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Thursday 24 June 2010

Barcelona - Attack in the Camp Nou Stadium


The night between Tuesday and Wednesday, 23 June in full media fervour for the pathetic victory of the Spanish team, we placed an incendiary device - consisting of several gallons of gasoline and two camping gas cylinders, against a subsidiary of La Caixa, located in the Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona. Although this is one of the few bank branches in the city that does not accept a homeless person, that is not why we chose it for this action which was not dictated by chance. We chose to attack it in practice because it belongs to the facilities of Camp Nou, which we consider the ultimate objective of the action.
In the face of this choice some will no doubt be scandalized. There will be those who, shaking their head, wonder why this mix between football and "political". On the contrary, we find it strange that no one expected an attack specifically directed against this world. Despite the climate of defeat and the reigning Social drowsiness, the nerve with which our enemies believe they can deceive us constantly it never fails to surprise us.
The big fish of the government and the bourgeoisie who with great enthusiasm promote the market of football ... seriously expecting to be able to maintain thousands of unemployed, thousands of fucked, slobbering and staring at a ball bouncing from one port to another without wanting to guess the trap? Did they seriously believe that not one of us would spit all their rage on the spectacle, resigning ourselves to applauding and smiling in front of the screen, while the noose tightens around our necks?
The social function carried out by the lousy market of modern football, the Spanish team and Barcelona is deeply political. We attacked the Nou Camp for being our particular and updated Roman circus, for its power of distraction and alienation in a time of increasing poverty. We attacked with a special rage, also aware that hitting a symbol, a "sign" international attraction that plays a significant role in the transformation of Barcelona into a huge plastic extension sold to speculation and tourism.... (more later...[ntr])


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