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Monday 7 December 2009

Some news from Occupied Athens

Today was not a very heavy day by Greek standards but some crazy stuff happened. The Motorcycle cops did indeed just ride into us and other people: An old lady (after the Delta had been repelled) was crossing the road and a loan Delta rode right past her and smacked her with his baton, she is in intensive care. they got it back though, several delta on the floor being trashed. Also a 13yr old girl in Omonia sq was brutally beaten (unconsciouss and heavy bleeding from head) when the Delta attacked the reds and stray anarchists at the end of the demo. From the universities we fought them, Propilia (pritanias) and from the law school we gave good account of ourselves. Monuments were smashed to give the people space. I think tomorrow the media may carry a pic of one of the Batsi on fire... In Propilia the word went round in the evening, that the media were saying, when we occupied, the Dean was injured, they say he is in intensive care. This is Bollocks, he left un harmed. Following the media report about the Dean, we heard that Asylum has been revoked! Still unsure if this is true. Apparently, the prime minister said the police should use whatever means they deem necessary for the restoration of fascist "peace." The cops tried to come, we fought them back and then the fascists came. But they are cowards. In groups we made our way to Exarchia, which is entirely surrounded by Green MAT, with blues and deltas in support. We tried to make a demo to the polythechnio, but we were too few, as many commrades (263 detainments in athens, more than 100 in Thessaloniki) also about, 21 people arrested in "Resalto," and maybe 40 in Thessaloniki being charged under terrorism act. This fucking Police state must fall, I never knew how bad it was for the people here! I hope your news is comming in from many places. The Greeks are amazing, so brave and skilled in these situations... Met many commrades from Spain, Italy, France and a few from the UK! The Italians got fucked last night, and 9 Spanish today. Tomorrow Demo at Pireaus court house and education demo of workers and students. I think we might try to liberate Exarchia and the Poltechnio. That's all I have for now... All my love to my English commrades.

From Occupied Athens

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