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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Athens, Greece - Protest by prisoners in Korydalos Prison


14/05/2011 - Prisoners of the 1st wing of Korydallos prison rebelled and they issued the following statement:
We, the prisoners of the 1st wing of Korydallos prison we rebel today Saturday 05/14/2011 and we deny the miday check and lock of the cells.
We may be imprisoned for various reasons and we do not all have the same views, but that does not mean that we do not still remain human beings. We care about all the things that happen outside the place where we are exiled. We are witnessing the decisions made by a justice-prostitute who has as pimps judges and prosecutors who give years of imprisonment like they are peanuts. It goes without saying that we stand next to those who struggle against the economic dictatorship and for a free and just world.
On 10/05 a man in downtown Athens was murdered and once again some oppressed people instead of turning their knives and guns against the real thieves: the bankers, the big-bosses and shipowners [cc. Greek ship-owners have the largest commercial fleet worldwide and they are very influential political class], they turn them towards other oppressed people. On the occasion the media propaganda gave a wake to racism and neo-Nazi parastatal groups -the best friends of cops- launched attacks on random immigrants, culminating in the murder of 20 year old in Kato Patissia.
The baton was taken by their fellows, the cops who attacked the demonstration against the economic measures that push everybody to the misery. Dozens of demonstrators were injured and one of them is in a coma, between life and death, struck the dogs of the riot-police. These same dogs are the ones who had attacked the prisoners of the 3rd wing a few months ago along hundreds of others in recent years in several prisons. Behind the high walls built to keep us away from our people, we let the desire for solidarity and struggle to overcome religious and national divisions and we will fight alongside those who outside prison struggle for freedom against the cops and their nails who beat and kill demonstrators and oppressed people.
Prisoners of the 1st wing of Korydallos Prison

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