One fine morning, the faithful lackey, who has hitherto identified completely with his master, leaps on his oppressor and slits his throat. RV

Friday 30 April 2010

Sabotage leaves Madrid viewers in the dark

AFP Friday, April 30, 2010
PARIS: A mysterious act of sabotage left thousands of Madrid football fans who had tuned in to watch arch rival Barcelona’s Champions League semi-final with Inter Milan in the dark. The black out was caused by a pirate signal which played havoc with regional public channel Telemadrid’s live match coverage from the Nou Camp on Wednesday. "This strong signal from an unknown origin stopped a few minutes before the end of the game," Telemadrid reported. The channel have lodged an official complaint with the police. Abertis Telecom, the company responsible for relaying the television signal in the Madrid area, added that "interference began a few minutes before 2045 (1845GMT), kick-off time".

Three of the six anarchists arrested in Athens claim political responsibility for participation in “Revolutionary Struggle”

from occupiedlondon
Thursday, April 29, 2010
This morning, three of the six arrested anarchists for the Revolutionary Struggle case have published a 16-page letter (in the Athens weekly “Pontiki”, which has traditionally hosted a few of the armed guerrilla groups’ communiques) in which they claim political responsibility for their participation to the group Revolutionary Struggle. The three are Pola Roupa, Nikos Maziotis and Kostas Gournas. Extracts of their letter follow.

We claim the political responsibility for participation in Revolutionary Struggle. We declare that comrade Lambros Foundas, who died in [the Athens suburb of ] Dafni on March 10, 2010, after a shoot-out with the cops, also participated in Revolutionary Struggle.The fight he gave was one for materialising the subversive plan collectively decided by Revolutionary Struggle. It was a struggle for revolution and for freedom.
We also declare that we are very proud of our group, Revolutionary Struggle, we are proud of our history, of every moment of our political action. We are proud of comrade Lambros Foundas, who we honour and will always do so.
As much as the mechanisms of repression might believe that by imprisoning us they will do away with us, they are wrong. Whether outside or inside prisons the struggle, which for us is a matter of honour and dignity, will continue.
As much as the two terrorists, [PM] Papandreou and [minister of public order] Chrisochoidis laugh smugly, as much as they believe they have safeguarded the security necessary for their social-fascist party to continue with the application of its criminal plans against society, wagging their tails now that their American superiors congratulate them, as much as they claim they are done with a serious threat for their regime, we assure them they will not do away with us easily.
As long as we are alive, for as long as we live and breathe, we will do our best to pose problems to their antisocial and criminal plans.
read more:

Urgent solidarity with comrades arrested for attack on Greek embassy in Argentina!

From Hommodolars Contrainformación:
April 28, 2010
During the afternoon of Tuesday, April 27, 2010, comrades decided to attack the Greek embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina as a show of solidarity with anarchist comrade Giannis Dimitrakis, who is facing the final appeal of his 35-year prison sentence for a 2006 bank robbery.
The building was being attacked with Molotov cocktails, paint, streamers, and sticks when gun-toting civil police guarding the embassy—already warned of possible attacks—began a clash with our comrades.
The confrontation left two police officers injured, while five comrades were arrested, among them a woman with serious injuries to her head.
The charges against our comrades are still unknown, but we stand firmly in solidarity with those who have decided to show that the fight against power knows no borders, nations, or languages; those who have realized that the best possible translation into language, from one end of the world to the other, is: Attack the exploiters.
Our comrades are now in the enemy’s clutches because they showed solidarity with a brother in Greece. The blood drawn by the routine brutality of the security forces can only be understood as an urgent call to strengthen internationalist links with the compas spreading insurrection, and to replicate their acts.
On Wednesday, April 29, our comrades will appear in Comodoro Federal Court, and a call has gone out to attend and demand their prompt release.
We will be paying attention to what happens on the other side of the mountains during this time of repression for the revolt there.
With boundless affection for those who decide to advance from words to deeds.

Rüschlikon (Switzerland) : Future IBM nanotechnology research laboratory aimed at

from cette semaine
Le Temps, Tuesday 27 April 2010
Three people coming from Italy were arrested ten days ago. They are suspected of having planned an explosive attack against the IBM centre at Rüschlikon.
The IBM research centre at Rüschlikon and its future site dedicated to nanotechnologies could have been in the aim of an explosive attack.
During an apparently routine control the Zurich police arrested on April 15 already two men and a woman in a car that had come from Italy. According to a spokesman, police discovered a large quantity of explosive material, and a claiming letter from an Italian group qualified eco-terrorist and called « Il Silvestre ». The three people, one of whom is a Swiss citizen domiciled in Italy, are being held in custody.
IBM, in partnership with the EPFZ, is building, for 94 million francs, a new laboratory that will be dedicated to electronic applications of nanotechnologies. The centre is due to open in 2011.

Tremblay-en-France (Seine-Saint-Denis) : journalists attacked and cops wounded

from cette semaine
Le Parisien, 27.04.2010, 20h02
Monday late afternoon incidents broke out when a media crew of M6 were doing a reportage from an unmarked car of the town hall.
Stones were thrown at the car, breaking two windows. Two hours later, about fifty people attacke the CRS (riot cops), after a vehicle control. Three police were slightly wounded and two CRS vehicles were damaged by a launch of projectiles.

Occupation of the Hellenic Centre in London

from actforfreedomnow
The Building of the Hellenic Centre in the heart of London was occupied earlier this afternoon. 2 banners were flying on the roof and the balcony of the building. The banners said: ‘Freedom to Dimitrakis and to all Anarchists’; the 2nd writes ‘Honour to Lambros Fountas’ ‘Freedom to the 6′, and the 3rd banner 'Fire to the prisons! Freedom to Alfredo Bonanno and Christos Stratigopoulos!'
The 6 refers to the 6 anarchists arrested a few days ago accused by the cops of participating in the ‘Revolutionary Stuggle’; Lambros Fountas is the anarchist who was killed by the police in March and Giannis Dimitrakis is the anarchist who is in jail doing 35 years for a bank robbery. Today there was a call for international solidarity to Dimitrakis as his appeal trial starts tomorrow.

Dammartin-en-Goële (Seine et Marne) : Fourteen buses of the CIF damaged in the depot

from cette semaine
24 April 2010

During the night between Thursday and Friday, 14 buses were wrecked inside the depot compound. A trades union representative fears « an escalation » following the attacks on the buses las month in Seine-Saint-Denis.
Le Parisien, 24.04.2010, 07h00
Difficult to see a simple coincidence. After the serial attacks on the CIF* buses at Tremblay-en-France (Seine-Saint-Denis), including the burning of a vehicle, a depot of this transport company was vandalised between Thursday and Friday night, at Dammartin-en-Goële.
According to those in charge of the site, fourteen vehicles were damaged by a group of individuals between midnight and 3.30am.
. « Actually, twenty-four buses in total have been vandalised », stated the CGT union delegate, « video screens had been pulled out and keys broken inside buses» inside various buses parked inside the depot. According to a union official « the recent declarations with warlike tones of president Sarkozy and Brice Hortefeux have not contributed to placating spirits..."

Serco goverment services office attacked in London (UK)

from 325 nostate
23 April 2010
“A 3 Molotov cocktail was thrown at a Serco government services building in London Enfield area on Friday at 00.00midnight!.
Serco are a giant corporation who profit from the industrial prison complex. Fire to the Prisons For Lambro Fountas killed by cops in Athens we want to continue what he started.
Freedom to all the comrades in prison: Giannis Dimitrakis, G. Boutzis, H. Nikolau, P. Georgiadis, B. Chrisohoidis, C. Stratigopolous and Alfredo Bonanno.
Immediate freedom to Massura Hadimikelaki.
Solidarity to all those under arrest accused for the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and to the all anarchists comrades in prison everywere!
Black Fever Gang

Bologna : Attack on the Concerta university refectory against detention centres

from cette semaine

(Radio Città del capo, 22 avril 2010)
The windows at the back of the university refectory in piazza Puntoni were smashed with hammer blows this morning by a group of 4/5 masked persons. Before leaving, they sprayed "no CIE" [no to detention centres]. Concerta is the company that produces meals for the refectory but also for the detention centre in the town. This is the second action against Concerta, given that during the night of 17/18 March, the tyres of six vehicles and a number of cars parked outside the restaurant Capolinea in Ozzano Emilia (also managed by Concerta) had been slashed. There again slogans against detention centres had appeared.

Machines sabotaged at Mainshill Open Cast Coal Site

from coalactionscotland

12/04/2010 An anonymous post on Indymedia claims that in the early hours this morning three machines were sabotaged to the extent that they would have been inoperable when work on the site continued today, at considerable cost to Scottish Coal.
Since the eviction of the Mainshill Solidarity Camp, Scottish Coal have worked at an alarming pace to turn the once thriving wood into an open cast coal mine, with heavy machinery, offices and access roads littering the site. Activists vowed that the eviction was merely the end of the beginning of the campaign against an open cast at Mainshill and Scottish Coal’s operations in the Douglas Valley.
The communique reads:
In the early hours of this morning machinery at Mainshill open cast site was sabotaged. Two Caterpillar D9T’s and a 170 tonne face scrapping earth mover, an O&K RH90, were targeted, both will be inoperable today, and will cost Scottish Coal greatly.
A sustained campaign of sabotage has been waged at Mainshill and it was vowed to continue even when work on the mine started. The only thing that has changed since the eviction of the Mainshill Solidarity Camp is that the machines on the site are bigger and more expensive. The machinery at the Mainshill site, and any other coal site in Scotland, are extremely vulnerable. Sabotage against the coal industry will continue until its expansion is halted.
This action was done by autonomous environmentalists in solidarity with the people of South Lanarkshire who are fighting to save their community and their health from the coal industry. This is also in solidarity with people around the world, including Columbia and India, who are fighting for their lives against the coal industry.
Mainshill vive – la lucha sigue!

Essigny-le-Grand (Aisne) : Speed camera ripped open

from cette semaine

L’Aisne Nouvelle, 21 avril 2010

"The speed camera on the D1 was vandalised Friday evening. The machine had been forced open by a lone man according to a witness. The camera box inside had been smashed on to the ground and various wires pulled out. The flashes preceding this act of vandalism are going to be analysed by the gendarmes of Cob de Ribemont. This points to an act of vengeance. But premeditation hasn't been excluded knowing that a number of other speed cameras have had the same fate over the past few months. On the 1 044 at Bellenglise, the D8 at Lesdins or more recently the camera at Saint-Quentin which had been painted green."

Russia : Revolt against Sapsan, first high speed train in Russia

from cette semaine
AFP - 16 avr. 2010
SAINT-PETERSBOURG - Stones thrown, gunshot, sabotage of the overhead cables : revolt is brewing along the railway linking Moscow to Saint-Petersbourg against the Sapsan, the first Russian high speed railways, seen by residents as a "train for the rich".
Inaugurated just four months ago, this ultra-modern train linking the two main cities of Russia in 3 hours 45 minutes, as opposed to journies taking from 4 and a half hours to almost eight hours, has already been the traget of at least fourteen acts of vandalism, the RZD, the country's railway company, reports.
In January, an inhabitant of Leontievo, village in the Tver region which the train goes through, threw a block of ice at a wagon, breaking one of its windows. He justified his gesture as vengeance after having been knocked over by the blast from the train which reaches 250 km an hour at times.
In April, two men from the Leningrad region, who had fired at it with a shotgun, were arrested by police.
And this week, an inquest has been opened following the damaging of an overhead cable, leading to a power cut and the interruption of traffic for a number of hours.
Between three and seven people have died in the regions of Novgorod and Tver over the past four months, Alexandre Brevnov reported, responsible for the local transport police, quoted in the local media.
In Ouglovka, bunches of flowers had been placed along the track in memory of two people killed by the Sapsan.
The local people are also furious to see that various other trains including the economical Iounost, have been stopped since the Sapsan was put in circulation, making it difficult for local inhabitants to get around.

Serco van torched, Bristol (UK)

from 325 nostate
20 April 2010
“In the early hours of Tuesday, April 20th, a van belonging to Serco – a big player in the construction and management of private prisons – was torched in Montpellier, north Bristol.
We took this action to express our solidarity with the anarchist comrades in Turin whom the Italian state continues to attack under the precarious appearance of conspiracy, for nothing other than the distribution of anti-racist propaganda. We also attack for the comrades in Greece accused of participation in the ‘terrorist’ organization, Revolutionary Struggle.
Need it be said that we remember Alfredo and Christos, imprisoned in Korrydallos for a revolutionary act of expropriation against a bank in Trikala last October.
Until every filthy manifestation of this social prison in nothing but broken glass and burnt rubble, we will continue to fight.

Serco Group is a company born in 1929 that started off with radio and cinema services. Like Sodexo and others, a few years ago it turned its affairs to the prison business... Having begun with the production of tracers and electronic bracelets for prisoners and asylum seekers, Serco actually manages 4 prisons in England, a centre for minors, two detention centres, a screws' training centre and prisoner transfer, as well as other prisons in Australia and Germany.

Friday 23 April 2010

Zellik - G4 Security car and car of security guard burned

ZELLIK - A service car of G4 Security, the private security firm as well as the guard's car were burned during the night. Police are still determining the cause.
from suie e cendres

Ghent - Two cars of City burned

GHENT - This Monday, round 3h20 in the night, two cars were burning on the parking of the City Green Service. Police determined it was a case of arson; head of control Joeri Van Cauwenberghe claims that "the author had to climb over a wall".
from suie e cendres

Brussels - Tens of youngsters attack cops

BRUSSELS - Faking a fight, youngsters attracted the attention of police in the metro station of Rogier, center of Brussels. When two cops showed up, around 50 youngsters attacked them. The two cops got injured; two youngsters were later arrested.

It seems this was a pre-meditated attack against the railway police.

from suie e cendres

Tuesday 20 April 2010

Athens -

from actforfreedomnow
Police are saying that they found a house in Kypseli area in athens, allegedely rented out by one of the defendants in the "revolutionary struggle"case, filled with weapons, homemade bombs, guns etc. It is also made known that there is a metal box with an on-off switch on and the cops are afraid to touch it thinking its a bomb.
They have isolated the house and the streets surrounding it, and are not letting anyone in to see or take photos (who knows why?), so they have all the control of course to say whatever they want.

Nigeria - Two prisoners shot dead during attempted jail break

from the corporate press
2010 April 20

Two prisoners have been shot dead during an attempted jail break in the northern Nigerian city of Kaduna, officials say.

The BBC Hausa reporter in Kaduna said he saw one wounded prison guard as he was taken to a nearby infirmary, along with several wounded prisoners. Prisoners started a fire, which burnt down some offices and a workshop in the prison.This is the second attempted jail break in Kaduna in the past few months.There were reports of shooting and a loud explosion, and security forces have surrounded the jail in an attempt to restore control.The controller of Nigeria’s prisons has arrived on the scene and confirmed earlier reports of the two deaths and said 39 had been wounded.The prison in Kaduna holds more than 1,000 inmates and is the biggest in the state.Prisoners have complained about overcrowding and poor treatment.

Dijon : 3 Red Cross vehicles burnt

translated from cette semaine

Indy Nantes Thursday 15 April 2010 - 12:11 by annonym

In Dijon during the night of 12, 13 April, 3 vans of the Red Cross embraced and a wall was found decorated with "handles and profits from the ghettos for the poor"_ Because locally and internationally the Red Cross carries out the same role, rotten, in the management of the poor population. Humanitarian aid "grand march" of specialists who draw prestige and cash, and so have every interest in holding on to their position, preventing when it is needed any direct mutual aid between the people concerned...

Paris - action in solidarity with the Greek (and other) comrades

translated from cette semaine

16 April 2010 - 17:19 par ANONYME

During the night between 15 and 16 April, in Montmartre, we covered a DAB of the Société Générale in paint, leaving a slogan o0n the wall opposite "Bim ! War on capital". Further away, another slogan "war on property" was left on the façade of a building society of which one window was broken. With this action,we are sending our solidarity to the comrades in Greece and elsewhere who are struggling against domination in all its forms.

The social war knows neither truce nor frontier.

A few passersby (in the act)

France - Moissy-Cramayel (Seine-et-Marne) two Véolia coaches burnt during social conflict

translated from cette semaine

14 April 2010

At Moissy-Cramayel, in Seine et Marne, this morning at 11.40. a bus was set fire to in the parking of the depot Véolia that takes vehicles of the Sénart Express network, Le Parisien reports. The flames reached the next vehicle. This incident took place about half an hour after the rupture of negotiations between the unions and the management of the transport company. 80 % of the drivers are on strike since April 4, the newspaper points out. "We couldn't see who started the fire," complained the depot manager Thomas Bodel, a power cut had stopped the cctv surveillance system.

Sunday 18 April 2010

Athens - The Philadelphia Experiment

Translator’s note: What follows is a communiqué by anarchists on the recent arrests supposedly linked to the organisation “Revolutionary Struggle” and the media-led hysteria that accompanied them here in Greece. Its title is a play of words on the well-known US naval military “Philadelphia experiment” and the Athens neighbourhood of Nea (New) Philadelphia, where the most recent police operations and arrests have taken place. Freedom to the Six, freedom to all of us.

Cops with machine guns in hands; police roadblocks at night, humiliating checks on every corner; secret agents of the regime knocking on doors, demanding from the population that they give names; willing informants rushing to offer their services; scared people walking on their streets trying to “mind their own business”. Is this 1936 Berlin or 2010 Philadelphia, Athens? A return to the past or an experiment for the future?

The only thing certain is that no coup d’état has been declared so far, nor has [greek prime minister] Papandreou decided to trim off his mustache to make it shorter. And the reason why this has not happened is simply because it is not at all necessary. Western democracies, in exactly the same way that they integrated those elements of nazism useful to them, also learned from its mistakes. The state of exception, that is, the condition imposed under the pretext of the capturing of the organisation “Revolutionary Struggle” does the job just fine, without a need for the eye-sore of tanks, let alone concentration camps or the suspension of constitution.

read on:

Arson fire causes severe damage to E. Pikeland National Guard armory

Journal Register News Service
EAST PIKELAND — Fire officials are investigating an arson fire that occurred early Thursday morning at the Pennsylvania Army National Guard Armory on Rapps Dam Road.Lt. Col. Corey Lake, U.S. Army, said that the alarm came in around 4:30 a.m., when firefighters from Phoenixville, Kimberton, Valley Forge, Liberty Fire, Ridge and Lionville responded to the blaze."Bottom line, the fire started around 4:30 a.m., firefighters responded and there were no injuries," Lake said. "No official personnel were here at the armory at the time. The investigation into this fire is still ongoing."
Flames and heavy smoke were visible from the second floor when firefighters arrived. Once firefighters got the blaze under control in about 45 minutes, fire officials began their investigation and remained on the scene throughout the day going through debris.
The investigation has determined that a person or persons broke into the armory building and started the fire while inside, according to state police at Embreeville. Nothing was taken from the building, and all weapons stored inside the armory are accounted for and have been secured, police said.
The fire resulted in "significant structural damage," according to state police. State police and Chester County fire marshals are investigating.
"There were no injuries and there was no danger to the public," said Harrison "Digger" Holt, Chester County fire marshal. "We'll be here all day investigating this."The armory building had extensive rooftop damage, along with visible fire damage to several letters spelling Phoenixville National Guard Armory along the upper front wall of the armory.

London Olympics 2012: one big party or one big prison?

18 Apr, 2010

from euro-police noblog

Security precautions for London 2012 include the construction of a 17.5 km, 5,000volt electric fence, topped with 900 daylight and night vision surveillance cameras spaced at 50 metre intervals. On first sight of the fence you could be forgiven for thinking you had slipped through a wormhole in the space-time continuum to find yourself on the perimeter of a Soviet era Gulag.

[] The Code of Practice for the operating CCTV at the London Olympics states that the threat of hostile individuals attempting to gain access through the perimeter is believed to justify the use of CCTV

As part of the Command Perimeter Security System, CCTV will be deployed.

The use of military terms like hostile individuals and Command Perimeter Security System highlight a contradiction between the Olympic promise and reality, between the a sporting party image and a security paranoia now made visible in the form of the Olympic perimeter fence. But there is a large and profitable industry supplying equipment and research to feed the paranoia of a new security mindset identified by author Matt Carr who comments… (weiter)

Agrinio, Greece - Attack with stones against the offices of "Pasok"

Attack with stones against the offices of "Pasok" (ruling party), in Agrinio Greece Thursday night 15/4

"In this orgy of oppression and the mudfight of the government and media against social struggles and fighters, we salute every energy that shows that the world of freedom cannot be terrorised, cannot be suppressed."

Greece -

Letter from Kostas Gournas

"I would like to personally thank the minister of public order Mr. Mihalis Chrisohoidis for the special treatment that he arranged for me.With the beatings, the threats against my wife and children and my imprisonment in Trikala prison,which will take away the right every prisoner has,to communicate with his family.
I really didn't believe he would sink to that level.
Because I've learned from the age of 20 to get over whatever difficulties, I shall stand tall.
You will not succeed in exterminating me physically or politically."

Kostas Gournas
16 April 2010
12th floor "gada"

The threats and torturing of the prisoners of the so called "revolunary struggle"case will not have as a result the extermination of any of us. We guess they haven't realized yet that none of us will take a step back.
We are and will remain by their sides.
Our solidarity can not be "exterminated"
Comrades and family of Kostas Gournas

Saturday 17 April 2010

Explosives found at suspected Greek militant hideout

*from the corporate press

ATHENS (Reuters) - Greek police found 195 kg (429 lb) of explosives on Saturday at the hideout of a suspected member of the country's most militant guerrilla group, Revolutionary Struggle, who was detained earlier this week.

Police said they had found the stash of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil in a garage registered to a name found on a false identification card seized in raids last week that led to the arrest of six suspected members of the group.

"It is a quite big quantity," police spokesman Thanassis Kokkalakis told Reuters. "It could have brought down a 6-storey apartment block."

Police said the explosive was the same type used in a bomb claimed by Revolutionary Struggle that seriously damaged the Athens Stock Exchange last year.

Prosecutors have charged the six with participating in bomb attacks, participating in a terrorist group, attempted murder, and other crimes. The accused have denied any wrongdoing.

Saturday, April 17, 2010; 1:28 PM

Protests block Lithium mine in Bolivia

Over the last couple of days there have been a number of mentions of Bolivia's Lithium mines during the discussions at the water forum. Basically Lithium is a vital component of most modern batteries, used to power the explosion of throw away consumer gadgets (like my phone and netbook). Like most mining, getting this stuff out of the ground results in serious environment damage, in this case polluting water supplies with toxic heavy metals.
This week, protests by local residents have blocked a key railway access to Bolivia's San Cristobal mine since Monday, forcing the mine, owned by Japan's Sumitomo Corp, to store mineral ore on the site.

San Cristobal, in the central Potosi region, is one of the largest mines in Bolivia and produces silver, zinc and lead. A Mining Ministry official said he did not know the reason for the protest.


Friday 16 April 2010

Brussels - Riots in Saint-Gilles after police murder

In the night of Monday 12 to Tuesday 13th of April, riots broke out in Saint-Gilles at Bethlehem square. Earlier that day, the police had wanted to control a car. The car drove away, a chase of an hour followed. The police shot one man, his companion tried to flee by jumping off a 20 meter bridge. He's fighting for his life in the hospital. The man who died lived near the Bethlehem square, where riots broke out in the afternoon. A police car was torched and the windows of a police office were smashed. In the evening, oil was poured to make police manouvres more difficult. Several cars were torched and the police were attacked with stones and Molotov cocktails. The police arrested tens of people and a helicopter controlled the area.
Tuesday, the police tried to arrest a group of youngsters throwing stones at them in Molenbeek, but didn't succeed. More arrests in Saint-Gilles after a verbal fight with the police. In the night of Tuesday 13 to Wednesday 14th of April, in Molenbeek, two cars were burned and a Molotov cocktails was thrown at the door of a synagogue, causing limited damage.

Translated from La Capitale
by suie e cendres

Ghent -Transport company De Lijn closes waiting rooms after arson

Ghent – De Lijn closed the waiting rooms at the Zuid. A note on the door reads: cabins closed after multiple vandalism and arson.

[De Lijn collaborates with the deportation machine.]

Translated from Nieuwsblad by suie e cendres

Athens - More than 4,000 people demonstrate last night in Athens in solidarity with Marios Zervas


Belgium - Explosives found in prison of Lantin

Monday night, an explosive was found under a door in the hall. The device measured 6 by 12 cm and was composed of a paste and two electric wires. It was destroyed in the fields outside the prison. Judiciary police started an enquiry against 60 prisoners who passed this door to go on the yard.
Translated from La Capitale
by suie e cendres

Mexico - Explosive attack against a Volkswagen showroom

source: Liberación Total, 15.04.10, via culmine

We have decided to extend the revolt again, to destroy established order and ruin social peace. We have strugled, having both the moon and darkness on our side. While thousands of alienated and pathetic minds were wandering around the city, we struck our enemies once again; the destroyers of the ecosystems that are cynically expanding their anthropocentric dominion over the whole of the earth, the planet in which we are developing, this planet consumed by the three most devastating industries in living memory: the motor industry, as well as the meat and the coal industries.
These industries are those which now, at this moment, are playing with the destiny of the planet with human and nonhuman animals their disgusting systems of production and exploitation to fill their pockets with money that comes from power and the destruction of the environment . This attack, that of super-exploitation and the extinction of the planet cannot continue at the cost of the extinction of wild nature, and that is why we have decided to attack one of the companys of the car industry.

A Volkswagen sales point, a few metres away from the town hall of Ecatepec, in the State of Messico, has been attacked. Our weapon? A bin full of dynamite and bolts to increase the destruction has been exploded. We have exploded our bomb in response to the destruction of wild nature through the production of cars that this company sells.

We will not stand by arms folded, passively observing how they are destroying the only thing left wild and free in this rotten world.

We have shown that the repression, prisons and police do not scare us, that is why we have continued with the offensive.

For the immediate freedom of the prisoners for the liberation of animals and the earth in Mexico, Abraham, Adrián and Alonso!
For the extension of the social war for animal and earth liberation!

Neither vandals, nor provocateurs, Ecoanarchists chingao!

Frente de Liberación de la Tierra

Thursday 15 April 2010

Madrid - new attack on police academy of Atocha in solidarity with Greek comrades and Tamara

fonte:, via culmine

There has been another attack against the police academy in Atocha, with a hammer a window of the main entrance was smashed and sprayed "Freedom to the Greek anarchists" and "Freedom Giannis".

This dictatorship needs obedient servants to protect the interests of the dominant class. Those who rebel against this misery, against this form of life imposed and made artificial will be excluded, tortured, arrested and/or as it the case of Giannis who like many others has decided to rebel, and refuse to accept the imposition of work, consumerism, false freedom, to accept living death. For this now he is condemned now by all the scoria that serve the State/Capital: police, judges, journalists, engineers, professors... they are our enemies, let's attack them!

Freedom to Giannis Dimitrakis

Freedom to Tamara

Freedom to the rebel prisoners!!

Down with the walls of the prisons and the bars of the cages

Tierra salvaje

Athens - police madness reaches epic proportions

Last night, during the evening news, 70 anarchists occupied the TV station ‘Creta TV’ in Heraclion, Crete. See actforfreedomnow for video

Police madness in Athens has taken proportions unseen since the collapse of the junta:
This afternoon three boys and the mother of one of them were arrested as members of the Cells of Fire Conspiracy for having unused Easter firecrackers in their homes.
The incident took place in Athens on Wednesday afternoon and was initially believed to be a common anti-hooligan detention case. But the paranoia of the Greek police has reached such heights that it would make even the colonels' junta pale in shame.
According to the official police announcement, anti-terrorist police agents intercepted a call of one of the boys to his mother to hide some "gourounes", i.e. firecrackers massively used by teens and children during Greek Easter whose festivities ended last week. The police arrested the boy his 52 year old mother and two more boys claiming that the powder in the fire-crackers is similar to the one used in a series kettle-bomb attacks performed by the Nuclei of Fire Conspiracy last fall. The argument runs counter to any trace of common sense which says that if that comprises evidence then hundreds of thousands of teens using similar festive devices should be arrested as urban guerrillas.
The latest arrests indicate that the situation in Greece is critical. The State seems to be unfolding an operation of mass repression with no concern even for the most basic bourgeois judiciary procedures. It is indicative that the first three of the 6 arrested of last Saturday have been put in remand although not one single piece of not controversial evidence was presented to the court by the anti-terrorist authorities, despite these evidence being openly doubted even in the mainstream media.

"conspiracy cells of fire" case update. 13/04/10
A court will decide whether or not to keep our comrades, accused of being part of the "conspiracy cells of fire" organization, imprisoned for another 6 months pending trial, on the 15th of April. Solidarity gathering, Thursday April 15th 9.00am at the "efeteio" (court of appeals.)
Solidarity is our weapon.

From Greece

The 3 comrades today for the ''revolutionary struggle'' case the one comrade K.G. will be kept in pretrial detention (this can last up to 18 months, until the trial). and the other 2 comrades X.K. and E.S. will appear for tomorrow morning...
Update 14/4/ of the 6 accused of being members of "revolutionary struggle"
According to the lawyers of the accused, the court file they received, does not include the cds with recorded phone calls, the designs and the handwritten documents that were reported by the police to have been found in one of the houses.

15/4/ Arson attack on Christos Prwtopapas office (mp of the ruling party Pasok),

A gas canister explosive device was put outside the door of the offices on Sina and Akadimias street, athens, yerstday..


Actions of solidarity spread across the country. Yesterday anarchists occupied a local newspaper in Volos, Central Greece. The photo above reads ‘The police talks to you through the TV. Scums, Snitches, Journalists. Your hands off our comrades’.

At the time of writing the post, comrades have occupied the offices of the ruling party (PASOK) in Heraclion. The photo above reads ‘State-Capital-Media are the terrorists, not the fighters and the revolutinaries’.

Also, in Thessaloniki a banner has been placed, reading ‘The state is the only terrorist. Freedom to the 6′

Meanwhile, today, 15th of april, is the day of solidarity to Marios Zervas, who was arrested during the strike march of last month, and is imprisoned awaiting trial, with fabricated changes. Protests have been planned in more than 10 cities throughout the country in the afternoon.

cops justices media they are real terrorists!
The prosecutor decided that all three anarchist comrades that appeared before him today with charges in the “Revolutionary Struggle” case will be kept in the prison until the trial. The other three will appear before the prosecutor tomorrow morning.

If they want to create division, indifference and passivity by spreading terror and slander, we should turn against them the weapon of SOLIDARITY.

If the mechanisms wish to present themselves as the only subject who writes its bloody history conducting the peoples’ lives, we have every reason to talk about all those struggles that broke out and are still breaking out in every place where the dictatorship of States and the capitalists is imposed, this eternal fight for freedom that goes on, in different ways and forms in time and space.

To shout for all those who are kept hostage by the States, while the regime’s propaganda, when not presenting them as “dangerous criminals”, tries to present them as “harmless and weak”, “depoliticized” and “marginalized” in order to disdain the choice of resistance. And say what is really ventured, why they are afraid of them and afraid of us.

To talk about the ways that the criminal gangs of the States and the bosses have used in order to imprison the revolted people and about this spirit of revolt that they never managed to imprison...

Meanwhile, unbelievable contradictions are published by the mass media, making it quite astonishing how the Greek police can not even set up a case “properly”.

Telephone conversations of the comrades are leaked, but denied by the police the next day.

Photos of bullets are published on the website of the police, suggesting that they are bullets from AK-47, and were there since a day that the comrades are supposed to have gone at 5am near houses in Ymittos mountain to test their weapons, shooting 40 times! They even said that a chief of the “anti”terrorist bureau was watching them at that time from a short distance! The photo, though, is taken a different day from that which they claim, the bullets are not from an AK-47, the bullets are rusted and not recent, and nobody in the area heard any gunfire.

An alleged map of an area that is supposed to be found in the house of one of the comrades does not even match with the area that it is suggested to show.

Another strange thing is that it was initially reported that comrade N.M has not been followed by the police for some years, but officials of the last government said that this is false and N.M. has been followed by the police at all times, making it quite interesting how the police is suggesting that he managed to be involved in a revolutionary organization while the police was around him! The case is up in the air as no weapons or explosives have been found at all, anyway.

Wednesday 14 April 2010

Athens - after the court. All comrades confirmed hostages of the Greek terrorist State

local time news...13:00 14/4
N. M., and P. R. passed the prosecution procedure, they did NOT make a statement and did NOT recognize the fiasco trial...
... a gathering of solidarity took place at the court: many friends and comrades
Hours later, all the comrades shouted slogans of solidarity and rage from inside a tight block of anti-riot, terrorist cops, as the hostage comrades were taken away through a back exit.
Solidarity to the comrades.
All States are terrorist!!!

Athens - luxury cars smashed and burned

22:30 Athens. Last night group of comrades, 40 or 50, in the area Nikaia Athens very central road, start to smash! and set on fire many fucking luxury cars - nobody arrested or wanted!!
from actforfreedomnow

Mexico City - gas cannister explosion against Banamex cashpoint

Two gas cannisters strapped together with tape exploded yesterday in a cashpoint of a bank agency in the centre of the City of Messico, in an action that caused only material damage and has not been claimed by any group, the police of the capital have informed.
The action took place during the night in a bancomat of the Banamex, the belongs to the American Citigroup, at the corner between San Antonio Abad and Taller, in theTránsito area.
The explosion destroyed windows, ceilinmgs and some lights, but there were no wounded. Over the past few years similar explosions have taken place in Mexico City, similar to that in the cashpoint, most of which have not caused any wounded and have been claimed by groups of anarchists.
from culmine

Spain - sabotage in 14 train stations against the TAV

14 April 2010
The same night in the provinces of Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa, ticket machines, cctv cameras, etc. were sabotaged in different ways in 14 stations of the two Spanish provinces.
(Press) : Last night unknown persons sabotaged a number of ticket machines in 14 stat6ions of the Renfe [Spanish railways] and Euskotren [Basque railways]. In some, slogans were left against the high speed trains (TAV). It seems that they sprayed the machines with a liquid, that rendered them unusable.
The Renfe confirmed the sabotage of its installations in the stations of Hernani, Herrera, Pasajes, Loiola, Martutene and Villabona in one, and Bidebieta (Basauri), Peñota (Portugalete), Trapagaran and Ametzola (Bilbao). In Euskotren, the company indicated that the saboteurs introduced polyuréthane foam into the ticket machines in the stations of Ariz (Basauri), Traña (Abadiño), Zaldibar and San Fausto (Durango). There again,slogans were left against the TAV.
from, 13 April del 2010 , via cettesemaine

Tuesday 13 April 2010


Scenes of State terror at Athens court yesterday - see videos:

Athens - “Union of Athens Daily Newspapers Editors” occupied by 200 comrades

The “Union of Athens Daily Newspapers Editors” (i.e. columnists) (ESIEA) was occupied around 13:30 until 16:00 (local time) by comrades that wished to express their outrage about the mass media’s stand concerning the 6 arrested anarchists.

From the very first moment this story broke out, the media consistently manufacture an image of tough, ruthless terrorists, and attempt –despite the absence of any evidence– to convince that they 6 have orchestrated every single bomb explosion, crossfire etc in the past decade. They are basically presented as the coordinators of all greek terrorist organizations. Their names and photographs were illegally exposed by the media even before the photographs were given out by the police (!).

More than 200 gathered, handed out texts and hang a banner reading: “Zero tolerance to state repression”.

Their announcement goes as follows:
“This occupation of the Union of Athens Daily Newspapers Editors’ offices, by over 200 comrades, –a union presided by the security police puppet-journalist Panos Sobolos–, was organized in response to the terrorist-spectacle the mass media have been presenting avidly during the past few days on the arrest of comrades, which are accused of being members of the “Revolutionary Struggle”.
A “case” with no evidence, which is socially supported solely by the state’s narrative, which is repeated word-to-word on the news and in newspaper columns by television and newspaper mouthpieces. A state narrative that after the December revolt attempts to incriminate the anarchists on a legal, moral and ideological basis (the very points institutions are consisted of). Legally-lawless (or outlaws), morally-cowardly, ideologically-fascists: it is on this basis that the ideological and repressive assault, and the consequent criminalization, develops.
The counter-revolt campaign of the state and the mass media escalates, along with the struggle for social and individual liberation, solidarity and unselfishness, self-organizing our actions and our everyday lives. Especially during times of tough antisocial offensive and in depth pillage of society by the political and economic elite.

Zero tolerance to the state and mass media terrorism
Freedom to the imprisoned fighters
Solidarity is our weapon

from occupied london/after the greek riots

Clayes-sous-Bois (Yvelines) : school set on fire

from cette semaine

(AFP) - 10 avril 2010

VERSAILLES - A school at Clayes-sous-Bois (Yvelines) was partly destroyed by an arson attack during the night between Friday and Saturday, causing the anger of parents and the condemnation of the minister of Education for 'this unspeakable act'.

The primary school Victor-Hugo, in rue Pablo-Neruda, had its second floor completely destroyed by the flames and the ground floor half burnt out.

Monday 12 April 2010

Charges against the 6 anarchist comrades in athens

last news 12/4/
Update 14:40 (local time): According to the media the 6 arrestees are charged with 4 felonies (participation in terrorist organization, attempted homicides in common, supplying, manufacturing and possessing incendiary materials/bombs in common, explosion in common and attempt to provoke explosion) and 4 misdemeanors (distinct damage due to explosion, illegal possession and use of guns) related to the organization “Revolutionary Struggle”, on actions dating back to 2003.(13:50 local time): At 13:00 local time, the cops tear-gased and beat up comrades that had gathered in solidarity. 2 people were detained for alleged resistance and insulting the authorities after the clash, and were taken to the local police station in Kipseli. More riot police units have been moved on site.The 6 arrestees were taken to Evelpidon (Athens courts) at 10:30 am (local time) in order to appear before the prosecutor. Their transfer resembled a Hollywood setting: streets nearby were blocked, 6 jeeps of the intelligence service along with several motorcycles and undercover police vehicles paraded, while cameramen were filming all along.Approximately 150 people have gathered in solidarity outside chanting slogans. Strong anti-media sentiment due to the infuriating stand the media have taken by publishing photos, names and filming the interior of houses raided yesterday. The place is packed with cops, and there was tension when the 6 arrived. The procedure is estimated to last until late tonight, and our presence there in solidarity is extremely important.
from actforfreedomnow



On Saturday 10/4 we occupied the polytechnic university led by sentiments of tenacious rage and solidarity towards our comrades. We want to show that a fighting part of the society exists, that will continue resisting w h a t e v e r y o u d o.
We understand very well the dirty game of deceit and mass guidance that play the shameful mass media. These frauds of speech and conductors of manipulation, will skilfully use their arms, misinformation, calumny and disorientation from the real problems: the economic and social bankruptcy, in order to keep the world asleep and inactive. Mainly however afraid. Orwell, nor in his madness dreams, could not imagine the way in which he would be verified finally in the modern TVdictatorship. We answer:
From today and each day begins an enraged attack of counter-information, at the occupation of the polytechnic itself, but also in each corner of Athens. We deny to lower the heads and to accept the started terror-lust of mass media. The "internal terrorism" is the delusion that makes blind the average TV-person and nails him in a useless witch-hunt.
There are many hatched wizards and witches that walk with hoods in the forest of the city.
Bourgeois illegality will not pass.
Our counter-information from now on will reach at the ears of even the last induced citizen.
We will not stop informing and opposing without mercy for all the all set up charges against our comrades.

Chile - young punk killed by carabineros

from informa-azione /
Monday 5 April, in the Nueva Braunau locality about 10 kilometres from Puerto Varas the carabineros surprised -at 2 in the morning - 3 young people who were drinking outside their home. The cops went up to them and told them they were going to arrest them. An argument broke out between the young people and the carabinero. The sister of the victim affirmed: "during the discussion a carabinero threatened to kill my brother and he replied "kill me" , not thinking that he would shoot. Instead the carabinero fired a shot at him."
"Pepo", the victim, was shot at close range , less than one metre and fell to the ground. The carabineros did not help the victim and the ambulance arrived after 25 minutes. The ambulance of the police in the area did not intervene.
The young punk died after arriving at the hospital. The two young people accompanying him were taken to the police station.


A witch-hunt against anarchists has been unfolding in Athens since the early hours of Friday with at least 6 people until now detained in relation to "terrorism". The media have launched a rumours campaign indiscriminately disclosing names and accusing the detainees of being members of the Revolutionary Struggle. As a response the Athens Polytechnic has been occupied by anarchists in solidarity.

The Athens anti-anarchist witch-hunt started in the early hours of Friday, with anti-terrorist police breaking into three houses and detaining four people in relation to "domestic terrorism". After the first information was leaked to the usual parrot-blogs and parrot-journalists of the Ministry of Public Order the Greek public has been bombarded by images of the stormed houses, dubbed "terrorist lairs", and with thinly veiled information about the detainees which the media portray as having been arrested despite no such official police proclamation. The media campaign identifies at least two of the detainees with historical figures of the anarchist movement in Greece, well known for previous imprisonments, hunger strikes and the mass movement in solidarity these led at the time. Naturally we are not going to reproduce the names or more info on the persons here. Then followed more operations, with more houses of anarchists broken in, with allegedly two more people detained, a fact not clarified by the police. This led to renewed anti-anarchist allegations and propaganda in the media, which by then were reproducing wild stories about the alleged connection of the detained with the assassinated anarchist Lambros Foundas, and about "weapons and communiques found in the lairs". What seems to be the case is that the police has found "material that could be use to construct explosives" i.e. any domestic cleaning powders, some engine oil etc, and "written material and notes that could be used for writing communiques similar to the Revolutionary Struggle", i.e. any marxist or anarchist literature. Moreover another anarchist was stopped while walking in the streets of Athens and arrested as a suspect for "armed robbery" in a supermarket. The police led him to his parents' house where his great-grandfather's 1914 hunting gun was confiscated as evidence of the crime. The man has been led to to the state inquisitor this morning.

The reaction of anarchists in Athens has been the occupation of the down-town Polytechnei
(act for freedom now)
Information ‘leaked’ from the police suggest that the so called ‘Anti-Terrorist units’ are searching for ten more people to arrest.
More than 500 people held an open assembly in the occupied Athens’ Polytechnic to decide about the immediate solidarity actions.
Earlier during the day two solidarity gatherings took place outside two of the raided houses in Exarcheia and in Petralona, Athens, while the police was in ’searching for evidence’, minor clashes with the riot police took place in front of the two sites.
Today, the news about the arrest of these people and the raids of their houses by the police dominate a great proportion of the Greek media…today, Sunday evening, the Greek government agreed to take a loan from IMF…

All 6 Arrested Persons are Anarchists

UPDATE 23:20 GMT+2 Despite the time, more that 300 people gathered chanting solidarity and anti-police slogans in front of the house of a comrade while the police was raiding it searching for ‘evidence’, in the Athens’ down-town quarter of Kypseli.


Information ‘leaked’ from the police suggest that the so called ‘Anti-Terrorist units’ are searching for ten more people to arrest.

(occupied london)


Schaerbeek - Greek church gets red paint

"Tuesday night 30th of March, we paid a visit to the Greek orthodox Parish Sainte-Marina in Schaerbeek (Brussels, Belgium); the Oecumenic Patriarchy of Constantinopel, patriarch of Belgium. The church was re-decorated with red paint and a slogan appeared: "The state and the church kill and imprison."

Indy Nantes

Gilly - Two cars of the Post burned

GILLY - An arson destroyed two vans of the Post and two other unmarked cars. A suspect was arrested and interrogated a bit further because the person was driving with stolen numberplates and had several numberplates in his car. (The Bank of the Post is managing the bank accounts of prisons and closed centres)

suie e cendres

Farciennes (Charleroi) - Stock of confiscated goods burned

FARCIENNES - An arson destroyed a stock of 600 square meters of confiscated goods, furniture and clothing of poor people, property of the city of Farciennes (Charleroi). Fire was put at two different places of the building around 23h. The whole building burned.

suie e cendres

Germany - incendiary attack against explosives factory


Dresden 27 February 2010
High flames illuminated the sky of Dresden caused by an attack, carried out by persons unknown, against a company that produces explosives.

Four lorries, a van and a crane were reduced to ashes.

This was surely a question of a premeditated attack, but the owner of the company maintains that he does not have any enemies.

It turns out however that the company collaborates with the army.

Sat, 10/04/2010

Friday 9 April 2010

Lisbon - International solidarity initiative to Alfredo M. Bonanno and Christos Stratigopoulos

Last Tuesday, March 23rd, a few hundred fliers were handed out at the entrance, inside and around the Commercial and Economic Section of the Greek Embassy in Lisbon, in the area of Saldanha.
The text of the flier:

« Freedom for all, in Greece and everywhere.

It’s true, the situation in Portugal is the same as in Greece. Populations living in poverty, on a daily misery in which we feel life turning into survival, at the same time that bosses and banks rob us of each moment and each place that used to be ours. Police, courts and prisons for those who dare to confront that misery and, increasingly, even for those who do not confront it at all. People that with a disgusting regularity are persecuted, beaten or murdered with shots by the police, because we all are a potential threat, no more no less, because the State has the authority and the weapons and the fear of revolt. Prisons that efficiently do their job: to eliminate dignity, to serve as a warehouse of undesirables, to give the example, to execute rebelliousness. To execute, plain and simply.

But in Portugal, as in Greece, as everywhere, there are those who do not stay still in the face of this system of exploitation, of oppression, of the elimination of everything that still breaths freely. There are those who put despair and resignation away, and grab life with nails and teeth, going for the attack.

Christos Stratigopoulos and Alfredo Maria Bonanno are only two of those individuals, arrested on October 2009, following a bank robbery in Trikala, Greece. Regardless of the crimes they are being charged with, the struggle for freedom is the crime they’ve always committed.

We want to denounce, in particular, the abusive detention of Alfredo M. Bonanno under unacceptable conditions in the prison of Koridallos (Athens), worsened even more with the attempt to frame him up with another bank robbery on July 2009. The politics of vengeance of the State has the aim of eliminating physically and psychologically this comrade of 73 years old who faces serious health problems. Alfredo Bonanno is an anarchist, involved in the movement since decades ago, active in the resistance against the dictatorship of the Greek colonels (1967-1974), and writer and editor of many anarchist texts. These are the true reasons for which they keep him in prison under conditions that endanger his life.

We demand the immediate release of Alfredo Maria Bonanno.
For the destruction of all prisons.

International solidarity initiative to
Alfredo M. Bonanno and Christos Stratigopoulos

On the same day a banner with the words “Against the Greek State and all prisons / Freedom to Bonanno and Christos” was hung on the Alameda fountain, in Lisbon.

Tuesday 6 April 2010

French workers threaten to blow up factory facing closure

Fri, 02 Apr 2010

from the press
Staff have already set fire to pieces of plastic and rolls of carpet at the factory, sending billowing black smoke into the sky.
Workers at a factory facing closure in France have threatened to blow up the plant unless they are given better layoff compensation. About 50 workers at Sodimatex, which makes car rugs, have been occupying the site in Crepy-en-Valois since Thursday. They are pressuring the company for better compensation. The employees have placed petrol bombs near a large gas tank and are threatening to set them ablaze. The French industry minister has condemned the move and urged the workers to settle the row through talks. France is suffering a 10 percent unemployment rate — highest in a decade. The car industry is among the hardest-hit by the economic slowdown. Plant closings have led French workers to increasingly militant behavior, with numerous cases of boss-napping over the past year and one other case of a threat to blow up a factory.

Buenos Aires - Explosive attack against the Banco Nacion

from the Argentinian press
Another bomb has been placed at an agency of the Banco De La Nacion, this time at a cashpoint between Lavalle and Florida. Two weeks ago a similar attack took place at the agency in Belgrano and in February the offices between Corrientes and Uruguay. There were no wounded in any of the cases only material damage. The police made it known that a slogan criticising Kirchner and Macri (the Kirchners, husband and wife, presidens of the Argentinian republic; Mauricio Macri governor of the city of Buenos Aires - ndt).
Today's explosion destroyed the facade of the building.
.. The attack was claimed by a group “Pandilla VandalikaTeodoro Suarez”*, which in a leaflet criticised the Kirchners and the governor Macri. “For the acceleration of their fall, freedom of the prisoners, the execution of the guards and police, Makri and his police state out” said the leaflet.
continuing "with this we claim to contribute to the destruction of money and the prison, police, capitalist and alienating society that aliments it, for this it is necessary to blow up each of the pillars that support it. No matter how they try to reinforce themselves and make themselves indestructable, they always leave cracks open in which it is possible to attack then disappear.
Police sources say that the device was a kind of extinctor filled with explosives.

Buenos Aires - Barricade and attack on Church

source: Archivo Paulino Scarfo
Yesterday, 24 March, with another anniversary of the last military coup in Argentina, while the Plaza de Mayo was occupied by the Madres, now allies of the government in complicity with various peronist representatives, and while the left were preparing the usual procession to the Congreso (Argentinian Parliament), a group of anarchist comrades decided to flee the logic of the transport of sheep and commonplaces in which to demonstrate a presumed discontent, and to clarify the enemy and power both in democracy and in dictatorship, between the same species and of the species over nature. It is thus that, around three in the afternoon, we attacked a church at the corner between the calles Callao and Tucuman, right in the centre of Buenos Aires, with paintbombs, stones and barricades with burning tyres and other objects found lying around.
A banner was left saying:
It all took less than 10 minutes, but when the police arrived the comrades had already dispersed, without any problem and to the surprise of these subnormals, happy to keep alive the flame of so many combattents that had made subversion their daily practice. We don’t want to lose this occasion to greet our comrades that are prisoners in different parts of the world: in Argentina, Diego, La Galle, Leandro and many more... Freddy Fuentevilla and Marcelo Villarroel still kidnapped by the Chilean State ... all the prisoners in war and those that day after day are facing the enemy in the streets and with all the means at their disposal. In vengeance for Mabel Guerra assassinated by a prefect in villa 31, for Luciano Arruga desaparecido after having been locked up and tortured in the commissariato of Lomas del Mirador, for Luciano Gonzales desaparecido after the repression in Corcovado, in memory of the comrade Lambros Fountas fallen in combat with the Greek police, the comrade Mauricio Morales, the comrade Diego Rios in hiding insurgent and making a joke of the Chilean authorities...
Solidarity to the prisoners on Hungerstrike in the Unidad Penitenciaria de La Plata.
For the destruction of the State, its defenders and it’s false critics.
Against democracy, against dictatorship, for anarchy, for freedom.p.s.: We didn’t choose the church as a point to attack with the simple analysis "support to the military coup", but for being another entity to be destroyed, an entity that transcends the forms of government that they give themselves at a given moment in time.

Sunday 4 April 2010

Paris - bank robbed by tunnel-digging robbers

Last weekend, a Credit Lyonnais branch in Paris was broken into by tunnel-digging robbers who cracked almost 200 private safes, according to police. A branch of Caisse d'Epargne in a Paris suburb was robbed at New Year in a similar fashion.
Today again would-be robbers armed with a pneumatic drill dug a tunnel from a Paris subway station into the basement of a bank in the early hours of Sunday but failed to seize any cash or valuables, police said.
The attempted robbery of BNP Paribas is the third time this year so-called "termite gangs" have tried to rob a bank by digging a tunnel into the building.
It is not known whether the three incidents are related.
The gang dug into the bank's basement, possibly via the sewage system. They failed to enter the safety deposit room and nothing was taken, a BNP spokeswoman said.
They aborted the attempt and started a fire to cover their tracks, which set off alarms and alerted police. Digging equipment, including a pneumatic drill, was found at the scene.

Union leader expropriated in Buenos Aires, Argentina

04 2010
From Liberación Total:
April 1, 2010
On March 26, our group of anarchist comrades reclaimed money and a handgun from corrupt union leader Amadeo Genta and his goon when we assaulted them in Villa Devoto.
—Simón Radowitzky Unit
from thisisourjob

Saturday 3 April 2010

Italy, Lecco - bug found in a comrade's car

A few days ago a comrade in Lecco found unwanted guests in his car. Some nice bastard had in fact placed, linking it to the electricity supply of the light of the passenger seat, a bug made from a modified cellphone, and aerial, a Gps sensor and a microphone (see photographs). The instrument was placed between the bodywork and the inside covering, fixed by two magnets.
This find, given the present climate, certainly can't surprise us. It is annoying, in a system that accepts only tacit consensus, to pester power, raise one's voice and carry on struggles against that which is afflicting our lives more and more. This in fact is but the latest repressive attack in this town. Only a few weeks ago the request for special surveillance of a friend and comrade, and not long ago the “certification” of 12 comrades by the police of their presumed social dangerousness ”verbally warned”.
They are trying to intimidate, repress and arrest, but none of this infamity will ever work. In Lecco for years one carries on doing what one thinks, and for those who want to govern our existence, thought is already in itself dangerous, very dangerous. Spying, listening, keeping under surveillance…nothing works better for this system. Whoever spends their whole life without even being to look at themselves in the mirror, murderers in the streets and in the barracks, guards and torturers in the detention centres and prisons, are often expert at interfering in other people's lives. Anything we say isn't free, it can always be used against us. Our secrets and our arguments, our kisses and our words of love, our music and our singing are spied on by the managers of constituted order.
Besides, the stench of death emanated from any of the sgherri of power once they have come inside our cars is hard to get rid of. But may they be sure, all this will never even scratch the passion for freedom that whoever struggles carries with them. All this will never be able to dampen our smiles. All this can only give the struggle more life, more vigour, more rage. ANARCHICI LECCHESI
translated from informa-azione

Some news of prisoners of U.S. based indigenous self determination struggles.

Last year, Leonard Peltier, an organizer and warrior of the American Indian Movement was denied parole yet again. He sits in prison still, some 35 years after two FBI agents were killed in what was proven in previous trials of other AIM members as legitimate self defense.
Housed in the same prison as Leonard, is another indigenous comrade, Oso Blanco (White Bear) who is serving 80 years for robbing dozens of banks to funnel the money to another indigenous resistance movement, the Zapatistas. His actions show quite clearly that the long legacy of indigenous resistance is alive in cross-border actions of solidarity.
John Graham, another former AIM member sits in jail in South Dakota after being extradicted from Canada, in much the same manner as Leonard Peltier, while Luis V. Rodriguez, an Apache community organizer sits in prison in California after being framed for the murder of two police officers.


Brazil: Two people killed in attack on police station

Posted on March 13, 2010 by denverabc
SAO PAULO – Two civilians were killed and a police station was burned to the ground during a clash between residents and cops in the northern Brazilian state of Para, authorities said.
The spokesman for the state Public Safety Office, Emanuel Villaza, told Efe that two police officers were wounded in the incident in Tracuateua, a town 200 kilometers (124 miles) east of Belem, Para’s capital.
Police fired their guns “in legitimate self defense,” he said.
Villaza said that while leaders of the crowd said they wanted police to hand over a suspect in a deadly robbery, the real purpose of the protest was to drive out the cops.
He said drug traffickers paid the mob to attack the police station.
Authorities reached that conclusion based on the use of Molotov cocktails, which Villaza described as unprecedented in a spontaneous protest, and on the failure of the crowd to go after any of the prisoners released from the burning police station.
“The author of the robbery-murder had been transferred to Manituba, 100 kilometers (away). The thing about the lynching was an excuse by criminal groups to make the police station disappear,” the spokesman said.
Police have identified the ringleaders and will soon ask a judge to issue arrest warrants, Villaza said. EFE
from Denver anarchist black cross

Friday 2 April 2010

Belgium, Louvain - Real estate office attacked

"Last Sunday night, all windows of a Century 21 real estate office at the corner of the Dirk boutslaan and the Lei in Leuven were destroyed. "Against Tobback and the prison!" was the slogan painted on the other side of the office."
from suie e cendres

Brussels - Troubles in Anderlecht

ANDERLECHT - Around 23h30, local police and reinforcements from the Federal Police came to place Lemmens after an anonymous phonecall saying youngsters were destroying the electric boxes of the street lights. When police arrived, the youngters, masked, ran in all directions. Six were arrested, four administratively and two of 19 years old were put at disposal of the Justice, accused of "tentative d'attentat".A bit later, a person from the neighbourhood called the police to denounce youngsters making molotov cocktails. Still at the same place, police found two bidons of gasoline, a plastic bag full of glass bottles filled with gasoline and a balaclava. Near, hidden behind a building, police discovered 25 car tires.Later, at 1 in the night, another patrol realised the roads around Lemmens were slipping, oil was poured out. Searching near, they found bidons of gasoline, stones, bidons of oil and wooden bats.
from suie e cendres