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Saturday 19 December 2009

Santiago - Arson attack on building site and a luxury car

Liberación Total

Yesterday Wednesday 16 December, protected by the darkness we decided to embrace chaos. We armed ourselves with petrol and molotovs and prepared to attack. Our objective was one of the many buildings under construction in the city of Santiago (those that prevent you from seeing the sky) (we are not giving the exact address so as not to give information to the police), with the intention of setting fire to the building or at least some building equipment, but not succeeding in the first we concentrated on the second. After surveying the area for an hour, we decided to enter but saw that there were still people working there. That is why we decided not to set fire to the building and and turned to the works site to find something that would catch fire.

We found wooden beams. We moved them to a place far from the group of workers, poured paint and two tanks of petrol over them and set fire to them. This struck the workers who rushed to the place , but the fire had already devoured all of the beams and more still. However, we still had a molotov with us in a rucksack and as we were leaving we came across a beautiful surprise: a car, but not one of those that you see in the outskirts of Santiago. We approached, broke the windows and threw the molotovs into the car, at which the alarm went off and we fled from the scene.

This is not a gratuitous attack, but should be seen within the framework of the war on urbanisation that is splitting our lives and taking away the wild part of our spirits from us. Urbanisation is the symbol of progress, of the abandoning of our instincts in exchange for artificial refuge.

We also dedicate this attack to all the comrades that find themselves in prison, heads held high. May pride and arrogance towards the dogs in uniform never cease. Axel, Jubilo, Pablo, Cristian,
Marcelo, Freddy, we here outside are contiuing to strike power in its various forms.

To the persecuted Diego and Alistes, may your footsteps disappear in clandestinity.

A strong embrace to our comrades struck by raids over the past few days, this action is for you. The raids are the demonstration of the fear that antiauthoritarian ideas and their dangerous proliferation are cause the State.

We cannot fail to mention and salute with immense love our brother and accomplice Mauricio Morales, who died on May 22 embracing his lover: chaos, in the form of that bomb which unfortunately exploded in the wrong place. We know that this action will make you happy wherever you are. For you, we love you from afar.
We are not dedicating this attack to the people or the workers. No! Our desires and actions are ours alone, we do not barter them for such manipulated concepts.

We are nobody's vanguard, our actions only represent ourselves and those that feel themselves to be our brothers.

We are individualist, antisocial and insurrectional. To the powerful and their dogs: you know we're not scared of you, we are at war.

Until we are wild and free!

War on civilisation, its logic and infrastructures!

Vengeance against the actions of power!
The offensive will not end!

Insurrectionalist band Mauricio Morales*
*Although we have claimed an action with this name in the past, we will not contiue to do so in future because we don't want to persist with one acronym or name.

We repeat, the name of the band is just to show that we do not forget you M.

Saturday, 19/12/2009 – 20:18
translated from informa-azione

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