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Friday 11 December 2009

Hostile fire against all authority! [Flames claim 28 police trucks in Mexico]

11 12 2009

From Klinamen:

translated by This is Our Job

December 8, 2009

Communiqué from insurrectionalists in struggle inside the city of Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

Greetings to those who fight!

We are not a new organization presenting its beloved acronym to the controlling, foolish mass media. We are not a new guerrilla group, nor are we a new party. We are no Vanguard, nor do we want or try to be one; we do not direct or represent anyone. We represent ourselves, and we therefore take the shape of an affinity group and resolve to self-manage the struggle against everything that oppresses and exploits us. We decide to counterattack, to respond to the death imposed on us by capitalism and the state in their obsession to conquer.

We had preferred silence. To act in total anonymity through the insurrectional collective. But again, the controlling mass mediaserving the exploitersis trying to confuse those who fight, and forcing us to say what they hide. We are all vandals and criminals to capitalism and the state; we know that behind the war on drugs lurks the war on the oppressed, on the excluded. That’s why we decided to counter-inform in the face of lies and distortion.

Exactly one week ago, last Monday [November 30], we attackedwith anarchist firethe fleet of patrol vehicles ready to be delivered to the municipal authorities in the Bulevar O’Higgins parking lot (on the Vía Rápida) in the Fortín de las Flores community, near the Mazda dealership and Mega Dulces in that city.

We managed to destroy 28 new patrol vehiclesthe 2010 Ford F-150 model pickup (Lobo edition)belonging to the Department of Public Municipal Security. Six were totally destroyed, and 22 suffered considerable damage, which amounts to millions of pesos in expenses.

This action is not an incident of vandalism, nor is it an “organized crime” operation on the orders of Arellano, Dr. Caro, El Teo, or Muletas; this is an anonymous anarchist action in solidarity with all our prisoners in the hands of the state, for the International Week of Agitation and Pressure in Solidarity with the Prisoners Seized by the Chilean State, and in support of comrade Gabriel Pombo Da Silva’s call for a hunger strike as a means of revolutionary struggle for our comrades in prison. Our action is in solidarity with comrade Emmanuel Hernández Hernández (prisoner in Mexico City), Gabriel Pombo Da Silva, Marco Camenisch, Juan Carlos Rico Rodríguez, Sergio María Stefani, Francesco Porcu, Alessandro Settepani, Leonardo Landi, Pablo Carvajal, Matías Castro, Axel Osorio, Diego Petrissans, Amadeu Casellas Ramón, Alfredo María Bonanno, Christos Stratigopoulos, and all the anarchist prisoners of the social war.

May the smoke from our action’s insurrectionary flames reach your cells, so you can smell the liberating aroma of gasoline; the cry of each one of your names will echo in the ears of the powerful.

For the spread of the counterattack and the realization of actions in every city.

Insurrectional creativity has no limits!
Death to the cops!
Fire to the world’s prisons!

- Anonymous Anarchist Action

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