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Wednesday 16 June 2010

Santiago, Chile - arson attack against McDonald's

Source: culmine

Thursday, June 10, at night, we attacked with Molotov cocktails a local McDonald's on the corner of Avenida Pajaritos and Calle Las Torres, in the municipality of Maipu.
We launched about 10 full bottles of sulfuric acid, gasoline, and in contact with the bottles, chopped heads of matches. As we were carrying out the operation, the law enforcement appeared from the darkness of the parking lot of the nearby pharmacy. For this we quickly removed ourselves from the area. Unfortunately, they managed to control the fire and avoid the place being burnt down.
With this incendiary gesture we wanted to remember our comrade Punky Mauri, killed in action May 22, 2009, claiming his way of acting, embracing it and wishing that the destruction of that space be complete.
We repudiate the daily torture practiced in prisons all over the world, as demonstrated by the video recordings made at the prison in Villarrica, with the same disgust we repudiate the more than 578 million invested in surveillance cameras, as announced by the government to preserve order.
We take advantage of this fire to greet Estela Cortez, prisoner at Antofagasta, Axel Osorio, Karina Germano and the 5 accused of having attacked the Greek Embassy in Buenos Aires, Sergio Maria Stefani held in Switzerland, Marco Camenisch in Italy and Gabriel Pombo da Silva in Aachen, Germany and all prisoners in war.
We also encourage the flight of Diego Rios about a year from onset of his insurgent decision, as we solidarize with Diego Alonso who has gone into hiding in Mexico.
At this time we give our strength to Esteban Huniguir, comrade held the Carcel de Alta Seguridad and tortured few days ago by the contemptible personnel of the Gendarmerie. That they know that he is not alone and that the punch that Esteban launched against the jailer is an invitation to respond with energetic violence to the humiliation served up by prison screws all over the world.
We solidarize with Esteban with multiple actions, so that they will think a hundred times before touching a comrade. When is now!
For the destruction of the prison society
Make anarchy live

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