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Monday 28 December 2009

Santiago - Christmas icons attacked

translated fromn Informa-azione
On the night of December 22 we installed an incendiary device in a nativity scene (life size) and a chirstmas tree about three metres high inside railings put up by the government. The device was composed of:
a 1.5 litre bottle of petrol
a bag full of cotton wool
sulphuric acid
crushed matchstick heads without the wooden part (about one spoonful)
a condom.
The bottle was inside the bag, wrapped in cotton wool. At the moment of installation a condom filled with sulphuric acid was introduced and this in turn was inside a bag containing the match heads. In this way when the condom burst there would be contact with the powder and so the flames would set the bag full of petrol on fire.
We attacked the crib and the Christmas tree for being symbols of power that has religion in its alienating and oppressive work.
We repudiate their disgusting festivities, which are pervading everything over these days,while the domesticated zombies rush en masse to buy the latest mobile phone, designer clothes, a new tv, the car of the year, the latest videogame, etc.... anything to quell the desire for opulence, feeling good by having something that others don't have. This action is in solidarity with all the imprisoned comrades on hungerstrike, showing that prison has not bowed their heads and that the struggle continues and is spreading. This is also greetings of courage for all the comrades that have been struck by power, like in the latest raids against social centres and squats of Santiago, showing the State's desperation at its incapacity to put a stop to the attacks. A salute also to the comrades in Mexico who are accused of actions of the earth liberation front, and the comrade Tamara in Spain, accused of sending a letter-bomb.
For all of you comrades, greetings of strength and conviction, because in the war against power nobody is alone and every blow will be returned.
With the installation of this incendiary device on the night of the 22nd we remembered punky Mauri, 7 months after his death... Comrade you are present in every action for the destruction of power and order. And to you Diego, this is our way of encouraging you and embracing you, just as you do to us with your communiques.
A message also to those working to find you. Be aware that the explosions, the fire and more can aim at your bodies..

Banda desquiciada incendiaria Punky Mauri

(ramshackle incendiary gang Punky Mauri)

* It's important to be careful with sulphuric acid because it is highly corrosive . Carry only what you need and in glass containers.

**It depends on the kind of condom, the time it takes to break and set off the explosion.

p.s.: The incendiary device did not work as hoped, because it seems that somebody saw the flames and managed to put them out. That is why the fire was not complete, but even so the threat was made and continues to exist.

Monday, 28/12/2009 – 15:59

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