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Tuesday 10 May 2011

Florence, Italy - Police raid carried out by the Italian pigs on a large scale

received by sysiphus

4TH MAY 2011 - Here we are writing about yet another police raid carried out by the Italian pigs on a large scale. After the searches of last month, the arrests perpetrated in Bologna and the seizure of the anarchist place Fuoriluogo, on 4th May police searched houses and squats in Florence (more than 70 searches) and put 22 people under investigation. 5 are being held under house arrest and another 17 have to report to the police station on a daily basis. The charge is ‘organized crime with incitement to commit a crime’ and refers to a series of actions and initiatives carried out by anarchists and by the student movement in Florence.
At the moment this is all what we know.
It is the same old story: where there exists real and widespread opposition to the laws of the State, the latter responds with repression, truncheons and the penal code. What happened a month ago in Bologna and now in Florence shows how the Italian State is trying to hit indiscriminately individuals and spaces which have always displayed their extraneousness to the democratic order, especially at a time when, in the name of law, the State itself bombards overseas and locks up those who flee from the wars of democracy.
Both the Bologna and the Florence comrades are accused of being ‘organized criminals’ for their initiatives, demos, and all the times they were present in their cities. These are the reasons advanced by power in its refusal to accept that in both Bologna and Florence resignation and silence have not won.
If we are to be labelled as ‘criminals’ because we oppose a system that wants us all to be slaves and to submit to the logic of legal/illegal, then we will always be ‘criminals’. In Italy and in any other country.
Solidarity and complicity to the comrades hit by repression in Bologna and Florence.

Angrier anarchists

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