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Wednesday 5 May 2010

Mexico - Claim for the explosive attack in response to the murder of the activists for Oaxaca

translated from informa-azione
A few days ago a solidarity caravan composed of about thirty activists belonging to local associations and ngo such as APPO, VOCAL, CACTUS, Section 22, followed by journalists and international observers, organized to take urgent necessities, scholastic material and water to the exhausted population was attacked by a paramilitary commando having reference to UBISORT, Uniòn of Social Wellbeing of the Triqui Region, linked to the party in government PRI and to the local governor Ulises Ruiz. In the rebel region refractory to domination the paramilitary and neofascist groups, true death squads of the police and local authorities, have killed various victims, among whom Brad Will, New York indymedia activist in 2006. In this latest homicidal operation, as well as many wounded and some kidnapped (now freed), are dead the Mexican activist Beatriz Alberta Cariño, of the CACTUS organisation and Tyri Antero Jaakkola, international observer from Finland.
Communique of Las células autónomas de revolución inmediata / Praxedis G.Guerrero, translated to Italian from Spanish by Culmine
Mexico Federal District, 4 May 2010
With this communique we are claiming responsibility for the explosive attack carried out against the agency of the bank of Santander in the Narvate colony, in Mexico City, on the night of May 3 of the present year. In the attack, a nucleus of our organisation placed an explosive device composed of Butane gas cylinders and a metal recipient containing dynamite.
On the morning of April 28 we were awakened with very unpleasant news: the murder of 2 activists and the disappearance of 6 persons that belonged to a solidarity caravan in support of an autonomous community in the state of Oaxaca. For this reason, intending solidarity as a first principle and commitment with any organisation or armed group, we decided not to remain in impotence sending Internet communiques or as simple passive spectators reading the news in some site or media, just as our blood is boiling to take part in actions of revenge against the repression that the government is perpetrating against our brothers in struggle. That is why we have decided to attack, showing the state that any aggression against those who struggle will have a response. It is aberrant how, using the pretext of drug-trafficking, the federal government led by the spurious Calderón is carrying out a strategy of counter-insurgency imposing the terror of militarisation in society, a message of terror also addressed to the armed groups just as the social movements and any other person that rebels at an individual level, questions and attacks power. It uses the paramilitaries, extreme right groups, neo-fascist hit squads and the narco-paramilitaries to assassinate and repress as happened with the comrades Jyri Jaakkola and Beatriz Cariño on 27 April, to then state that it is a question of a struggle between " indigenous ethnic groups", student groups or "narco-guerrilla". To that we say that it is a question of terrorist and far more offensive acts than our bombs can seem to those in power.We want to clarify, and it is very important, that it be known that we of the células autónomas de revolución inmediata / Praxedis G. Guerrero HAVE NO DIRECT OR CLOSE RELATIONSHIP WITH COLLECTIVES OR ORGANISATIONS SUCH AS: LA OTRA CAMPAÑA, LA SECCION 22 OR LA APPO, JUST AS WE ARE ASKING NOT TO BE LINKED TO THEM FOR ANY REASON BECAUSE OUR INTENTION IS NOT THAT OF STRIKING THEIR WORK OR MILITANCY OR ORGANISATION, BUT THAT OF SAYING THAT NO REPRESSIVE ACT WILL REMAIN UNPUNISHED, I.E. THAT NO AGGRESSION WILL REMAIN WITHOUT A RESPONSE.We see solidarity as a daily practice in actions and demonstrations of protest by all those who say they are struggling against power, for freedom, for the construction of a different world or for the destruction of the present world of poverty and exploitation that we are living in. Solidariety must be carried out in the way that we consider opportune, independently of belonging or not to a civil or armed organisation, in that engagement is not just with ourselves but also to whom we turn without other interests.To signor Procuratore di Giustizia of the D.F. we want to say that we do not deal with power nor will we try to do so for the liberation of or imprisoned comrades, we are only recognising our comrades imprisoned in war in Mexico and the rest of the world.We send greetings of solidarity to the families of the comrades struck in the attack certainly carried out by Ulises Ruiz (governor of Oaxaca - ndt) in complicity with the Federal Government...and a strong and warm embrace to the imprisoned comrades in the whole of Mexico, just as in Greece, Chile, Italy or Argentina.For the destruction of the State/Capitale!!! For every abuse and attack of power... Fire in the streets!!! Giannis, this action is also for you!!!In war with the State:CELULAS AUTONOMAS DE REVOLUCION INMEDIATA / PRAXEDIS G. GUERRERO.
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