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Wednesday 25 May 2011

Berlin, Germany - Text of communique claiming sabotage of railway infrastructure on the Ostkreuz


24/05/2011 - Text of communique
We strike!
Today we have sabotaged a part of the railway infrastructure on the Ostkreuz, a central transportation hub for the German capital: In a cable bridge, we have cut through the grille below the doors and set fire to close to a hundred or so signal, telecommunications and electricity cables. We have excluded danger to people in good faith. The relevant to safety systems are designed in the DB several times.
Our action is a stop signal. We are fed up!Berlin is the capital of one of the leading arms exporters, Berlin is the capital of the most powerful EU states. In Berlin, a “phasing-out ” of the use of nuclear energy has been decided with a long period of maturation [....]
Everyone has responsibility for what happens. All have the opportunity to say: Stop! Not with us. We struck a blow against this painful and murderous normality. Something has to change . Fundamentally.
Mobility ensures smooth functioning in the perpetuation of that very normalcy. To interrupt this, if only on a modest scale, is our intention. This kind of mobility has nothing to do with freedom or freedom of movement .
This movement does not exist for all the people of this earth. Refugees on the EU’s external borders are not granted it.
After all the disasters we have had enough. On the immediate phase-out of nuclear technology, there is nothing to negotiate. We are not playing anymore.
The images of Fukushima, the helpless engineers, the covered up meltdown, the forced resettlement of victims of radiation and the cooking of temporary workers in the atomic ruins are unambiguous. This technology is done with. By those who are not willing to sacrifice to the profit interests of energy companies. Immediately.
Experts, Ethics Commission, Nuclear Safety Commission – all window dressing: nuclear phase-out now! No one should entrust his life to the politicians slaves of the economy. The tutelage and control of people is the ultimate catastrophe of human history. No government suits us fine.
On the rails of the Deutsche Bahn nuclear technology and nuclear waste are transported. Both ensure the continued operation of the reactors. Both are guaranteed by the nuclear lobby and high industry profits.
Since the beginning of the anti-nuclear movement, nuclear policy was enforced with violence, often against the will of the population.
Even if the next Castor should reach its goal – it is no longer politically feasible. Because there can be no help from the cops. Or military. That would lead to insurrection!
The State-owned German railway AG transports German weapons systems to ports and airfields which are sent from there to the world wars. Systems of domination were protected with these weapons in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya among other places. To avert refugee flows helicopters, weapons and surveillance technology were supplied to Libya till recently. Germany is one of the leading arms exporters in the world. Germany earns well from this business. And it encourages war, when it comes to its own interests. For example in the case of energy resources. Berlin is the capital of militarist Germany.
These social relations cannot be tolerated. They need to be changed. Immediately. By all of us who are fed up. Without disruption of normalcy, without removal of the ruling class, there is no peaceful society. The impotence of protests is obvious. Why not interfere with the work of the energy companies? Block access roads. Occupy workplaces. Strike a blow against this normality of working, of consuming, of buckling under, of profiteering, of resignation! Sabotage is a form of the strike. It is a form of refusal that throws shitty days out of step. Where things no longer runs as usual, other things are possible. If the employer is still waiting for us …
A society without domination is possible!
We go on strike and sabotage the destructive daily grind!
Shut down the nuclear reactors – immediately and permanently! Worldwide!
Destroy energy companies and weapons factories , destroy weapons and their transport routes!
Open borders to all refugees!

Gez. The rumbling of the Eyjafjallajökull
A year ago, the “strike” of the Icelandic volcano, the European economy. After some initial rumblings the volcano spat so much ash that the entire European air traffic came to a halt for seven days – lucky strike ”

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