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Wednesday 4 May 2011

Florence, Italy - Anarchists raided and arrested


04/05/2011 - Around 6 am the homes of several comrades and fellow activists in Florence were invaded by the operators of repression to implement a new stage in the attack on anarchism. As recently took place in Bologna, in this case, the instrument used to strike and arrest the comrades is the crime of conspiracy. From what we can learn from the media of the regime, this time it would take a new variation: If the Bolognese comrades were initially accused of "criminal association with subversive purposes", this time it would, with a strange spin, be "conspiracy to incitement to commit a crime" supported by specific crimes such as illegal occupation of public buildings, damage, disfigurement, and contamination of property, resistance, violence and insulting a public official, interruption of public service and private violence.
Note how this attack on the anarchist movement and students in Florence, as well as having obvious promoters in local administration, has involved the central apparatus of Italian repression as explained in this excerpt:
"The measures were carried out by the Digos and coordinated by the Central Directorate of Police Prevention (Ucigos). [...] The Secret Service (AISI)also contributed with their supporting information."[]
Adding up specific minor criminal offences and bringing them together under the umbrella of the crime of association appears to be a strategy to be administered at the national level, directly involving the nerve centres of repression, to undermine the reality of conflict, dissent and counterinformation in the different cities.
Attacks of this kind reveal the fear that it instills in Democratic Power, observing how certain practices and certain relationships that can reproduce and multiply may disturb the rites and forms with which it tries to conceal the reality of oppression and violence.
In solidarity with the comrades in Florence
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