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Saturday 28 August 2010

France: Lille, Nantes, Toulouse one night in August

translated from cette semaine

August 25, 2010 - Bois Blancs, Lille
Police in response at Bois-Blancs were attacked by thrown missiles on Monday night when they accosted the occupants of a suspicious vehicle. It was during a routine intervention that police officers were attacked around 22:30 Monday night in rue Coli in Bois-Blancs.
Officers were busy controlling the occupants of a suspicious vehicle that had been reported following a theft of car accessories carried out the same morning in the neighborhood when some unknown people emerged and started throwing projectiles at them. The windshields of two police vehicles were damaged. There were no injuries. The police, however, had to curtail their presence on site, taking with them the five occupants of the vehicle, three minors and two majors. They were released yesterday, no link having yet been established with the flight.
The investigation continues on this subject, and another investigation was opened by Lille metropolitan Police regarding throwing of projectiles.
Yesterday afternoon, an identity control was to be conducted in the area of Bois-Blancs. "To show the whole world that there are no zones of lawlessness," explained a police source said yesterday.

Nantes: Violence in neighborhoods north of Nantes after arrests (AFP)
August 25, 2010 NANTES - About thirty young people participated in urban violence during the night between Tuesday and Wednesday in a northern district of Nantes following the arrest of three of them, it was learned from the prefecture. "A group of people, some hooded, and armed with iron bars, attacked street fixtures, smashing the windows of a store, a school and two vehicles" after arrests for robbery, In addition to bus shelters and school windows being smashed, a burning car and a van were still visible late Wednesday morning in the neighbourhood. The neighbourhood was quiet, without any visible police presence.
The violence occurred at about 23:00, said the prefecture. Shortly before, around 19:00, the arrests took place nearby, in which two policemen were slightly wounded, the source said. Of the three people arrested, one was able to flee, according to deputy prosecutor in Nantes. "The inquiry has been hectic," tear gas had to be used, says one police source.
Shortly after 23:00, many calls from witnesses at the central state were "thirty to forty people picking on bus shelters and bus shops, some were hooded and armed with iron bars, he said. Upon arrival of police, including half a company of CRS, supported by the PBM (local security group), the CDI (Company departmental intervention) and BAC (anti-crime brigade), the demonstrators had fled, police said.

Toulouse: Gunfire and stones against police
August 25, 2010 - Toulouse: Gunfire and stones against police (Le Parisien, 25/08/2010)
Police came under heavy gunfire and stone-throwing that injured one of them in the night of Tuesday to Wednesday in the sensitive district of Bagatelle in Toulouse. Officers of the Mirail anti-crime brigade were called before midnight to intervene in the city where shots had been fired. In helping a victim of the shooting police were repeatedly fired at with a shotgun by masked individuals, reported the union Alliance. According to another professional organization, the SGP-FO police unit, the first union of peacekeepers one particular individual in a vehicle opened fire on the car of the LAC.
The ensuing chase turned into an ambush when police were confronted with about fifty people engaged in classic stone throwing, said Police Unit SGP-FO.
One policeman was wounded by the hail of stones. An inquest has been opened for attempted homicide of the police officers.

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