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Tuesday 21 September 2010

Biel Prison, Switzerland - communique from Silvia Guerini concerning the hunger strike and its extension for Marco Camenisch

translated from informa-azione

Collective hunger strike with Billy, Costa and Marco 10-29 September 2010
I am undertaking this collective hunger strike along with comrades Luca Bernasconi, Costantino Ragusa, Marco Camenisch. For a period of 20 days. The contents of this strike are expressed and outlined in full in our collective statement.
This initiative represents an important and necessary continuity of the struggle, to continue the path taken in spite of these walls and these bars that hold us prisoner, and as continuity in the green anarchist affinity that unites us.
To be present in the revolutionary movement, in the animal liberation movement and that of the Earth as active subjects in the struggle even if in prison. This hunger strike overcomes the strong censureship, slowdown and restriction of mail that the three of us are experiencing in preventive detention, it breaks down the walls of isolation and unites us with all of you outside, all those who struggle against the existent.
To reaffirm the fundamental critique of the anthropocentric paradigm, which goes to the roots of this techno-industrial society and all exploitation. Roots inherent in the birth of civilization with the estrangement and separation of men and women from the rest of nature and the domestication of the plant and animal world.
To strongly boost the struggle against all harmfulness and scientific-technological development that sees its culmination in biotechnology and nanotechnology. Let's stop the advance of genetic engineering and the entry of GM crops in Europe, before it's too late!
Against the devastation of entire natural ecosystems and their biodiversity, against all exploitation and oppression on every living being and the Earth.
Against the whole system of domination in all its manifestations.
Cold metal bars, bodies piled one upon the other, iron hooks hanging from the ceiling, electric shock, gun to the temple, hooks embedded in the flesh, throat slashed, blood flowing, a body in pieces ...
Hands grip and lock limbs, needles under the skin, electrodes in the brain, whitish liquid in the veins, body immobilized, staring eyes, burning, pain, slow agony ... scalpels that cut, tear and dissect still warm organs ... bodies, just bodies in absolute negation of all individuality and sensitivity. Intensive farming, experimenting on animals ... Against every cage, for total liberation.
To the heartbeats one feels pulsating in the breast ... To the gasping breathe as one runs under the stars ... Far away a blast of lightning pierces the silence and darkness of a gloomy sky. Running without fear, a meeting with the storm, clenching one's fists to one's chest, starlight in the eyes, in the heart the passion of the fire of the struggle that will never stop burning ...
Silvia Guerini, Biel Prison – Switzerland, September 2010

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