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Thursday 24 June 2010

Rovereto, Italy - demonstration of anarchists in solidarity with prisoners


Tense moments in the prison of Rovereto, Trentino, a demonstration of anarchists against overcrowding in the prison - currently there are 100 prisoners for a capacity of 51 places - which was echoed by prisoners inside the prison, who started banging plates and pots against the bars of the cells. The anarchists then sprayed on the wall of the prison and threw firecrackers into the sportsground and courtyard. A delicate situation that caused the reaction of the independent prison union, who made a statement denouncing the incident. "The demonstration of anarchist groups outside the prison in Rovereto is symptomatic of the growing tension in the country's prison system. Although there have been no recorded incidents we believe it is appropriate to maintain pressure, stepping up security measures to ensure the safety of those working inside the prison, and also the public. " Secretary general of the Independent Police Review Prison (Sappi) made a statement on the event which involved "a hundred people, mostly belonging to anarchist groups. "The event began with loud music and shouting slogans against the government and the prison administration, prison overcrowding and health care - said Capece - This resulted in a heavy reaction of the prison population, which started beating plates, pans and anything against the bars and reinforced doors of the cells for about twenty minutes. Outside, some protesters daubed the wall with spray paint and then threw firecrackers inside the playground and the courtyard. On seeing the Penitentiary Police personnel in service, only a few, the people who threw firecrackers fled at about 20.30 and calm was finally restored. "
He stressed "manifestations of intolerance towards the penal institutions are unfortunately becoming more frequent and increasing overcrowding does not help to calm tempers. 31 May in Rovereto we had a hundred prisoners (about 60% of them foreign) against the 51 regulation beds.
Finally he proposes "to use the military for external security services of prison." (23 June 2010)

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