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Thursday 24 June 2010

Santiago, Chile - deafening bombs against CRA and CTE of Gerdarmeria

Source: Liberacion totale, via culmine

At 2:20am on Friday, June 18 we placed two deafening bombs on Calle Blas Cañas 431, where the Readaptación Abierto and the Centro de Educación y Trabajo de Gendarmerie de Chile are located. One was left at the entrance and the other was thrown inside the fence. Leaving the word: Fuego a la prision. We know that this gesture did not cause any harm either material or physical, it was not our intention. To play a prank on the guards and hit these torturers in their workplace with these explosions, that was our objective. To show in deed that this kind of action is necessary to wage war to power. The torturers know that the loud noise they heard is not a coincidence, they know it is in response to the endless humiliations that they serve to other beings in exchange for a dirty salary.
Our aim was also to offer a gesture of solidarity to fellow prisoners, because we do not forget the search in the cell of 22 de Enero Colectivo in the former Penitenciary where the police humiliated and robbed the comrades of material that were preparing to commemorate a year of Mauricio Morales death, or rather a banner and a letter.
Nor do we forget forget the beating suffered by Esteban Huiniguir by five policemen after this comrade responded with a powerful punch to the persecution he was submitted to by another policeman.
We do not forget these and the other torture that the police realize constantly and with total impunity against prisoners and family members and friends. That is why every jailer must feel someone lying in wait for him and expect to walk the streets with fear, because in the streets his courage is not the same as his ostentatiousness in prison. It is in the streets that the shadow of vengeance could make him fall, exacerbated by conviction and sure like every action.
We welcome and are in solidarity with the proposal of the comrades of Colectivo 22 de Enero, so that all prisoners in war be transferred to the Carcel de Alta Seguridad Santiago.
Strength and Sergio Vasquez Alberto Olivares, comrades of the Colectivo 22 de Enero, who have been on liquid hunger strike since June 21, as a way to fight the enemy and as a means to obtain the transfer and be placed in the CAS section.
Almost a year after your escape, we salute you comrade Diego Rios and may those who seek you know that is a matter of an eye for eye, a tooth for tooth.
In solidarity with the convening of the international week for human, animal and earth iberation. We, who recognize in power the operator of all exploitation and domination, are fighting for its destruction.
Judges, police, prosecutors and police can never close the anti-authoritarian offensive!
Fire to the prisons, but with all the guards inside!
Anticarcelario Veintidós grupo de Mayo

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