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Wednesday 19 May 2010

Greece - New wave of strike action on the way

from the Greek media

Another general strike tomorrow, called by the countries’ two main unions, will disrupt public services and transport although flights will run as scheduled.
The 24-hour strike, the first since May 5 when the firebombing of a bank led to the deaths of three employees, will halt services on the Athens metro, buses, trolley buses, the tram and the suburban railway and regular railway. The Piraeus-Kifissia urban electric railway (ISAP) will run a limited service between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Flights will be unaffected as air-traffic controllers announced that they would not join the walkout. But ferries will remain moored at Piraeus and other ports around the country as seamen are striking. Taxis will run as normal.
Motorists are advised to avoid the city center as rallies planned by the General Confederation of Greek Labor (GSEE) and the main civil servants’ union (ADEDY) are expected to block most major roads.
As usual, the strike action will close down schools and government services and oblige state hospitals to operate on emergency staff.
Journalists will not join the strike and as a result there will be coverage of the protest rallies and other news on television and radio and newspapers will circulate on Friday.
Labor unions, which are staging their action to emphasize their opposition to austerity measures already passed by the government and to pension reforms due to be submitted in Parliament next week, said yesterday that they are already planning a new strike for June. In a joint statement, ADEDY and GSEE condemned looming pension reform which they said would “negate and undermine the rights of insured citizens.”

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