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Monday 30 May 2011

From Portugal - A brief account of a demo that went well, on cops unleashed, and a discussion that has begun..

received by sysiphus

As some of you may already know by now, there was an anti-capitalist/anti-authoritarian 1st of May demonstration in Setúbal (Portugal) that ended with cops chasing demonstrators throughout Setúbal shooting rubber bullets at us.
Throughout the demo (with 150 people) there were many different slogans shouted out, some of them related to the 1st of May, self-management, bosses, work, economic crisis, etc.; others related to more specific events/struggles to develop and try to experiment other things (Secil – a cement factory destroying Serra da Arrábida - and Sonae – a tourist resort occupying Península de Tróia - in Setúbal). The banners also reflected this, as did the debates before and after this demo, and for sure more practical discussions on this will develop.
Different kinds of fireworks were set off, many leaflets given out and some graffiti on banks’ and expensive car dealerships’ walls. The demo finished in Largo da Fonte Nova, in a poor fishermen’s neighborhood.
Cops arrive, try to grab a comrade, comrades react, more cops arrive and start shooting at us. More and more bullets, this time not only rubber ones but also live ammunition; some stones and bottles thrown at them, a way out street barricaded with tables from an esplanade. Later there was smaller groups being chased throughout other neighborhoods, with cops on vans and cars identifying some of them and shooting at others. These chases took about 30 minutes.
There was a video done by a few comrades, and another one shot during the shooting at Fonte Nova, this one not edited. 10 people were identified, many more wounded.
On the next day posters and leaflets were distributed in Setúbal and Lisboa.
Other material related to this demo:

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