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Saturday 1 May 2010

Milan - Solidarity to Billy, Costa and Silvia from Villa Vegan Squat

from informa-azione:

Solidarity to Billy, Costa and Silvia. It is never easy to find the right words, those that express the howl of pain coming from the depth of our guts, each time people that are struggling every day to destroy the cages that we are all penned inside are deprived of their freedom. It is not easy to hold back our tears, thinking of all the moments of struggle and life that we've shared with who is now locked up inside cages even narrower that those that are everyday life inside the walls of civilisation. It is not easy to immediately find the courage and determination to continue to shout and to struggle against the creators and constructors of these cages, but it is of vital importance to get together and fire our energy and our will for change again. The networks of power and anthropocentric domination saves nothing and nobody, the earth, human and non human animals, it saves no one because it cannot allow the possibility that someone unmask its plots and try to block the mechanism of the system. The ship of fools on which we are all embarked cannot allow itself munities, and for who does so, the sentence is to be locked up in the darkest and obscure holds, deprived even of love and contact with one's own kind, deprived of one's friendships, deprived of our affections.
Thursday 15 April Billy, Costa and Silvia were arrested in Zurich in Switzerland. Why or how interests us little, we are not interested in the motivations or the accusations of the authorities, the lies and insidious slander of the media that already in these days have not spared their baseness and complicity with the organs of power and dominion. What counts now is to resume right away, with more rage and determination than before, the struggles for human, animal and earth liberation. What has happened must not get us down, because that is what they want, but should push us to do even more.inviting everybody to continue to struggle every day and every instant. May each make an effort for human, animal and earth liberation.
Billy, Costa and Silvia, you are not alone and you never will be.
With our love and our determination.
Villa Vegan Squat

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