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Sunday 31 October 2010

Athens - Text from Nikos Malapanis concerning his call by the special appeals interrogator


30 /10/10 - And now solidarity is being persecuted...
On Monday 1st of November I am called to present myself before the special appeals interrogator K.Baltas, as one accused for “the punishable action of integration in a terrorist organisation called Revolutionary Struggle”.
Lately many individuals of the anarchist/antiauthoritarian movement from the wider friendship and comrade circle of those arrested, have been called as witnesses for the same case.
Since six fighters were arrested on the 10th of April, three of whom deny participation in Revolutionary Struggle, a repressive attack has begun that, based on silence, is unfolding more and more.
The fact that at this moment I'm in the forefront shows, once again and more indirectly, how arbitrarily and in no way accidentally the repressive mechanisms move. In the forefront is an entire movement including those who fight or express their solidarity.
For 15 years I have belonged to the part of those that fight against the intensifying oppression and terrorizing of society. What we named the “coming treaty of totalitarianism” is seediness as a form of everyday routine and fear as a form of existence. It is what in the middle of a crisis (I.M.F., austerity measures, new antiterrorist law) they are now trying to apply to me and my comrades. I am known to the persecutory authorities, having been arrested for my political action in the past. Part of this action was always solidarity to imprisoned fighters, because of which I have also been portrayed and targeted in the case of those arrested for Revolutionary Struggle.
The message is clear. The comrades that deny the charges are in underground cells with the only evidence their political action and comradely relations, which they have never denied, with Pola Roupa, Nikos Maziotis and Kostas Gournas as well as with Lambros Foundas. The experiment is considered successful so is now being applied to more people. My prosecution, therefore, is clearly political and vengeful. It is for the awareness and conformity of those who still choose to fight, those who are ready to take the decision to fight.
Today they are clearly persecuting solidarity, comradeship, dignity. And the mechanisms smile at us ironically. With as my only weapon dignity, resistance and solidarity I walk and I will walk. Finally, I express my solidarity to my bridesmaid and friend, mother of two children Maria Beracha, who is persecuted along with me. Also, my friendship and solidarity to Kostas Gournas and Nikos Maziotis, on hunger strike from the 9th of October in order to break the regime of isolation so that Kostas Gournas can be near his family.
In the face of these prosecutions we will come out stronger.
Nikos Malapanis
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