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Sunday 27 December 2009

Arson at Chilean consulate in Seville

From Klinamen via Barcelona Indymedia
translated by This is Our Job

December 26, 2009

In the early morning of December 24, we threw two Molotov cocktails at the Chilean consulate in Seville.

A few days earlier, comrades Freddy Fuentevilla and Marcelo Villaroel were extradited from Neuquen prison in Argentina, where they were serving a sentence for weapons possession, to Chile, where they are facing state repression and imprisonment for their expropriations and revolutionary activity.

This attack is part of the international week of struggle advocated by Gabriel Pombo da Silva from Aachen prison in Germany, which began on December 18 with a hunger strike joined by other prisoner compas in different states, for whom we decided to take action in the streets.

While the citizenry, disconnected from reality, was celebrating another year of runaway consumption and capitalist misery, we—who have nothing to celebrate but much to destroy—took advantage of the occasion to throw two Molotov cocktails. One of them got into the building while the other exploded against the wooden front door, but we don’t know how much damage they caused. We also left a clear message to the Chilean state on the walls: FREEDOM FOR FREDDY AND MARCELO.

With this action, we aspire to nothing other than direct confrontation with the enemy, using the means we have at our disposal and continuing the journey that others began. As Marcelo Villaroel shouted while the state’s henchmen took him to be extradited: WHILE THERE IS MISERY, THERE WILL BE REBELLION. SUBVERSION MAY SLUMBER, BUT IT WILL NEVER DISAPPEAR.

For Freddy, Marcelo, Pombo, Amadeu, Tamara, and so many others who keep fighting.

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