and when they are there it is just shit; in a world of lives mortgaged in order to pay a rent and of bored consumers; in a world in which economic crisis is used to inflict the nth ‘emergency’ on you so that you bow your head; in a world of men and women fleeing from war and misery, in a world of refugees camps and mass deportations, of police blocks and electrified borders, of slaves because of hunger and dead in the sea; in this world, the world of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl, Fukushima, the world of Auschwitz, Mauthausen, Gaza, Ceuta and Melilla, Porto Palo, Lampedusa, the world of Gradisca, Pontegaleria, via Corelli, Via Mattei, Ventimiglia…
In THIS WORLD we are ALL fuori luogo because in this world life is banned, forced into places and corners of history that we want to reduce to rubble once and for all, so that we can finally breathe and create new forms of life…

Saturday 16 April: everybody in Bologna at 3pm, Piazza XX Settembre, for a demonstration in solidarity with the revolts in the Mediterranean, against war and its accomplices, to continue the struggle of those who have been arrested and to repeat loudly that ‘in this world we are all Fuoriluogo’.

Saturday April 23: everybody in Caorso at 3pm, Piazza della Rocca, for a demonstration against nuclear power and the world that produces it, so that nuclear power stops with Fukushima.

Hartcliffe, UK - Mitie offices windows smashed

325 nostate

18/04/2011 - “15-20 windows smashed at Mitie offices in Hartcliffe. The reason this was done is because this company profits from the recession. Solidarity with everybody arrested on the 26 March anti-cuts demo. We echo the call from those who attacked the Shell HQ last week for a heightening of resistance this summer.”

Brussels, Belgium - Fire bombs explode at building of employers' organisation

suie e cendres

19//04/2011 - BRUSSELS - In Auderghem, on Friday the first of April, two fire bombs exploded in front of the building of COMEOS, the organisation of employers in commerce. Police say the explosion was heard far away and are also calling for witnesses.

Wednesday 13 April 2011

Middle East & North Africa Protests & Uprisings Map Time-lapse


Paris, France - Against nuclear power and its world: intrusion against high-flying scumbags


Indy Nantes - 09/04/2011 - On 6 April at the University of Paris Dauphine Mr. Masuda, a former director at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was to refer to "the Fukushima nuclear disaster of 11 March and its aftermath." Twenty individuals invited themselves to the conference, launched paint-filled eggs and insulted the participants, exploded some stink bombs and left about fifty flyers.
Special dedication to the Italian comrades that the state would like to rein in. That same day, in fact, in 16 Italian cities, 300 cops were conducting 60 searches among comrades, under the charge of "criminal association with terrorist aims," ​​the press were talking about various attacks against the ENI (Italian equivalent of EDF), against companies and aid groups working within the machinery of deportation, against various groups of the extreme right ... 5 people were detained, 26 people indicted, and the local anarchist place Fuoriluogo in Bologna has been impounded.
Their punishment will not stop the struggle! Against nuclear power and its world and all who would enchain us!
leaflet in French:

Island of Lampedusa, Italy - Fire breaks out at detention camp

cette semaine

ANSA, 11/04/2011 A fire broke out in the Lampedusa camp where migrants being expelled have revolted this morning. Two buildings are in flames, while hundreds of migrants are trying to flee into the surrounding hills. 50 migrants were able to escape (while remaining on the island where it is difficult to leave) while others were blocked by soldiers encircling the camp. Others are grouped at the entrance of the centre.

Albano Laziale, Italy - Sabotage at the site of proposed incinerator


6 April 2011 - In Albano Laziale, near Rome, there was an action made by eco-anarchists against a developing local open rubbish-dump where an incinerator is planned. The rubbish-dump is a huge hole of approximately 40m of great depth more than a soccer-field. The comrades were able to infiltrate the facility despite the presence of employees and security. Many different parts of the facility were sabotaged including 2 excavators, 1 truck, 1 seam compressor, various hydraulics, various electrical works etc. Sand in the tank of one vehicle. Stolen documents of the service yard, including building plans and photos of the intense activities in the yard.
“Direct Action in Defense of the Earth”

Nottingham (UK) - Attacks on Infrastructure

325 nostate

12/04/2011 - “In the early hours of this morning individuals who choose to be nameless attacked two points of this society’s infrastructure, we used different methods each time, but maintained the same quality of love and hate throughout. In both Bulwell and West Bridgford T3 mobile masts where set on fire. We used car tires we had left nearby days earlier, bundles of rags coated in petrol and disposable lighter. A little later we took our knives, our paint stripper and our expanding foam to work on two e-on vehicles and a G4 van. We choose these methods due the close proximity of the vehicles drivers and surveillance. The knives took on the tires, the paint stripper the bodies of the vehicles and the expanding foam destroyed the exhaust pipes.
These action was carried out because we know that in order to be free the infrastructure of dominant society must be destroyed, we recognise that this infrastructure is cultural and social as well as physical, and that in order for us to survive all aspects must be challenged. However, these actions were also carried out because we can not always wait, because we are hungry and impatient in our search for freedom, and each time we act against the totality of this society with our force we find a little bit more freedom from the social prison we find ourselves in. Basically they were a FUCK YOU to every aspect of oppression. Fuck you we are getting read. Fuck you we are becoming less afraid by the day. Fuck you our lives will be our own.
For us these actions live side by side with all actions where individuals decide that they wish to take their lives into their own hands. We believe that those actions can take the form of occupying banks, they can take the form of informal education collectives, they can take the form of banner drops and peoples kitchens. They can take the form of all kinds of things, and they need to be if we are to destroy all forms of domination.
But we choose these actions because they represent us, they are a manifestation of our fury and our disgust, they are a physical representation of our refusal to obey the joyless status quo.
We dedicate these actions to the friends we know who still feel caged. These actions are in solidarity with our friends in Bologna Martino Trevisan, Robert Ferro, Nicusor Roman, Stefania Carolei, and Pistolesi Anna Maria, who have been imprisoned due their dedication to a liberated anarchist world. This action is for all comrades fighting for a way out of societies jaws.”

Bristol (UK) - Mitie van torched

325 nostate

12 April 2011 - “Let us be clear on something: we are not demanding anything. The libertarian world that we desire is here, in our beating hearts and clenched fists, not to be found through the concessions of our enemies, allegiance to this or that party/union/’social movement’. We have no dialogue to be made with the world we have discovered ourselves to be at war with, as it is at war with us. And we are not alone. Across the world the attacks multiply – some claimed clearly by comrades in the perspective of the struggle against State, Capital and Hierarchy in whatever forms, many, as always, a mute expression of the rage of stolen lives, broken hearts, trampled desires. Also made beautiful in their rebellion.
We are losing the fear cast over our lives by the powers that be and widespread social conformity and blind tranquility of the Western consumer world – the thin veneer that sugar-coats the exploitation and control that is our existence. More and more as we find the courage to pull back the veil, we realise that the system’s tools that mediate our slavery are all around us and within reach of our carefully aimed anger. Just one example of this is Mitie, merely one of many parasite companies that profit endlessly from the recession and misery of modern Britain – so just one of many blows to come we made last night in Staple Hill, Bristol, when we burned an unattended Mitie van.
To our unknown friends made prisoners in their path as social fighters – Luca Bernasconi, Silvia Guerini, Costa Ragusa, Giannis Dimitrakis, Alexei Gaskarov, Maxim Solopov; for those targetted in the police crackdown on the anti-authoritarians in Italy; for the Indonesian insurrectionists.”

Island of Mitilini, Greece - Attack on Eurobank in solidarity with the people of Keratea


08/04/2011 - We live in a time of war. A time where the oppressed receive a full on attack from state and capital it is of imperative need to realize from which position we speak and which side we support with our word our and action. With this fact we can see a blurry vertical line that separates the two fighting camps and becomes clearer each time those below dispute the decisions of the dominance and receive their repressive violence, therefore also are revealed the cohesive bonds between those fighting against these decisions. We do not support with indiscrimination whoever fights. However, the violence of the state should be answered with violence. Each tenacious and uncompromising fight against the interests and the plans of the opportunists, and in favour of the freedom of people to determine their lives as they want, strengthens the social entropy and it does not cease to be on our side since we see this bisector line from the camp of the former.
Solidarity, whose significance is degenerated by the excessive use of the word from all sorts of populist demagogues, apart from being a component with which human societies were created and evolved, is also a very powerful weapon for the camp of the below in the social war. It becomes particularly dangerous for the enemy when it is expressed factually and its carrier seeks to transmit the corresponding political message to as many as possible wider layers of oppressed.
At 4.20 in the morning of 30/3 we attacked with hammers the subsidiary branch of Eurobank in our city as token of solidarity to the fighting residents of Keratea and in order to send a political message -proof of existence of people that think and are ready for action- on both camps. According to its bulletin, Eurobank possesses 40% share of the stocks of MESOGEIOS A.E. which is the main constructor of HYTA in Keratea. The residents of the Lauriotiki region, who have been fighting for over 100 days and are recieving continuous barbarian attacks from the dogs of the bankers and contractors – yes, we mean the cops – resulting in the injury of citizens, destruction of their properties, a pregnant woman lost her child, have already begun a campaign of boycotting the particular bank. These things naturally are not heard neither are written in the guided governmental means of mass deceit. They are heard and written however in the independent means of information and at
The state has transported already much of its waste (3000) from the camp of the MAT (riotcops), to Keratea. Its time they take these and the rest, go and burn them in the courts, the police departments and Parliament. Keratea we are with you!
In Solidarity

Czech Republic - CCTV Toll Gate Generator is Blown Up in solidarity with the imprisoned Chilean anarchists



10/04/2011 - “In the early morning of April 10 we blew up a generator which supplies power to a small toll gate on the D1 highway. As a result, CCTV stationed there was cut off. The state of constant control must not leave us dormant. They treat us like laboratory rats caged in a bleak maze. Due to the public’s resignation they are free to impose an atmosphere of fear as they please. Such an atmosphere of fear and enforcement is accompanied by a ubiquitous supervision carried out by various authorities to keep an eye on those who would feel like breaking free from the vicious circle.
We refuse to come to terms with the pre-packed and pre-designed life.
We refuse to go to work so that the rich can get richer while the poor are forced to live off the crumbs from a rich man’s table.
We refuse to obey and comply.
Solidarity to the imprisoned Chilean anarchists!
Honour to Lambros Foundas!
Smash the State and Capitalism!”
Revoluční boj (Revolutionary Struggle)

Sunday 10 April 2011

Madrid, Spain - Student Demonstration ends in Riot

Media Summary

07/04/2011 - At the end of a student "No Future" demonstration in the capital, a group of about 400 young people took to the streets of Madrid blocking La Castellana avenue with barricades and clashing with Spanish riot police.

Phulbari, Bangladesh - Protests Against Coal Mine Project Grow


10/04/2011 - Phulbari, Bangladesh – For the past six years, a growing concert of indigenous peoples in the northwestern part of Bangladesh have joined the protest against a planned open-pit coal mine here — what would be the largest such mine in the world.
The rich agricultural region has been inhabited and farmed by scores of tribal groups who speak unique languages and practice unique cultural traditions going back several thousand years.
The proposed 6000 hectare project is being pursued by the UK-based Global Coal Management Resources, or GCM (formerly the Asia Energy Corporation), which estimates that some 47,000 people will be re-located, with only 2,200 of those being “indigenous”.
However, according to a recent report published by*, independent researchers along with the Jatiya Adivasi Parishad (National Indigenous Union) estimate that 50,000 people belonging to 23 tribal groups would be evicted.
What’s more, according to the same article, a 2006 Expert Committee formed by the government of Bangladesh estimated that two and half times this number of people would be directly affected, and nearly a quarter million (220,000) people would suffer reduced access to water for drinking and irrigation. Much of this will be due to de-watering of the proposed mine (to keep water from entering the pits) up to 1,000 meters in depth, which will result in a “massive reduction in groundwater.”

Sanaa, Yemen - Dozens of protestors wounded when security forces open fire


09/04/2011 - SANAA - Dozens of protesters demanding that Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh stand down were wounded in clashes with security forces in the capital Sanaa late on Saturday, residents said.
Security forces opened fire, wounding dozens of the protesters, and many more were suffering from tear gas inhalation, residents said.

Banias, Syria - More killings a day after 26 killed at demonstrators' burial in Daraa


10/04/2011 - DAMASCUS (AFP) – Syrian government forces killed at least four people and wounded 17 when they strafed a residential area of the coastal town of Banias with gunfire for hours on Sunday, witnesses told AFP.
A Syrian security officer was later killed and another was wounded when their patrol was ambushed in the northwestern coastal town, the official SANA news agency reported.
The latest deadly violence came one day after mourners in the southern town of Daraa, epicentre of more than three weeks of pro-democracy protests, buried around 20 demonstrators killed by security forces.
In Banias, the civilian toll was at least four dead and 17 wounded on Sunday from shooting by security forces in the neighbourhood of Ras al-Nabee, where the Al-Rahman mosque has been a focal point of anti-regime demonstrations.
"The army and security forces and gunmen besieged the town from all sides and fired without interruption for several hours," a university professor told AFP.
"(President) Bashar al-Assad is sending us a message: punish those who dare demand freedom with death," he said.
The gunfire came from the Alawite neighbourhood of Al-Quz, two witnesses said, with one adding that it was "a real massacre with snipers shooting to kill."
.. Banias residents on Saturday had reportedly agreed to stage a rooftop protest at 10:00 pm to call for the fall of the regime, but by 8:30 all land lines and cell phones were cut.
.. Anti-regime demonstrations and clashes with security forces raged across the country on Friday leaving 28 dead, including 26 in Daraa, according to an updated toll by six Syrian rights groups.
And on Saturday security forces shot at protesters in Daraa, wounding two people, an activist said, as a huge crowd buried the dead from the previous day.
..An unprecedented opposition movement erupted in Syria on March 15 challenging the regime of Assad, who has been in power since 2000, to introduce major political reforms.
..Assad last month ordered a legal committee to draft new legislation to replace emergency laws, in force since 1963, which give security services great leeway to crush dissent.

Sun Apr 10, NICOSIA (AFP) – Syrian security forces killed a total of 28 people on Saturday, human rights activists said Sunday.
Twenty-six died at the funerals of protesters killed in and around the southern agricultural town of Daraa, while two more were shot dead in the industrial town of Homs, in west central Syria.
"Police and security services broke up peaceful demonstrations on Saturday by firing live ammunition, causing the death of 26 people," six Syrian human rights group said in a joint statement.
Thousands of people attended the funerals of 17 people gunned down in Daraa, flashpoint of more than three weeks of anti-government protests, and another 10 killed in surrounding villages on Friday.
In addition, the groups say the authorities have been carrying out "arbitrary arrests" in different regions, and they said that 13 people had been detained in the Mediterranean coastal towns of Latakia and Jabla.

Halandri and Thessaloniki, Greece - Solidarity arson attacks


From Culmine (April 7, 2011):In the early hours of Sunday, March 27, fire completely destroyed the Halandri offices of Eurocopters, whose subsidiary Aeroservices supplies helicopters to the Greek army and police. As our comrades explained in their lengthy communiqué, after breaking in through the front door, a potent incendiary device was left inside the offices. The action was dedicated to the Fire Cells Conspiracy members arrested on March 14, and the communiqué was signed by the International Revolutionary Front: Deviant Behavior for the Spread of Revolutionary Terrorism (Anarchist Action Cell).

In the early hours of April 1, the following targets were torched in Thessaloniki: the headquarters of the Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe (an NGO) in the Ano Poli neighborhood, and the local office of the British Hellenic Chamber of Commerce downtown. Apart from it being a capitalist gang, there was another reason to attack the Chamber of Commerce. Its key executive is Rigas Tzelepoglou, who is also the honorary consul for Chile in Thessaloniki. The NGO in question, like most NGOs, has its hands covered in blood and shit due to Greece’s policy toward the Balkans. Plus, there is a surprise: The treasurer of the NGO that was attacked is none other than Mr. Tzelepoglou! The arsons were dedicated to the Chilean comrades on hunger strike, the five recently arrested Fire Cells Conspiracy members, and other prisoners. The communiqué, which can be read in Greek here, was signed by the International Revolutionary Front: Fire to the Borders Solidarity Cell.

Rennes, France - Nuclear multinational Areva walled up

cette semaine

Indy Nantes,, 08/04/2011 - Areva [French multinational conglomerate, mainly known for nuclear power but also has interests in other energy projects], all nuclear industries and the governments that support them are taking us to a total liquidation of the planet. Contaminating and destroying large areas of life, killing, poisoning and displacing millions of people and living beings: immediately or gradually, it is a matter of time and accidents?
Areva, we no longer want to live under the threat of your timebombs. We do not want to risk our lives for your profits. Our comfort should not be this price.
Prior to this global disaster, we have walled up the door of Areva in Rennes - St-Grégoire and declare its liquidation!
What we want totally liquidated is the system in which we are inevitably plunged as long as the nuclear threat persists. We refuse to accept that the nuclear lobby cause a catastrophe and much less claim to manage it.
Our energy is renewable. So, Areva, subsidiaries and consors, we promise you more than a little wall ...

Wednesday 6 April 2011

Madrid, Spain - Centro Nacional Pharmaceuticals van burnt in solidarity with anarchist prisoners in Switzerland and Chile


Source: madrid.indymedia - translated by culmine

06/04/2011 - This morning a van of the Centre National Pharmaceutical was set on fire in central Madrid, because we do not want to continue to endure this agony, because we prefer to stay mad before seeing ourselves tied to the madness of anti-depressants and other chemical and alienating garbage, because we hate this modern world and its barbarism, its wars, because we want to stop once and for all this damned machine that pushes us into the abyss and we know we must do it for ourselves and that the best time is NOW and the best place is HERE.
To spread the revolt, let's come out from the ghettos. In the streets!
This action is dedicated to our comrades on hunger strike in Chilean State and Billy, Silvia, Costa and Marco. In our hearts.

Bologna, Italy - The five arrested anarchists are being held in the Dozza prison, Bologna


we receive and publish:

26 comrades under investigation of whom 5 arrested in Bologna considered promoters of an "conspiracy with subversive purposes".
updates soon.

to write to the arrested comrades who are being held in the Dozza (Bologna)

Martino Trevisan
Robert Ferro
Nicusor Roman
Stefania Carolei
Pistolesi Anna Maria

casa circondariale
via del Gomito 2
40127 bologna


from la repubblica

Bologna, April 6 - More than three hundred men engaged in sixteen cities, from Emilia, to Puglia, to Campania, in an anti-terrorism operation which started from Bologna, which has targeted anarcho-insurrectionalist militants. Police in the regional capital of Emilia led from the early hours of the day led 60 raids against members of the insurrectionalist wing of the anarchist movement. The measures were carried out as part of an investigation coordinated by the prosecutor of Bologna, conducted by the Digos of the region and the central direction of the Prevention Police (Ucigos).
Molotovs and incendiary raids. The investigation began long ago, in 2009, and has been updated to the end of 2010, with recent events. It concerns, for example, campaigns of anarchist publications, but also episodes such as those against the centre for identification and deportation of Bologna, Unicredit (for an environmental campaign, because they finance Impregilo), against Eni (for activities in underdeveloped countries ).
Five arrests and seven cautionary measures. In the target frequentors of the Bologna circle "Fuoriluogo", which has been put under criminal sequestration. The Digos ran 12 provisional measures ordered by the magistrate of the capital: five arrests and seven measures of obligation or prohibition to stay, for episodes of subversion, corruption, arson and other crimes. A suspect for the arson attack on the headquarters of Eni was arrested. He was jailed for an attack for terrorist purposes. He was caught by a phonetap, demonstrating that the young man had to do with the Eni raid.
According to investigators, the group had created an association interested in attacking political and social "opponents", identified in the police force, in centres of economic power (banks and other companies), in members of opposition political parties, in symbols of opposed government politic (Centres for identification and expulsion). The weight of the precautionary measure depends on the alleged role played in the association: in prison is who is believed to be the promoter of the association, while others, who have had a lesser measure, are regarded as mere participants.
"Subversive association for criminal purposes." The suspects are accused of belonging to a conspiracy aggravated by subversive purposes, aimed at carrying out criminal actions of a violent nature against people and property, carried out in Bologna: in recent days in the city arsonist strikes against the commercial offices of the ENI and IBM.
Operations in 16 cities. More than 300 men employed in the operation of the State Police. The measures were carried out, as well as in Bologna, also in the cities of Ferrara, Modena, Rome, Padova, Trento, Reggio Calabria, Ancona, Torino, Lecce, Napoli, Trieste, Genoa, Teramo, Forlì, Ravenna and Milan: this is because the Bologna group had contacts with other organizations through a underground magazine, "Invece". Throughout Italy material considered of interest was seized.




A new police and judiciary raid against anarchists in Italy has hit the city of Bologna, and in particular the comrades of ‘Fuoriluogo’. The charge is ‘organized crime with aims of subversion’ and refers to both public campaigns and attacks against banks, ENI (the Italian energy multinational involved in nuclear activities and in business with the Libyan regime), structures linked to the Bologna migrants detention centre and other centres of economic and political power.
The investigation is alleged to date back to 2006. Searches have been also carried out in 16 towns all over Italy, where material especially linked to the Bologna comrades has been seized.
5 comrades of ‘Fuoriluogo’, whom the investigators consider the ‘promoters of the association’, are being held in prison whereas another 7 have been inflicted restrictions of various kinds.
It is the usual way of the Italian repressive forces: wherever there is an active presence of anarchist comrades who stand up against power and its many manifestations, spectacular judicial frame ups are set out, comrades considered as interesting targets by power are arrested and dozens of searches are carried out all over the Italian territory against those who are viewed as accomplices or simple friends of the arrested.
The comrades of ‘Fuoriluogo’, like many other anarchists in many Italian places, are among those who do not stay silent in front of the misery of this society, speak out loudly and carry out activities with anarchist means in the struggle for freedom and against exploitation. Everything our comrades do becomes therefore a target for the inquisitors: leaflets, anarchist papers, meetings, demos, the most disparate initiatives. Needless to say, there is no evidence linking the arrested anarchists to the actions they are accused of as the reason for this nth repressive wave is to be found in the mere nature of anarchist struggle, in the generosity and tenacity of our comrades and in their resolute and unshakable struggle for freedom.
Unconditional solidarity to the anarchists of ‘Fuoriluogo’. Fuck the Italian judiciary and its pigs in uniform or in plain clothes.
An accomplice of ‘Fuoriluogo’

Bologna and many other towns in Italy - 5 anarchists arrested, 60 houses of comrades raided


06/04/2001- On the searches and arrests of 6 April in Bologna [press]

we receive and impart:
Wednesday, April 6, from the early morning hours, the houses of some sixty comrades throughout Italy were raided by officers of the Digos[political police]. 27 of them are being investigated, of which 5 have been arrested on charges of criminal conspiracy.
Some of the Bolognese comrades most affected by the repression have been active in the anarchist documentation space FuoriLuogo opened in Bologna in 2006.
FuoriLuogo was raided, devastated and sealed.
Already last week the houses of 8 comrades between Bologna and Ferrara were searched, in response to some actions that had occurred some days before, including attacks aimed at structures of power, such as ENI, IBM and the Northern League.
Immediately the media, servant of the repressive apparatus, talking of terrorism, wanted to narrow down a general and widespread climate of incandescence to a very specific area, the anarchist one.
In a time of crisis and revolts that are spreading through the entire Mediterranean area the bosses and the powerful have nothing to offer and cannot do anything other than strike those who have always cried out loudly and genuinely oppose themselves to a world of wars , exploitation, hierarchy, prisons, detention centres.
We have chosen to continue to do so without being intimidated.
They will not stop us by trying to turn our desire for freedom to stereotypes made in their image and likeness, based on rigid hierarchies and organizations.

That is why we are relaunching the demonstration on Saturday, April 16 (concentration 15.00 at piazza XX settembre)
against those who exploit, repress and bomb, both beyond the shores of the Mediterranean and within our cities.
Alongside those who do not let themselves be crushed, but rebel against those who would have them slaves and exploited.


Tuesday 5 April 2011

Zambia - State prosecutor drops charges against 2 Chinese mine supervisors accused of shooting 13 Zambian miners, leading to riots in October


04/04/2011 - The Zambian state prosecutor has dropped charges against two Chinese mine supervisors accused of shooting at least 13 Zambian miners during a wage protest in October, a government official said Tuesday.
The trial of Xiao Li Shan and Wu Jiu Hua, former managers at Chinese-owned Collum Coal Mine, is now closed, an official with Zambia's Directorate of Public Prosecutions told Dow Jones Newswires from Zambia's capital, Lusaka.
"The state dropped the charges and court doesn't have to make a ruling on the matter," he said, adding that the prosecution failed to get the witnesses needed to proceed with the trail.
The two defendants had been charged with 13 counts of attempted murder.
On Monday, after prosecutors first moved to drop the charges, activists and union leaders had called upon the government to continue with the trial.
"This is a deliberate unwillingness by the state to pursue a criminal act," said Robert Mwanza, head of the Citizens Democratic Party of Zambia, Monday. "We are disappointed, yet not surprised by this turn of events that sets a bad precedent that our investors can abuse our workers and get away with it."
Company officials couldn't be reached for an immediate comment.
After the shootings, locals rioted and blocked the road to the mine. The Zambian government and the Chinese embassy in Zambia later ordered Collum to improve conditions for workers, and in November management announced a higher bottom wage rate plus a housing and transport allowance, and also offered to compensate the miners who were shot with a total of at least 375 million Zambian kwacha ($79,787).
Union representatives weren't involved in the deal, according to Sikufela Mundia, president of the National Union of Miners and Allied Workers Zambian. Unions have accused management of Collum, a major supplier of coal to copper and cobalt mines, of denying their workers chance to join trade unions.
Chinese-owned enterprises have in recent years pumped millions of dollars into Zambia's mining sector in search of minerals for resource-hungry China, but have often been accused of poor labor practices.
Results of a government inquest into the shooting of six miners at Chinese-owned Chambishi Copper Mine in 2005 has never been made public.

Charleroi, Belgium - Days of riots, stones and fire after death during arrest

suie e cendres

05/04/2011 - GILLY - Last week, on Friday, Sandro (27 years old), died after having been beating during an arrest. An autopsy said he died of a heart attack and discovered traces of cocaine in his blood (which the media are using to present him as a "drug addict" or even a "dealer"). Photos came out of his body, which was covered with hits and injuries. Also people of the neigbourhood who assisted during the arrest (which took place in the middle of the street, cops thinking he stole a Coca cola in a shop), denounced the very violent behaviour of the cops. Almost all of the small city of Gilly, just next to Charleroi, blame the police.
Tension started to rise very fast in the city and in Charleroi.
Seven days later, on Friday 1 April, the media speak for the first time about the rage exploding. The local police station is attacked in the early evening with molotov cocktails, although not the whole station was burned down. Earlier that day, masked youngsters threw stones to passing cop cars and attacked several private cars of cops, stationed in front of police stations or their homes.
Saturday 2 April during the night, tens of masked youngsters fought for several hours with the police, who sent several battallions of the Federal Police down to Gilly and used a water cannon. Clashes also erupted in the other neighbourhood next to Gilly, Lodinsart. They started of with attacking the two cops stations with stones and metal bars. When police reinforcements arrived, the rioters started to pick their fights, throwing stones to the cops and than disappearing. Several cops got injured, some cars were put on fire on parking lots of supermarkets and quite some damages to shop windows etc. Some rioters got arrested, and police claims some of them came specially from Brussels to cause trouble and incite the local youth. Everybody was released next day.
Sunday 3 April during the night, fire was put to garbage bins all over Gilly and one car was burned on the parking lot of the supermarket. Several shops and official buildings (like the socialist syndicate) were attacked with stones and other objects. Police claims they moved again around in small groups, which made it difficult to catch any of them. Some youngsters were arrested but released a few hours later.
Monday 4 April during the night, starting from 23h to 4h, cars were put on fire all over Gilly and Lodinsart. Some torches of anger were also noted in the city of Charleroi. In Gilly, police speaks about 7 cars and a bulldozer which have been torched. No arrests were made.
More to come.

Mansfield, Nottinghamshire (UK) - Fire at former school considered arson


05/04/2011 - Fire at the former Sherwood Hall School in Forest Town, Mansfield, on 4 April 2011 is being treated as arson by police.
About 60 firefighters tackled the blaze at the Sherwood Hall School in Forest Town, Mansfield, on Monday.
Police have said there will be no further examinations of the scene due to concerns about officers being exposed to asbestos.
Mansfield District Council is in the process of clearing and securing the building's remains.

Indonesia - International Conspiracy for Revenge burns another Bank Central Asia ATM in solidarity attack

325 nostate

'4/04/2011 - ‘International Conspiracy for Revenge’ (ICfR) have taken responsibility for burning another BCA (Bank Central Asia) ATM in Indonesia, in an action against the capitalist exploitation of Indonesian resources and state repression. BCA are handling finances for the industrial development of Kulon Progo. The actions are directly revindicated by flyers which were left at the scene which were the same as in a number of other incidents around the country.
The communique situates the actions in the context of revenge for the brutal oppression inflicted upon the people of Kulon Progo, Bima, Takalar, Padang Raya, Makassar, Jogja, Persil IV Medan, Buyat and Papua by the Indonesia state and multi-national corporations such as PT Indomines and BCA. The claim also denounced the role of the mainstream media, bureaucrats, police and the military.
The ATM was completely destroyed with the money inside, CCTV system burned out, and ATM unit gutted. There were no injuries reported and it was only witnessed when several people drove past the ATM noticing a fire.

Taiz , southern Yemen - Police and security open fire during protests a day after 15 were killed in clashes

al jazeera

05/04/2011 - Security forces and armed men in civilian clothes have opened fire during protests in the city of Taiz in southern Yemen, a day after clashes there killed 15 people, witnesses said.
Hundreds of security troops attacked tens of thousands of protesters, witnesses told the Reuters news agency on Tuesday, adding that plain-clothed policemen were wielding bats and daggers.
They said several people had been hurt, but there was no word yet from medical sources on casualties.
Protesters responded to the attack by hurling rocks at the security forces.
Our special correspondent, reporting from Yemen, quoted the opposition that the ruling party had called on their supporters to rally in Taiz. The supporters marched towards "Liberty Square".
"They tried to enter the square but anti-government protesters stopped them after which clashes ensued. The police then opened fire and lobbed tear gas shells towards the protesters inside the square.
"As events are unfolding, it is strengthening their (the protesters) resolve."

Vottem, Belgium - Demonstrators invade detention centre

suie e cendres

5/04/2011 - Annual demo at Vottem [Liege] against closed detention centres 03/04/11: several hundred demonstrators marched from place Léonard to the centre. Arrived at the centre, 50 of the demonstrators climbed on the fences and entered the centre. Very quickly the Samba, who had entered with them, played their drums from inside. After a few minutes, the two 5m high doors opened and the demonstrators found themselves in the "recreation" yard of the detainees.
A helicopter arrived and hovered 15m above the intruders.
Outside, the planned concert continued unperturbed, despite the Samba, the cries of encouragement of the demonstrators, the noise of the helicopter, the firecrackers...
The police arrived after an hour and arrested all the intruders (49 people). At this moment, the detainees threw projectiles at the robocops.
In the evening, after a long time, demonstrators have been all progressively freed. One girl has been taken to the hospital. An undocumented person who participated in the action has been transferred to the closed center... of Vottem !
In the evening, we received an sms from a prisonner in Vottem : "Thanks a lot for the demo in Vottem, thanks again ! ", he told us that they tried to protest from the inside but that the police forced them to stop.

Brussels, Belgium - Molotovs to take vengeance for sexual abuse

suie e cendres

04/04/2011 - BERCHEM-SAINTE-AGATHE - Three youngsters were arrested, one with heavy burn injuries, and accused of having thrown two molotov cocktails at two cars, a Clio and a Mercedes Class C, belonging to a bureaucrat of the Brussels Administration and which were destroyed. This guy was accused by the family of two of the three arrested to have sexually abused their children, who didn't speak out for a long time, over a long period. In the end, the justice department said there was not enough material to start a court case and classified the file.
Now, while the three youngsters remain in prison, other youngsters are also speaking out about the fact that they have been abused by the same guy.

Saturday 2 April 2011

Beirut, Lebanon - Prisoners riot in Lebanon's main jail


Beirut - April 02, 2011
Prisoners demanding an amnesty and better conditions rioted and set fire to bedding in Lebanon's notorious main prison of Rumieh on Saturday, the interior ministry said in a statement.
"Riots have been going on for hours in the central prison of Rumieh by a number of prisoners demanding a general amnesty and better conditions of detention," the statement said.
A security official told AFP prisoners at the jail some 12 kilometres (eight miles) northeast of Beirut set fire to mattresses and broke doors and windows in one building in the compound.
"Some prisoners suffered from smoke inhalation and others were injured by broken glass," the official said.
Security reinforcements were sent to Rumieh as negotiations began with the inmates, the same source said.
The interior ministry said it had been working to improve conditions at the facility for the past two years and urged other ministries and the cabinet to follow suit by speeding up the trials process and providing finance.
Poor conditions in prisons and a slow judicial process have sparked several riots in Lebanon's prisons down the years. Some prisoners can be incarcerated for years before their cases come to court.
Rumieh was originally built to house 1,500 inmates but is today crammed with more than 4,000 men -- 65 percent of the country's prison population.

Seattle, US - windows of a Seattle Chase bank shattered to the ground in solidarity to the Asheville 11

anarchist news dot org

02/04/2011 - On the night of April 1st the windows of a Seattle Chase bank shattered to the ground as paint splattered on its facade. This month will see the beginning of the trial for the Asheville 11 and for this we have nothing but hatred for those which create this world of misery and a wish of strength to our friends, our comrades on the east coast. We only wish it was the faces of the capitalists that painted the building red.

Unlimited solidarity to the A11.
Stop at nothing.

Beirut, Lebanon - Stone-throwing youths attack US embassy group visiting southern Lebanon

associated press

02/04/2011 - BEIRUT — Lebanese security officials say a group of young men has attacked a U.S. Embassy convoy with stones during a visit to a southern city. No one was hurt.
The officials say the U.S. Embassy group was visiting the old part of the port city of Sidon. The officials say three men were detained on suspicion of involvement in Saturday's attack. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to brief journalists.
The U.S. Embassy confirms an incident occurred when a group from the embassy was on a tourist visit to Sidon, adding that no one was hurt and all members returned safely.
Anti-American sentiment is high in some areas of Lebanon, where people criticize the U.S. for its support of Israel.

Athens, Greece - Letter bomb sent to Korydallos Prison claimed by Informal Anarchist Federation, Italy


01/04/2011 - Italian anarchist organization said it mailed booby-trapped letter to Athens prison
An Italian anarchist guerrilla group has claimed responsibility for a letter bomb sent to Korydallos Prison in southwestern Athens on Thursday that was defused by police before it could detonate.
Police said on Friday that, in the remnants of the bomb, they had found a proclamation written on a small piece of paper.
In the proclamation, written in Italian, the Informal Anarchist Federation claims to have sent the bomb in solidarity with detained members of the Greek guerrilla group Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire, who are on trial at a special court set up at the prison, and with jailed anarchists in Chile, Switzerland and Germany.
FAI also claimed responsibility for blasts on Thursday at a military facility in Italy and an office of Switzerland’s nuclear power industry which both caused injuries.

Puglia, Italy - Hundreds of immigrants escape from detention camp


Apr 1, 2011 | DNA - Hundreds of immigrants have fled in the last hours of the reception of Manduria camp, installed by the Italian Government in the southern region of Puglia to accommodate much of illegal immigrants arriving from North Africa.
Many of the immigrants who manage to escape are directed towards the North of the country, and today a group of about forty Tunisians from Bari, town near the camp, was detected by the authorities in the station of Milan, added the newspaper.
Leakage intensified Friday as the low height of the fences surrounding the complex joined a hole in one of them through which escaped several dozen people.
This morning, 1,716 people arrived in Manduria from the island of Lampedusa on Board of the ship “excelsior”, while in the last hours it docked at the port of Taranto, close to the camp, the ship “catania”, with 600 people, although their transfer by bus to downtown is delaying until that authorities consider that the conditions are the appropriate.

Greece - Recent actions of attack


From Culmine (April 1, 2011) via Indymedia Barcelona (March 21, 2011):
It would be impossible to keep track of every sabotage that has taken place during the past few weeks in Greece, and we are therefore limiting ourselves to details about attacks that have been claimed.
In the early hours of February 20, a Piraeus Bank in the Athens neighborhood of Votanikos was attacked with hammers and then set on fire. The action was dedicated to those being charged with membership in the Fire Cells Conspiracy, but the accompanying communiqué was unsigned.
In the early hours of February 21, a gazaki (camping gas canisters plus a flammable liquid, like gasoline) exploded at the Treasury Office in the Thessaloniki neighborhood of Touba. The action was claimed by the International Revolutionary Front: Arson Attack Cell and dedicated to “those being charged with membership in the Fire Cells Conspiracy, social bandit Rami Syrianos, and all dignified prisoners in struggle.”
On March 1, a Zografos driving school was torched in the Athens neighborhood of Kaisariani. The accompanying communiqué—simply signed “Action”—explained that Zografos was attacked because of its collaboration with the pigs, as evidenced by its participation in the Police Day celebrations at the Hellenic Police Academy’s Officers’ School last October. Like many other communiqués connected to actions commemorating the one-year anniversary of the death of Revolutionary Struggle member Lambros Fountas (shot and killed by the pigs on March 11, 2010), it ended with the slogan “Honor forever to Lambros Fountas.”
A group called Shadows for the Instigation of Nighttime Sabotage claimed responsibility for a series of arsons that took place in Athens on March 2. A Eurobank EFG branch in Kaisariani, the Treasury Office in Holargos, and the local New Democracy party headquarters in Tavros were all set on fire. These actions were dedicated to anarchist prisoner Christos Politis and the five others being charged in the same case (all six comrades were arrested on December 4, 2010), anarchist prisoner Aris Seirinidis, and the hunger-striking Chilean comrades being charged in the “Bombings Case.”
In the early hours of March 6, the Lambros Fountas Guerrilla Formation set fire to an Emporiki Bank branch located right in the middle of the bourgeois Athens neighborhood of Kolonaki. The action was dedicated to the “captive Guerrillas of the Fire Cells Conspiracy, Revolutionary Struggle, and November 17,” as well as the Chilean comrades on hunger strike.
That same morning, a KION construction site was torched. KION is one of the companies that constructs prisons and courthouses in Greece. The unsigned communiqué dedicated the arson to Aris Seirinidis and “all dignified prisoners of the war on the regime.”
In the early hours of March 14, the local PASOK party headquarters in the Thessaloniki neighborhood of Sikea was set on fire. The accompanying communiqué was signed by the International Revolutionary Front: Incendiary Plans for Nighttime Disorder. It mentioned the Chilean comrades caught up in the “Bombings Case,” the imprisoned Fire Cells Conspiracy members as well as the other prisoners being charged with membership in the group, and the five imprisoned Thessaloniki anarchists (Yiannis Skouloudis, Dimitris Fessas, Dimitris Dimitsiadis, Haralambos Stylianidis, and Sokratis Tzifkas) being charged with the arson of Public Power Corporation (DEI) vehicles.

In the early hours of March 15, the Chaos Warriors torched two Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE) vans parked in the city of Gerakas, just north of Athens. The arson was a display of solidarity with the five comrades arrested the previous day and charged with membership in the Fire Cells Conspiracy.

During the afternoon of March 18, a gazaki exploded on the doorstep of Health Minister Andreas Loverdos’ office in downtown Athens. In the accompanying communiqué signed by Revolutionary Liberatory Action, the arson was dedicated to Aris Seirinidis, Christos Politis, and the six prisoners being charged with membership in Revolutionary Struggle (three of whom deny the charges). The communiqué also made reference to Loverdos’ vile career as Labor and then Health Minister, the recently ended hunger strike by 300 illegal immigrants in Athens and Thessaloniki, and the revolts sweeping through the Arab world.
Additionally, there have been a number of solidarity protests in front of prisons. On March 13, 100 comrades demonstrated in front of Grevena Prison (photos), where Christos Politis has been locked up since his December 4, 2010 arrest during an Antiterrorist Unit operation. And on March 19, there was a demonstration in Ioannina in support of Rami Syrianos, who is imprisoned there (photos).
Apart from the above, there have been several anarchist “invasions” of Athens metro stations, during which ticket validation machines were destroyed (last month, the price of a trip on public transportation rose from 1 to 1.40 euros). There have also been a number of semi-organized stone and Molotov attacks on riot police in Exarcheia, as well as a few clashes with Nazis. In addition, the Keratea residents’ struggle against the construction of a local garbage dump continues in full swing, with support from a large portion of the anarchist milieu. Finally, several luxury cars have been torched in immediate response to the arrests of certain comrades, and there have been numerous protests and demonstrations in solidarity with anarchist prisoners Aris Seirinidis and Simos Seisidis, whose trials are both currently underway.