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Wednesday 30 June 2010

Some recent news from Belgium

suie e cendres

Rocailles - Fire at technical school
ROCAILLES – A fire destroyed the place were the teachers eat and another part of the building of a secondary technical school. Firemen were fast there to avoid further burning of the school. Damage is considerable.17.06.2010
Herstal - Attacking the City Bank with an excavation machine
HERSTAL – Unknown persons stole an excavation machine on a site at the Boulevard Ernest Solvay. During the night they drove it next to a City Bank Agency, driving into it next to the vault. The alarm went off and police came immediately. The criminals had already fled, without taking any money. Damage to the bank is considerable.16.06.2010
Louvain - Flag burned inside rightwing offices
LOUVAIN – 35 year old Anton H. risks 6 months' jail for burning a flag in the offices of the rightwing catholic student group KVHV in Leuven, on the 24th of April this year. Justice says he stormed into the building, put the flag on fire and than ran off. According to the prosecutor, the man has an anarchist background. The comrade didn’t show up for the court case.17.06.2010
Brussels - Riots during hip hop concert
BRUSSELS – After a hip hop concert in the neighbourhood of Molenbeek, clashes erupted between police and youngsters. Police intervened when the extreme right citizens committee “Vigilance Citoyenne” who to protested against the concert was chased away. The last concert was annulled due to the clashes.20.06.2010
Charleroi - 22 buses destroyed by fire
CHARLEROI – A fire destroyed 22 buses of the public transport company TEC. Fire erupted at 2h30 in the morning. At the TEC, several wild strikes have been going on over the past months.24/06/2010
Brussels - Cops injured during arrest of escaped prisoner
BRUSSELS – Three cops were injured during the arrest of an escaped prisoner in Brussels. When police stormed into the house of his family, the brothers and sisters opposed themselves. People from the neighbourhood also came to support and resist the cops. Finally, the escaped prisoner was arrested.25.06.2010
Steenokkerzeel - Construction yard of new detention centre occupied
STEENOKKERZEEL – Dozens of people occupied the construction site, run mainly by the companies BESIX and EIFFAGE, of the new detention centre for immigrants in Steenokkerzeel, 15km for Brussels. They blocked the entrances to the site with lock-ons and went on the roofs of the construction site. Police and mayor conceded they would tolerate the occupation till the end of the day. All works at the site stopped. The activists hung banners saying “No border, no nation, stop deportation” and “Never a 127 tris” (127bis is the name of the already existing detention centre just next to the construction site). All occupants were able to leave the site without any identity check.25.06.2010
Brussels - Rail road traffic sabotaged
BRUSSELS – Tuesday 22th of June, the railroad traffic in and around Brussels was heavily disturbed after five acts of sabotage. For three hours, no rail traffic was possible. The railroad company doesn’t want to provide any details about the sabotage, fearing a “copy cat effect because once you know how to do it, it’s not so difficult.” After rumours about sabotage of the brakes, the railroad company declared this was not the case and that there was no danger at any moment for the passengers.28/06/10
Tournai - Death in prison cell
TOURNAI – An individual arrested on the night of Wednessday to Thursday died in a cell in the police post of Doornik. The death is claimed to be “accidental”.The man was arrested (police say he was drunk) around midnight and put in the cell of the police HQ in the Rue du Becquerelle in Tournai. In the morning, the man was found dead in the cell. Justice claims police is not to blame at all and that the cops’ hands are not blooded.17/06/10

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