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Monday 31 May 2010

Lisbon - Let's destroy work

leaflet given out by anarchists on Lisbon demo 29 MAY 2010

We are not concerned with the political problems of those who see unemployment as a danger to democracy and order. We do not feel any nostalgia for lost professionalism. We don’t want better wages or the continuation of subsidies. Nor are we for the abolition of work, the discovery of alternative ways of life, or the reduction to the minimum to live happily.
We want the destruction of this system that makes us beg for a minimum to not to starve to death.
We want the destruction of work and this society, of what we do during the day and it’s continuation that extends until night, a perpetuate circle that never seems to end; prisoners in this prison without bars or walls, but whose objective is exactly the same: the resignation to what they tell us to accept, to the bosses’ orders and to the police that protects them and protects what we want to destroy.
We want the destruction of this rule that makes us continue like this, prisoners of a job that takes us all: our time, our creativity, our energy.
The destruction of work is above all the destruction of survival, demanding a step into the unknown and, above all, extreme creativity.
Destroying work means attacking, attacking that in which work is based on and that which it produces. The attack does not affect profit indirectly, as a strike does, but hits the structure directly, either the means of production or the end product. And the object to be destroyed, although it is property, it is also work, because it is something that results from work.
For the liberation of our lives, let’s destroy work and all this society.

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