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Wednesday 23 June 2010

Some brief news from Portugal

19 June, Santa Maria da Feira – this morning unknown people hurled an explosive device against a commodities transport van. The police (GNR) says only material damage to the van and the merchandise resulted from this attack, giving no more information.
19 June, Fragosela, Viseu – at 3 in the morning two cars, a BMW and Ford Focus, were set on fire. The Judiciary Police (PJ) is investigating.
18 June, Linhó, Sintra – four prisoners in the prison of Linhó suffered injuries last Friday, and also a prison screw. The authorities say some problems aroused “among a few inmates” but order was promptly re-established and disciplinary measures are being taken against the prisoners… at the moment it’s hard to know what really happened; recently there were several protests inside and outside this prison by and in solidarity with the prisoners.
15 June, Lisbon – solidarity concentration at the 'Justice Campus' against the trial of those arrested at an anti-authoritarian demo in 2007. Banner reading “not afraid of your courts, we’ll continue struggling in the street. Solidarity 25 April 2007” hung on a square where hundreds were watching the World Cup.
14 June, Amadora – PSP (police) tortures 2 more youths, this time in Amadora, on the outskirts of Lisbon. 2 rap singers were chased by gun-toting PSP agents, then beaten, arrested (accused of assault on cops…), tortured and their lives threatened in the cop station of Casal da Boba.
11 June, Abrantes – the high school ESMF was vandalized. The Judiciary Police closed the school, but it is known that classrooms were vandalized, and that interactive boards, PC “projectors”, books and dictionaries were destroyed. “What worries me most and leaves me expecting the worst is the fact that this act didn’t have, it seems, the aim of stealing for future selling, but the single aim of damaging for the sake of it”, a blogger complains.
4 June, Castanheira do Ribatejo – the school D. António Ataíde was vandalized Friday at dawn, being closed down the whole day. It wasn’t revealed what had been damaged, but it is known that both the GNR and the firemen were at the place.
4 June, Setúbal – at 8pm a fire was set next to the Volvo installations. At 1.30 in the morning garbage bins were set on fire, on another part of the city. At 3 in the morning a car was destroyed by fire.

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