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Sunday 27 December 2009

Attack on Earth-destroying property in Mexico

From Liberación Total, translated by This is Our Job

December 24, 2009


On the cold night of December 22, our Earth Liberation Front cell once again attacked the property of one of the companies destroying the ecosystems of Mexico.

For the third consecutive time this year, another arson shook the CARSO company. Our strategy was simple. We circled the construction site, after which we found a steamroller in the darkness. One of the cabin windows was broken, and we placed an incendiary device inside. Taking advantage of the fact that the guards were in front of the site and the workers were toiling hard, we activated our device and left the scene.

After a few minutes, the spark of eco-vengeance appeared in the darkness and started to burn the machine. Inside the cabin, a great burst of flame was shining, created once again by the ELF. Then, while the moon smiled beside the stars, a large cloud covered the whole site and alerted the guards, workers, and bosses, filling this peaceful night of their tedious lives with chaos and confusion.

While the lackeys of the Earth-destroyers began to extinguish our fire, we exited the stage.

This is a new messages for companies like CARSO: We will not be stopped. Even when you imprison our comrades or catch us, the actions will continue. Each time stones or Molotovs are thrown, butane gas bombs are placed, cars are burned, animals are freed, or graffiti is left behind, our idea will be there, breaking your order, your peace, your tranquility, and your laws in order to defend our desires. We can’t leave the planet in the hands of businessmen and politicians. It’s up to us to try to change things. The COP15 in Denmark was a complete farce, and we know the COP16 in Mexico will be the same, so we are preparing the counteroffensive in defense of the Earth!

A greeting of solidarity to the people recently imprisoned by the Mexican state. Breaking up one cell won’t stop us!

- ELF Mexico State

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