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Monday 30 May 2011

Spain: For total Anarchy NOW. Signed, some violent anti-social anti-system terrorists

a las barricadas, translated by war on society

27/05/2011 - This writing surges from the indignation that causes us to see that the “real democracy now” movement presents itself as a true revolution, when what it really represents and defends is the continuation of the capitalist system, patched with some reforms that do nothing but give it legitimacy. The ideas reflected in the manifesto of this movement are summonings of politicians, demands for a system that works perfectly, for a democracy that allows for a channeled and controllable dissent, while not threatening its survival.
We DO NOT endorse the petition of the manifesto, since it is a vacuous discourse, an ambiguous one, and one that devalues ​​the real revolution.
We DO NOT recognize ourselves as citizens, DO NOT include ourselves in the “real democracy now” movement because we are against all power, even power emanating from the people. We are against social democracy, representability, and being servants of the system. We DO NOT want a world of happy consumption, of factories and exploitative companies.
We demand respect for the use of the word “anti-system”; to apply it to politicians and bankers is an inconsistency, as they represent the essence of the current system, they reinforce it and they protect it. In a statement from M-15 they say that the police officer who attacks is anti-system; this is nothing more than cosmetic surgery on the actual functioning of this system, which includes the domain of violence at the hands of security forces. We are proud to be anti-system, as we walk towards the destruction of everything that oppresses us, we want a real change in our lives.
We reject the arrogance with which this movement distinguishes itself from violent revolutionary actions, promoting peaceful forms as “the only possible tool of social change.” We understand that this affirmation does not recognize historical revolutions such as the violent actions during the social revolution in the Second Republic and during the civil war in this territory. It also discredits the struggles of the various commandos and autonomous groups of the 70s, 80s and 90s (Iberian Liberation Movement, Direct Action, and a long etc.), as well as the actions of violent resistance of some labor movements. And to point out other struggles in other places, which also include violent response, we remember the Sandinista revolution and the armed national liberation struggles such as the EZLN. Currently, the insurrectional struggle spreads across the globe in the form of autonomous and violent actions against the structures and symbols of capital and authority.
The system is not to be reformed, it is to be destroyed. They are not going to give us anything that we want nor are we going to ask for it. We will not fall into demands to those we do not recognize, we decided to take it for ourselves. This system is made up of bankers, politicians, workers, citizens and their civil rights. Since the petition of the manifesto calls for a proper functioning of this system, to ensure respect for social rights, to ensure progress, work, consumption and happiness. We do not want a welfare system that is perpetuated against life and freedom. We do not want to be peaceful and passive subjects who conform. We are against the logic of labor-consumption. Wage labor is slavery, prostitution of our bodies and our minds and energy in the service of capitalism. Thus are maintained the structures on which stands the state of domination: the mass worker-consumer is complicit and a fundamental part in the proper functioning of this system.
A struggle does not find its measure in the quantity of mass that moves and by its levels of spectacularity, but rather in its content, its forms, its coherence and its continuity. The revolution is in the day-to-day, in our lives, in what we are.
We are outraged by your outrage, which only responds in defense of egoistic interests and seeks comfortable and superfluous solutions, which does not seek a profound and radical (going to the root of the problems) revolution, but rather the improvement of the conditions of exploitation within this model of false welfare.
For all that, we claim and propose:
Non-recognition of any system of government that decides for ourselves about our lives, whether neo-liberal, democratic, socialist, communist, populist, fascist, dictatorial, social-democratic, etc.
Non-legitimation of authority, in any of its forms, institutions and power structures: patriarchal family, army, police, government, doctors, hospitals, psychiatrists, psychiatric, schools, universities, gender roles, prisons (including youth custody, detention centers of foreigners, zoos, etc), businesses, religions …
Abolition of wage labor and all forms of exploitation.
End of the prison-society, demolition of the prison and freedom for all prisoners. End of the system of social control, of video surveillance, of police and citizen-police.
Solidarity with our comrades in struggle, persecuted, imprisoned or killed at the hands of those who represent the system of extermination.
End of the economic system based in money and in capitalist human relationships that it generates around itself.
Destruction of industrial-technological system; return to a life in balance and respect toward nature and other animals, away from the non-life, congestion and artificiality of cities.
End of the sexual roles that society inculcates, inversion of gender. We are beings beyond our genitals.
Earth and animal liberation. End of the use of other animals as objects/products of food, clothing, entertainment, companionship, experimentation… and of the use and abuse of nature as a resource in the service of unreal devastating human needs.
Rupture of the general apathy and continuity of individual and collective struggles that are committed, sincere and consistent.
Signed, some violent anti-social anti-system terrorists.

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