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Friday 4 December 2009

Solidarity with Tobias (Berlin)

On the night of 15 November, three posh cars got torched in Friedrichshain, Berlin, as almost every night happens. However, the police arrested a younger comrade who they accuse of two of the arsons. They said he would have also carried gasoline for firelighters on himself. Straight away in the morning, some tabloid press published his pictures and full name and address, since he lives in a houseproject, the Liebig 14 (on the corner of Rigaerstrasse) which is due to be evicted.

Early in the afternoon they stormed this very houseproject and the Liebig34/XB (legally registered houseproject on the same street) with 150 cops and a lot of plainclothes police and criminal office bastards.

The raid took two hours, people gathered quite fast on the spot which got sealed off by the pigs and the people attempted some demonstration. The situation is still kind of hot around here and these raids come after a long research paper was presented last week by the inner secret service about leftwing violence in Berlin and its potent rise, proposing new tactics how to stop the rise of direct actions and support in the society for.

Toby came in front of a judge but he was refused bail. Toby was also called previously to make declarations in the case of Alex which he refused to do and surely the pigs won’t let him go cause they need a new example for discouraging people.

The tabloid press keep doing their job and put his face and also the family in the front page, trying to creating a scandal since his father is a a politician for the radical left party. The house of his mom got also raided.

The raids in the houseprojects brought more or less nothing as it seems but were rather disorganised and just a show of muscle by the pigs to show that they can (is not very often that they make raid in houseprojects here).

On the 17th of November a spontaneous demo gathered in the evening in the district of Friedrichshain with about 1000 people under the motto “freedom for all prisoners” and against the raids and general climate, pigs were massively present and the demo got stopped previously by the comrades so to allow a bit of chaos in the district like barricades and smashing to confuse the pigs.

Another spontaneous demo gathered later on where the houses are, little scuffle with the pigs and so on.

A posh car got torched in another district, while the previous day the office of the socialdemocrat party got smashed in solidarity with Toby and seven Neonazi targets (private houses, meeting point and so on) got attacked in connection with an upcoming yearly demo for Silvio Meier, squatter and antifa stabbed to death in 1992 by the nazis in Friedrichshain

For sure, the climate in Berlin got rougher lately.

Toby’s prison address, you can write him in English.

He s happy about any sort of solidarity…

Tobias Poge
Buchungsnummer 3054/09/1
JVA Moabit
Alt Moabit 12A
10559 Berlin

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