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Saturday 12 June 2010

Tehran - Mass rebellion and police violence

Clashes in Tehran
Iran Focus
Friday, 11 June 2010
Tehran, Jun. 11 – Clashes broke out at midday on Friday between train passengers and security forces over tickets at Tehran’s central railway station. Some passengers began chanting « Death to [Supreme Leader Ali] Khamenei“. Security forces charged at the crowd forcing them outside the station, but passengers continued their anti-Khamenei chants in the street.
Chants of « Allah-o Akbar (God is the Greatest) » and « death to the dictator » could be heard Thursday night in Tehran’s western district of Ayashahr as well as in Abbas Abad, Vozara and Bucharest streets in north of the capital.
In Arayashahr, anti-riot forces in groups of eight were patrolling the streets. In Behboudi Street, near Azadi Square, closed circuit cameras were concealed behind trees.
Internet in Tehran has slowed down to a crawl. Many believe authorities are responsible in order to prevent the spread of news on repressive measures in advance of the 12 June anniversary of the 2009 anti-government protests.
On Thursday, Security forces in Tehran’s Enqelab Square attacked young women and men on the pretext of combating mal-veiling. Security forces at around 14.40 local time began to beat and insult a teenage woman, who began defending herself. Several bystanders rushed to her aid. Others caught in traffic began honking their horns.
The police, terrified of the swelling crowd and fearing a confrontation, requested reinforcements, who arrived on motorbikes. Clashes ensued with people at the scene. At least four were arrested.
Elsewhere, in Rasht, northern Iran, students at the Technical Science University have called for a rally to honour the memory of those killed during last June’s uprising. Everyone has been urged to wear black.

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