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Wednesday 18 August 2010

Repressive strike in Chile. Solidarity now!

Agents of the BIPE (Police of Investigation) and the ERTA (equivalent to the SWAT) on the other side agents of the GOPE (Especial forces of the Normal Police), LABOCAR (CSI) and the department of intelligence of the police and a series of helicopters and police cars was the armoury used by the police for the 17 raids, in Santiago and Valparaiso, at dawn on Saturday August 14. Among the 17 houses were 3 Squats and Social Centres, the squats being La Crota Bike Punk and the Squat Social Centre and the Sacco and Vanzetti Library in downtown Santiago and the Autonomous Social Centre Johny Cariqueo in the Pudahuel municipality. Two houses were raided in Valparaiso. The excuse for this police operation lies in the “Bomb Case”, and 23 of the attacks with explosives registered in Santiago, which according to the police version would have direct links with the arrested.The first raid was in the squat La Crota Bike Punk by the GOPE where the result was 6 companions arrested. Of the six held three were kidnapped, a female comrade with an arrest warrant and for the other two the police invented traces of TNT on their hands. Then was the turn of the SSC and the Sacco and Vanzetti Library, by the ERTA and the BIPE, wheothey took out the metalic grid of the window with a police car. The agents also carried out shootings with rubber bullets, hitting the body of two companions. From this space were arrested 5 companions one of whom remain kidnapped.
At the same time the Libertarian Library Johnny Cariqueo was raided in the Pudahuel municipality, in this space the police breaking in smashing access doors and no one was arrested. The police also raided 14 houses, 12 in Santiago and 2 in Valparaiso.
With a total of 17 raids realized by the defenders of order and 14 companions kidnapped.
Formalization of the hostages.
This Saturday around 16:00 pm the companions where brought before the 11º Santiago Court Guarantee where the southern prosecution request extended their detention until next Tuesday, 17 August, where they would be charged with "installation of explosive or incendiary devices and terrorist conspiracy" (law made by Pinochet), a request which the Ministry of Interior would also make, risking 20 years. During the hearing, once again the circus nature of the Chilean courts was demonstrated. Judge Lidia Bruna agreed to each and every one of the requests of the Prosecutor and the Ministry of Interior (press presence, extending the period of detention for three days, isolation of the companions among themselves and from the outside, and also the order to bring the police collaborator Gustavo Fuentes "El Grillo" to the audience next tuesday, to formalize with the rest of the alleged members of this "terrorist conspiracy." The vultures of the bourgeois press were all in the courtroom and fired their flashes once the judge gave the signal for the guards to bring in the companions.
The arguments of the defence were heard and denied one after another. The judge had everything ready for each resolution automatically read it with her voice of old bitch from a paper on her desk. When they ask to a companion if they had anything to say in relation to detention, he said he had been repeatedly been threatened with death, and she responds “that’s all?”. Neither did the story about the destruction of particular houses of the companions seem to attract much attention. The Prosecution justify the injuries cause by the police to a companion of the Sacco and Vanzetti (a rubber bullet his head and he was kicked on the nose) in the fact he would have been looking out of a window of the building throwing things and destroying evidence, thing that the companion denied this version immediately calling it “Imaginative”, was reprimanded for showing disrespect to the prosecutors. So beating and threatening people with death and unnecessarily smashing into houses is part of the norm that judges uphold, but any questioning of the repressive apparatus cannot take place in this circus. This lady continued with the same attitude when the defense counsel talked about an "orchestration" between the different media to blame our comrades.
When it became clear that the show was already coming to an end on Tuesday at 9:00pm, they began to hear the cheers of support, very welcomed by the spirits of our companions. Banners spread outside the courtroom, songs of support were sung ("Free the prisoners to fight"), the expression of the old fascist lady was that of disgust and horror, some bodyguards immediately surrounded the prosecutor Alejandro Peña.
After wrangling between those who went to support our comrades with two types of police dogs (police and press), the fascist judge made another for the 14 comrades to be taken inside and then, from the cells area, came a contingent of furious policemen armed with sticks and shields, that flew over the benches of defendants and lawyers with the clear intention of beating up friends and relatives of the detainees.
Of course, the bourgeois press has noted that all the comrades who came to support, well as the accused, attacked the press and other guardians of the capitalist order, but the truth is that the aggression came from the guards, while police and journalists beat many people savagely, and outside the enclosure were joined by riot police launching a manhunt that was not intended to arrest anyone but to punish directly. The companion Luisa Vergara had a traumatic brain injury, the mother of one of the detainees had minor injuries caused by a fucking journalist, and luckily most of the windows of this temple of shit (the court) were destroyed to be used against the officers.
Also, several journalists were beaten and their cameras damaged. No companion was arrested but many were beaten by the agents. Once outside the courts the companions found out that the SSC and Library Sacco and Vanzetti was being closed by a joint operation by the two police deparments. During the afternoon, the building had been guarded by a truck from the PDI (Police Of Investigation), whose occupants at first denied entry to a group of companions, but later agreed to let them in and take some things, warning that there was an order not to let the building be reoccupied. Hours later, at about 18:30, police hentered the squat and were carrying out work to close all access. The Library and all the other things that were not seized (this time they took little in the raid) remained sequestered there. The police did not exhibit any eviction order or anything, and said it was orders of the prosecutor. They also said the squat would be recovered by their legitimate owners, the ISP (Internal Revenue Service). A quick operation that took them by surprise yielded a number of books that were put to safety, sparking a short police chase in the area without anyone being arrested.The Kidnapped Companions are:
-Pablo Morales: Ex-Lautarista (A military political organization that operates in Chile at the end of the dictatorship and the beginning of democracy). Arrested at his house in Santiago.-Rodolfo Retamales: Ex-Lautarista. Arrested at his house in Santiago. Also was raided their parent’s house.-Omar Hermosilla: Ex-Lautarista. Arrested at his house in Santiago.-Andrea Urzùa: In 2008 the police say that and Marcelo Villarroel (companions in trail for a bank robbery) were held. Arrested at his house in Santiago-Felipe Guerra: Arrested in SSC and Library Sacco and Vanzetti. Also was raided his mother’s house. The companion was injured by agents of the ERTA.-Cristian Cancino: He was arrested in the squat “La Idea” after the death of Mauricio Morales (comrade killed by his own bomb on May 22, 2009), where the police charged him with almost 500 grams of black gunpowder. Cristian decided to assume his guilt in a short trail to get out of jail.-Carlos Riveros: Arrested at his house in Santiago.-Camilo Perez: Arrested at his house in Santiago.-Ivan Goldenberg: Arrested at his house in Valparaiso. Police say the gun that Mauricio Morales was carryingat the time of his death, was owned by the grandfather of Ivan.-Candelaria Cortès-Monroy: Arrested at his house in Santiago. Candelaria in 2008 was stabbed by Gustavo Fuentes aka "El Grillo" who was his partner and who is accused of placing bombs.-Francisco Solar: Arrested at his house in Valparaiso.-Monica Caballero: Arrested at the squat “La Crota”.-Diego Morales: Arrested at the squat “La Crota”. The police invented that Diego has in his hands traces of TNT.-Vinicio Aguilera: Arrested at the squat “La Crota”. The police inveted that Vinicio also has in his hands traces of TNT.
All male companions are in the high security prison and female comrades in Women's Counseling Center.
Immediate Solidarity with our comrades kidnapped by Power!
The “terrorist conspiracy” exists only in the head of the prosecutor Peña!
More info, pictures and video: (In Spanish)

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