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Sunday 27 June 2010

Lyon, France - technical premises of the police up in smoke, eight police logistics cars burnt


Le Progrès, 23.06.2010 4:00 A fire destroyed buildings and cars SGAP Espérance, a logistics site of the National Police in Lyon, in the 3rd district. On the border between Lyon and Villeurbanne, the establishment is set between apartments, small houses and industrial buildings in a quadrangle formed by Antoine Charial Paul-Bert, St. Eusebius and l'Espérance. Around quarter past three, a local resident was awakened by some explosions. Two cars were in flames in the yard. "The hangar in front of which the Twingo was starting to catch fire, a car was burning in front of another building, which began to go up in flames through the back, probably because of a third car that I did not see" said the witness who was struck by the violence of the accident. Firefighters were called by residents, but their response was complicated by difficulties of access to the site, closed by a heavy metal gate. Using four lances, they struggled until 9:00 yesterday morning, because of cutting operation. They gave way to the forensic technicians and investigators of the brigade of general affairs Police. According to a preliminary investigation, the trail of a deliberate act appears preferred.
...22.06 - A fire destroyed the premises of the technical police on the night of Monday to Tuesday. Eight unmarked cars used for logistics were set ablaze. The investigators are treating the case as arson. The fire started at 3:20. It swept the 300 m2 of offices of the Secretariat General of the police administration (SGAP). Eight logistical cars parked in the courtyard were burned. The site houses the police clothing department, a sewing workshop, two union offices and a carpentry workshop containing a large stock of wood. An investigation is being conducted by the security department. "We consider this a criminal attack", says an investigator. The hypothesis was evidenced by the fact that the interior alarm did not activate. "No violations were found," says the prefecture said in a statement.

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