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Friday 18 December 2009


geia sas syntrofoi!
Of the 22 comrades of RESALTO , during the investigative process, imposed to 12 of them restrictive conditions (not to leave the country and presence at the police station , 1st and 16th of every month ) and in 11 of them , also financial guarantees ,of the total amount of 51.000 €( for one of 15.000 ,for 3 of 5000 ,and for 7 of 3000). For the comrade from Spain, the guarantee of 5000 should be paid last week, and it was given. For the remaining 10 the deadline was today Thursday 17 Dec. However, on Monday 9 of the 10 comrades deposed a request for removal of restrictive conditions and removal (or decrease) of the financial guarantees and requested the suspension of the deadline until a new investigating decision. The inquisitor(invastigating) judge initially refused to remove the deadline of 17 Dec , although , she finally admitted the request yesterday Wednesday 16 Dec until a new decision. Thus, 9 of he 10 didn t pay the amount of the financial guarantees until (the edition of ) the new decision, while for the comrade that didn t deposed a request of reduced guarantee ,was paid the amount of 3.000.

As soon as the new decision published, as for the amount of the financial guarantees, as for the restrictive conditions will be an immediately information.
thanks to all!

Keratsini is the municipality where the police raided the anarchist space Resalto and then raided the occupied town Hall as well, arresting 22 in Resalto and 41 in the Town Hall.
The 41 arrested in the Town Hall were set free December 7.
The 22 arrested from Resalto were set free December 7 at 6.30 am. They were recieved by people in solidarity that were standing outside the court of Piraeus. Four are set free without conditions, one has to pay a bail of 15000 euro, two have to pay 5000 euro each, six have to pay 3000 euro each, and the rest with other restrictions (can’t leave the country, have to be present at a police station every some days).

What follows is a communication from the comrades of the Resalto centre
Below is a Paypal account button to facilitate things until the deadline for the money on Wednesday

Financial support to arrested Greek anarchists of “Resalto” centre

Following the police assault and brutal break-in at the anarchist/ antiauthoritarian centre of “Resalto” during the afternoon of Saturday, December 5th , the 22 arrested comrades were released by the Piraeus Court at dawn on Tuesday, December, 8th.
For their release, both from prison and from custody until their trial, the Court imposed limitative clauses on them, and furthermore, bail money was set at a very high amount.
The total amount of bail money amounts to 51,000 euros. More specifically, for one of those arrested bail was set at 15.000 euros, for three of them at 5,000 per person and for the remaining seven, bail starts at 3,000 euros.
The total amount of bail-money must be deposited by Thursday, December 17, but it is advisable, for the purpose of avoiding bureaucratic deadlocks, that this money is raised by Tuesday, December 15th.
So, for the financial support of the 22 arrested of Resalto, but also for the prompt payment of bail, a solidarity fund has been set up. It is necessary for all of us to assist in gathering this, unusually high, total amount of bail money.
For this purpose, in order for this amount of money to be securely raised you are all greatly encouraged, and kindly asked to establish direct contact at the following telephone number: 30 6973657960 or establish contact via e-mail, at the address in order to obtain the bank account number where this money may be deposited.
Solidarity is our weapon

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