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Friday 27 August 2010

Communiqué from Mónica Caballero, anarchist prisoner in Chile

translated from culmine with rage love and solidarity, to be read, corrected and circulated without delay.

27/08/2010 - Chile
All the insurgents:
The hegemony of power came on the scene on August 14, around 7 am, when agents of the GOPE enetered the place where I live or lived, the squatted house "La Crota", destroying the gate of our library, the CDAI (Centro de Documentación Anarquista Itinerant) by linking it to a machine and pulling it away. Hearing the noise I just made it in time to go into the courtyard where police, armed to the teeth and with their characteristic arrogance, blocked me.
Later I was taken to a room where they read out the accusations for which I continue to be held. During the same procedure my hands were submitted to an examination, in search for traces of explosives. This examination was carried out without my knowing anything without anything being explained: a huge mistake on my part. The same examination was made against two other people who were in my beloved home: Vinicio Aguilera and Diego Morales, and is the only evidence that they have to accuse them. I tried to greet my fellow humans, canines and felines. One of my 4-legged comrades never stopped barking at the police. He never moved away from us. I stroked him and headed toward the front of the house, Biblioteka (CDAI), which was destroyed like a classic postcard of the totalitarian regimes. At that moment I was handcuffed, handcuffs that were my company for several hours on several occasions. In coming out from my beloved place, that the prosecutor would have described as "power centre", the press try to snap the perfect photo of the "bombers". They just received our deepest contempt. With my head never bowed I took the opportunity to shout slogans for the Mapuche prisoners, those who are currently on hunger strike. In the police car I was able to pick up on what news was being spread.
When I reached 33 ° Commissariat I found several others in my same situation and more who were continuing to arrive. There are 14 of us. The courtroom hearings for the control of the generalities was full of comrades, friends, affini, relatives, brothers, who like us felt uncertainty. Illicit terrorist association and placing of explosive devices are the accusations against us. The formalization will be Tuesday. In coming out of the courtroom we managed to hear cries full of rage and anger from our people. Cries that deeply moved us and gave us strength for what was to come. We are not alone! Your actions and your attitude fills me with pride! Waiting until the formalization of the charges was eternal. Isolated, without any news, and not even a pencil. When the day arrived after Power had tried to leave us as long as possible in prison, through bars and handcuffs we managed to touch the hands of our comrades and shout a few words. During the hearing only one family member was allowed entry for each accused. The Church has associated with the Fiscalía Sur (the prosecution - NDT) and the Ministry of the Interior. The Prosecutor Alejandro Peña began with eloquence to expose the foundations of the Illicit Terrorist Association (which only exists in his head). According to him, the organization is informal, democratic and horizontal. At least this definition made us smile. So many years of investigation for such a complicated resolution?
What a precarious mentality for such honourable officials. Then, they continue with the evidence for each defendant: items such as books, photographs, written words, phone tapping, computers, pens, videos, posters and probably this same statement will be at the root of our dangerousness. As if the circus was not enough already, in a gesture both Machiavellian and morbid the respected attorney shows photos of Mauricio Morales who died after the explosion of the device destined for the school for prison screws in May 2009. He tried to wound us, but has only fueled our hatred.
A great element of proof would be the declaration of Gustavo Fuentes Aliaga, alias "El Grillo" narco-trafficker who on 31 December 2008 stabbed the comrade Candelaria Cortez-Monroy seven times. The court ordered 180 days of investigation.
But already we are no longer 14, but 8. 6 comrades remain kidnapped in the cells of capital. A strong hug to them. Four judges and years of investigations were not enough to find new items to mount an artifice of such proportions, leaving us in prison like this.
Currently I'm in SEAS (High Security Section) of the CPF (Female Penitentiary Centre) of Santiago. I shall continue with my vegan diet. The struggle against domination does not compromise up until the final consequences.
Proud of what I am and of my comrades, I embrace every act of solidarity and rebellion. They will not silence me. No more than the individual can and must fight for their freedom, nothing can move them but their heart.
May the wilderness protect the dear felines running on the rooftops and may a night of black auspices never come.
To everyone today and always: "Neither God nor master"
With a heart in pieces, but beating stronger than ever!!
By putting an end to all exercise of authority and power, make anarchy live.
Mónica Caballero, SEAS, CPF, Santiago, Chile, Anarchist Prisoner

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