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Tuesday 3 May 2011

Paris, France - A group of Tunisian people without documents occupy a building: 'neither police nor charity, a place to organise'

cette semaine

After many weeks spent sleeping in the park of the Porte de la Villette, surrounded by cops, and under the pressure of raids in Stalingrad, at La Villette, a Couronnes Belleville [People in the north-east of Paris, NdT] etc.., Nearly 300 Tunisian people without residence permits have occupied for themselves [Sunday, May 1, NdT] a building of the municipality, at 51 Avenue Simon Bolivar.
Monday, May 2, strong contingents of police were present and there were moments of tension and cries of "Police go away" inside and outside the building. Eventually the police contingent was removed and at 18:00 a gathering was of several hundred people was held otside the building.
In order to vacate the occupied building, the municipality and the prefecture played on its alleged "unhealthiness", but it's just that it no longer complies with the standards of 2008, for which the paint on the walls would be too inflammable!
While negotiations continue with the scoundrels of the town (which are currently proposing accommodation for a period of a month for 30/40 dispersed in some hotels), the 300 occupants are claiming not only a place for self-organization (which is why they are occupying the building) but also "documents in order to move and live freely."
This informal collective, the "Collective of Tunisians from Lampedusa in Paris", are holding autonomous assemblies and resisting as best they can the rackets of the various parties and associations. As always, then, the miserable communication about the occupation [in French here:] is nothing more than rewriting on the part of some politico of some of the discussions and decisions of the Assembly.
The occupation is open to all illegal immigrants and is being held in collaboration with some comrades.
It goes on...
"Neither police nor charity. A place to organize "(banner hanging from the building occupied)

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