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Sunday 13 December 2009

Chile - Arrest and release of 12 anarchists

Chile - 12 anarchists arrested

fonte di regime - 11.12.09 - traduzione

The Carabineros arrested another 8 people during the raids carried out this morning in the investigations for the explosive attack in Santiago, so the number of those arrested has risen to 12.

... most of the arrests took place in squats. A small amount of cocaine, gas masks, helmets, anarchist literature, black clothes, gloves, computers, hard disks, videos and photographs were seized and sent to the Laboratorio de Criminalística de Carabineros.The raids took place after investigations carried out with phone tapping.

The eight arrested add to the four detained by police agents of the PDI, after they attacked the police during a raid at the social centre Sacco y Vanzetti.

Chile - All the anarchists freed


Culmine - 12.11.09

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In one more example of the stupid circus being prepared for the weekend, 12 of the arrested comrades have been released. They say that the 8 arrested by the Carabineros have been freed without going before the instructing judge as there are no elements foropening a judicial inquiry. Eh! They were not even capable of putting in any data!
On the other hand, the comrades of "Sacco y Vanzetti" haved been formally accused of selfdefence and attack against the dogs of the PDI, but have been freed all the same in pite of the desires of the cops-journalists.

So the police operations have been a show in which the state has shown itself incapable of tracing one single link of culpability. They are so ineffective. Tbhey are incapable of catching anybody because their own laws prevent them. Lte's take advantage of that and pass to the attack. Approfittiamone e passiamo all'attacco. Let's strike a blow!


Power is trying to intimidate us. For the moment it isn't succeeding because its frameups remained impossible. Even so, we must be careful because they can come back at any time and strike harder. That is why it is necessary to counter-inform what the media of capital can't understand. We must be careful, without fear and without treating oneself. There's no need to give oneself excuses. It won't end until the class society ends. For the time being: be careful, resist, and attack.

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