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Friday 17 June 2011

Tacoma, WA, USA - Green Scare Prisoner Takes Cooperating Plea Deal. All support for Briana Waters should be revoked as she is now a snitch

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14, 2011 - Today, we received the devastating news that in Tacoma, WA at the Federal Courthouse, Briana Waters, former non-cooperating Green Scare prisoner imprisoned for participation in the September 2001 arson of the Litchfield Wild Burro and Horse Corrals in Susanville, California and 2001 University of Washington Horticulture Building arson, took a cooperating plea deal. She had been released earlier this last year due to a mistrial. Therefore she was set to be tried again, today was the pretrial hearing. At the hearing she accepted a cooperating deal where if she is able to give substantial information against her co-defendants she could potentially serve no more prison time, either way her sentence is expected to be reduced. She is set to be sentenced in September. Her cooperating plea deal makes it so she is now informing and expected to testify against Justin Solondz, who was caught while on the run in China and is serving a drug-related sentence there until his extradition back to the U.S. where he will face trial for the ELF related actions.
Due to the media and governments portrayal of Justin as the “alleged leader” and due to the other cooperating defendants including now, Briana Waters, Justin is looking at a difficult time upon being forced back to the U.S.
Briana Waters has made it clear which side she is on. She has willingly cooperated with the State. Her decision will likely help put others in prison for an extended period of time. At this point, all support for Briana Waters should be revoked as she is now a snitch.
Her decision comes at a time when anarchists and radical environmentalists across the country and somewhat internationally have shown widespread support and solidarity with Marie Mason and Eric McDavid this past June 11th. Marie Mason and Eric McDavid are both serving 20 plus year sentences. In the wake of Briana Waters decision it is important to remember that there are others with true strength and convictions in their ideas. Let us remember those who continue the struggle inside prison and never flip on their friends or comrades.
Total freedom for NON-COOPERATING Green Scare prisoners!
Solidarity with Sadie, Justin, Marie, Eric, Exile, Grant, Michael, Daniel, Scott, and non-cooperating ALF and anarchist prisoners!
Strength to those still free and on the run!

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