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Tuesday 24 August 2010

Chile – Comunique from prison from Rodolfo el Garza Retamales


Chile - Communique from prison of Rodolfo Garza el Retamales
On 14 August, at 6:40am, my house was raided by police of the Dipolcar along with the Gope, in search of evidence and accusing me of being the leader of an illicit terrorist association, the warrant signed by the prosecutor investigating the 'caso bomba'.
With the passing of hours, and after being beaten by police of the Dipolcar and officer Segis Sostomo of the RP 3239 of the 30th police station, I learned that even my parents' house has been subjected to raids, as well as three social centres and 12 houses of comrades in different municipalities between Santiago and Valparaiso, with the balance of 14 arrests, all accused of being part of an anarchist cell with two leaders, two financers and 10 operative members, all in the sinister imagination of the prosecutor Peña. Even before the formalization of the charges we males were transferred to C.A.S. maximum security prison and the women to Centro de Orientation Femenina, all placed in isolation.
Tuesday 17 a hearing took place to formalize the situation and there we were able to hear the evidence against us: phone tapping, photos, videos, examined clothing and a surprise.
This turned out to be a character known as El Grillo, who has collaborated and has offered himself to the prosecution as a witness, pointing in his confessions to some people -who have been arrested – who according to him are responsible for a number of acts of sabotage.
For those who do not know, this character was arrested Dec. 31, 2008 for attempting to murder his wife, Candelaria, today accused of illicit terrorist association. At the time of arrest Fuentes, alias el grillo [the cricket], told prosecutor Armendariz, that he, along with Candelaria and another three persons, had made and placed bombs and that he knew those who carried out the acts of sabotage, in an obvious attempt to clean his image and pass himself off as a major player in the social struggle.
At the hearing the hours passed, 15 in total, and we learned a vast amount of false prosecution arguments that contradicted themselves, provoking a smile from even the jailers throughout the media show. Despite the substantial amount of arguments presented by defense lawyers, who de-legitimized the prosecution evidence demonstrating the inconsistencies, the pressure of the Government through the Ministry of Interior could be felt.
In the end, 8 out of 14 of us remain in prison. Power has played all his cards and its sinister attorney-star could not be seen in a bad light in front of the public.
Now once again I find myself going along these corridors full of young people who fill the walls of the Chilean prisons, because it is for them that they were built to accommodate and conceal the social injustice, poverty and inequality of this system where the rich get richer and the poor content themselves with the crumbs that the bosses bestow on them.
From listening to the radio today to which I belong, I thank and appreciate the support they have given me since the first day of my arrest. You will be under fire, from here all my support and my strength. A kiss to each one of you ... to all the programs we hear, to the glorious people of La Victoria and its neighbours, a kiss to my son and all those who have shown solidarity with affection.

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