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Thursday 24 June 2010

Chile - Comrades from January 22 Collective decide to begin hunger strike

From Liberación Total translated by thisisourjob

June 18, 2010
To all social fighters in Chile and the rest of the world:
The January 22 Collective, via this communiqué, wants to let everyone know that we are commencing our social struggle. Beginning on Monday, June 21 of this year, we will be going on an indefinite liquid hunger strike and assuming all the costs such struggle implies within our environment. Despite everything, we are totally convinced of the extreme need to combat the enemy in all its forms.
We now hope all anarchists immerse themselves in our struggle: to live with dignity in this permanent isolation currently maintained by the prison system in order to keep us in a constant state of repression. We therefore do not accept, nor will we accept, the crushing of our own or anyone else’s physical and psychological dignity.
The path is already laid out. All that remains is for us to join forces for the destruction of the fascist system inside Chilean prisons.
For the destruction of the prison system
Social War Now!!
—January 22 Collective (Sergio Vasquez Barrientos & Alberto Olivares Fuenzalida), Santiago Prison Death Camp, A Wing
Note: Our comrades were thinking about beginning this strike for a long time, but they made their decision after what happened to comrade Esteban Huiniguir. Therefore, the strike is also a form of solidarity in the face of the beatings and torture suffered by Esteban. Another request made by our comrades in the January 22 Collective has to do with being transferred out of their current cell block. Right now they are in the A Wing of Santiago Prison along with a number of rapists, but they have kept up a constant struggle to be transferred to Santiago’s Maximum Security Prison in order to be together with the other social fighters located in that particular dungeon.

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