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Thursday 26 August 2010

Some angry news from Belgium

suie e cendres

Resistance against arrest
21/08/2010 - Brussels – In Molenbeek, a small riot occured between the police and youngsters. The police had arrested a man who was searched for and has to do one year of prison sentence. Around 50 people fropm the neigbourhood resisted the arrest by pushing the police. A security camera got destroyed and a police van lightly damaged. No one got hurt.
Minkcages opened
20/08/2010 - OTENHULLE/POEKE – Unknown persons opened the cages of 300 minks. The owner of the mink farm declared that he caught almost all the minks again because he had put a larger fence which was not destroyed.
Graffiti on court building
20/08/2010 - BRUSSELS – The police controlled a 20 year old man after he had written 'Faut niker het systeem' [Fuck the system] on the justice building. He tried to run, but got caught a bit later. He will recieve a bill.
200 car tires set on fire
19/08/2010 - CHARLEROI – 200 car tires are set on fire inside the fence of a garage. Firemen need two hours to put the fire down
Destruction in school
19/08/2010 - KEERBERGEN – Press reports destruction in school in Keerbergen. The last few months have seen an important rise of this kind in the region.
Policeman hit
19/08/2010 - ANDERLECHT – A driver, who wanted to escape a nightly control, has driven over a cop who got hurt. The car, driving without license plates was found a few streets further on, the driver escaped.
Riot in prison
19/08/2010 - LEUVEN – When during the night prison guards tried to put a prisoner in the isolation cell, he fought back and hurt two guards. The guards called the police for an intervention and a small riot followed where one cop got hurt. According to the prison director Henk Mortier the incident is to be minimized, but other sources speak about quite a heavy incident which proves again the ongoing unrest in the prison of Leuven.
Luxury car set on fire
19/08/2010 - ANTWERP – A Mercedes was set on fire and burned completely. Yet another luxury car burned in a series that is becoming larger and larger.
Guard taken hostage, attempted escape
18/08/2010 - LANTIN – Yassine Dibi, 24 years old, tried to escape from the prison of Lantin by taking hostage the director Steensens. However, guards managed to stop him. Yassine declared to the judiciary police he was trying to escape. Yassine has been condemned to 13 years of prison for armed robbery and another escape from the Justice Palace in Brussels a year ago, where a armed commando liberated Yassine and two other prisoners. For this escape, he was condemned to 3 years prison.
Fire destroys truck with new cars
18/08/2010 - HAZELDONK – A truck with seven brand new cars was completely destroyed by a fire, on a parking lot. Police privileges the possibility of an intentional arson.

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